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  2. I was looking for a LG Oled C7 😂 , TV but without DS Video I prefer to buy the new SONY A1 with Androïd TV 😃
  3. https://t.co/JGf0MjrV7G

  4. (ذلك ومن عاقب بمثل ما عوقب به ثم بغي عليه لينصرنه الله إن الله لعفو غفور) [الحج:60] https://t.co/ADNvOXecpv

  5. Yesterday
  6. Superb little Bowie nod in today's American Gods. It was so on the nose that it went full circle back off the nose. And Gillian was perfect.

  7. Nuevos seguidores: 1, unfollowers: 0 (22:16) #TuitUtil https://t.co/ZN3N5IgkMl

  8. RT @OzzyManReviews: Me commentary on a drunken swimming race. #sport #swimming #ozzymanreviews source vid from a TV show in Estonia. https:…

  9. I am now convinced that the problem relates to the internet connection provided to the TV whether it is wired or wireless, even if the media being watched is not using the internet or LAN. After several months without sound problems, we developed an intermittent internet connection which caused the speed to drop. At the same time our audio drop-out issue re-surfaced. The internet problem is a cable fault which has taken many weeks and lots of visits to find, so I finally gave up trying to use the optical sound link and took a cable from the headphone socket direct to the amplifier RCA input and now there are no more sound issues. So if anyone who is in guarantee can be bothered trying get some action on this from LG, they may wish to point them at this post. I am now resigned to using my installation as it is, but feel very disappointed that such a well respected company could allow a product onto the market with such an annoying fault.
  10. #dravidanadu its not really about a new country. It's a way of protesting, sending a message to barbaric politicians

  11. You can simply uncheck the option (Quick start+) and the problem should be solved. 😉😉
  12. You can simply uncheck the option (Quick start+) and the problem should be solved. 😉😉
  13. Last week
  14. @zelazna_logika Na marginesie: do liczebników porządkowych pisanych cyframi nie dodajemy końcówek fleksyjnych. Jak na załączonym obrazku.

  15. How do I sync Directv remote with my new OLED B6 tv?
  16. Any advice on how to correctly calibrate my new OLED B6?
  17. @CarlowWeather about time, it has been hanging just south of you, by the looks if the radar pics.

  18. RT @tracz_salomea: Ciemnota kwitnie😱 https://t.co/RJfJi2AH1J

  19. RelaxChile - Ficha Escort https://t.co/UP4aE5kf8d

  20. أذكر الله : لا إله إلا الله https://t.co/nWBiNHiIVh

  21. She was crying cause she didn't want to people to say "yay" guess she's a rev fan after all. @koogunmo @sfstein

  22. My biggest mistake it's buying this stupid TV specially this webos crap if someone ask me for a recommendation I'll tell him to buy any regular tv then add to it these devices like Chromecast or tv box use your tv with Android system instead of web shit! Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk
  23. i'm so disappointed too
  24. #chromecast @GooglePlus https://t.co/Nn8g9cfmrm

  25. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/WWxbqt2QK9 Parade of Eric's Characters | Sample Room #9

  26. #skymotori Vettel 1:12.021

  27. The resolution display in the Netflix app when you press the info button on the remote is back!
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