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  1. Good News! LG Support answered me today. There is an update (05.10.15). It cannot be download over-the-air (yet). But from their website: https://www.lg.com/de/support/product/lg-OLED77C9PLA 1. Download 2. unpack the zip file 3. Put the extracted file in a folder named "LG_DTV" on an usb stick. 4. insert the usb stick on the tv usb port 5. start tv 6. "update now?" -> kick "yes" Now Dolby Atmos with 4k 60hz on my OLED C9 (from 2019) works fine with Apple TV 4k (2021 Model) and Denon Receiver just fine! nice!
  2. LG terminated support for „DTS“ sound, because they decided that the marked share for DTS is too low. Thats what they wrote to a friend of mine last week. One reason more that an AV-Receiver should work fine with the LG tv. After 2 german media websites (golem.de / heise.de) reported about the dolby vision problem, the dolby support wrote me that there will be an update next week, probably monday. And then it should be fixed… hope for the best
  3. If you want this to be fixed, write to the LG Support! Without enough feedback they will do literally nothing.. https://www.lg.com/de/support/software-firmware !!
  4. LG Support is a desaster… I reported them about the issue. They answered my with a „no reply“ E-Mail Adress and said they need proof. But i could not reply, because the e-mail doesnt allow it *facepalm* So i contacted them again and put a link to this discussion it. I refuse to believe that nobody at LG has an Apple TV or nvidia Shield to test this issue….
  5. Having the exact same issue since i did the update today. Enabling Dolby Vision causes massiv screen flickering. Absolut desaster. tried different cables, inputs… LG messed it up. Unfortunalty not the first time (since half a year 4k 120hz aint working with nvidia 3000 generation. They know it. they are „working on it“.) i hope there will be a fix soon. setup: LG C9. Denon Receiver. AppleTV 4K (2021 Version)

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