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  2. Hi John, The reason you cannot install apps from the Play Store is that your television runs on LG iteration of webOS which is nothing to do with Android.
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  4. Few days ago I received my new 55EG920V 4k OLED TV 2015 model with passive 3D and after a brief testing it turned out that 4k over DLNA isn't supported in WebOS2.0 - LG customer support already confirmed that. Of course, this limitation isn’t explicitly stated anywhere, neither in the the owner’s manual nor on the LG official website. The same MKV HEVC file would play well enough through USB, but not DLNA. So for the unlucky WebOS2.0 4k TV owners, the only way of playing 4k content from the home network is through USB. This is mind blowing, in the high speed internet connections and gigabyte ethernet era, LG force its own customers to move USB sticks between computer and TV. Leaving out important information through omission means misleading commercial practices: http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/unfair-treatment/unfair-commercial-practices/index_en.htm. Are LG or WebOS developers willing to fix this issue through a future firmware update? PS. the passive 3D is spectacular, this is the main reason I bought this somehow outdated 4k TV PS2. could someone with a WebOS3.0 or 3.5 TV confirm that 4k over DLNA is supported with this newer OS versions?
  5. How do i install android apps from google playstore on this tv. I keep getting file not supported message. thanks John
  6. Still getting the oft reported out of memory error with latest 2017 smart tv's running very latest WebOS and App updates. So annoying LG cannot fix this problem which as been ongoing since at least 2015.ti little more than trite suggestions to re-start the TV or remove unused Apps etc. Problem seems to be either insufficient memory installed to run WebOS apps properly or a major problem with WebOS ability to properly manage what memory there is. Combined with pitifull lack of USB ports quickly occupied with hard drive if recording and time machine functionality is required the 'smart' features seem poor compared to other manufacturers now.
  7. Seems to be WebOS is generally flaky in LG TV's. Most common error with Apps is the 'Restarting app to free up memory ...' error that has been seen for years on LG TV's - basically LG don't install sufficient memory to run WebOS apps properly.
  8. Try to manufacture 'smart tv's' with sufficient memory to actually run the WebOS apps you claim they can run without those apps crashing with 'out of memory....' errors. This has plagued LG TV's for years and LG still do nothing about it. Memory modules are really low cost items and 32Gb would be a minimum. This might also negate the necessity of having to use separate USB Hard Disk for basic recording and time machine functionality to work something other smart TV manufacturers managed to achieve years ago.
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  10. RT @c_r_g: [email protected] < Re: you not helping to pay the £10,000 excess on the repair of our building that you renoveated. - Thanks for…

  11. Is it possible to copy files (photos etc.) from USB-Stick to HDD, both connected to the TV (webOS 3.5)?
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  13. Applied the 05.05.45 update on my 42 LB731-VE and not really noticed any dramatic changes. Just updated a few apps I have thats all and the changed Youtube icon.
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  16. How to lad personal screen saver on lg c7
  17. @SatoshiPay any plans to support payments in Byteball Bytes?

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  19. Three weeks now I can't view Netflix (UK). I have asked my broadband supplier Virgin to reset DNS(they say they have done it but how does one check that), I've reinstalled the app a few times now, reset the hub, factory reset the TV, which is directly connected to the hub. No change after all that. Everything else works well. What can I do now?
  20. I have very similar problem but while my YouTube app is working it is my Netflix app that has stopped working.
  21. Okay, I have searching on the net for a week, and found some posts about this problem (not specifically with LG TVs). All solutions said, that set digital output mode to PCM. It works for me as well, but in that case no Dolby Digital 5.1 . Also, an LG tech called me, he wants to replace the main board of the TV, but I don't think that will help (he isn't sure as well). If that is a hardware issue, than I should get this problem via PCM setting as well (moreover the sound is digital, so the two options are sound or no sound, digital sound can't have interference, popping noise or things like that). So assume this is a transcoding issue, and it has to be the software. Anyone experiencing a thing like this?
  22. Can you be more specific ? 1) Have you called LG Customer Service and described your problem to them? What did they say to do? Have you done it? The reason I ask is that this sounds like a big problem - you need to open a ticket just in case its a problem that can't be fixed without replacing parts - you want to register your TV with them and make sure you call in the problem before the end of the warranty period. - Also, if this a chronic problem with your specific model - they will provide an answer a lot faster than the forum unless someone here has had the same problem with the same model - most of what is diagnosed here is for Problems that LG hasn't helped with usually problems that are intermittent or have multiple possible causes That said - if you have contacted LG tell us what they said and what they told you to do, also need more information, I think there are 2 43" models which one do you have? What is current firmware level? Are you connected to the internet, if so, have you been updating your firmware (is TV set to accept automatic updates or do u have it set to manual? What year is your model - 2017, 2016? 2) When did problem start - did anything else happen around the same time - like adding a new device to the TV, new cable box, surround sound system, a new Blu-Ray or DVD player? 3) What is currently connected to the TV inputs - how are they connected - HDMI Cable only? Are you using the Optical connections Lets start with these questions - please contact LG customer Service first and let us know what they said or if u already did tell us what happened. Chris
  23. The browser included with LG webOS is unique to the OS and as such is not compatible with Chrome, Firefox etc.
  24. Totalmente irrelevante absolver/extinguir, mas claro que por baixo dos panos querem é abrir pretexto para fazer o... https://t.co/bhN5vzPO2a

  25. As per this article: https://www.theverge.com/2016/3/8/11178976/microsoft-skype-for-tv-support
  26. Using ChrisG's method I was able to connect as well (thanks Chris). My router broadcasts on 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. With some experimenting I found that the LG TV can connected to the router on 2.4 or 5 or even Ethernet cable, but the PC only works when it is connected to wifi on the 2.4Ghz band. When the computer is connected, on the LG TV go to Settings > Advanced > Network > Wi-Fi Connection and you should see your computer listed with DIRECT-Yourcomputername. So it appears that the PC connects directly to the TV, but only on the 2.4Ghz band. So the complete solution is: Connect your PC to your wireless network using the 2.4Ghz band. Start Screen Share on the LG TV. Under Connection Options, I found normal mode worked better than fast mode. In Windows 10, press Windows + P to open the projection display settings, then select Connect to a wireless display. Hopefully it connects. Good luck! I hope this helps, disappointing that LG support wasn't able to figure this out for people.
  27. Dears, is it possible to fix colors on these models ? Light blue and yellow are shown as set of alternating lines, for example , orange is one line light yellow line and other is dark orange. light blue is : Lines are visible from distance up to 1,5 meter and very annoying. Models of 7th and 6th series have clear colors showing also guys from rating also pointed this issue , and they put image quality to 9,5 from 10 , less than to models of last year or model from Samsung http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/sj9500 Great TV to use as a PC monitor. The SJ9500 supports all the essential resolutions, including Chroma 4:4:4, but it's also one of the rare TVs to also support a [email protected] input. Combined with a very low input lag and low motion blur, it makes for a very suitable monitor. Some users, however, might find horizontally alternating stripes of the screen to be a little distracting.
  28. After last week's Youtube app update on my LG 55UF6807 I am unable to use the app anymore. The update was applied on 18.11.2017 (Saturday). I have tried reinstalling the app. Since no downgrade functionality is possible then I would like to ask - what can I do to get the app back to a working condition? Other apps work - I can stream Netflix and use the browser etc. Added a screenshot of the view greeting me when opening the app. Casting does not work, the visible page is not usable in any way either.
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