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  3. Hi, How do I install HBO GO on a 65UH615a? I looked under premium content and Apps & Games and cannot find it. Although it’s an older model, I keep the software up to date. Thanks in advance, Bonnie
  4. I could not been change language in hotstar app . I have to try by UP Button in magic remote but still I have not go to setting option in hotstar app. Please give me this answer lg webOS tv model no. 43UJ632T-TA
  5. Trying to change language on hotstar app , but i dont find the settings button appear kn the screen while the same is visible when it is run through Android app . I am using uhd with lg webos it seems some issues wiht you OS. Pls let me know the way to fix it
  6. Even I am facing the same issue. We can choose the languages while watching on TV, but the web OS doesn't give language selection options
  7. Aside from the lack of airplay2 and homekit integration.... its top notch. Replaces my old projector and tv.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Have you found any solution to that? I have the exact same problem
  10. I am looking for web OS 3.5 FOR my LG 32LH604T LED. PLEASE UPGRADE THE OS so that we can also get hotstar app and SONY Liv app on our midrange Led Lg tv
  11. I have 49UB850T LG Tv 2014 model. Hotstar app is not available in lg store. Please guide. It is ultra hd and 3d tv. Since i have invested such amount in tv i should receive an updates and new apps.
  12. Hi All, Can anyone tell me, how to change audio language change in Hotstar app while watching movies in LG UHD TV. Model No. LG-43-Inch-108-Cm-Ultra-HD-LED-Smart-TV-43UJ632T LG WebOS : 05.80.55 I already raised with Hotstar but they are telling the issue if from your operating system. Thanks, Abhishek
  13. I have an LG WEBOS LH 600T for about 2 yrs now. In the content store despite updating the tv it wouldn't display the Hotstar app. my tv isn't that old a model that I'm not getting the app. please work towards repairing this so I can't watch it on my tv
  14. Nope. I did not find any. Even I am looking for same
  15. Is there any playback language settings option available on hotstar LG webOS app?
  16. I am.not able to see hotstar on webos lg tv
  17. How about Backseat Gamer? https://us.lgappstv.com/appspc/store/product/retrieveProductInfo.lge?appId=951114
  18. Search for 'Gamestreams' as an alternative. It may have been discontinued.
  19. LG smart not working fine with shahid VIP although other devices at home like Samsung doing fine Original Content From: https://www.lgwebos.com/?forumId=34&do=add
  20. N when I bought 2 tvs of lg they said new apps r immediately added.. but still so many apps r missing
  21. I want hotstar app in my lg 47lb6500 Tv how to adding that app
  22. whats the name that your B9 or C9 requested? my W7 example: HE_DTV_W17H_AFADATAA and whats all the info inside it? I need to you post this too
  23. try change the region to Thailand. if happen then. perhaps conflict with the store location. only if u need subtitle in cambodian language then change at your computer or browser perhaps.
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