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    We need steam link app. We could use hardware steam link, but now, when it is discontinued by Valve, this app could be the way. Please respond, thanks!
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    Hi there, so far, the inbuilt media player was able to play a lot I threw at it, but it, but some videos just won't play. They are playing on every other platform and other videos with the same codecs involved also play, but there seem to be things (maybe a higher compression, bigger container data or something like this) that throws off the in-built player, so it just says "couldn't recognize media, want to continue with the next video?" So I was looking for another media player on the LG app store but other than a few IPTV players and client-side streaming players (like Plex), I couldn't find any app that I could try playing those videos with (from an external hard drive which is plugged into the TV, that is). Basically, I'm looking for a VLC-like app that supports 4k and HDR. Alternatively, there doesn't seem to be a way to update the in-built player, right? I assume it's included in the general TV update. Given that I'm up-to-date with this one, I assume this means that I can't to anything there. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!
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    Just for your amusement this is an example of the level of control I have on ALL LG TVs: the menus you see are custom made.
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    I called LG customer service and they wanted me to do a total reset on the tv. I was afraid it would wipe out my calibration that was done by a professional calibrator , so I didn’t try it. There has had to be some solution.
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    Hi, I've tried to find the answer online but can't seem to find it. Just got my LG 65SM8200PLA tv and updated it once to version 3.60. This was easy and worked but it won't update to any versions newer than this. I read some people have firmware version 4.00 / 5.00. My TV says its the 2019 model...
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    U should include voot app and hotstar in LG webos tvs
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    After months of frustration and days of googling (is that a word?) I found this post and tried my luck. I am so happy to confirm this adapter also works on the 2018 models (in my case OLED65C8). I even took the time to create an account to say thanks. So... THANKS!!! After plugging in the device it takes some time for the tv to install (I think), after a while I (un)plugged the lan cable again, then the lights started flickering. Still the apps (youtube) say no connection, I had to reboot the tv first. As mentioned by others above, the TV shows no connection for LAN and Wifi, but it all works flawlessly I downloaded the speedtest app, I get a more then reasonable 250Mbit up/down (I have 1GB up/down fiber connection). So I should be able to play all available 4K videos. As for LAN content: I use the onboard LG Videoplayer, it plays almost everything without transcoding over DLNA. I am able to play all my 4k HDR files right from my synology with Media Server App installed. Also with Universal Media Server on my HTPC (with some .conf changes) everything plays perfect, incl. subtitles. Right now I am not at home, but later today I will try and play some of these reference files: http://jell.yfish.us/
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    I started building a client for Kodi that runs on Smart TV LG webos. As a client, need a Kodi server running on local network to consume the JSON-RPC API. Communicates through websockets. It is being implemented in Javascript using REACT JS. I'm looking for developers for the GUI. Contributions are welcome!! see the project on github: https://github.com/valverde-marcelo/kodi2webos/
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    Maybe you have to restore your TV back to factory i know it a hassle but i worked for me. i had to do this just to get the remote updated again. hope this helps
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    Sir , Add jio tv application on the webos so that many people can take a benefit of it And please we have permit that we can use some application from Google play store in our Smart TV or change the webos to Android so that a huge application would use by the customer
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    Native Kodi has memory and storage requirements that I still believe not possible on smart tv. Kodi client is an alternative to Plex, for example for Raspberry Pi. Thanks anyaway.
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    Astro go app is back in LG content store. Get downloading.
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    Please add sonyliv and jiotv apps in LG content store
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    JioTV won’t be coming to any tv streaming platform as it would be bundled with JioGigafibre’s Giga TV, (just as airtel tv comes with airtel’s smart stb); they would never release a tv version , not in the near future;no smart tv has it, nor any android tv. It has to be sideloaded even on firestick as well and doesn’t function properly. Jio Cinema is different and is available on other platforms but no clue if its under development for WebOS. As far as Sony LIV is concerned, it is under development as per Sony but no expected date has been given. It maybe released next month or the end of the year, no one knows. The best way to get these and many other apps is to get a firestick. Even if these apps are released for LG they might not support many older tv’s, just like with hotstar.
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    I updated to lg webos 5.10.10 and the magic remote is working but when in Netflix, I point to the subtitles or audio language I press the button it doesn't select anything, but if I use the arrows and then I press the button it works.
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    Because this is not the first time somebody suggested that LG should make an app because everybody want the 'hotstar app', the 'steam app', 'sony life' app, the 'hulu app' the 'hbo app', etc. etc. etc. So George explains time and time again that:1: LG can not make the apps because only hotstar, steam, sony etc has the knowledge to make the apps and 2: this is not a LG forum, it is a lg USER forum. And it is hot here with record breaking temperatures, so maybe not enough energy
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    I don’t think it would be coming as early as next week. As per Sony LIV’s latest tweet(7hrs ago) they are working on it. If it was in the final stages they would have mentioned that its in final stages as hotstar used to; or maybe to expect it soon. Where did you heard the rumours?
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    LOL. "science-is-truth" sent me a private message stating that i was simply incorrect and there was no way this CableMatters adapter could actually perform the claims I (and others here) have made about it. He insists that because he worked for Bob Metcalf, it's not possible that an ethernet-to-usb adapter would be able to provide enough bandwidth for the LG tv to provide a substantively better ability to stream UHD 4k content locally for plex users. To be 100% clear: "science is truth" is completely wrong here, and is attempting to use an "appeal to authority" argument to bolster his case. His authority has no bearing here, and his position is trivially shown to be false purely by demonstration. I, and several others in this thread, have actually gone and tried this adapter. I have trivially measured hte bandwidth between the TV and my plex server, using both the built-in ethernet and the adapter. i can easily see how the built-in ethernet is 100mbps, and how that immediately and deleteriously impacts content that needs to go above that (for example, i have content that can easily go >200mbps in some places). I can then easily see that over the adapter, hitting those speed is not at all a problem. This is, of course, unsurprising. That same content worked fine over the *very same* usb port when plugging a usb key. So, of course there's enough bandwidth over that port to be able to handle that content. What's fortunate is that the LG tv accepts the adapter plugged in there. -- Note: i've been using this system for several weeks now. It's been flawless. Zero issues streaming *any* media from my plex server. Zero issues with any other streaming apps on the TV. If anyone is running into the same problem with 100mb/s not being enough to stream some very high-bandwidth content, then def try this out. It's fantastic, regardless of what ignorant people like science-is-truth say. Cheers, and thanks again to KM Lee for discovering this and letting us all know. In one simple step this has solved literally the biggest and most annoying issue i've had with this TV.
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    Got the same issue with my LG tv, gotbthem to change wifi module to fix it. Its not the software. When wifi module crapped out again, they change the motherboard. All under warranty.
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    Thank you for your help George. I bought an Amazon Firestick which works well.
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    No buddy, I don’t allow this here. You can take this behavior to another forum or Facebook, keep it off this site.
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    So Joe, did you join the forum just to be a troll or do you actually have something useful to contribute?
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    Hi, Please help to start develop Unifi PlayTV for LG TV WebOS. Currently the built-in apps available for Samsung Smart TV and other standard os ie ios, android. Appreciate LG developer can work on development of Local content apps. (Malaysia).
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    Hello! I have found the simplest solution from another forum, and worked perfectly for me: Best Answer
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    YES... Two days ago my tv auto-updated itself to version 05.80.20. I had several connection problems after update but somehow it worked. Today when I open youtube app I was sitting close to television and I saw something bottom of screen like "/mc_....something folder..... something" as text, like subtitle. It was vey fast I cold not read it completely. If I wasn't close to tv I would never pay attention. I'm in computer business and I can say something is very very wrong with new webOS version. After this message wifi comletely turned off and cannot be turned on again. Settings menu slow as hell. No internet related application running. When I enter network settings, It says Wifi not connected. When I enter wifi options it shows wifi as "ON" for one or two seconds and it turns to "OFF". No matter how I click to red switch on screen with remote, I cannot turn it on. It stays "OFF". Tunring off and on television, also unplugging from ians power and waitin couple of minuted wont help. Modem is working, all other devices are perfectly functioning. Just to be sure I disconnected every other device at home and power off and on my modem. But no luck. I use netflix and youtube all the time (literally 24 hours a day) and these apps didn't updated. Also I'm very familiar to these application speed, response times and I use them continuously. So problem must be Webos. I used ethernet cable to connect and now it works, slow in noticeable and boring level but works. youtube videos shows up very very slow but they play. I see lots of "turning and rolling balls" (busy animated icon) on screen but anyways. videos play fine. Netflix also waits too long before asking user, as youtube, but works. This new OS really messed up my device. One month earlier and I would have guarantee, now I don't have, its ended. Such a shame on LG. Just one year old tv and this slow response times already make me not to use youtube application which is critical for my work.
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    Please add airplay software support to lg 4k 43uk6360pte uhd tv to mirrior my iphone screen to my lg smart tv.
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    PeterV thank you so much for your help ....i will try this hope it works
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    Maybe the player cannot handle the Sinhala language. You could try to use something else. What I do is use a Plex server on my computer and use the Plex app on the LG TV. This works great. Good luck.
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    A few months ago LG announced a partnership with Luxoft to create webOS Auto for automotive infotainment type of uses. This week at CES 2019, visitors got an initial look at what webOS Auto is all about. Continue reading the article from Mobile Syrup below: It’s now old news that webOS has the potential to play a role in automotive infotainment, but seeing it in action was an interesting paradox. It’s strange seeing the webOS logo on a vehicle, even if it is a concept. If there’s one platform that’s been around the block, so to speak, it’s webOS. From its inception through Palm, to its collapse with HP, and ultimately renewed lease on life with LG, it’s since been defined as a smart TV interface. That looks to be changing. Luxoft, a Swiss developer, partnered with LG on this project of porting over the smart TV platform to in-car use. It’s not even close to a direct port, so don’t assume it has the same look. This looks very different, and it was evident to me that it’s still early days for the viability of the setup. A different look - For starters, Luxoft demoed this in a unique concept vehicle — basically a pod that can sit on top of a rolling set of wheels the company calls a “skateboard.” The idea is that pods can be used to move people and goods with automated machines laying and removing the pods as necessary. It’s a bit confusing, but that’s secondary to the platform inside. Three screens make up the system. One is the user’s phone, one a large touchscreen on the dash, and a curved display taking up half the windshield. Users first order the vehicle through an app (with blockchain) where they can unlock the doors and then integrate their handset by scanning a QR code on the dash’s touchscreen. Amazon’s Alexa, which is built-in to webOS Auto, confirms the connection and displays a home screen. The curved display showed a map, supplied by HERE, to indicate the vehicle’s location. A Luxoft rep then gave a verbal command through Alexa to navigate to a destination. While the pod was theoretically driving, he verbally ordered a drink from a Vegas hotel and booked a tour of the Strip. The idea is that passengers can engage with services while they ride, using Alexa or the touchscreen to do them at any time. Whether it’s booking something, listening to music through Spotify or watching video on Netflix and Amazon Prime, a lot can be plugged in. It’s like having a virtual concierge during every ride. Luxoft’s other partnerships are part of the mix here, like the PELUX and Qt Auto platforms, for instance. But this is really more of a middleware play. Luxoft helped develop the newer MBUX system Mercedes-Benz has rolled out recently. As a middleware provider — not unlike BlackBerry’s QNX — Luxoft was simply showing what webOS Auto could do. What it could look like would depend on what automakers or mobility services companies want. Another German automaker is expected to make an announcement regarding webOS in the spring, so we’ll get news soon. LG and Microsoft team up In a separate, yet related, announcement, LG will be putting Microsoft’s AI and Azure cloud service into its emerging automotive infotainment platform. The same aforementioned German automaker is on board with this, and the feature set will include smarts for the driver assistance and cameras in whichever vehicle runs the system. Where Azure fits in is to process data faster on the fly, like recognizing pedestrians, lines, signs and much more. It will also involve Azure’s Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator, a voice-activated framework that is supposed to give drivers useful data, like traffic, music, and points of interest. Neither gave too much detail beyond the basics, but it looks like LG is gunning for Samsung (among others) in the automotive arena. Read more at MobileSyrup.com: Hands-on with webOS Auto
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    I've just bought OLED65C7V. YouTube works with dolby digital, but Google play movie outputs only in stereo 2ch even if I set PCM or Auto from WebOS audio menu, no way to have dolby digital. Any ideas?
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    I´m hoping this is an app that will be on webOS asap? Would be great ad to LG.
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    Hi, I have LG UK6500 with WebOS and Also an Amazon Echo but unfortunately the LG SmartThinQ is not available in India. Is there any roadmap for this in Indian geography? also is there any alternative skill?
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