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  3. If you want to stream Amazon Music on your smart TV, I'd like to suggest you a better way. You can just download music from amazon prime to a USB drive, and connect the drive to your LG Smart TV, then stream the downloaded amazon songs vie the Media Player. Besides, you can also transfer them to other devices for offline listening.
  4. Summer Day is coming!! Currently DRmare Software is holding a party to give free gift to all users. Just join and get a free and cool summer gift there. By the way, you can get larger discount in DRmare to buy the tool you want. For more details, please visit: https://www.drmare.com/special/summer-sales/
  5. I am a premium subscriber of Spotify, but streaming music services like Spotify and Amazon Music are troublesome because they are all protected by DRM. Therefore, we must use third-party software to remove DRM and download songs. I have used this Spotify Music Converter to successfully download songs to my computer. If you want to move Spotify Music to other devices or other apps, you can use the converter to download the songs to your computer first, and then move them manually To the app or device you need.
  6. Justine Buisson, Franck Riboud, Ko Jin-young, Park Sung-hyun and Heaven Lee Even while the home-bound lifestyle has been an adjustment for everyone, it has proved particularly challenging for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families. Having to study and keep up with the required schoolwork without the help of professional educators and their usual classroom environments cannot by easy for any students. Providing round-the-clock care and support while working remotely has especially placed the parents of kids with ASD under considerable stress. Since 2008, French organ
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  8. TV model OLED65B6P purchased in mid-2017. TV software version: 05.60.06 Web OS: 3.4.0-5706 (dreadlocks-digya) This is supposed to be a smart TV, it’s only 4 years old and already it can’t take advantage of recent/new features in applications such as Hulu Live TV and cloud DVR. As a result we can either settle for the older basic Hulu app which doesn’t support Hulu live TV or Hulu cloud DVR, features added by Hulu a year ago when the TV was only 3 years old. The work around is viewing through a separate appliance attached to the TV (like Roku or Fire TV Stick) or broadcasting t
  9. Since the start of this month using youtube is just hectic after one music its followed by an add, try watching something its like watching a series of ads, kindly add something on the web OS to manage this or if anyone has a solution kindly share
  10. Same question as you. I hope to stream Amazon Music too!
  11. In the past 16 months, the face mask has become a necessity – as well as an accessory – worn by billions of people across the globe. While effective, it’s no secret that face masks worn for extended periods of time can get uncomfortable. They fog up eyeglasses, make your jaw sweat more and can restrict airflow when breathing hard, such as during exercise. LG engineers experienced in air purification technologies looked into the challenge of staying safe while minimizing the inconveniences of face masks and have come up with a new personal air solution that is not only more effective than tradi
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  13. I just went into settings and turned pop up blocker on and it works fine now. I think it defaults after an updated. Hope this helps
  14. UPDATE: So after reading some of the recommendations about the issue of "Network Disconnected" on LG TV's, and FREEZING, sound stopping on LG TV's, I decided to follow some of them. And, thusfare, I have solved my problem. What I did: I laid the TV on my bed, face down. I removed all the visible screws on the back panel and removed it. I found that there are some "ribbon cables" (They're called that because they resemble ribbon material) that have tight bends, and are taped together going from the system board down to the lower center of the TV where the power button and the WIFI car
  15. As sports leagues around the world return to playing in front of spectators, global companies and brands are eager to be a part of the action. Well targeted sports marketing is a win for both sides; sports teams can give its fans a sense of belonging in their everyday life with products featuring the team’s logo, and brands can promote the product’s benefits to the fans.To give avid football fans even more to get excited about, LG is introducing a special edition of its true wireless stereo LG TONE Free FN6 in partnership with Germany’s beloved Eintracht Frankfurt football club of the Bundesli
  16. Commitment Expands Upon Promise of Zero Carbon by 2030 SEOUL, July 21, 2021 — LG Electronics (LG) today made public its commitment to transition completely to renewable energy by 2050 as a key component of its sustainability strategy. The announcement in the just released LG Electronics Sustainability Report comes on top of its earlier promise to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 through the Zero Carbon 2030 initiative in which LG pledged to reduce carbon emissions in the production stage to 50 percent of 2017 standards by 2030. The transformation will be implemented region by region start
  17. Hi, Any update on SONYLIV application for LG55" Nanocell 55SM8100. Appreciate your prompt response.
  18. Hi guys, I have a question. My Oled TV have the WebOs 2.2.3 firmware verson that dont have the Disney App. It is posible to upgrade the firmware with Pen Drive ? Which verson is required ? Tanks for any help
  19. Tried that - still doesnt work. Needs an HDD which is not handy for a wall mounted TV
  20. i cant find an option ''Adaptive Streaming using Javascript'' on lg-42'' web browser
  21. Maybe you can try to download Spotify songs to your computer with the help of Spotify Music Downloader. Then you can move Spotify music files to your USB flash, and start to play them on your LG Smart TV through USB Media Player or Media Player.
  22. How to update web broser in lg webos tv
  23. LG Electronics’ SELF-LIT campaign kicks off with a collaboration with Italian luxury brand BVLGARI for its exhibition in Seoul, BVLGARI Colors. Established in Rome in 1884, BVLGARI is revered worldwide for its exclusive collections of watches, fragrances and accessories. But arguably it is jewelry that the design house is best known for. Featuring beautiful, precision-cut gemstones, precious metals of the highest grade and BVLGARI’s iconic, bold style, the prestige pieces are a gorgeous interplay of colors and textures. For a work of art to truly be appreciated, it must be presented in the
  24. May I first belatedly (quite belatedly!) apoligize for my "late" response and thank everyone for the really thoughtful (as well as technically well-grounded) suggestions. The DRV issue was my very first post on this forum and, after reading your responses, it consider it a great start! Almost a year-ago now, I put the drive in the closet and went to Saudi Arabia. Returned last week and... same problem, but havent had time to get into it yet. I don't have immediate access to a Linux machine or another LG so I'm going to take it ito a BestBuy and test it on one of their store displays. Not conc
  25. 2021 lg up7000, apps icon does not open apps, just error no content available. Went to login, several times, entered password and screen jumps back to login options page? Brand new tv, accessed apps previously, clueless. Thanks
  26. I have fix it !! I believe so titles seem to play now. What happened is that Netflix tried to load titles at 4k full hd quality on the LG TV and somehow the TV (maybe because it is old) froze. I entered my account settings and set my user default quality to HD and boom. Hope I help someone with this solution. Bruno
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