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  1. Was it necessary to write all that in caps? It was hard to read.
  2. What issues are you having with the LGTV connecting to your Apple TV? You know it's just a TV that displays what ever signal you feed it right?
  3. Looks like LG TV only support combinations of Internal Speakers + Wired Headphones and Internal Speakers + Optical output. You may try a soundbar with such functionality.
  4. If its not in the LG Store then you may just have to wait for an update on your TV.
  5. LG Smart TVs are the among the few TVs that can mainly record live signals e.g antenna. To record via HDMI, you would need either a set-top box or HDMI recorder.
  6. Ah! now I understand what you are trying to do. I don't think you can record via HDMI. If you are using a TV box e.g Vodafone or Sky or something similar, you should check if it's supports live recording.
  7. Go into the LG store and download the app, assuming it is in the LG store.
  8. You could return your TV if not happy with it or sell it and buy an Android based TV.
  9. Fair enough. Goodluck.
  10. If its live TV and you have a USB connected to your TV, then you should be able record on it.
  11. This is a TV and not a PC. It's "smart" in the sense that it can do other simple stuff aside just live TV or pre-recorded video. You can watch YouTube, download available apps etc ..but trying and asking to turn a tv into a full blown emulator? That's a mighty stretch at this stage. If you want android apps natively on your TV, it would make more sense to buy a TV based on Android. Simples.
  12. Not sure what you meant but you can record a live TV to a usb drive connected to the TV.
  13. Go to LG store and download/install Netflix if it's not already installed on your tv.
  14. Are you trying to access the TV remotely??
  15. Go to your Home Dashboard and see if you can make changes there.
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