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  1. Hi, If the software version was the same thing as the webOS version then you might have a point, but it is not.
  2. The 42LB5820-TB appears to be a unit powered by NetCast the predecessor to webOS, which is no longer supported and is not covered by this forum. Some NetCast sets did apparently get upgraded to early versions of webOS, but I am guessing that if your TV was one of those the early version of the OS is no longer supported by Amazon.
  3. Hi Octavia, Unless zee5 have released a true cross platform app, which I doubt, the version on iOS is not going to be the same that is available for webOS as they are two completely different operating systems.
  4. Possibly a lack of understanding of the platform, lack of competent programmer, or the possibility that updating their backend infrastructure would be too expensive. Or it could just be that HotStar are colluding with LG to sell more TVs.
  5. Do Zee5 list the latest version pushed out to LG? If they do it is purely down to time, LG will have to do their due diligence before they push it out to TVs.
  6. LG TVs tend to be sold by region and are not global devices so unfortunately you may not be able to change it.
  7. Well if you can get Amazon to create one that would be marvellous, I have contacted them in the past, but they did not seem overly interested. Probably they just want to sell more Echo equipment.
  8. Yeah, no one on the forum is going to fix anything I am afraid as this is a user-to-user forum. A member might have some advice they can impart, but if not you will have to contact LG technical support in your area.
  9. A little more information on which TV, the webOS and firmware versions would go some way to forum members giving you help and advise. Also, you may to look at this thread: Some users have installed replacement modules, while others have disconnected and reconnected cables to get their WiFi working again.
  10. Unfortunately webOS does not run the Chrome browser, websites may misinform you that it is but what they are actually detecting is that the browser is built on WebKit. WebKit is underlining architecture of many browsers, it is being misdirected as many websites do not yet support Smart TV browsers. If your TV is running the latest firmware there is no way to update just the browser, the only thing I am afraid you can do is contact any website that does not work and make a constructive complaint about supporting Smart TVs.
  11. Excellent, if you receive any feedback would you let the other forum users know please.
  12. It is down to content providers to produce an app for the platform as LG would not have access to APIs, server settings etc. Of course you can contact LG directly using the suggesting form link elsewhere on the forum to voice your desire for a Disney app.
  13. Please use the form mentioned at the head of the page to make the suggestion straight to LG.
  14. I believe that your television runs NetCast which predates webOS.
  15. As Facebook have not created an app that would be there reason there is not one. It is unlikely that anyone on the forum can provide as this is an end user forum. Sorry to hear your dying, do not do that live.
  16. Hard to tell without all the version numbers of webOS etc.
  17. Hi Jzurge, I would start here: http://webostv.developer.lge.com/
  18. HOTSTAR have not produced the app for every model of LG webOS TV, forum members would need more information to tell whether your device is one of those not covered.
  19. Hi Paulus, Thanks for the information, learn something new every day.
  20. Desafortunadamente, este es un foro de usuario a usuario, por lo que es poco probable que haya alguien a quien pueda llamar. Debería ubicar el sitio web de LG adecuado para su país y ponerse en contacto con el soporte técnico de esa manera. Traducción de Google.
  21. Si puede proporcionar al foro detalles de su problema y qué modelo de TV tiene, estoy seguro de que los usuarios intentarán ayudarlo. Traducción de Google.
  22. Please cite your source.
  23. Hi Hanmant, As with mobile phone OS creators the said manufacturers do not produce (with obvious exceptions like apps to access their own products) all the apps to run on their platforms, the same is true for Smart TV platforms. LG do not produce the app, so if your favourite content provider does not produce an app then you need to lobby them to do so. You can also use the official LG contact form (https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2550-lg-has-a-feedback-and-suggestions-form/) to let LG know you would like apps for particular content providers. This however will just be in the hope that LG will make overtures towards the content provider to show them that there is a desire for them to create an app for the webOS platform.

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