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  4. Get yourself a Raspberry Pi, version 3 would do but they have just released the 4 with up to 4GB of RAM. Then install DietPi which makes the set up Plex Media Server and other programmes really easy, add an external drive and you should be set to go. The format of the media should not be a big issue as the Plex Media Server will encode it in a format suitable for the device seeking to view it. I have watched 480p 720p videos of not particularly great quality streamed to my 2016 49" LG from a RPi 3 and the results have been more than adequate. 100Mbps networking should only be an issue with 4K if the media have been encoded at a really high bitrate/quality etc. If the cable is not quick enough then maybe it is time for faster WiFi.
  5. I solved from myself using the suggestion of another forum. Hotbird 6/7a/8 is now called hotbird 13, so the presetted setting was good. My connector was broken, i have redone it and now the preselection works great,
  6. My internet up/downloadspeed is 100Mbit but all the computer and the LG TV are connected by wired network (100 Mbit or 1Gbit (don't really know)). Normaly I stream 720p movies (because of the discspace) but it works without problems with a 1280p movie file. The filetypes you can stream can be found on the Plex website.
  7. how fast is your internet speed? Do you connect through wifi or cable? What kind of movie files do you stream?
  8. Hey LG mates, I have just bought OLED C8 and I am reading all the articles about streaming movies from PC to my smart TV, but I am not successfull at all. 1. I have 1Gbps internet, but all of my devices are connected to Wifi. Speed tests display 100 Mbps for download and upload maximum so I suppose that the router is not the best one. I have router right behind the TV, so maybe this will not be the best place after all. Should I use LAN cable for both devices or only one of them? I have bought CAT6, but as I read that the TV supports only 100Mbps through LAN cable, I am not sure if this will help for 4K movies. 2. I downloaded Plex to my MacBook Pro 2017 and my LG as well, but I was not able to stream anything. 1080p stopped in the beginning and was buffering for more than 15 minutes so I closed the application. What should be the proper set up of PLEX? 3. What preferences should the movie file have?
  9. @KM Lee Did you run some internet speed test to see the difference?
  10. Guys, is it possible to use subtitles within your solution?
  11. You should try some other DLNA server. For example, Plex, Serviio... I am using Plex server on my NAS, and XPlay application on TV. With this combination I can use subtitles in different languages if I name files as follows: Movie.mp4 Movie.en.srt Movie.de.srt
  12. There's no need for a sign-up to play videos. It's just an option.
  13. The videos on this site used to play just fine before the update
  14. Last week
  15. To be honest, I tried Plex server on my Windows PC (not very powerful but it plays any movie I tried and it's rendering on the chromecast via VLC player). I removed Plex and just shared the folder with the movies, also I enabled media streaming on order to watch movies on any device. I use this as it's the simplest method I've found yet, and It's working great for 4-5 months now. I will try with better quality and higher bitrate movie. I haven't checked how much speed it needs but have played lots of movies without stutter, even tried simultaneous play on 1 TV, 1 ChromeCast, 1 laptop and one phone... I wonder how I didn't fry the router.
  16. Hello. I have a problem and whatever I do, the TV can't show subtitles unless they are embedded in the movie. I have movies on my PC, connected to the same network as the TV. The movies folder is shared and also I enabled streaming, so I can watch the movies from any device. I go to Photos & Videos (or I choose the PC stream directly from inputs menu), I go to the movie folder. When embedded subtitles everything is OK, but if subtitles are on .sub or .srt file the TV seem to ignore them. I open the TV options go to Accessibility turned the subtitles on, restarted the TV and PC, start the movie again and NOTHING the subtitle option is grayed! I even tried different character encoding for example ANSI or UTF-8 and NOTHING again!!! The subtitles are on the same folder, with exactly the same name - example: Name of movie file "Tom Clancys The Division Agent Origins.mkv" Name of subtitle file "Tom Clancys The Division Agent Origins.srt" (even if I change it to .sub) Please LG dev team, FIX THIS crap, or I (and many others that want damned subtitles) will never buy your TVs again... PS: I have tried dozen of ways to watch the movie, but no success with subtitles. The only way to have subtitles is to embed them with program or to use HDMI cable and play the movie from the PC. THIS IS RIDICULOUS, IT'S 2019 FFS :@ I AM SO PISSED!!!
  17. I can´t pair my LG TV UJ6300 with my new Sony Headphone WH-1000XM3 The device does´nt appear on the LG TV bluetooth list.
  18. Dears all Please support me I want to unscramble scrambled channels and I don't know where to add the code!! Thank you
  19. Hello, i'm new on this forum and I buyed an LG 55C8 Tv. I'm italian and I have problems to set the DVB-S signal. The tv report a series of satellite and has setted as free satellite only TVSat that is the free provider of my zone including rai and mediaset. I have not a tvsat smartcam and my system is setted on free wifi on hotbird 6, 7a or 8. TVSat is on Hotbird 13, so the signal is not received. I tried to set the satellite custom settings from myself but I have no luck. I post the picture of my old tv with the correct settings, if anyone want to help me i will be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  20. Probably your sound output is not set right. Go to settings and change audio output to auto. It might be set to PCM or something else. if still doesn’t work after changing to auto, restart the tv and soundbar fro mains. still not, then press the “AD” button on the magic remote while HDMI 2/3 whichever is ARC is selected as source. You’ll get a menu with power button. Click that and the soundbar will power off. Then after 2 mins do the same to power on again. These should work definitely.
  21. Since Zee5 App is not available on the play store I am unable to play any media on LG Smart TV runs on WebOS. I have written to Zee5 in regards the same and they mentioned that they are aware of this issue and working on it and it would be available in a month. It has been 3 months past as of June 24, 2019 but the Zee5 App is not available.
  22. Karan, thank you for your response. I tried your solution, but for some reason, it didn't work for me. I removed the optical cable and connected the HDMI cable to the TV's HDMI (ARC) port and the soundbar's ARC port. Also, via the SOUND settings menu, I set the Sound Out to HDMI (ARC). According to the settings display, this also automatically turned on the LG Simpliink. Unfortunately, something is amiss because I could get no sound from the sound bar.The volume buttons on the magic remote now controlled the the soundbar volume indicator (which was not the case before the connection change), but no sound was produced. Any further suggestions?
  23. Dear LG WebOS team, Zee5, Hotstar, YuppTV and other apps are available on your platform but there is lack of TataSky to watch online in LG SmartTv. Requesting for an update and release of TataSky app to enjoy TataSky during monsoon when most of the STB receptions went off-air. Regards
  24. How to install HOTSTAR APP on LG Smart TV model No. 55LA6200.
  25. Is it possible to add additional memory to Smart TV to increase speed of loading channels when using IPTV?
  26. Please add a gray subtitle font in photos and videos app for oled tv
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