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  3. Unseen, unheralded and often underappreciated, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions are the unsung heroes of modern life that provide physical comfort and fresh air in all kinds of environments. Working unobtrusively in the background, HVAC is what keeps our homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and every indoor setting imaginable blissfully cool in the summer and delightfully warm in the winter while delivering fresh and healthy air all year around. For more than half a century, LG Electronics has been a leading innovator in the commercial HVAC solution s
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  5. Hello everyone. Does anyone here have the firmware 06.00.15 for LG 49UJ630V-ZA which is the model that I have? Would appreciate if someone have this firmware for that specific model, so that I can download and update to it.
  6. Thank you. I figured it out (lol)and playing it now. Thanks! Would this affect any other app, I mean, the change of settings
  7. First try connecting with your mobile hotspot and see if you're able to view your respective hotstar content. If the Mobile hotspot worked, then definitely you'd have to change your DNS settings, for which you'd have to follow below steps: TV settings > Connection > Wi-Fi Connection > Advanced Wi-Fi Settings > Edit > DNS server =
  8. This is what I get when I click on connection settings. No option to enable to disable anything. Please help
  9. I don't get anything under connection settings except for the wifi connection details, which has none of the aforementioned things.
  10. I have the same problem. Their 1800 number doesn't work as the contact centre is closed due to covid. Chat is managed by a bottle and no resolution so far. We're you able to get this issue fixed? I think we need to flood them in Twitter with complaints
  11. I have the same problem. Their 1800 number doesn't work as the contact centre is closed due to covid. Chat is managed by a bottle and no resolution so far. We're you able to get this issue fixed? I think we need to flood them in Twitter with complaints
  12. Last month, residents in New South Wales (NSW), Australia experienced one of the biggest flood disasters to hit the state in more than 50 years when persistent storms saw thousands of residents evacuate more than 18 communities. Days and nights of what seemed like never-ending rain resulted in widespread property damage and a growing number of residents stranded without their homes and personal belongings. LG Electronics’ Australian office is truly passionate about helping its community in a time of need and that is why they teamed up with the country’s biggest radio show KIIS 1065’s Kyle &
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  14. Well it's not a problem just a fact - if you want App Store apps then you buy an Android OS TV Tho only glimmer of hope otherwise is that WEBOS is now being adopted by other mainstream TV Manufacturers which should drive the development of a wider selection of popular apps In the meantime buy a cheap android streaming stick Jim
  15. well, I would have appreciated some thoughts or inputs as to what can be done to solve this issue rather than just a personal comment..!!!
  16. How can I play videos with sinhala subtitle? Model - LM630BPTB
  17. I have a New LG 32LM6300PLA, Can you record at the same time as watching another channel, also does it pause and rewind TV?
  18. Yes i agree with you 100%. LG are even planning to put their OS into Smart driverless cars....... Can you imagine that....... Every 30 minutes "This car needs to stop to refresh the memory" .
  19. My experience with LG WebOS in a nutshell... "It SUCKS" and it sucks big time. I am a techie myself with lot of modding experience but when it comes to LG WebOS, I have given up as it is a black box and we are at the mercy of LG to push updates or to get any apps. So, I have forgotten that these are SMART TVs and installed FireTV Stick/Cube with each one of them... and I have 3 of them... lol. At least now my daily struggle with apps is over.
  20. well, I appreciate your response, the idea is to use the remote control for the purpose it is provided so that anyone in the house can use it. if you try the app, you will notice the lag and repeated disconnection... it is not something that you would expect from a remote control. So, after all there is NO More Magic with the Magic remote control...!!! Lol.
  21. Mr. Ravichandran, I share your pain and grief as I was a loyal LG customer for good 6 years. I have 3x 65" UHD LED TVs from LG as I always felt them to be very reliable and has good support until I moved to India. No support, no apps and it was like a dumb TV now. So, What I did was to buy Amazon FireTV Stick 4K for all my TVs and one Amazon Fire Cube 4K. It allowed me to download all sort of apps, has great features and very convenient to use. I totally ignored that my LG TVs are actually smart as they lack apps and upgrades usually available on other brands. With the above experience,
  22. Well, i am a Raspberry 4 (8Mb) user too. Extra money for an EXTERNAL device. LG should call back in service all sold "smart's".
  23. I watch my TV through an Android TV box. Its the only way too actually get it to work and not close down. As far as i am concerned the "Smart TV" i paid a lot of money for is not fit for purpose and i do not regard it as a "Smart TV" at all. It just a big monitor and nothing else.
  24. Since the initiation of the environmental movement in the 1960s, the fragility of our world has become a global topic, requiring united social action and even multinational companies to reconsider their strategies. That focus has also shifted in a more sustainable direction that puts nature conservation first, a change that can be seen in the attitude of today’s rapidly growing eco-conscious consumers. In matters relating to conscious spending, there isn’t a more active group than Gen Z, with 89 percent of Gen Z-ers saying they prefer buying from brands that actively support social and enviro
  25. Not for Android App store apps as asked about here though
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