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  2. 2015 LG TVs, i.e. UF series have WebOS 2.0. UH are from 2016 and have WebOS 3.0. WebOS 3.5 is introduced in 2017. You probably have firmware version 4.x.
  3. Hi, I have the same problem. All eco mode disabled and still this fireworks... Please do something. TV : OLED55C8PLA
  4. Hi, I intend to buy LG TV 43UK6300Y. So question: if this TV require the Bluetooth headphones which must support LG sound sync (wireless) function. If yes, could you send the list of acceptable Bluetooth headphones. Thank you, Evgeny
  5. i'd be happy if 60% of the entertainment app in the store wernt from foriegn countries
  6. Please I need guideline/instruction on how to upgrade the webos on my LG TV 55UF850T-TB to WebOS 3 or higher. Thank you.
  7. when will the sonyliv app be available for lg tv on lg content store for webos?
  8. Hello all, I have a LG TV from 2015, Model Number - 60UF7700 WebOS version - 04.05.85 The Hulu app that I had running on the TV was I guess the classic app. Hulu plus that wasn't able to do Live TV, and it was just discontinued on my TV. Alright cool, it was a crappy version of Hulu app anyways. But what am I missing here? Hulu's website says all LG TV's with WebOS 3.5 and higher can get the new app, but I can't find it in the LG content store. Only TV's that are not supported with WebOS 3.0 are the UH series. But I have 4.0 and mine is this UF series. I know the TV is 4 years old. and I work at best buy, I know the life span of these things. But I just don't see why I wouldn't be able to get the app, I can't imagine the TV not being able handle it. Like is it just designed not to work with the hardware of the TV? i'm confused, seeing as Hulu says that it's supported on 3.5 and higher. anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks
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  10. I am located in India and looking for Hotstar in 43UF770T model LG TV. When can we expect it?
  11. An address that provides the free Hotstar apk application is www.apk2down.com which I think you will like.
  12. hi I have 55ub850t webos version 1.04.0 when will i get update for many apps like hotstar and sony liv , spotify? is their any way to upadte to new and latest version ? my software version is 5.5.90
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  14. Hi, I have recently purchased LG smart TV UM7300. Just wanted to know that, can I increase storage of LG tv by using external hard drive? ie can I install apps from LG web store on to this external hard drive? Also one more query off the topic. Any idea when Air Play 2 would be a available on LG 43UM7300PTE TV? Regards. Sourabh
  15. Hi @kashif javed To the best of my knowledge there is no way to do a conversion, firmware is linked to data built-in the hardware so one will not work on another. The best option is going to be the same I gave to @Kayaem M to get a ROKU 4K device.
  16. i have been searching to solve this problem since 1 week but i couldn`t find any yesterday i saw your reply here so i feel that you will have be solution ........:)
  17. @George Hofmeister thenks for the information dear is the any solution to convert it for home use mean to say that if i can get or install content store in it
  18. And they can surely do that by providing an option in the settings, even hidden away deeply under the scary "advanced" settings, to turn off the screensaver. The idiots of the world won't be able to find the setting, and the responsible adults will be able to use their TV in a way that works for them. Win win!
  19. A company that could guarantee that their TV would be able to support new features brought out in 5 years time! That I would love to see, I would even purchase shares in the company, riches would be mine.
  20. That might be the answer, but without model & software versions of either TV it is hard to tell. In the case of one of the available players in Mint Movies it is Adobe Flash based which will definitely not work in webOS's browser.
  21. Hmmm my brother in law has and LG tv with web OS it’s about 3 years old and mint movies works perfectly so not sure why it all works on his, maybe he has older firmware
  22. Hi, The reason you cannot watch Mint Movies is that the video players are not supported by the browser, there are various reasons behind this. None of the problems however are going to be solved by LG, Mint Movies would need to upgrade their website to support the webOS browser.
  23. Hi Edward, The forum members are going to need a little more information than you have provided if anyone has a chance of helping you.
  24. Hi Kashif, You have a TV designed for the commercial market, conference rooms, hotel bedrooms and the like and as such does not access the Content Store in the same manner as a retail market TV. I suggest downloading the TV's information from the LG website: https://www.lg.com/global/business/information-display/commercial-tv/lg-55UW761H-CIS
  25. Why cant I stream game of thrones? And both wi-Fi network are on
  26. Hi I have an LG tv with webOS on it I like to eat h movies from the website mint movies but every time I click on the movie through the web browser on web OS the movie doesn’t load the screen just stays the same any help or advice would be great thank you
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