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  1. Try physically turning off the TV by pulling the power cord to the TV, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in and start the TV again. If this fixes the problem initially with the remote control, then go to Settings / Picture / Energy Saving and make sure this is turned OFF. I had similar problems with my remote control which would bog down and become unresponsive, until I changed this setting.
  2. I Had this problem also and found buy making sure the TV was properly turned off each time I shut it down, then the TV and Remote always connect properly. Go to Settings / General / Quick start+ (to OFF) This will make sure the TV turns properly off and not just goes to sleep. This fixed the remote control issue for me....
  3. Think about using a powerline adapter to connect the router to your Mac via the power lines in your home. I use a TP-LINK AV2000 and it is fabulous. I have my router behind the TV so it plugs directly into the LG TV. Then I use the power line adapter to connect router to Mac mini which is in my study. The speeds are much better than wireless. There are ways to connect your Macbook to the LAN see here: https://www.dummies.com/computers/macs/macbook/how-to-install-a-wired-network-on-your-macbook/ for an example. In my case I have a QNAP NAS that holds all my media. It also runs a Plex server (so I don't have to use my Mac for the server). It plugs directly into the power line adapter also. Cheers.
  4. I would look at the following things:- If you have many apps installed I would consider uninstalling all but the most used apps. Make sure you turn your TV completely off when you shutdown. Go to Settings/General/Quick Start++ Turn (OFF). This will make sure your TV turns off properly and doesn't just go to sleep. (I think some apps may not play well with memory and will need to shutdown occasionally to re-coup memory) If you use your TV to record shows - it will use the TV's memory unless you have a USB drive/stick plugged in. Delete any recorded shows. Hope this helps... Cheers
  5. When trying to load the Plex app on an LGWebOs smart TV, app says :- CHECK NETWORK CONNECTION Error CODE : -337 This may be a temporary issue. Please try again later. (RETRY) (EXIT APP) Firstly my network connection is fine. Netflix and YouTube loads and runs just seamlessly. This has only been happening in the last few months If I (RETRY) after a long wait sometimes it connects and loads correctly or I get the same error again. I have tried other Plex clients on my home server and they work just fine. Specs: LG OLED65C8PTA TV running Web OS 04.10.15. LG Plex client app is version 2.1.6 from Sep 2016 Plex server is on my QNAP NAS and at version from Sep 2018. I guess my question is, if the LG Plex client app hasn't changed since 2016 and my Plex server is working for other clients, then what is going wrong? Cheers Noel

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