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  2. Hi everybody. I am using LG G8x. I use the gb instagram app for devices to download photos and videos on instagram social networks. When I have an updated version, I update it normally. But from the day I edited the settings in the device. I cannot update the new version of the application anymore. Who knows how to fix it. Can you help me Thank you.
  3. @Daniel Feiman First, what model TV is this, second, is the LAN cable using a "PLA" (Power Line Aaptor) device that uses your A/C house wiring to send your TCP/IP INternet traffic to /from your router, or is it directly connected? If the first one, is it (PLA at router or TV) plugged into its own socket, or into one of those "multi-socket" extension things?
  4. Hi Team, I have checked settings->General->About this TV->Software Version - 05.80.25 I want to know what is the latest version of webOS. Please reply this.
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  6. Thanks for the detailed article, I Would love to see more of these. Gbwhatsapp download is dope isnt it?
  7. Is there any possibility to run the Microsoft Teams application on LG LED TV 55UM7300 with webOS platform ?
  8. I have a friend who has the same problem but as soon as we find the solution. I will give feedback
  9. took this picture when the software version 03.00.83 but updated to 05
  10. As replied to me by Sony Liv India on 27th June 2020 Reg. LG WEB OS for Sony LIV App [Case# 15-06-20-6452891]\ Sat, 27 Jun, 16:17 (12 days ago) to me Dear User, Thank you for writing to SonyLIV. We truly regret the inconvenience caused. The app for LG WEB OS is being tested and we will be able to release it soon. Since we would want to give our users a flawless experience, we would need that little extra time. Appreciate your patience. Cheers, Team SonyLIV
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  12. It's not trigonometry either. My cat is blue.
  13. But it’s not binary!
  14. If you want a Sony LIV app then you need to start bugging Sony directly.
  15. My LG smart tv has stop letting me view All4 & Now tv. In both cases it connects to the relevant servers and I can choose a programme but after the ads play I get "content not available". I am logged in and on both services I can access content on my PC and phone. All other smart apps (Netflix, Amazon etc) work perfectly. I have logged in and out and my account is recognised. I have deleted both apps and re-installed but they still don't work. I have used a wired connection rather than wifi but this too does not solve the problem. I have a LG TV in the bedroom and this works fine! HELP!!!
  16. Yes, but you are not going to find it with LG. Or, Samsung, TLC, Philips etc. Elegance like perfection is unobtainable.
  17. As long as you realize it is a User-to-User forum, needs to be pointed out as a lot of members do not. Perhaps we need a rhetorical tag.
  18. Hi @cpatafio Are you watching YouTube via the app or webpage?
  19. Hi @Vishnu Reddy No unfortunately not, that is because this a User-to-User forum. If you want an app for a particular service you need to contact that content provider directly, in the case of Wynk try this page: https://wynk.in/corporate/contact.html
  20. webOS (dependent on version) does have the ability to have apps support webcams: https://webostv.developer.lge.com/api/webos-service-api/camera/ That said whether the kernel has the USB Video Class (UVC) drivers baked in to the kernel is a different matter. Then you have to find an app on webOS that supports a webcam. Facebook Portal anyone?
  21. Hello I saw that you had a similar problem that I have. Have you foundation a solution yet? Mike Hello I`ve been spending most of my morning trying to solve the following problem: My webreader on my LG tv doesn´t allow me into my e-mail account due to that I´ve disabled cookies. I have no idea how to enable them again. Is there anyone that have an idea of what to do? Mike
  22. It is unlikely that your TV will ever receive these apps as it is running webOS 2 which most content providers will not support.
  23. Hi @wayne sharratt Well if you can convince Google to compile a version of Chrome for webOS that would be great, of course it will probably just end up crashing the TV due to bad memory usage. Websites need to be written to recognize the browser using their site, one size does not fit all in the World Wide Web. When a site proudly tells you the browser is out of date it is because it has not correctly identified the webOS platform, it has done a check for WebKit which many browsers are based on, but has not correctly identified the actual browser. PLUS THERE IS NO NEED TO SHOUT, this being a User-to-User forum the other members can only do so much, and I doubt anyone is going to take the time to create a browser that really suits you.
  24. Please Reset to Initial Settings or Factory settings. When done please Set Location as these; Broadcast Country: Southern Africa LG Services Country: South Africa NB: Don't forget to let me know of your TV model and WebOS Version.
  25. @Hiren Chotaliya Is this intermittent? When on, how long does it stay on? Have you checked that the A/C mains plug at the back has not worked a bit loose (sometimes these IEC type "kettle" plugs back out slightly, and APPEAR to be fully in, but are not, so try pushing in a few more millimeters). They can also get burned/corroded internal contacts if left loose for some time, due to arcing). It is also worth checking the wall socket end too, especially if it is not a moulded plug type, or you use one of those "multi-plug" things, cheap brands can have poor contacts. Try using another A/C lead direct to the wall if you can, to eliminate that and any multi-socket first. Also check any HDMI plugs, as external devices can use CEC control lines to turn things on and off, and if loose, can confuse the electronics. If you have eliminated the above, it is possible that there may be a power-supply fault in the TV, or it is detecting an overcurrent from some faulty internal board or component. If under warrantee, see if you can get it repaired under that.
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