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  1. You cannot upload a new browser. You can only install apps from the LG content store on the TV, and none of these are browsers. You are stuck with the LG browser which they are only slowly bringing up to date.
  2. According to the developer site, the Web Engine powering the Apps and I assume the Web Browser on WebOS is built on version 53 of Chromium (for 2018-2019 models) or Chromium 68 (for 2020 models). Version 53 is from 2016, and 68 is from 2018. The current version is 85. The latest version of JavaScript used by modern websites (ES7) is only supported in version 68 and above, and there has been some evidence that although WebOS is using version 53 of Chromium the browser is not fully compatible with the previous JavaScript version (ES6). The result is that by keeping the WebOS browsers

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