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  3. I've just bought a 9800 pla and it is exactly the same with me. I'm thinking of sending the TV back as I think it will be too annoying to use if I'm honest.
  4. An OS update is not a box with Xmas presents. It would be more useful to specify which improvements or features you were expecting...
  5. Hello, Is there a way to add stream apps to WebOS such as Stremio, Jetbox, etc? Thanks
  6. Hello, I have an LG C8, my first LG TV, and I'm sad to find out that after 1 year I haven't had a OS upgrade. You know when or if this will happen in the near future, for example update to version 4.5? Thanks
  7. If you want to so many apps you should get the airtel xstream box or fire tv stick. Even then there is no tv in India that can show live tv channels over the internet for free legally. I am sure if you can spend a lakh rupees on the tv you sure can buy a firestick or airtel xstream box. You will have a host of apps on them. Apps on mobile are not available as same on tv . Be it LG / Samsung or Sony. Even the airtel xstream and jio set top boxes don’t have the same airtel xstream app and jio tv app as in the mobile respectively. Both don’t provide live tv channels.
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  9. Well seeing as I dont get 4K or 5.1 let's hope Disney fixes both before I cancel and seek the show elsewhere.
  10. I just want DD 5.1 so I can have surround and DolbyVision both at once. At least I'm only really watching the Mandolorian which doesn't benefit from HDR/DV like Disney claims. Even with HDR from my Xbox, you'd never guess it. Love the show but it isn't using colors in the HDR range like other things obviously are. Hopefully season 2 will use proper DV and the app will support surround sound by then.
  11. I tried the new cube with my 86UH9500 and got no 4K so for me I'd be no better off than I am with the native webOS app.
  12. I'll just add that it has been announced that Disney+ is available on Amazon Fire devices. They don't like each other, but it would hurt both sales of fire devices and adoption of the service enough to where they both come out better this way.
  13. My C7 WebOS does Disney+ with DD Plus and HDR while my Shield Pro 2019 does it with Atmos and Vision. Pretty sad a $2K plus TV gets beat by a $200 box.
  14. Hi there what is the problem that you have with your fire tv and disney+, im using the service since november 12 so far so good on amazon fire tv stick except for the problems from the service itself.
  15. If anyone is still experiencing issues with the webOS Disney+ app (and I suspect many if not all of us still are) such as the lack of 4K support, 5.1 audio support, or as in my case with the 86UH9500, both, please see LG's response to my inquiry into these issues: We appreciate you for patiently coordinating with us regarding the current application status of your LG 86UH9500 TV, Xxxxxxx. It is our goal to ensure that you are able to utilize your LG product at its fullest potential so let us assist you with your inquiry today. In response to this, according to the specifications of the unit, the LG 86UH9500 TV has been designed with a 4K UHD and Surround Mode feature. However, if the Disney+ app is the only application that does not output surround sound, please be advised that both the content being played on the TV and the applications should also support this feature as well. This case on the capability and support made by the developers of the Disney+ Application needs to be raised directly to them so that they can make the necessary updates on the programming and utilize our TV’s 4K UHD and Surround Sound features that are already available in our OLED Television. You can reach Disney+ Support Line at 1-888-905-7888 for additional support and assistance. So, as expected, LG is pointing the finger at Disney to resolve these issues. This makes sense as my inquires into the availability of the Disney+ app from LG before the launch directed me to reach out to Disney+ as they, not LG, are responsible for it. So if any of you out there have Bob Iger on speed dial, can you give him a ring? Thanks! (PS yes, LG incorrectly identified the UH9500 as an OLED model when its an LCD, but I'll let it slide)
  16. Just updated my C7 to Software_File(Version_05.80.50 . Tried to update Disney+ but it just sits there. Will not update. Any ideas. Don't if 05.80.50, Disney, or content store.
  17. I bought a camera from US working as NTSC standard ... how can i change LG settings to make it running .. and i guess my LG TV is operating as PAL here in Egypt .. please help me
  18. I have a LG TV with magic remote and a set top box for the tv stations. What I did was two things: I configured the LG TV that I had a set top box. For this you had to vind the manufacturer of the set top box (which was difficult to find). No I can use the remote to control the set top box a bit. I can change channels with the scroll wheel and some other functions. It does its best but is not great. But I could also use the remote from the set top box to change the volume of the TV and turn on/off the TV. This solution is much better for me. Just like configuring the LG TV for an other device, maybe it is possible for the Logitech system to add an other remote.
  19. hi you are doing good work but if u need more so you can check these site. http://kingcameranfoundation.ning.com/profiles/blogs/business-startup-checklist-are-you-ready
  20. I can't display shahid plus movies as a message appear that the browser not support
  21. PeterV -you say "But maybe it is possible to configure the Logitech system to work with the LG Remote". Could you please elaborate!
  22. A new update has been released u need to check the option Allow auto updates on it cannot be found manually ... Thanx LG support team for ur efforts ....
  23. Android and iOS may currently dominate the smartphone operating system space, but a one-time rival is still alive and kicking. It’s just not designed to run on phones anymore. Last year LG released webOS Open Source Edition in an effort to bring the software to new platforms. And a series of recent updates have added support for new hardware and laid the groundwork for webOS OSE to be used in automotive systems as well as other types of products, WebOS began its life as a smartphone operating system developed by Palm. When HP acquired that company, tablet support was added. After the HP Touchpad tablet was a flop, HP abandoned its smartphone and tablet strategy (for a time) and sold webOS to LG, which has been using it as the foundation for its smart TV software ever since (as well as other smart devices including projectors and refrigerator). The operating system uses a Linux kernel and it’s known for introducing some key design elements that are widely used by mobile operating systems today including a card-based user interface. As for webOS Open Source Edition, it’s been under active development for the past year and a half or so, but it received a major update last month with the release of webOS OSE version 2.0. Among other things, version 2.0 added: A new touch-friendly reference user interface with a card-view Home Launcher Support for the Raspberry Pi 4 (which is now the default reference hardware) Dual-display support Firmware-Over-the-Air (FOTA) support Support for tethering (sharing an internet connection with other devices) Additional security enhancements and software updates The FOTA support is particularly interesting, since the release notes point out that it’s “becoming a requirement in the automotive context.” So the addition of support for delivering firmware updates in this way could help pave the way for webOS OSE to be used to power in-vehicle computer systems. This week, version 2.1 was released, with various other bug fixes and improvements. It’s a less exciting update, but coming a month after version 2.0, it does suggest that development is continuing at a decent pace. Sadly it does not appear that there are any official efforts to bring webOS back to smartphones or tablets… but there is another open-source project aiming to do that. LuneOS is a community driven project that’s been keeping the webOS mobile dream alive since 2014. It’s still very much a work in progress, but we’ve seen versions of the software ported to run on modern(ish) devices like the PinePhone. Get your Rasberry Pi 4 on Amazon! Source: https://liliputing.com/2019/11/webos-open-source-edition-adds-support-for-raspberry-pi-4-dual-displays-and-more.html
  24. I'm running into the same issue. Just got a TV and was able to setup Alexa, but every time i go to the Alexa app or try to turn the TV on or off with Alexa it tells me the TV is offline. How do you fix this?
  25. Use any bluetooth transmitter to connect via your headphones socket or your Audio Out and Optical Digital Out. Very easy although 30 minutes spent on the phone to the support department where they could provide no information regarding this at all. Here's a great video guide
  26. Mine is also very slow. I have a 5 year old smart TV. It also has missing programme information regularly in the last year and the recording doesn't always show the title. Instead the title is No Programme Infomation.
  27. Other than wat was installed initially by LG from the factory I have always had to install new apps on my 86UH9500. Not that there has been anything new, mainstream, other than Disney+ and AMC.
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