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  1. If it's not in the LG content store then you cannot add it.
  2. You can only download and use app that are available in the LG Smart tv content store. The other option is to get an Android TV box and connect same to your tv.
  3. Try to connect to a network cable instead of wifi if possible and then try again.
  4. Are you trying to download an apk file into the tv??
  5. At this stage it is not possible to install Kodi or gdrive on LG Smart TV. Option is to copy your 4k files onto a USB drive and connect it directly to your TV or to your router. I have tried both and it works pretty well.
  6. Your WebOS version 04.30.02. From what I could find online, it appears there is an issue with that update. I would suggest to contact LG directly. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/lg-49uh6100-update/
  7. Not the TV model. The WebOS version. Can you go into the LG store and reinstall the Netflix app.
  8. I would contact LG support directly.
  9. Apologies, I thought it was available. Latest version appears to be 4.71.25.
  10. Have you tried the Netflix app? Compare the functionality and ease of use and let me know.
  11. Sounds good. Not related but only if they could improve the Prime Video app on WebOS.
  12. Hi All, yes you can record live TV on a USB drive attached to the TV even if the TV itself is off. This is super cool. What I'd like to do, is connect to this USB drive from say, my laptop. Is this possible and how?

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