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  1. Hi Rohit, Sadly it does not appear to be a feature on my set.
  2. Hi Govinda, I believe your TV is running webOS 2.0, the number you have quoted is the release number, and at this time Hotstar have taken the decision not to support it.
  3. Currently no, you would need to access the services through the browser. Or, if your a techy you could write an app.
  4. Hi, Unfortunately is not possible to update the now obsolete NetCast operating system to webOS. I am afraid your best option is to purchase an external device like a ROKU.
  5. Hi Rohit, I was not even aware this was a feature, where did you find it and what is the model of your television?
  6. I am going to guess that there is something wrong with it, if you could post a picture and the model number that would give the forum members more to go on.
  7. Hotstar are not supporting webOS 2.0 which is the listed OS on your television.
  8. Please use the suggesting form linked at the head of the page.
  9. Hi PeterV, Thanks, I try to keep my (metaphorical) mouth shut when people repeatedly ask the same questions obviously I was having a bad day when I posted my comments. One of my rules for good forum etiquette: Use the search facility If the search facility flags up something that looks related to you query read thread(s) If once you have read the thread(s) and your query is not answered then make a post ------- Question, has anyone made LG aware of the petition at Change.org?
  10. Hi, Updates are not usually done on a location basis but by the model number.
  11. A Google translation just in case anyone on the forum can help out angelraulac: / Una traducción de Google en caso de que alguien en el foro pueda ayudar a angelraulac: For more than an hour I have noticed my chance, my little girl, the floor is controlled and that window is handled where the password is entered, I have seen all the tutorials and LG manuals, but they did not help me every time I try to press on my remote configuration control or the configuration of the house appears that window I can not do anything because I appear that window please someone to help me I do not know what to do.
  12. El sitio que está viendo usa Adobe Flash, o un software de reproducción de video esotérico, o una forma de JavaScript que no es reconocida por el navegador webOS, o el sitio web no está correctamente codificado para reconocer el navegador webOS o una combinación de todos los anteriores .
  13. So Joe, did you join the forum just to be a troll or do you actually have something useful to contribute?
  14. Hi Kayaem, Sadly your model of television pre-dates webOS, it runs the now defunct NetCast system. Your best option is to purchase a device such as a ROKU or Amazon Fire TV stick.
  15. Currently you cannot install an APK on a webOS device as it is a different operating system to Google's Android.
  16. That will all depend on what model of television you have, as older units will not be capable of running the updated software so will not receive an update.
  17. Can you post the model number so the forum members can better help you?
  18. That will be as I forgot to paste it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Jh5VBLBSk&t=111s I can only get one thing a week correct, and obviously the previous post was not it.
  19. Nope, cannot help. You are going to need to finish that sentence.
  20. If the videos/websites you are trying to watch are Flash based or rely on esoteric backend software then they are not going and never will play in the webOS browser. Citing some examples of sites you are having problems with would help.
  21. Hi Huy Hoang, Take a look at this video on YouTube, it shows the option on 2016-2017 models (and onwards?) when setting up not to include a TV service. This may be what you want, please let the forum know if it works for you.
  22. Apps are generally speaking not written by LG but by the content providers themselves, if an app is dropped or one not available it is OK to badger LG about it but you also need to contact the content providers as well.
  23. Hi James, In your initial post you stated that you TV was a 556090PAU, this is incorrect as you then added a picture that shows you have a 55UK6090PAU. As I stated the end letter of the model number is related to the design of the TV, dual legs instead of a single leg stand. Please visit the following link to a page that will explain model number formatting: http://en.tab-tv.com/?page_id=7111 When you purchased your last cell phone did you complain that the internal memory storage did not match the advertised storage? I am guessing you did not. TVs work in the same manner. You may stand behind your comments that LG are crooks, but you still have not shown proof, please do. As for my having no wits or intelligence... Well if I was going to write a 1820 word diatribe I would manage to include more than three periods and at least one comma, as well as other punctuation and paragraphs. May be the lack of intelligence on your part is to do with your choice of leisure time reading materials. Basically if the TV is so bad, cut your losses and get rid of it and go buy a Samsung. They are welcome to have you on their forums, they may prefer trolls over there.

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