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  4. Craig Lenti

    LG store is not working

    Have the same problem. Nothing changes it.
  5. Last week
  6. vijay07


    If you are not able to use mobdro then you can install megabox hd apk on your smartphone.
  7. Interesting, too bad it's android.
  8. ajmboy

    Mynewpalm.com has some activity!

    Looks like the front page on http://mynewpalm.com/ has changed. Translation:
  9. Craig Lenti

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Is it possible to reinstall the WEBOS? Mine is no longer working at all. Cannot connect. Live in USA.
  10. George Hofmeister

    Network error 7

    Take a look at this YouTube video and see if it applies to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=PXRnviMugDo
  11. George Hofmeister

    Can I download the Directv now app

    Currently Directv NOW do not produce an app for the webOS platform. Sadly you are limited to either mirroring a mobile device or purchasing a compatible streaming product such as a ROKU. If you want an app for webOS you are going to have to ask/badger/cajole Directv NOW in to producing one.
  12. Assem elmurr

    Network error 7

    I just bought a new tv Lg 60UJ651V and it gives a message Network Error 7
  13. Can I download the Directv now app
  14. Deepak Suresh

    app availability

    Hope LG WebOS App development team will add it in the LG Content Store soon.
  15. Please consider adding a new menu for 2017 OLED's in HDR Game mode preset called "Static Tone Mapping" to picture options with a selection of 4000 nits (default) or 1000 nits. The reason so many complain about dim HDR on 2017 OLED's is down to an overly tone mapped image, game consoles HDR titles are mastered in 1000 nits range, LG's default tone mapping is set to 4000 nits and because the consoles do not send any HDR metadata, LG tone maps 1000 nits content to 4000 nits. We know this is the cause as advanced tools like HD Fury Vertex can trick the TV into thinking it's 1000 nits content and give correct looking HDR (very complex thing to setup far beyond normal users). This is entirely fixable by giving us a menu under game mode to force the TV to tone map to 1000 nits instead. If you read around online I'm almost certain this is what the special "Active HDR dynamic contrast = low" under Cinema mode does but this setting is not the same under any other preset. Maybe the "Active HDR" trick is not possible under game mode but forcing the TV to 1000 nits tone mapping is because the HD Fury Vertex can do it so the TV has the capability. The 2018 models do not have this issue as they have "Dynamic Tone Mapping" under picture options so please throw us 2017 owners a bone on this, thanks. (Yes game consoles could possible fix this by sending metadata but that's unlikely).
  16. Bu Malek

    Youtube app not scrolling.

    I just brought it and same problem here cannt scroll youtube left or right to review videos in the same channell Only up and down Any help
  17. It might be something related to HDMI CEC option. If there is such an option in cable box setup, try to turn it off.
  18. When I want to play Youtube videos, I need to set date and time every time. Even if "set automatically" option is kept selected it doesn't work. why? Is there a way out?
  19. GerryP

    HBO GO

    I found that if I bookmark hbo go and showtime now after signing in to them through the web I will always have a tab for them. Until they actually add the individual apps it seems to be a good alternative
  20. Kristian Rasmussen

    User Agreements

    Try to change to google dns in the network settings
  21. Kristian Rasmussen

    User agreement problem in my smart tv

    Change to google dns
  22. Hardware: LG OLED55B7P, and Spectrum Cable box. When I use the Spectrum remote to select "GUIDE"; so I can details about program before selecting to RECORD - whenever I push the Spectrum remote button that says "Guide", the TV at the same time changes my normal input from HDMI to "Live TV". This is a new problem; am not sure when it started. Will I have to do the LG download again?
  23. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I know... do it and it will work. The name is from starfish...to .epk at the end of the URL...
  24. murattkn3

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I did not do it ASUS_T00J cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
  25. Zibri

    TV WebOS Sucks

    hahahahha get a brain or don't buy technology
  26. Craig Goslan

    TV WebOS Sucks

    Well fuck you too
  27. Zibri

    TV WebOS Sucks

    If you have 2 neurons, yes. Pressing the center button on magic remote and then select record does not seem so difficult even to monkeys.
  28. Craig Goslan

    TV WebOS Sucks

    Recording anything with the LG 'Smart ' remote is way more difficult than recording with my Youview box. So un-intuitive that you feel that you have wasted your money. The TV is great, buy the control is rubbish and not very smart at all, as to the Web OS, well!!!
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