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  1. @Noel Walker As the poster @dimitrislinuxos stated in his YouTube video, his simple solution worked. Did you try it (you have nothing to lose): https://youtu.be/LkwtA2X2TSs
  2. @Pukahouse It may depend on your LG model, but have a read of this: https://ccm.net/faq/40739-how-to-change-language-settings-on-lg-smart-tv
  3. @Mohd asim You will have to ask your LG company site in your country to see when/if it might become available. This forum is just a user to user forum, NOT and LG owned site.
  4. @Akash Akash FYI: just because a web site shows something is a JPG or JPEG file, it is NOT necessarrily that file type. It might surprise you (or not), that the TEXT for any link in any page anywhere, can in reality be something entirely different. That in itself is one of BIGGEST security issues on the Internet today, and is down to how HTML is defined to work as it does. Many users do not even know that (on a PC browser anyway), placing the mouse-cursor over a link will show the REAL URL LINK for what the text represents. Likewise I could take any file (say a bad malware file, like a .EXE), and rename it as goodfile.jpeg and when you click on it to call your photo viewer, it might try to execute something bad, and put a trojan on your PC. A TV browser may well be designed to check the REAL file type, and ignore it if it was not a real picture file.
  5. @Kunal Mali Unless you are a registered developer, and you have an LG TV set up in developer mode, you cannot add any .APK you want to your TV. LG controls WHAT is allowed on THIER LG Store APP for any given location/country. Copyright and program availability (and functionality) varies widely from country to country.
  6. @ErnieS I suspect your TV update has made it fully "AirPLay" compatible. So from https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5864965 Use this setting to require a specific code to AirPlay to the TV. When an AirPlay-enabled device attempts to connect to a TV with Onscreen Code enabled, enter the passcode shown on the TV into the device that’s attempting to connect to the TV. (From the iphone settings, I assume that : Settings > AirPlay > Onscreen Code > On (i.e. the requirement is set to need pasword) To Set a password Use this setting to require a password for AirPlay-enabled devices to connect using AirPlay on the TV. Use this setting for devices that will need permanent access and you only want to enter the password once. Settings > AirPlay > Password > [set password]
  7. @Leonard King Hi, I just happended to re-visit this interesting post of yours back from August. It seems that the Samsung sound-bar power-down during idle/no-signal can be set to OFF mode. However, I am unsure if the problem as you described it, is that since the FW upgrade, even with an active sound signal, and eARC active, the Samsung Sound bar was STILL powering down unexpectedly when before it was not? Anyway, here is the link to do that, and you could then enable eARC again, to get back the CEC power-control functionality etc. : https://www.samsung.com/in/support/tv-audio-video/why-sound-bar-switches-off-on-its-own/
  8. @Karan Batra That is more for fixing DHCP and IP assignment issues or IP address conflicts. The issue I was posting about is to do with the fact that some devices (Smart TV's, some tablets, older or weak devices etc) have difficulties with high channel numbers, plus the fact the higher channel numbers means slightly higher frequencies within that 5GHz band, and more chance of signal strength issues due to obstructions (or thick walls, steel frames etc.).
  9. @Ravichandran S I have the same model, and mine too, and it is is stuck on that "2337" release of the WebOS. I note that the article you quote is dated 2015. Although updates may provide security updates, and changes to the "apps" side of things, I believe that the internal hardware to provide feature capabilities in the mainboard (e.g. HDR and other stuff), do not support what WebOS 2.0 and above might need to work. If there are others on this forum who are more knowledgeable, please chime in with more precise reasons/info. The latest firmware on the LG site is still only the July 2019 version "starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2337-05.05.90-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk" inside the ZIP file. NOTE: If you do NOT have this, note that the download will result in just a file called "software" with no file-type extension. I would suggest you right-click and rename it to "LG_UB_FIRMWARE_050590.zip" so your PC can then unzip it, so you can copy the file to a USB stick if you need it.
  10. @Christonian Interesting that it fixed it for a bit. Sounds a bit like software/firmware IMHO. I would contact LG support directly to see if they know if it is a known issue with the C9 and that firmware update. I think I have seen other complaints about B7 and C9 flickering. Push the issue and insist on a replacement under warrantee if they try to fob you off.
  11. @George Hofmeister I am sure you are correct about the LAN side (100mbps, no 1Gbps LAN yet) but most newer LG sets have WiFi 802.11ac support, so that should be much higher than that, especially on the 5GHz band). @Amir Abulajras have a look at my post about a snippet I found on another forum (if you are using the 5GHz band, ensure you are using a channel below 100, I find 36 works well - I assume ou are able to log into your router OK) : "Network/Ethernet/Wi-Fi Problem: C9 [or other models] will lose the wireless connection and you have to reconnect daily (but wired is stable); Conditions: TV is connected to a 5GHz router; Cause: (1) the router may be unstable on the 5GHz band [possibly too far from router]; (2) the router has the 5GHz band set on a higher channel - over 100; Resolution: (1) change the TV to the 2.4GHz band OR (2) set the channel [in the ROUTER advanced WiFi settings]!! for the 5GHz band below 100 (ex. 40-50) - [channel 36 is often OK]."
  12. @Hblone Apologies I did not notice that your locaton was Italy, and your problem is with a recently purchased Italian variant LG TV. It does seem odd that older model has a working Time Machine functionality, but the newer model would have a restriction (maybe due to cost, or difficulties with current copyright laws in Italy). Have you tried contacing the shop where it was purchased from, or LG Italy directly, for comment? This forum is NOT an official arm of LG (they might look at it if we are lucky, but I don't think they officially comment here directly).
  13. @Hblone I see from the spec here: https://www.lg.com/uk/tvs/lg-55un74006lb that it shows "Time Machine (DVR) YES" so the recording functionality IS there, but it will need a small self-powered HDD (external backup type of hard disk) plugged into the USB3 socket to activate the recording functionality that the TV has. NOTE: the new disk when added, may trigger a recording "setup" automatically anyway, so be aware that it may well want to format it to the TV requirements (file structures, folder names etc), that may take a few minutes. Use Velcro or a cable tie to hold the external disk in a convenient place, so that it does not strain the connection cable (NEVER let it hang from the cable). I would use about 500GB or a 1TB HDD drive, depending on the amount of recordings you want to do, and if HD quality or not. ALSO: be aware that even when in standby, the TV will still have enough "smart electronic logic" active to do the scheduled recordings on its own, it does NOT need to be in the ON state, BUT DO NOT TURN IT OFF AT THE WALL SOCKET OBVIOUSLY! 😊 If you have a smart remote, you might find the "Q.MENU" button, or one button marked "123" to get to your settings. If you had a separate manual for your remote or TV, have a good read to see if it helps with the recording side. It MIGHT be the "settings" cog button on yours, I am not sure. I find the Time Machine scheduling a bit clunky and non-intelligent on my older LG, but you may find your later one is smarter? A typical issue is that (unlike a set-top-box like Sky) it will not necessarrily "track" any time changes to a scheduled program if it starts late. If you adjust it to start at an earlier time, then the "File/program name" will reflect the PREVIOUS program title, and NOT the actual one that is the main recorded program!! I know that the smart remotes have a good voice command function, so press the button to activate the microphone and try saying "time machine". I find the voice command useful to get to "settings" with my older magic remote, as I can never remember how to get to it on my TV otherwise... 😊 By the way, I find that Toshiba, Western Digital, or Seagate portable USB3 drives are good for this, use this Google search term to see what is available in your area: "site:.uk Western Digital portable drive" or "site:.uk seagate portable drive" without the quotes. The site thing limits sites to your country/area/locale so avoids generic ".COM" sites usually.
  14. @Christonian Thanks for confirmation.I just spotted this on another forum for LG C9 flickering/flashing bright: "Its related to the « Logo Luminance » setting...just turn it off and you will be ok". I do NOT have a C9, so cannot verify that, but it is worth a go. Others said it fixed the issue.
  15. @Christonian thanks for quick feedback. If you can post what firmware level you are on, might be useful. Typically in About TV, or system details, or in the update screen.

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