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HP webOS


  1. HP TouchPad

    HP Touchpad specs include a Dual core, 1200 MHz, Scorpion CPU (Dual core, 1500 MHz, Snapdragon APQ8060 64GB Model), Webos 3.0, 9.7 inches, 1024 x 768 pixels, 1.3 megapixels front camera, 16GB, 32GB, 64Gb Storage options, Released July 2011.

  2. HP Pre 3

    HP Pre 3 specs include 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon, 5 MP Camera, 480 x 800 pixels, 3.58 inches, 8GB storage, 512 MB RAM, Released August 2011.

  3. HP Veer

    HP Veer specs include 800 MHz Scorpion CPU, 5 MP Camera, 320 x 400 pixels, 2.6 inches, 8GB (6.1 GB user available) storage, 4G AT&T, Released May 2011.


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    • Yes, by resetting to factory defaults.
    • I Normally do my research on electronics devices - this one was different...Ordered from a corporate gift catalog...Nothing else there that I remotely wanted and I needed a new TV for my bedroom.  So far, I'm not impressed with LG.  My first set came with a vertical line running top to bottom.  I was told that LG would not take it back - they'd send someone out to repair it or decide if it needed to be replaced with a refurb.  I had to scream that that was completely unacceptable for a brand new set before they sent me a new one - and even then, they made sure they had my DOA set back before they thought about shipping the new one...and I was also told - We did this (shipped a new one) as a courtesy - if the new one comes broken, you're basically out of luck and will have to follow the rules (ie, have LG send a repair person).
    • I've try all solutions, but without results. Technical Assistance said to change video board. I don't understand why LG society not provide to resolve this problem know in all the world. 2 years I read in forums same problem, but LG stay in silence. It's a good product ? Not for me. 
    • And I refer you to my previous response.  Android is Google's baby, iOS is Apple's, but they do not produce apps beyond their own offerings.  Yes LG can strike deals with content providers, but it should not be assumed that they will.  That said I am not entirely defending LG, if I were them I would have reps knocking on every content providers front door I could think of, especially if they provide paid content.  I would be saying let us do all the heavy lifting of developing an app at no initial cost to you, all we want is a slice of that subscription fee.   Most of the posters on the forum who complain that an app is not available made no effort before making their purchase to find out if said app/service was actually available, and moan after an ill researched buy.  Personally I only wanted a limited range of apps, UK terrestrial catchup channels, Amazon, Netflix and YouTube and checked that they were available beforehand.  I don't browse the web on my TV so I am not worried about the browser being so limited.  What I really wanted was decent picture and sound quality. Would I buy another LG smart TV in the future probably not, but that is not to say I would buy one from say Samsung.  Instead I would buy myself a dumb TV and add a ROKU/Fire/Apple TV device. 
    • Has anyone been able to actually activate their Showtime Anytime subscription? I have one through Comcast and have successfully activated on multiple devices (iOS, FireTV, Xbox) but showtime's own app offers only 5 device types to choose from and LG or WebOS isn't one of them. Choosing any of the other options (FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung or Xbox) doesn't work. It's a Showtime problem, but someone from LG should bring to their attention (nobody tested it, huh?!)  
    • It's LG's product - if LG wants  to appeal to the broadest audience, they can cut deals with the major providers.  Leaving out HBO is huge.  I had been thinking about picking up an LG OLED to replace my now aging family room set, but there's no way I'm spending >$2000 if it doesn't include everything I routinely watch - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, SHO directly on the set without needed yet another box with yet another interface
    • Any updates about the problem? Whatis happening..
    • Apps on the whole are not produced by LG but by content providers.  In the same way that Apple and Google do not produce all the apps in their respective stores. If you want an app it is the content providers that need chasing.