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  2. It should already be installed on the TV by default.
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  4. ESG investments have gained considerable traction and attention in recent years. In fact, ESG-related investments accounted for about one-quarter of all the money that flowed into U.S. stocks and bond mutual funds in 2020, a huge increase from ESG’s one percent share just 6 years earlier.1 Globally, sustainable investment now tops USD 30 trillion, up 68 percent since 2014 and tenfold since 2004.2 What’s apparent is that ESG is much more than a fad or a passing trend. ESG, which is short for environmental, social and governance, can be traced all the way back to 2006, when former UN Secretary
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  6. For the past few years I have been using a 2nd generation Apple TV to watch YouTube videos on my LG Smart TV, however as of today Apple have disabled their YouTube app for this particular device. I presumed I would be able to use a YouTube app on my TV to continue watching videos in this way, after all has anyone ever heard of a Smart TV without a YouTube app? Since most new TVs are smart TVs these days most people I know have one and they all have the capability to play YouTube videos, usually you don't even have to download the app as it is one of the ones that comes pre-installed.
  7. Hi i am owning a LG-LB670V. The TV started to power on only sometimes but is now not powering on at all. Once i plug the power cable the front red led is blinking 8 times (the pauses between the blink is not always the same). Is anything i can verify/do myself before bringing it to a repair shop ? Rm: i tried already with another power socket and by pluggin it directly to it. tx! Regards Syldev
  8. hello i have a LG55UN7440 .it's uae/africa version....it doesn't have alexa and a bunch of stuff...i wanted to know if i can replace the firmware with un7300 since they are basically the same thing ...without bricking my TV through the usb upgrade option thanks
  9. Hi ,thanks for the replies ,i have an account set up and the service works on all other devices except the television ,the app just fails to open ,i have downloaded the current version but it is still the same ,somebody mentioned elsewhere that it needs a flash player to work but im not sure about this. Many thanks ,regards Mark
  10. Established in 2011, The Busan Cinema Center is the official venue of the Busan International Film Festival, one of the most popular annual cinematic screening events in Asia. The distinctive building plays host to the festival’s celebrity-packed opening and closing ceremonies, but is also now home to another star – LG Electronics’ mesmerizing Transparent LED Film. Installed on one of the expansive windows of the Busan Cinema Center, LG’s state-of-the-art Transparent LED Film is immediately eye-catching, stopping visitors and pedestrians in their tracks as they gaze in awe at the vibrant, i
  11. Hello, I am a Disney Hotstar Premium Subscriber but cant access 4K contents as lot of them are available on Android app but same is not available on WebOs Kindly get this thing resolved ASAP.
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  13. Only had OLED 55CX 5LB since November but now lost all HD channels, so tried retune but still none found. Other TV in house has all HD channels working so not aerial issue. Any ideas please?
  14. I will, thanks in advance for the help!!
  15. I got LG Smart TV has few problem once does not turn on WIFI function. The TV turn off again again to free the app memory I tried every solution was available online but no success stressful and regret the purchased of LG TV Abdul Leeds UK
  16. @devon That 11 year old TV was last updated with firmware on 2011!! That is way behind current technology, so you are unlik;ey to get a fix. If it DID ever work, I can only suggest you try doing a "factory reset" (reset to default settings) and try it again.
  17. [Check out the previous episode of the 2021 Tech Trends series here.] The third and final installment of Beyond News’ 2021 Tech Trends series focuses on how LG products can make working and entertaining at home more enjoyable and fulfilling. Given the environment the world now finds itself in, devices and gadgets that offer better at-home productivity and entertainment solutions loomed large at this year’s CES. The biggest names in consumer tech offered up a multitude of innovations in their virtual showrooms geared toward making life better for the millions who now work and play primarily w
  18. @Alen Dols It would be best to direct your complaint direct to your country LG support. This site is ONLY a peer-to-peer enthusiasts site, to help with advise about LG TV WebOS issues and possible workarounds, and it has NO CONNECTION or input into LG to lobby for fixing stuff. If more users complain to LG directly then MAYBE something MIGHT happen at some point.
  19. The cursor is keep on appearing on center of screen. even after smart remote not getting used. tried also HOME + BACK buttons simultaneously as suggested in LG user guide to deregister smart remote.
  20. Just bought a 2500€ LG OLED and it doesn’t have a simple App as Eurosport Player... unbelievable... I have to share it from my phone... this is incredible.
  21. the search menu in youtube working as normal, but when i tried to play any one well not work . this error show up in the same time of lg content store error
  22. That YouTube error is YouTube-related: it usually depends on the network, but it goes away by reloading the video.
  23. I am really dissapointed by LG Webos and its DLNA player, SmartShare and the whole user experience. SmartShare is really the worst piece of Smart TV software that I have ever seen.
  24. I have same model number web os TV almost same problems,LG not giving the support of Disney hotstar, Airtel Xtreme app,sun Nxt app, in there LG web store,there is some apps LG web store but 75% no use applications
  25. To get the Amazon Music stream on other devices, you can use the Amazon Music Converter to help you. It is a tool that can help you convert and download Amazon Music with ease. It can save Amazon Music to MP3, etc. with lossless quality. And you can move the Amazon Music to other devices for using offline without any limit.
  26. Hi, does anybody have a suggestion on what adapter might work with a UN73? (i'd imagine this will be the same for UN7300/UM7300/UN7000 series/UM7000 series) thus far, i know the following adapter DOES NOT WORK: https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Network-Ethernet-Supports-Nintendo/dp/B00MYTSN18 Thanks [Edit/] I just ordered the recommended Cable Matters adapter, i'll report back results. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BBD7NFU didn't work 😕
  27. Had the exact same problem.i just found a solution from a youtube video(well at least for my tv).The trick is to change the DNS SERVER Go to; settings>network>Wi-Fi connection>Advanced settings > DNS SERVER>Edit then change it to After that everything Apps started updating and installing just fine.
  28. Yes , it was working yesterday and the day before but today I got the error again , also when I tried to use YouTube it’s working in the search menu but couldn’t play the video I got ( something went wrong)
  29. Yes , it was working yesterday and the day before but today I got the error again , also when I tried to use YouTube it’s working in the search menu but couldn’t play the video I got ( something went wrong)
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