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  1. Hi Amol. LG TVs are WebOS based. Google Play Store is available only on Android based TVs and devices. Hope that helps.
  2. I very much doubt you will find an easier solution, not at this stage given that Smart TVs are not full blown PCs.
  3. Sorry Jose, not sure what your question is. Care to elaborate so that we can help?
  4. That looks very much like a very old version. Can you please check if there are any updates available for your TV?
  5. It's quite a big surprise to me that people by TV because of the browser. That's not the primary purpose of a TV even for a 'smart' one.
  6. Can you list what it is that you do not like?
  7. If it's not in the LG Store then likely you can't. But why do you need MX player? The native in-built player works quite well.
  8. Hilarious response. [emoji23]
  9. It would be interesting to know if people actually do some research before buying a TV. If you know that you predominantly use Android based apps, why not buy an Android based TV? Alternatively get a small Android box and connect to your TV. Problem solved.
  10. Android emulator on WebOS? Not sure there is any available at this stage but why not get an Android based TV instead? Problem solved.
  11. Was it necessary to write all that in caps? It was hard to read.
  12. What issues are you having with the LGTV connecting to your Apple TV? You know it's just a TV that displays what ever signal you feed it right?
  13. Looks like LG TV only support combinations of Internal Speakers + Wired Headphones and Internal Speakers + Optical output. You may try a soundbar with such functionality.

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