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    • You have to connect all negative contacts (black wire) together so the PC has the same reference voltage for the data line as the  DVD writer. You can even connect all the red contacts together too - that way the maximum current the DVD writter could draw would be 2.1 A (from power adapter) + 0.5 A (from the laptop). That is if your laptop has USB 2.0 connector. If it has USB 3.0 then it would be 2.1 A (from power adapter) + 0.9 A (from the laptop) .
    • Hello,
      i would like to add a youtube channel under "my content", but i can't find it.
      It's about "https://www.youtube.com/user/ROCKETBEANSTV/", but no matter what I enter, the channel never appears in the search output, only the daughter channel "RBTV Hängi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkfDws3roWo1GaA3pZUzfIQ" appears.
      What do I have to enter in the search to find the main channel? In the youtube app I can find the channel normally. I'm using a sk8500 with webOS 04.10.20. Thanks!
    • +1 800-243-0000   Either call LG customer support see above number or send an email to chrome to see if they can push an update to LG...    or just take a deep breath and breathe easily because, maybe, nothing's going to change...
    • Please see my previous answer.
    • I have an LG UK6500AUA. My WebOS version is 4.0.0-16022 (goldilocks-gayasam). I used the WebOS internet (*not the YouTube App) to log into my YouTube account. I wanted to comment in Live Chat. And I got this message: "It looks like you are using an older version of your browser. Please update to use Live Chat." What can I do ? ?  I'd like to able to comment in the live chat of YouTube...    
    • The section provides you before shutting the it upon your own Android device with the stations that you have observed. If you're a man or woman who watches just few stations that are selected that includes lets you visit the station you prefer. Section can be an easy one which shows the stations that you view stations which can be about the nation or most. Suppose you're a US resident and have gone into great britain for a visit a stations you visit at the section might possibly be of UK. Here's the listing of stations in each class Channel: This general Atoz listing of those Stations on the Mobdro Live Television Program with countless stations moving right down since you scroll down through the program. Sports: Sports could be typically the hottest type for those users since the majority of the favorite stations such as ESPN, WWE, BT Sports and more are readily available to flow. NEWS: Viewing NEWS can be a regular task for lots of individuals in stocks or simply to meet up with all the things moving round them. Shows: they supply with the Display names, also you also are able to pick exactly the one which that you want and begin watching it. Films: Some reveal a certain genre of movies such as Action 24/7, Horror 24/7, Cartoon 24/7 etc forth. Music: Music stations are the location to visit understand about hottest songs for plenty of men and women and Mobdro have a fantastic list VH1, MTV Dance, 4 Songs, Box Hits and more. For More Information click here.
    • only one app on my LG PF1500W webOS enabled LED projector , the accuweather app. I can't find any other apps like Netflix. How can I run Netflix on this projector Is the LG content store not ? I have ordered the projector through Amazon US. Everything else seems to work fine. Including the LG TV Plus android app.   Help me please            Quote
    • Hi, i’m Trying to download ZEE5 app in my LG smart TV. However, it shows your device is not registered. Please assist.