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Palm webOS


  1. Palm Pre 2

    Palm Pre 2 specs include 1 GHz CPU, 5 MP Camera, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.1 inches, 16 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, Released October 2010.

  2. Palm Pre and Pre Plus

    Palm Pre and Pre Plus specs include 600 MHz Cortex-A8 CPU, 3.15 MP Camera, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.1 inches, 8 GB storage (16 GB Plus), 256 MB RAM (512 MB Plus), Released October 2009 (May 2010 Plus).

  3. Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus

    Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus specs 600 MHz ARM 11 CPU, 2 MP Camera, 8 GB storage, 256 MB RAM (512 MB Plus) 320 x 400 pixels, 2.63 inches, Released September 2009 (March 2010 Plus).


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    • Când vom avea aplicația Eurosport Player ?
    • Thanks for your quick reply Alex.  Well, that makes a whole lot of sense.  Apologies- your site looked like LG's "official" site, so my bad.   This is my first LG TV, and until recently, I expected that the WebOS would be updated at the same rate as the other TV software, and haven't had any issues running a wide range of streaming apps, including Vudu 4k and Netflix 4k and several others.  This CBS All Access seems to be an outlier in terms of technical requirements. After doing a bit more research, it appears that I'm outta luck with regards to upgrading to WebOS 4.0 or higher.  My model, OLED 65C6P-U is a 2017 set that's running version is: 3.3.4-3714 (dreadlocks-dharug).  I was hoping there was some kind of work around in the community here to update it, even if it's not the "officially" approved method.  I figured that its Linux-based and some folks out here may have figured out a way to upgrade the OS, especially if its a smaller, incremental update (like 3.34 to 4.0).  It just makes me wonder if LG arbitrarily chose 2018 as a cut off for upgrading the WebOS.  It's really frustrating, as unlike a phone you replace every 2 years or so, with a TV you tend to hold onto 5-10 years. Would you know if there's a work-around out there, maybe something I could dload to a USB stick and update that way?  If, as I fear, there is no way to update the WebOS, would you know if there is a work-around where I could cast CBS All Access through my Ipad Pro or iPhone 7plus.  I also have a MacBook Pro, but its a late 2013 model.  There appears to be several 3rd party apps in the LG Content Store that offer a variety of device/display sharing, but I'm not sure which app would allow me to cast the CBS App. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Aside from this WebOS limitation on updating, I've loved the picture quality and have been satisfied with the Smart TV features LG has- although you'd probably agree that at this point there really should be much more standardization between mfr's on the software, CODECs, especially regarding HDR, Dolby, and other 4K features. Thanks in advance for your feedback- I appreciate it. Sincerely, Bob Gearing
    • Hi, according to the notes that accompanied the latest software update the Manhattan T3-R can receive them.  I was looking for a new Freeview box so thanks for mentioning this one as I hadn't heard of it. Software notes (Source: https://manhattan-tv.com/support/manhattan-t3#software-update): v1.24 Software Update Released 15/11/19 If your T3 is connected to the internet and left in standby, it will update automatically overnight, unless you have disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu. Please see below for more information about updating, including how to update by USB. Improved The TV Guide has been optimised for faster navigation and presentation of programme information and icons. Responsiveness of menus with content carousels (e.g. Featured) to very fast key presses Persistent channel lists: After selecting a list in the TV Guide (e.g. Favourites or HD Channels), as long as the channel being viewed is on that list when you re-enter the TV Guide, the list will continue to be selected. Changing to a channel not on the list or pressing Standby will reset the list back to All Channels. When using interactive services that use legacy MHEG-IC technology (e.g. Planet Knowledge, Sports Network, Vision TV, etc) and video is playing back you can now use all Manhattan menus (e.g. TV Guide, Home, etc). Channel change speed when changing between HD channels with the P-UP / P-DOWN buttons. SD video processing for more detailed video.  
    • There’s no way that can happen as we are not owned or operated by LG. We are a user to user support forum for LG webOS and other webOS devices. If you are looking for official LG support, please contact them directly.
    • I have the C8 OLED 4K HDR AI Smart TV - 65" and cannot find CBS All Access in the LG Content Store.  I also can't find which version of WEB OS I have.  I have my TV set to automatic updates, it is connected via ethernet and believe everything is up to date.  Is this not available to the US Market?  Also, I have registered my model TV: OLED 65C6PU at the LG main site, but I can't check if my TV is compatible with the WEB OS version for CBS ALL ACCESS.   I purchased this late 2017, so I think my TV can run it- I use all the other streaming services through the Web OS- Vudu, Hulu, Prime, Netflix 4k, etc.   Any suggestions?  This site- lgwebos.com should be able to recognize my User ID info with the main site.  I have the same username, etc. but it doesn't seem to pull my TV up. If anyone can help me figure this out, I'd really appreciate it.  I'm fairly up on the latest technology, but this dual sites that don't recognize each other (or my registered equipment) is really frustrating!  Thanks in advance- Anyone!
    • Please fix webOS slingtv app to work with AirTV - does not show or work with OTA recordings. 
    • Hey! I had sam problem, i've smoke a joint, and i found the solution without buy remote controller: use an usb mouse. 😉😉

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