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  1. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I have sent it to Zybiax not to you.. but wait.. if you need I send it to you too.
  2. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I have sent you a private message on this forum.. go read it.
  3. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    officially it can't be downgraded. Unofficially, I am the only one able to do it without hacking the TV and without setting up a fake server or anything Believe it or not...
  4. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    @Zybiax I sent you a PM... read it carefully.
  5. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    can we throw these software through USB Sure.. put the epk in an usb pendrive under the directory LG_DTV and it will update if the version is higher than the actual one.
  6. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    @murattkn3 all software is the same for ALL... it's the platform which is important.. yours and mine is k3lp every epk with "k3lp" in it will be ok.
  7. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Did you try 4.70.70? Software_File(Version_04.70.04).zip Software_File(Version_04.70.45) EPK Software_File(Version_04.70.55).zip Software_File(Version_04.70.65).zip Software_File(Version_04.70.70).zip P.S. I see no difference between .45 and .55. So I think the slowdown is due to something else. Probably is better if you reset to factory settings.
  8. Where to find OLD firmware versions? On LG website there is only the latest!
  9. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    @Ade 04.70.65 is available
  10. Zibri

    TV WebOS Sucks

    It's not webOS, it's your TV that sucks. I am perfectly happy with my 55UJ670V... cheap, fast, 4 seconds to boot from standby, 20 to fully boot. 10 to boot in quick start mode. channel zapping is fast. I see no problem whatsoever. I am just curious to see webOS 4.0 on this tv since I am still at 3.7.0 (firmware version 4.70.65)
  11. The best you can buy quality/price is not UH but UJ. I have 55UJ670V and I have none of the problems you say.
  12. You can't because it's copy protected... exactly as it told you.
  13. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Any news about webOS 4.0 on k3lp platform?
  14. Any news about WebOS 4.0 for 55UJ6xx TVs? I still see 3.7.0
  15. Zibri

    Install app by usb in Webos

    this does not seem to work on 55UJ670V (webos 3.7)