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  1. @Ahmed SC You can only add apps to your TV from the LG store supplied to your TV in your country of use. However, you are about 5 firmware updates behind, as the latest is now 05.31.00, so ensure it IS connected to your home network, and retry the update check.
  2. @harryw66 Is the 43UN73006LC a 2019 or 2020 model? The reason I ask, is because the 2019 models SHOULD have it, but the 2020 models might miss out, because LG did not renew a Freeview deal last year for them to be able to put the app (and some others) in the LG store for 2020 TV's. Hopefully they will get this fixed, as it must be frustrating for owners who purchased a "new" TV last year to find a useful service missing! By the way, if you still have your Humax box, plug that in to the LG via an HDMI cable, and you can use that until you get an update to the LG store. For reference: https://www.whathifi.com/au/news/lgs-2020-tvs-finally-get-iplayer-and-other-bbc-streaming-apps
  3. @majed abutrab Try the default 0000 that should work for the initial PIN, then you can set your own PIN (BUT WRITE IT DOWN).
  4. @Simon Block That is interesting that you quoted having 05.80.55 firmware on your OLED65C7T model. I searched for that, but found only version 04.70.71. However, I seem to be directed to the Australian LG site (as it is my Locale), so maybe I am looking in the wrong place. After a lot of searching, I found 05.80.55 under the model "OLED65B7A.AUS" so probably a similar model range? As regards your issue, I don't beleive LG monitor this peer-to-peer support forum, so they will not (as far as I know) ever officially comment here. Although the original AirPlay has been around since 2010, the modern AirPlay2 was only announced as being supported and integrated into Smart TV's at CES2019 show, and given the difficulties with COVID during most of 2020, I think this has slowed a LOT of R&D and testing with many manufacturers. There are probably many more factors at play, but I suspect COVID (and the resultant lack of extra revenue to allocate during a pandemic) has had a big effect on this sort of thing. I also suspect that LG would see supporting older 2018 TV's (already purchased, so no revenue stream) as additional R&D and testing costs, with NO return on that investment, just to help iPhone or iPad users send a Netflix film to thier TV.
  5. @exnor Please cite your source for this information, I would be interested in that for future reference.
  6. @MD NUMAIR KHAN The only risk to the above (factory reset), will be that the apps where you have an account, you will have to re-input your login details one time.
  7. @Bart van Loon Update your Windows 10 to 20H2, and ensure it is on the same WiFi network (2.4GHZ or 5GHZ) as the TV, then try again.
  8. @Ishan Kurnal The WebOS 6.0 release is on the new 2021 LG models, but of course that will be designed to work with the new hardware (new internal support chips Video Processing, and for decoding etc.) and therefore optimised to work with those. Comparing the C9 (2018/19) with the CX (2020) models I think the CX's had a new video processor - 'Alpha 9 Gen 3' (O20 chip versus O18 chip) but it is unknown if an 'Alpha 9 Gen 4' exists (as an O21??) for the 2021 models, as exposing and using some/all of the internal hardware features will all depend on how the firmware is written, to cover lower end through to higher end models with a single firmware image. Back-porting WebOS 6.0 into older 2019/2020 models MAY happen over time, but if the hardware differences are significant, it might not be possible to "tweak it to fit" and work OK in the older models. From this site: https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1610082905 "Version 6.0 of webOS will be available on LG's 2021 OLED and LCD TVs. The company did not announce plans to update previous TV models with webOS 6.0. In the past, LG has declined to upgrade webOS in its previous TVs."
  9. @Ishan Kurnal I understand your frustration, and I DO realise it is not just YOUR TV! This forum is ONLY a peer-to-peer forum for LG enthusiasts to help other like-minded owners with problems and technical queries, but it has NO connection with LG, and does NOT have any power to lobby for changes. With that in mind, have you contacted LG support in your country, to ask what the issue is about the lack of update to the APPS in question? It may be a contractual issue, or a technical issue, or even a financial one, or a combination of all three! If they are not forthcoming, try contacting the company that controls the APP (i.e. Disney) in your country, either directly, or via any available Facebook page or group, or their Twitter feed. If still no luck, see if any of the Consumer Associations in your country have had any similar issues/complaints, to see if they can help. By the way, is the article still correct, in that you need to use the Togo channel still, on the LG TV, to get 4K content?
  10. For those who like to read TV specs, and get confused about some of the abbreviations, here is a useful site: https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/ips-led-vs-va-lcd
  11. @eespinosa64 The Shield TV is HDMI cable connected, so the actual TV will be acting differently when that is active, as it will be sending an "active stream" to the TV all the time, even if a static image. However, when you have a TV APP active in the WebOS, a static artwork image will be detected by the screensaver timer. If you can configure ArtHola to display a changing set of images, that changes each one in just under the minute timer, you might stop the internal screensaver kicking in. If that does not work, reach out to the ArtHola developers on their web-site, to see if they have a suggestion.
  12. @CrunchyBrunch Can you please provide the full model number, as there may be country variations in the firmware releases, and I can only find 03.10.53 as the closest to the one you quoted, using model 49UN71006LB. The latest firmware for that is 03.21.10.
  13. @Ishan Kurnal What is your LG TV mdel? Does it definately support HDR? In the meantime, I spotted this info (I assume your region is India, as you mention Hotstar): Disney+ Hostar 4K streaming is available on Togo only, as of writing the article [5th August 2020]. The 4K movies are playing in 4K and HDR but not Dolby Vision. It has 5.1 surround sound and not Dolby Atmos. See: https://www.digit.in/news/entertainment/disney-hotstar-starts-streaming-in-4k-hdr-in-india-55707.html
  14. @Santosh Kumar Gupta As your LG TV model was released in 2016, there will be NO support for any Home Automation in the TV, and I did not see any mention of it in the specifications. I am not aware of any external equipment or installable TV APPS that you can use with older LG models. If others on this forum have experience with Home Automation and TV interfacing, I am sure they will step up if they know a way.
  15. @R. Ho. The Time Machine functionality is ONLY for use with transmitted (live) programmes. Your best bet is to use a Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC, and use a combination of hardware and software to convert them to MP4 format, then write them to your USB device. HARDWARE: Some video cards had the capability of taking HDMI input and having software convert the incoming digital stream. Most likely you have an "ordinary" one without that capability, so you could need to purchase a "video capture card", install it and also install drivers for it, and software to convert the video stream. It is a long process and if you do not have a desktop PC that you can add in a specific card for this, then you may find it more convenient to just get a quote for the conversion service from a local firm that does that, and they can put the converted files on to you USB stick for you. There are various "game play capture" add-in cards available (e.g. Elgato HD60 that has HDMI input), that MIGHT work for this. I have never used one, but you might get a cheap one from EBAY.

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