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    WiFi channel overlap can indeed cause issues, a neighbouring property's network set up could be using the same channel as your router/access points. Even if your router/access point claims to have automatic channel selection to prevent this happening I would not, in my experience, trust it. Get a smart phone app such as this one to see what may be causing problems: Yes, if you can run a cable to test it is the best way to see if the issue is or isn't WiFi related.
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  4. HBO GO

    HBO GO was removed about 2015 and never came back. Since LG now has the Showtime app, maybe HBO GO will be next. Or maybe not. I didn't wait -- got a Roku 4K box. Very annoying since my other TV (Sony Android) has every application under the sun.
  5. RT @OVOEnergy: The UK has set records by running without coal power for the past 72 hours and counting. This is a great step towards a #car…

  6. RT @VemPraRua_br: Pra que serve o STF mesmo?

  7. LG SJ800V Update 04.70.85 (Spa) lost HDMI ARC

    Hello! I had same problem that you My tv lg sj800v 49" and i am from Spain I change the HDMI cable for a new but i think thant the first cable It is ok. HDMI arc sound is working at the moment. I
  8. After my LGOLED55C7 updated to 04.70.85 I have l;ost all sound through ARC. I have an Arcam AVR550 receiver which works for everything else and used to work perfectly (even with the latest Arcam update that provided Dolby Digital +). Unfortunately after the TV updated to 04.70.85 I have lost all sound over ARC. The reciever switches to RC as normal when, for example, Netflix is started, It shows Dolby Digital + is being transmitted, but there is NO SOUND. Any clues? I have factory reset both the TV and the receiver :-(
  9. LG SJ800V Update 04.70.85 (Spa) lost HDMI ARC

    After my TV update to 04.70.85 (UK) I lost HDMI ARC. How did you solve your problem?

    Try to change WiFi channel. The best option is to temporarily run a LAN cable to your TV, so you can check whether the problem is related to the WiFi connection or your ISP.

    How do I fix this issue or locate problem?
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  13. “คสช.ทำตัวเป็นไส้ศึกทำลายรัฐวิสาหกิจของชาติ ใช่หรือไม่” มติของรัฐบาลคสช.ที่จะแยกทรัพย์สินออกจาก บริษัทกสท.(CAT) แล…

  14. Kodi app

    At the Kodi's pop up menu, there is a "play using ..." option. Your TV should be on the list after you select that option. Some addons may not be able to stream the content, but your tv will be on the list anyway. If not, there is something wrong with your router.
  15. @utciad1980 @VirginMoney @ckempo I don’t want to pre-empt anything but... #stillnonews?

  16. @curdybirdy You can send it to my email here: [email protected] - Thanks a lot!

  17. Subtitle format support

    The problem is that if another subtitle in SRT format is after a PGS one, it does not work neither. In MKV files displaying or not subtitles depends on the order of the tracks. It doesn't make any sense. LG viewer should fix this issue
  18. RT s141s1 "﴿قُلْ هُوَ اللَّهُ أَحَدٌ۝اللَّهُ الصَّمَدُ۝لَمْ يَلِدْ وَلَمْ يُولَدْ۝ولَمْ يَكُنْ لَهُ كُفُوًا أَحَدٌ ۝﴾"

  19. MultiView App

    Apparently not all models have multiview, others have posted on this elsewhere on the forum.

    Your UJ6300 has 802.11ac Wi-Fi built in which should be fast enough to stream pretty much anything thrown at it. The problem may be in other parts of your network, the fault may be with the wireless point the TV connects to.
  21. MultiView App

    I don’t seem to have the multiview app on my LG smart TV. I have checked and the software is up to date. Any ideas why I am not seeing it?
  22. We have been freezing and video buffering and pixelation. ....we have fast enough internet we have been told but we need to fix speed of wifi through the tv...any help please.....our TV is a LG WEBos UJ6300 55inch
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  24. Huawei P20 Pro international giveaway @androidauth #giveaway

  25. Kodi app

    Al least here my WebOS TV isn't shown as option to stream!
  26. I prefer to watch my video content from Plex Server + XPLAY (LG doesn't support 4k over DLNA, another stupid limitation) instead of Blu-ray player. I don't have a powerful computer to do transcoding, so when I buy a 4k blu-ray I simply remux it to mkv and add it to the Plex library - my files are very big, 50-60 GB per movie. Some of them have bitrate peaks which exceed 100mbps. My Plex box (linux) is capable of streaming higher bitrates, the TV itself is able to process these bitrates but is limited by the speed of the network adapter. The same movie would play without stuttering from USB3.0 (or even 2.0) external disk, but would stutter occasionally (>100mbps) when streamed from Plex library (using the same USB3.0 disk). It would be very nice to have at least the option to install a gigabit dongle on the TV. I have already tried with Trendnet TU3-ETG but the TV won't recognize it. Maybe with a future firmware update it will be possible, who knows...
  27. Sorry for the late response but I recently bought an LG TV and am seeing the same issue with the BBC iPlayer app. Often it will pause with a black screen and the buffering animation; sometimes it will recover but other times it gives up with a "Something went wrong playing this programme" message and error code 02100. Once it has given the error message the only way I can get it to work again is to completely exit the iPlayer and restart it. I suspect a bug in the app.
  28. LG WebOS

    Thanks for the prompt clarification.
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