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    • I think there’s no hbo app for LG tv

      Enviado de meu SM-N950F usando Tapatalk

    • I am also struggling to find a solution to this. Would love to know what to do as well. 
    • How come I cannot figure out how to download  the hbo go app!? Am I dumb Or is it more difficult than it should be
    • Hello, I am using WebOS3.5 on my LG 49 SJV800V. When I log into my YouTube account on my TV via my smartphone app, I login as the wrong user from my Google account.  In the smartphone app the right user is shown, but when I am signed in on the TV app, the Google User is signed in, instead of the one I am using for YouTube. For people who do not know what I am talking about - you can have different Users in one Google account. A while ago Google decided to merge the Google account with your Youtube account. That is why different users exist.  Is there a way to change to the correct user? Thanks, Maple Man
    • Hulu app has been working well on 2016 OLED but it does not support all the channels.  I just added HBO  Now and would really love to get to it on the Hulu app rather than using Chromecast.
    • Hi all thanks but I found that if you make sure that you exit the app you are on then the system on the app shouldn't reboot with the situation  and I have no trouble for a while now so if anyone else has this situation just make sure you exit the app that you are on whether netflix iplayer youtube etc and it should not reset the app thanks again 
    • Thank you for the successful experiences with your smartphones. It might depend on the Web-OsS TV software version on the TVset. My WebOS TV version is 2.2.0-158 (beehive-biscayne). I cannot choose a headset but only a speaker bar for the Soundsync connection menu on my TV. A parallel channel with a  separate Bluetooth-USB dongle from LG is not compatible with my TV according to the LG-E service center. The HBS-800 headset is not Soundsync compatible  according to the same service center for LGE benelux, although in an earllier LG-message it should be compatible. I still want a Bluetooth-connection from my TV-set to my Headset, but it is not possible yet. Maybe a software update would be the solution? And it could be the explanation that the problems are solved in newer software. Thanks Digidog and George, Loek  
    • Thanks for the reply. Yes is really annoying trying to get through to LG about a problem that a lot of people obviously have. According to LG, they have never heard of this problem.... Wow!! So obviously LG either don't bother reading any of the many complaints on their "Customer service" site, or they are totally aware of this problem and just lie about it. I have already tried what you suggest, I read about this a week or two ago, we have a fixed line connection through the Ethernet cable, I turned off all the options for WiFi and just about every other option that is available in the setup menu. The crazy thing is, that there is absolutely no point having a so called Smart TV, that you simply cant use, these products are not fit for purpose and I really regret buying this TV, I actually spend more time trying to talk to the shop that I bought it from and LG service centre, than I do watching this stupid TV. Ohh well you live and learn and I have learned to never buy another LG product.