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  1. @Ed in Chicago As these are Internet steeaming services, it may be that the new ISP does not have a good DNS server to resolve Content Delivery Networks (CDN) well enough. If you go to your Network settings on your TV, and go to advanced settings, find DNS, and instead of "Auto" that will use your your router or ISP settings, set it to the well-known (and very stable) public Google DNS service of (Note that it is an IP address, so NO period at the end of that string). Power cycle your TV (unplug, NOT just standby) and retest your issue. If it still does not get that sorted out,
  2. @Tom M I think you meant 42LB5800, and as that basic LG series does NOT use WebOS, it uses the "old smart interface", so there is no LG Store I beleive. It was replace by the LF5800 series.
  3. @TECH GEEK If it is not in the LG store, then it is NOT available for your TV model, in your area/region. I think Hotstar needs later levels of WebOS and hardware to support its requirements.
  4. @Dartie This might be related to an LG TV firmware update, that is supposed to be fixed in a later one. It is referenced in this article below. https://help.channel5.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360012032677-Playback-Failure-On-LG-Televisions As you have not posted what LG TV model you have, I cannot check what firmware updates are valid or new or have a possible fix for your issue. A later support article below appears on the Channel5 (MY5) site, that quotes your exact known issue (plays adverts, but no programmes). They do not quote any firmware levels, so it might be best to raise
  5. @Sandip1983 You can only install apps that are present in the LG STORE on your TV for your region/country. If it is not there, then you cannot install it. Also, I understand that the Thop TV app is for Android devices only. LG TV's use WebOS.
  6. @retiredit This is NOT a forum owned or run by LG, it is just a peer-to-peer enthusiasts help forum for LG TV owners. You will need to raise this question with your country LG customer service. You can get access to the AT&T TV app/service by using a ROKU or other device that supports it, such as Apple TV etc, see the full list here: https://www.att.com/support/article/att-tv/KM1200941/
  7. @Oly34 When you "uncrimped" (presume you meant "repositioned") the WiFi card connection wiring, did you unplug and re-plug the little socket by any chance? The little plug, like many connectors, has what is called "bifurcated" connectors inside, these are designed to have a wiping action when plugged in or taken out, to clean any dust or oxide layers off the mating surfaces. From what I gather, this often improves the very low-level signals and voltages to/from this component, and fixes the issue for a while, until more "dusty particles" get inside it.
  8. @Kunal NOTE:Disney Plus service is only available in few countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, India, and Puerto Rico. ALSO: Disney Plus app is compatible with LG TV models from 2016 and onwards that has 3.0 webOS or later. There are lots of sites that show using a VPN service, but be VERY CAREFUL going to those, some are spammy/scam sites, and you might end up purchasing a VPN service that does not work or breaks your current, working network service. Some might even put malware on the dev
  9. @KARUPPASAMY KANNAN You appear to be developing or testing LG APP code. Maybe you have been using: https://webostv.developer.lge.com/develop/app-developer-guide/playing-drm-content/ However, it seems that you might be thinking that this is an LG controlled website, run by LG? That is not the case, but anyway, you might be able to get comments from like-minded developers if you re-post your problem on the WebOS Developers forum on this site. If you click the HOME banner, you shoule be able to see the correct forum if you scroll down a bit, in the forum lists.
  10. @Mohammed Albusaidi First, check that you have the latest firmware on your TV, it is 04.06.50 dated 23rd March 2021. If it is not at that level, you can download it on to the root (i.e. NOT inside a folder) of a USB stick using a laptop or PC, then follow the instructions. See: https://www.lg.com/sg/support/product/lg-43LF630T If already at that level, then ensure that the TV is on the same WiFi band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) as the phone. If the TV is on a LAN (Ethernet) cable, then remove that and try using WiFi, as some routers do NOT pass certain broadcast or negotiation data packets between
  11. @mohseng You should contact the SHAID support site for advice, and deiscribe your issues, and what LG TV model it is that you have. See: https://shahid.mbc.net/en/contact-us
  12. @davexnet I could not comment on the UJ6500 models as I don't own one. I suspect that Default Settings are going to be set for "average" or "common" set-ups or requirements, and every room will be different, as will every users "preferences" for what they feel is their best "perception" of good colours, contrast, and correct brightness. All that will be very "subjective" for most owners, unless they have calibration equipment, or pay for a calibration service. Having said that, many non-technical users will rarely venture into settings that they have no clue about, BUT here below is a (poss
  13. @Blank_Disk You may well be correct about a memory leak. However, there have been a few odd forum reports about Disney and netflix apps struggling on LG TV, that MIGHT be helped by ensuring that the Network settings use an actual "known" DNS server, rather than the "default" that often uses the ISP provided (usually unknown to the user) DNS server. Most folks seem to fix many odd issues by using the public Google DNS of rather than the "automatic" default. Now I am NOT saying this will fix a memory leak issue, BUT it might fix some extra memory use by "struggling" network negotiat
  14. @Blank_Disk First, can you please ensure that you have got the latest firmware installed on yourTV. The latest version is: [05.80.65] - just one fix is mentioned (seems to be a browser fix) 1. Fix the failure of access to certain website in the browser You can manually download that and put it on the root (i.e. NOT inside a folder) of a USB stick, and plug it into the TV. See: https://www.lg.com/uk/support/product/lg-49UJ630V If you already have that, then give this a try: https://www.support.com/how-to/how-to-fix-out-of-memory-error-on-an-lg-smart-tv-10770 NOTE: If
  15. @Sudesh You cannot change the FIRMWARE on the TV to get the different country, it is actually changed by a setting, or by using a "service remote" (can be purchased from Amazon). Have a read of this article, and if your TV is an "Asian" variant/build, then you MIGHT be able to select "India" this way, if not, you may have to obtain a service remote, and use the India country/area code that is 4816. https://help.simpletelly.com/article/395-changing-lg-service-country-region-on-lg-tv-webos

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