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  1. You could use an other Media Server, for example Plex. It has a native app on the LG TV. Maybe that will work better.
  2. Your problem is "vertical video syndrome" and I have not seen a TV that can do what you ask. If I read on internet it about this they say Portrait mode video is not video. So what can you do: Use a video editing program to rotate your video. It seems Plex is capable of handeling Portrait mode video. There is a native app for the LG tv for Plex Mount your TV on a wall and rotated it if needed. But in general, don't make Portrait video if you every want to see it on a TV.
  3. I would try a cable to get a better connection. There is no problem using that on a 1 Gig service. I don't think the TV has a 1 Gb ethernet port so it automatic changes to 100 Mbits. I just tried fast.com on my LG tv, iIt's on a 100 Mbit connection and I get 15 Mbit/s.
  4. First, there are no people working for LG here. This is a user to user forum as it says on the top of the page. But maybe it is possible to configure the Logitech system to work with the LG Remote.
  5. Normally, to get the cursor you have to shake the magic remote.
  6. Maybe the player cannot handle the Sinhala language. You could try to use something else. What I do is use a Plex server on my computer and use the Plex app on the LG TV. This works great. Good luck.
  7. I can recommend Plex. There is a native LG app for the plex player and there are plex servers for all kind of systems.
  8. If you are using a HDMI cable like this: then you have to select the correct HDMI input on your LG TV. Now you will see your computerscreen on the LG TV. Your computer will determine what you see on the TV.
  9. You can better post this request on the LG website. This is a user to user forum with no LG employees. You can see this at the top of the page:
  10. Wait, you connect the PC via HDMI to the TV? Then your PC is creating the video and the subtitles, you should change it there.
  11. The DLNA client in the TV works but is not great. I use the Plex client that can be downloaded on the TV and a Plex server on my computer. This works much better.
  12. You can download manuals of LG tv's at their website. For this TV it should be here
  13. PeterV


    You can use your iPhone to input text for youtube using your youtube account but for screen sharing you need an Apple TV.
  14. As far as I know you can not use an LG smart TV as a graphical X-terminal. You can use DNLA, or screen sharing or use a HDMI cable. Furthermore, there are no LG employees here to deliver a to-do-list. This is a user to user support forum like it says on the top of the page:
  15. What I did was connect the external harddisk to the Mac and install Plex on the Mac. After installing the Plex player on the LG TV I can watch movies using the Plex server on the Mac. Works like a dream.
  16. Should not be a problem as long as it is not stored to cold. Then you could get condensation and that is not good for printed circuit boards.
  17. What you could do is use a Chromecast or an AppleTV and use it for running the iPlayer.
  18. What you could do is instal Plex on you Mac and the Plex app on you TV. This way you can play a lot of stuff from you computer. And it looks nicer.
  19. You will not find them here, this is just a 'user to user support forum' (see top of the web page).
  20. I have got my magic remote configured to control the set top box but it was not simple. You can tell the TV you have a set top box and there is an option to select a remote control. The problem was that you couldn't choose a company (I have t-mobile) but you had to choose the brand of set top box and that was difficult to find. Maybe you can see it if you power cycle your set top box with the TV on. I the end it worked but not as good as the remote with the set top box, which could be configured to work with the LG TV.
  21. Joint Fires Working Group and W = what's G = good W = with Y = you AKA wasgoodwitchu; often used to express confusion or it could mean : testing testing
  22. What you can do is install Plex on your Apple computer and the Plex player on your LG Tv. Plex has an plugin for iTunes Video. Good luck, Peter
  23. Here in the Netherland I have never seen a Dutch keyboard but the do exist. But back to your problem. On my LG (47LB670V) in the 5th menu from the top (General setting) I can choose the language, but also the keyboard languages. Is that not what you are looking for?

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