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    Please give us the option to remove Live TV from the Launcher and Home Menu, "Today" from the Home menu, and to auto-launch the last running app (like if you were watching Hulu when you turned off the TV. I don't have cable and all of these features are just a nuisance to me. Turning on my tv with the "No signal" or "Scrambled" message because I don't have any live channels is also annoying and looks very unpolished for a $5k TV... Thanks!
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    (*I'm a woman!) But no problem~ not sure why people can't just say "seems like I can't help you" & move on. Here's hoping LG & HBO get their shit together and get us an actual app!
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    You mentioned you have hulu? You should be able to subscribe to HBO through Hulu and then access the shows through the LG hulu app. I currently have a PS4 that has HBO otherwise I'd probably subscribe through hulu or amazon instead
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    It would be amazing to be able to use the Philips HUE and synchronize the lights with the video and audio of the LG TV. Thanks
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    It's on the Launcher screen. Watch this, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48jgyug-58s
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    YES. PLEASE ADD THIS! I can currently do "free" or non-DRM content using Hue Sync from a PC but it would be a HUGE feature to add this natively to WebOS. Application needs to send information about the displayed colors on a given area of the screen to the Hue Bridge over WiFi link. Hue Bridge would then tell the Hue Lights how and when to change color values. As there is no way to output video from the TV, the content providers should not have any DRM concerns. This would be the absolute cleanest solution and at least in the US market and would funnel so many buyers towards LG units. Summary of wish: Feature to be added to the "all settings" menu somewhere under display Selection enables the TV to run Hue Sync software TV then connects to the Hue Bridge on customer premises Whatever content is displayed on the TV screen from whatever source (streaming, cable box, etc.) is analyzed by Hue Sync software for color/placement information TV sends color and screen area information in real time to Hue Bridge Hue Bridge tells Hue Lights the appropriate color adjustments to make Check it out in action:
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    Well if they are webOS apps and have been written to run in a portable format then yes.
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    Sir, from the bottom of my heart...thank you. This worked. It frees up my Apple TV for another set in the house, and it was a simple fix, delivered politely. I do feel silly for not having known one could subscribe to HBO through Hulu. Have a great day and thanks again!
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    I watch LIVE TV all the time on the LG Smart TV, with an antenna for local broadcast. I'd never want to be without it.
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    Why airplay function is not available in lg 43uk6360pte 4k uhd smart tv please do add airplay in next os update of tv
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    I would hazard a guess that the webOS browser does not recognise the JavaScript used in the webpage, or the JavaScript in the webpage does not recognise the webOS browser.
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    Thank you. My problem has also been solved. I disassembled the RF module and the ribbon cable and reassembled them again
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    Dear Readers,I've a strange issue that I've been struggling for a week. I bought an LG43UJ634V UHD TV and an LG LHB645N Home Theater in a Box system.I use HDMI ARC to connect the audio from the TV to receiver. LG has an option to chose between PCM or Auto at the Digital output settings.If I use the PCM option everything sounds great, but I don't have 5.1, only 2.1.And here comes the problem. When I choose Auto, 5.1 is on, sounds great but I have occasional popping noise (like when play something on an old LP player) it happens random, but for example during a film, it is very annoying. It happens with YouTube, Netflix, DLNA streaming, external devices, so the content doesn't matter. I think I've tried everything. I tested it with different HDMI cables, optical cable, but still have the problem. I tested it with a sound bar as well, the problem is the same.When I play content from the receiver, there is no problem, the sound is wonderful, no popping. Also, the TVs speakers are okay.I don't think it is a hardware issue, because the TV's sound is OK, the home theater's sound is OK, the problem only happens when I want to use the digital output of the TV (either HDMI ARC or Optical) with auto setting.I called LG as well, the rep. said the she will pass this info to the technical team.Do you have any idea, that it can be solved, or I need to wait for a software update?
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    Then that just about wraps this up!
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    If you look at other recent posts on the forum you will see that Hotstar has released an app, its availability will be dependant on you region and possibly your model of TV. If you are in any doubt I would suggest contacting Hotstar's customer support to see if your model is supported, they are usually pretty good at responding. Of course you could always access the Hotstar website via your TV's web browser in the meantime.
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    Finally Hotstar app is live on webs after software update
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    You can better post this request on the LG website. This is a user to user forum with no LG employees. You can see this at the top of the page:
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    The DLNA client in the TV works but is not great. I use the Plex client that can be downloaded on the TV and a Plex server on my computer. This works much better.
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    For all those who bemoan the lack of support from LG when things do not work as expected the following article makes interesting reading: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/01/smart-tvs-are-dumb/581059/ Personally I have worked in the tech world long enough to already have realised all the points made by the author and have adjusted my expectations accordingly (not just with my LG Smart TV but many other products).
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    Ah yes after twenty years in the computer support industry myself it is amazing how many times the solutions of turning off/unplugging and turning back on again works.
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    It is very critical to use a VPN or a web proxy to access certain web sites. I believe that any modern OS may support these. I hope WebOS will support one of them (at least) soon. What do you think?
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    Is there a possibility to start the tv with a preffered app like the the smartiptv app if switching on? OLED55E6V
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    Es asi de cierto DAZN, dice que a partir del 2015 se puede ver esta app, otra cosa es que se vea en LG La mia es del 2016 y no puedo, no es compatible. Pero las tv con Android si se puede descargar la app Por lo tanto no vale para nada y mas. No tiene toma de auriculares, lo dicho una basura. Gracias
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    I updated my 49SJ800V TV's firmware from 04.70.95 to 05.80.15 and my smart remote controller not working properly. I can't use cursor and back button also i have connection problem with LAN and WLAN. I use my tv with cable connection but every 15 minutes LAN disconnecting and try to connect again. I resetted my tv to factory settings but result is same. I can't use my tv now normally. how can i downgrade my tv's to last working firmware. I couldn' t find old firmware. Could you help me to downgrade my tv' s FW ?
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    As far as I know you can not use an LG smart TV as a graphical X-terminal. You can use DNLA, or screen sharing or use a HDMI cable. Furthermore, there are no LG employees here to deliver a to-do-list. This is a user to user support forum like it says on the top of the page:
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    Send me a PM. I can downgrade your firmware safely. Sorry I thought you had k3lp platform because I have 55UJ670V and I thought the 750 had the same platform.
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    As with all operating systems the majority of the apps/programmes are not written by the platform manufacturers. Apple, Google, Microsoft et al do not produce every single programme for their operating systems, so why do users think that LG is any different? If you want a Smart TV with the largest amount of apps available then look for an Android based system. LG's webOS is one of, if not the easiest, to produce apps for utilising HTML5 and JavaScript, the problem of lack of apps comes down to a couple of issues. The first is market share with Samsung being one of the largest in the sector, this leads to them having more resources (money) to pull in content providers to their Tizen platform, thus more earning potential for the provider. The second is that many content providers rely heavily on proprietary back-ends that do not support open standards making it harder to programme for webOS, if you reach more market share through another platform which are you going to programme for? Hotstar was one example of this with no app still available users were left to try and watch content via the webOS browser, however they were unable to do so until very recently when the site was updated to both recognise the browser ID string and serve the media in a format that could be used by said browser. Rant over.
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    to sum up, Google play store is for Android Operating System (OS) devices (like smartphones, tablets and SOME SMART TVs), unfortunately (for you) LG Smart TVs runs WebOS not Android
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    I have the same exact issue since the last update, i tried to contact with support but they told me that i should send it to local LG service. Its obviously a firmware issue and there is no way to downgrade, my tv is literally not useable right now. 49SJ800V on 05.80.15 fw version. I found a fix by myself but its temporary. If you disable Wi-Fi or Ethernet the problem goes away but you can't use any of the online features. Hope they fix this ASAP.
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    I’m sorry to say this, but I’m glad that I’m not the only one with this problem. I have a 43UH650V, with 05.30.45 software version. First it started with a weird error message preventing to start Netflix. So had no other option than resetting my TV. Netflix uninstall reinstall didn’t help by the way. After resetting the TV first noticed that I can’t accept the User Agreements because it doesn’t load. Tried everything what I could find possible solutions on different forums. • Changing location and language. • Changing DNS to Google DNS IP address. • Using a mobile hotspot. • Disconnecting everything from the TV, reset. • Disconnect from power for 24 hr. Non of the above helped. interestingly, when the TV starts up now instead of software version I see ##.##.## for long minutes. Automatic time and date setting doesn’t work either. If I unselect Set Automatically option, it show 1:00 Friday 1 January 2016, doesn’t show the current time. I think this was the original problem with Netflix, the TV didn’t set the date and time automatically. Tomorrow I will try to call support, weekdays is not possible for me, as their opening hours are the same as my work hours too. I have no idea what else to do with a TV now, shame because I was a huge fan of LG TV and webOS too.
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    Some people mentioned that turning of Wi-Fi in the Settings menu helped them. I just wanted to say that, even though that makes sense, most LG TVs don't have a menu setting to do that, only a few do. So this is an option for only some people. I didn't try removing the module; that may have worked for me since I wasn't using WiFi nor any magic control. I didn't try cleaning it up or anything either. I guess it could be an issue of a lose connection as well, but I can't really confirm that. I do know that is has been a week now with the new module and it is still working well, no issues in sight. Here is a picture of my old module, in case it helps.
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    @txydas Hi, thanks. I tried to find the item on ebay. But I realized that here, in IRAN, sanctioned by Ultimate Satan Administration (USA), it is a tedious task or even impossible to buy such a thing through ebay or amazon or ... , because a TV WiFi RF module may be used in an imaginary nuclear warhead, according to them. LOL! anyway, per the experiences reported in this forum, I tried to see what the module is. At the first glance, and more and more scope, no obvious fault was detected. everything seemed to be OK. So I just disassembled the module and the ribbon cable. I experienced that the TV had little or no sense to magic control. So, the module was not a thing that could be ignored. So I took some photos and reassembled them again after the only common remaining task, i.e. cleaning the module and connecting cable both at the module's and mainboard's header by a spray solvent. And now, it is for 3 days that the TV has operated flawlessly. Everything is OK; Magic control, WiFi, Screenshare, No message, No pause or delay in the stream display ... I wonder what the bug was and wonder whether it would be coming back? Who knows? It was recommended to me to substitute the TV to another model or brand. It is not my decision for now. So, It may be helpful if the users, who have replaced the module, say in please that if any similar tasks had been already done before replacing?
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    Have struggled for more than a year to ensure smooth running of apps and reliable connectivity on my new LG 43" smart TV. Finally, the clouds have started to clear, for me at least, by applying the following solutions helped by others making sensible suggestions here and elsewhere online: 1. Use a TP Powerline kit to kid your TV into thinking it has an ethernet connection (i.e. if it doesn't already, an ethernet cable runs from the router directly into your TV's ethernet socket). This investment is little more than £25 and will give greatly increased internet speed and reliability. I am on Vodafone SuperFibre, so somewhere around 70 to 76. Powerline very easy to set up in around 5 minutes. It requires a traditional electric socket by the TV. For the price, you get two 3-pin plugs and two short ethernet cables. One socket needs to be by your TV, so that one ethernet cable can run from the first plug to the TV's ethernet socket. The second plug is put into another electric socket on the same ring in the same room. The second ethernet cable runs from the second plug directly into the router, and is paired with the first plug simply by pressing the button on it. Bob's your uncle if both Powerline plugs are showing 3 green lights. These plugs are never switched off. Your TV now assumes it has an ethernet connection and stops wasting memory trying to look for a wi-fi signal. 2. Disable permanently the TV's wi-fi connection by going into the general settings. My 670UV TV's internet settings indicate WIRED CONNECTION thanks to the Powerline kit, as I cannot locate the TV conveniently near the router in my living room in order to benefit from using an ethernet cable. In addition, I have grown convinced my TV's wi-fi reception is its biggest Achilles heel, as it has never worked from Day One. 3. Disable FAST START in the general settings so that TV performs a cold start (will cost an extra 2 seconds, I reckon) with empty memory every time it is switched on with the remote. It is a fallacy that this wastes any extra electricity, and seems to be an essential part of the solution suggested here. The apparent result of applying the above three steps: 1. No buffering and no stalling or crashing of any of the TV's apps, notably iPlayer, which has up till now been dreadful and pretty much unusable. Apps generally also load quickly and smoothly. 2. Seamless YouTube play including all 4K content which was crashing all the time after a few minutes' play. 3. Better and more stable ITV HUB and Channel 5 apps, which have also hitherto often frozen or crashed. These steps have given my TV a new lease of life, as I had often toyed with returning it to John Lewis on the grounds that it doesn't work. Now, a month into the TV's new regime, I have a TV properly performing as a SMART tv, and can keep what hair I have left after tearing so much out.
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    If there is an update to the webOS browser then it will applied via the Over-The-Air update service. If you have been to a website that has told you to update you browser, the site in question is badly written and does not recognise the webOS browser, probably mistaking in for an out-of-date Google Chrome browser which uses similar underpinnings. If it is the latter then it is down to the website to sort the issue.
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    True, if you're wanting to write data to the NTFS volume using macOS, you need to install non-standard drivers. But if you're wanting to pause live TV or record using the TV, you can get the TV to format the volume. Your mac can then *read* the NTFS volume without special drivers, although not sure what format the TV writes. Good luck!
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    We need DS Video app for Sinology NAS. samsung already has it.
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    You would be better off asking where Steam Link for webOS is on the Steam forum as they are the ones who produce the software. If they can make it for multiple platform including competitors' TVs then they should be capable of porting it to webOS. https://steamcommunity.com/app/353380/discussions/0/1692669912400498996/
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    i want hotstar app on lg content store please
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    copy / paste from my reply on the firmware topic : ever since i updated to the last fw, my tv turned into a total piece of trash , although it was not working so well before the update but after that, it is completely useless i can tell you . wondering how much longer we have to wait for a real fix ... been facing this issue since may 2018 and it get worse and worse with any new update ... plz fully test fw before u turn our tvs into a useless pos . 49sj800v .
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    Having the exact same issue with the magic remote on my 49uj7500, same firmware. It's so annoying. Tried everything but could not downgrade. Magic remote comes and goes randomly.
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    I would like to be able to access my network drives without using DLNA. It should look just like a USB drive.
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    Hi, LG content store administrators! When will you give us Jio TV on WebOS. You have been left back by almost 2 years by other TV OS. At least compete with others in the present market. In the name of WebOS you are charging your customers heavily but you are not giving them even the minimum. Other TV manufactures e.g. MI, VU, Samsung, etc, are giving the world to their customers for a price as low as 60% of what you are charging. Still you have useless apps in your store which have no meaning at all for a TV and have left the stuffs that are inevitable in market. P K Prabhakar [email protected]
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    Dear LG, I really hope that LG WebOS can add on the HOOQ apps (www.hooq.tv) for a user in Asia (especially Indonesia) . I sure it will boost up the LG tv market and sell. Thank you LG
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    If you are running a SAMBA share you have Linux, my suggestion would be Plex.
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    I too came here because I wan't to access some large file on a USB drive from my LG WebOS TV, and I use Mac so I can't use NTFS. But I must clear up some misunderstandings: exFAT IS NOT STANDARD on most Linux distributions! Actually it dosen't even have a kernel module (only Fuse userland module) because exFAT is a licensed, close source and closed protocol. It's not difficult to find this information, just look at wikipedia: "exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) is a Microsoft file system introduced in 2006 optimized for flash memory such as USB flash drives and SD cards.[5] It is proprietary and Microsoft owns patents on several elements of its design" It was meant to replace FAT32 because of the filesize limitations. NTFS was doomed not feasible for small removable devices. But the biggest problem with NTFS is actually that it is closed source and support in other OS'es than windows is either made by: a. buying and signing an NDA with Microsoft or b. reversed engineered. Which is the solution Linux and Mac has chosen, and the reason Mac (and earlier Linux) defaulted to mount readonly. They didn't want to risk destroying anything. So while I do agree with Microsoft that we need a new filesystem. I don't think a proprietary filesystem is the solution, for storage that is meant to be used in a lot of different devices based on different OS'es. Could it be a solution to split the MKV's to multipart? I haven't tried but maybe WebOS will play them seamlessly.
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    Updated: Download SDK Before you download the SDK, check that you meet the system requirements. Download the installer and/or the SDK package for your computer OS. If you choose to install the SDK with a network installer, you do not need to download the SDK package file. The network installer will do the job for you. Read the Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions on installing the SDK. For information on changes in this SDK release, see Release Notes. Linux Linux 64-bit Installer Installer_linux64.zip (5.41M) Linux 64-bit Package webOS_SDK_linux64.zip (1491.72M) Linux 32-bit Installer Installer_linux32.zip (5.76M) Linux 32-bit Package webOS_SDK_linux32.zip (1494.66M) Mac Mac 64-bit Installer Installer_macosx.zip (5.2M) Mac 64-bit Package webOS_SDK_mac64.zip (1468.86M) Windows Windows 64-bit Installer Installer_win64.zip (5.35M) Windows 64-bit Package webOS_SDK_win64.zip (1487.35M) Windows 32-bit Installer Installer_win32.zip (5.96M) Windows 32-bit Package webOS_SDK_win32.zip (1481.72M) CLI-only installation via network installer is recommended when: You have your own development environment or compact installation is required. Windows 10 is your operating system. Other components (e.g. IDE and Emulator) of webOS TV SDK are not fully tested on Windows 10 yet.
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    See here : https://hdsatelit.blogspot.ro/2014/03/aplicatia-simple-smart-iptv-ss-iptv.html 1.Download SS IPTV from link (from original post) 2.Extract (using RAR).Result folder named "lgapps" 3.Insert USB in you computer and format FAT 32. 4.Copy "lgapps" in "root" of USB. 5.Insert USB in you LG TV. Power on TV,go to USB and run (click OK on icon-single icon appear )
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    Any word if LG will update their 2013 range to webos, my la690v is screaming out for webos, gets me mad my tv seems obsolete less than a year after I bought it, give your customers the choice to upgrade, hell I wouldn't mind paying a fee for the update to webos but something tells me my shiny fairly new tv stuck in limbo.
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