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  1. Hi, noticed the same limitation. Why can't I have content from Netflix in the content menu ???
  2. Had a long discussion in LG support chat a few days ago. Basic message : The TV System (WebOS?) doesn't support more than 999 files (pictures, folders, whatever) !! What ??🤔😮 Can't tell how irritated I was by this statement ! A operation system that doesn´t support more than 999 files on a volume ??? Even if I format the drive to NTFS - same restriction. Asking for the reason I got as feedback "you have a TV which is for moving pictures (movies, series, TV shows...) and not as for presentation of pictures. Generally customers don`t have 1000 movies on their hard driv
  3. To have a picture show on my new LG OLED55B87LC I've connected an external USB 3.0 hard disk (formatted with MS-DOS FAT32 on my iMac) that I've filled with hundreds of pictures from my Fotos App. But when I open this drive on the TV the jpg pictures (numbered 1.jpg to 999.jpg) show up as ._1.jpg to ._999.jpg. When I scroll down at the end the list then the real jpg`s appear. So it looks like there's a copy of each file on this drive starting with ._ ?? And all of them can't be shown on the TV - they look faulty ? I've tried out with another drive / USB stick - just the same prob
  4. Hi, just bought a new LG OLED and pretty fast noticed that I`ve now chance to change the wallpapers ?!? Really pretty strange - even the smallest smartphone offers such a feature. The TV has enough USB interfaces - why is it not able to customize this by an own set of pictures ? Can`t be that big rocket science to implement this , especially for such an expensive device this should be a standard feature !!! Or did I miss something in the settings of the TV ?

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