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  1. Well that's not entirely the case. I mean sure, LG and the rest of BIG SMART TV seem to think that their customers are idiots, and want you to believe your TV is a precious little baby that can only run approved apps from the store, but at it's heart it's just another Linux PC. In fact the CPU inside is more capable than you think. Even older models are as powerful as a Pi 3 with double the RAM, and remember that credit-card sized thing is capable enough to multitask and run basic desktop apps like Chromium (aka Chrome open-source edition) with fairly snappy performance! (Big step up from the
  2. Porting Google Chrome to another platform isn't really possible, the code is closed-source. I think what you mean is it's open-source counterpart, Chromium... Which is already what the browser uses under the hood, as far as I know. The issue is, it's a super out-of-date version. If the TV can run the old version, there's no reason it can't run the new version. LG needs to update it. Flash player is definitely not going to happen though... It's officially dead as of 2020... Even Google Chrome and Firefox will be removing it. A better File Explorer actually would be very nice. Storing
  3. It is now 2020, and the WebOS browser in LG Smart TVs (which I believe is Chromium-based) is still massively out of date and doesn't work properly with a ton of websites! The main problem is actually very simple. The browser doesn't support EMCAScript 2015 or ES6. Basically, translated from nerd speak, it doesn't work properly with modern code using new features created since 2015, so any newer websites will break unless they've been written to be compatible with ancient browsers and OSes. This should not be the case on a TV made in the current year. It should be running an up-t
  4. Well, as I said a few days ago: In addition, we aren't stupid. And LG needs to stop assuming we are. We are all well aware that the Rick and Morty watching geniuses over at LG HQ picked specific photos so that our OLED sets would not burn in. Unfortunately, they neglected to consider the possibility that our corneas might. I think I'm going to start seeing these wallpapers in my nightmares, if someone doesn't find a way to remove them.
  5. @IAN MOUNTAIN Wrong screensaver, that option refers to the fireworks screensaver that comes up from inactivity. Just to clarify, this thread is a bit mis-titled. It isn't primarily about the screensaver, though a few users have complained about that in this thread as well, but the majority of the posts (including OP) are referring to what is probably better titled as a 'desktop wallpaper', the ugly, un-customizable images that cycle through on the 'No Input' screen. If LG is going to force us to look at their lame HDR photo gallery (that doesn't even download new ones from the internet li
  6. Made an account to post on this thread too. The fact that you can see the photos there in the gallery app but can't delete them or add more is so aggravating! How on earth can I not perform the basic function on my $1000+ TV of customizing the wallpaper? The stock photos just bother me so much. I like to draw my own minimalistic art. I hate the look of this way over-saturated photorealistic garbage. Worse yet, I can't even download my screenshots from the TV either, making the screenshot feature entirely useless. WTF LG!? Anyway, I also noticed the lack of any kind of file

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