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HP webOS


  1. HP TouchPad

    HP Touchpad specs include a Dual core, 1200 MHz, Scorpion CPU (Dual core, 1500 MHz, Snapdragon APQ8060 64GB Model), Webos 3.0, 9.7 inches, 1024 x 768 pixels, 1.3 megapixels front camera, 16GB, 32GB, 64Gb Storage options, Released July 2011.

  2. HP Pre 3

    HP Pre 3 specs include 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon, 5 MP Camera, 480 x 800 pixels, 3.58 inches, 8GB storage, 512 MB RAM, Released August 2011.

  3. HP Veer

    HP Veer specs include 800 MHz Scorpion CPU, 5 MP Camera, 320 x 400 pixels, 2.6 inches, 8GB (6.1 GB user available) storage, 4G AT&T, Released May 2011.


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    • As far as I know it works the same in all LG TV's press the home button to bring up the app list.  Navigate to the app you're interested in then do a long press on the enter(OK)  button, to enter EDIT mode.. HIt the enter(OK) button one more time then the UP arrow to delete
    • I believe the space for app installs and updates is not the same space for the TV OS updates. You can avoid it for now, it may remind you from time to time; in general it's best to update the tv since it fixes bugs in the software with occasional new features  
    • Company’s ‘Optimism your feed’ Playlist Garners 1.2 Billion Views in Just Three Weeks SEOUL, June 21, 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) has launched a global social media challenge to amplify its brand promise of ‘Life’s Good’ by encouraging customers worldwide to create and share moments of everyday optimism on their social media feeds. Running across TikTok and Instagram, the challenge encourages participants to foster a more positive environment on their social media feeds by posting optimistic moments and selfies featuring the “ link hidden, please login to view” gesture – a popular symbol among K-pop idols created by forming a mini heart with the index finger and thumb – using the hashtags #Lifesgood and #Optimismyourfeed. “LG is committed to delivering on its promise of Life’s Good. This social media challenge aims to uncover and share what Life’s Good means to our customers,” said Kim Hyo-eun, vice president and head of LG’s Brand Management Division. “We believe there is real power in approaching life with an optimistic attitude, and our Optimism your feed campaign’s social media challenge is all about embracing the opportunity to inspire more positive activities in the virtual and real world.” The social media challenge is part of LG’s campaign and follows the launch last month of LG’s Optimism your feed playlist – a collection of original content that, when interacted with, will pull more optimistic content into your feed. Created in collaboration with global influencers known for their positive impact, the playlist offers users the opportunity to experience more uplifting and encouraging posts. Within just three weeks of its release on TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms, the playlist has garnered over 1.2 billion views. It has resonated with viewers worldwide, prompting comments about their eagerness to participate and positively influence their algorithms. The social media challenge invites users around the world to join influencers including , , , , and in spreading optimism across social media feeds. In just four days, around 21,000 users have already joined the movement to share their optimistic moments. Meanwhile, LG has also launched an offline campaign event called ‘Optimism your day,’ which will run till early July. Continuing from last year, a truck adorned with the company’s ‘Life’s Good’ brand slogan is scheduled to tour the 11 business sites in Korea. The truck features a large LED display that plays ‘Life’s Good’ campaign videos and showcases positivity slogans shared by LG employees worldwide. LG believes in spreading the campaign’s message of optimism to employees as well as the outside world. “We are all brand ambassadors of LG,” said CEO William Cho. “If each of us starts brightening our surroundings one step at a time, I believe LG will one day become a company that truly radiates positivity, helping to create better lives and a better world.” More details about Life’s Good campaign can be found on the campaign page at . # # #
    • i was prompted to update the tv software.............lucky thing that i turned off automatic updates couple days beforehand...............the update will be over 1 GB but the free space on the tv internal storage is less than 1 GB ............🤣 so any harm if i DON'T update the tv software from now on.......?🤔 i will update Youtube app though...........
    • I took out a Discovery + subscription through Amazon Prime.  I am interested in the Motoring TV shows.  If I view on my computer through the browser I can see about 120 items of motoring content.  When I try to view through the Discovery + subscription on Prime Video on my LG TV  I only see about 26 items of content. (The ones I am particularly interested in are not included)  I have updated the Prime Video App and have signed out and back in again.   The Amazon Prime Video Help Chat has not been able to offer any resolution
    • LG's InstaView ThinQ smart refrigerator showcased at CES 2018 integrates cutting-edge technology to revolutionize kitchen management. Combining previous innovations like Samsung's touchscreen fridges and LG's transparent door concept, this refrigerator features a 29-inch touchscreen that turns transparent with a double knock. Initially attempted with a Windows 10 version in the Smart InstaView Door-in-Door model, LG now utilizes its webOS software and Amazon's Alexa. Users can manage food inventory by tagging items with virtual stickers and expiration dates, receiving alerts when supplies are low or perishables are nearing expiration. The fridge includes a panoramic interior camera for remote viewing via smartphone, enabling users to check contents while away. Despite limited imagery available, LG promises usability of the screen even in its translucent state, enhancing user interaction akin to augmented reality. Moreover, LG promotes interoperability among its ThinQ kitchen appliances, facilitating seamless task coordination. For instance, the fridge communicates with the EasyClean oven for guided cooking and shares meal details with the QuadWash dishwasher for optimized cleaning cycles. While pricing and release dates remain undisclosed, LG's vision of interconnected smart appliances hints at a futuristic home environment, albeit potentially requiring substantial investment to replace existing kitchen equipment.      
    • Hello there, In webos 23, Can I set a pin to prevent adding new apps?
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