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    • I have seen countless "solutions" which do not work.  Finally concluded that the TV's wifi module was overheating after 20-25 minutes.  Set up a fan to blow a light breeze across the back and have had no disconnects since then.  My TV has no provision at all for ventilation.
    • Looks like webos and zee5 incompatibility issues burning primium customers. Now i have no choice to see movie on big screen.
    • Hi Peter, that’s interesting that connecting via your phone didn’t help - it really points to the tv version of the app itself being the problem. I sent iView support the whole saga via email and they said they’ve passed it on to their product team, and got the feeling that was my reply, that they weren’t intending to contact me again about this.  My email did generate a ticket number on their system - so I’m happy to generate another one every week or so until it’s fixed.  Don’t know if they’re already being swamped, I figure the more people with LG tvs ruling out the LG side as being the cause the quicker we might get there! I don’t really need another excuse to buy an Apple TV box, resisted well up to now and it’s going to be more tempting if this drags on!  Great to know that it works though, thanks for the info.
    • Recently, we’ve introduced many revolutionary products, such as an indoor gardening appliance that lets you grow your own greens and flowers in the comfort of your own home and a laundry solution that packs a full-size washer and dryer into a single unit – automatically applying the optimal drying cycle for unparalleled user convenience. With user-centric innovations like these, LG and other like-minded companies are helping usher in an exciting, new era of customer experience (CX). At the essence of CX is an increased focus on how customers feel when they experience a particular brand, product and service. Nowadays, comprehensively understanding CX has never been more fundamental for company growth. No longer confined to customer-product interactions, CX refers to the total flow of any interactions between the company and the customer, targeting all the experiences and emotions that customers have and feel from the moment they first learn about a product or service, to purchase, use, repair, disposal and so on. Considering the emotions and reactions that customers have, CX – if done properly – goes beyond traditional definitions to provide value that surpasses customers’ expectations, successively increasing the attractiveness or appeal of a brand, product or service. And, with the recent business landscape reorganizing around online and omni-channels, ‘digital’ has also become an integral part of CX and a key priority for companies. The Age of Relational Value: The Customer-Company Interaction The channels that users encounter and experience in the digital sphere are so diverse, with substantial variables in terms of the emotional responses elicited. While all variables cannot be controlled, the direction or even the degree of satisfaction can be modified by removing the source of dissatisfaction. Thorough analysis allows companies to determine what these may be and, subsequently, proactively respond to remove them from the equation. Brand competitiveness comes from offering a CX that fosters an emotional relationship with the customer and, to be successful at this, brands must be effective at increasing the positive emotions their customers experience. In the past, having competitive technologies or products and an aggressive marketing strategy was sufficient. However, in this new era, a company must focus all available resources on the needs of the customer. CX, which includes direct, indirect and even virtual experiences, is where all such efforts come together. Direct experience comprises various categories, including exploration experience, purchase experience and user experience, along with the sharing and resale experience. For companies to compete in today’s market, offering a differentiated CX is essential, especially where the link hidden, please login to view (a widely-used term in South Korea that encompasses Millennials and Gen Z) is concerned. With members of this group already accustomed to experiential marketing, designing a diverse range of experiences for them is exceptionally complex. Favoring unique shopping experiences both online and offline, the MZ Generation generally opt for experiences with optimized digital convenience and minimal interruptions. To provide a seamless CX without any hassle, companies are actively undertaking an array of digital transformation (DX) initiatives. From a micro perspective, DX plays a significant role in CX, enabling companies to resolve pain points in a short period of time – exactly what consumers expect and demand in today’s market. The ultimate goal is the innovation of CX, something that is now essential. Conducted continuously in the background, silent and subtle support for better CX backed up by variable data serves as a steppingstone on the path to building strong and lasting relationships with customers. At its core, CX is a journey where brand loyalty is earned through the development of trust as well as the delivery of immersive experiences. Cyclical in nature, the CX journey repeats again and again, creating a genuine connection with customers that grows over time. With CX, the concept of customer loyalty, which had been all but abandoned in recent years, is reborn and reimagined for a new era. By Lee Hyang-eun, managing director of the Customer Experience Innovation Division at LG Electronics Learn more about the areas of CX that LG will be focusing on in the future in the second part of this series, coming soon to Beyond News. # # #
    • Tried to launch the Amazon Music app on my TV this morning and got this error. This just looks like an expired certificate error, but the app is 1.0.0 and hasn't been updated since release in 2020, so I suspect it's not supported anymore anyway. Anyone have it working on perhaps a newer TV? This one's two or three years old.   Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk    
    • I'm also experiencing momentary interruptions in iView that occur every 10 seconds.  I don't have problems with any other app.  My TV is an LG 43 Inch UN73 Series 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43UN7300PTC. As suggested by LG Support I connected the TV to my mobile phone rather than my home NBN but still the problem persisted.  I then did a factory reset of the TV but this did NOT resolve the issue.  So I guess it's an issue with the iView app rather than the TV. I found it so annoying that in desperation I bought an Apple TV 4K box.  And now iView works fine.  It's a costly workaround ($240) but at least iView now works.
    • Hi! Also having this very annoying issue. Kids are having a hard time trying to watch Bluey. I tried deleted and reinstalling the app and it didn’t work. Hoping it’ll just solve itself but it’s pretty poor to begin with. 
    • Between bushfires, floods, a global pandemic and a worsening cost of living crisis, Australian communities have endured so much over the past few years. But having to overcome such unprecedented challenges has made Aussies more resilient and more appreciative of what they may have taken for granted. That is, when we band together for the common good, we can withstand every challenge life throws at us. To uphold this community spirit, LG Australia partnered with link hidden, please login to view last December to support their incredible work in helping families rediscover the good in life, even in the toughest of times. With LG donating more than AUD 260,000 in home appliances, entertainment products and air-conditioning systems, RMHC has been able to refurbish its houses across Australia, which provide a home-away-from-home for more than 10,000 families traveling long distances for the treatment of their seriously ill or injured children. In March, LG Australia launched the #LGGoldenHearts campaign to celebrate RMHC’s many kind-hearted volunteers. Following National Volunteer Week, which runs from May 16 to 22, the #LGGoldenHearts campaign recognized the selfless contributions of 11 RMHC volunteers who dedicate their precious time to the charity and the families by rewarding them with a LG prize package. With more than 120 volunteers nominated, this initiative successfully put the spotlight on some of the charity’s unsung heroes and the positive impact they leave on families facing unimaginable challenges. Every single nominee had their own unique and inspiring story – like stepping in to fill last-minute shifts even during Christmas and becoming a volunteer to repay the kindness they received from RMHC when their family needed a helping hand. LG Australia also worked with Sydney Dance Company to donate eight-week memberships to online dance classes in line with RMHC’s – an inclusive 7-day challenge held every May to support sick children and their families and bring together a community of people who want to make a difference. The membership was donated to each RMHC Chapter nationally, which allowed hundreds of people staying at RMHC locations to enjoy fun and entertaining moments together. The #LGGoldenHearts initiative is part of the broader CSR program held by LG Australia, which includes campaigns like – now in its third year of calling on Australians across the country to nominate their community’s heroes. The campaign demonstrated LG Australia’s commitment to fostering meaningful relationships with like-minded, purpose-driven organizations while encouraging Australians to recognize the good in everything around us. Learn more about LG Australia’s partnership with RMHC . Contributed by LG Australia # # #
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