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  1. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Updated K3LP platform post.
  2. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Updated UJ K3LP firmware post
  3. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    As I wrote, these firmwares (which work perfectly) are for platform K3L(P) so your tv has different ones. K3LP platform usually is in UJ models (and some others) Before saying "it doesn't work" recheck my post. You TV is not compatible with these firmwares I posted. 2. Applicable model list 43UJ651V-ZA 49UJ651V-ZA 55UJ651V-ZA 60UJ651V-ZA 65UJ651V-ZA 43UJ670V-ZD 49UJ670V-ZD 55UJ670V-ZD 65UJ670V-ZD 43UJ675V-ZC 49UJ675V-ZC 55UJ675V-ZC 65UJ675V-ZC 43UJ6517-ZA 49UJ6517-ZA 55UJ6517-ZA 60UJ6517-ZA 65UJ6517-ZA 43UJ6519-ZA 49UJ6519-ZA 55UJ6519-ZA 60UJ6519-ZA 65UJ6519-ZA 43UJ701V-ZC 49UJ701V-ZC 55UJ701V-ZC 65UJ701V-ZC 43UJ655V-ZC 49UJ655V-ZC 55UJ655V-ZC 65UJ655V-ZC 43UJ630V-ZA 49UJ630V-ZA 55UJ630V-ZA 60UJ630V-ZA 65UJ630V-ZA 43UJ634V-ZD 49UJ634V-ZD 55UJ634V-ZD 60UJ634V-ZD 65UJ634V-ZD 43UJ6307-ZA 49UJ6307-ZA 55UJ6307-ZA 60UJ6307-ZA 65UJ6307-ZA 43UJ6309-ZA 49UJ6309-ZA 55UJ6309-ZA 60UJ6309-ZA 65UJ6309-ZA 43UJ635V-ZF 49UJ635V-ZF 55UJ635V-ZF 43UJ631V-ZA 49UJ631V-ZA 43UJ639V-ZE 49UJ639V-ZE 43UJ620V-ZA 49UJ620V-ZA 55UJ620V-ZA 65UJ620V-ZA 70UJ675V-ZA 75UJ675V-ZA 75UJ651V-ZB 65UK6100PLB 65UK6100PLA 55UK6100PLA 55UK6100PLB
  4. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Updated with latest K3LP platform firmware 5.90.01 (which also seems to be a good firmware.
  5. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Yes, by resetting to factory defaults.
  6. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I know... do it and it will work. The name is from starfish...to .epk at the end of the URL...
  7. Zibri

    TV WebOS Sucks

    hahahahha get a brain or don't buy technology
  8. Zibri

    TV WebOS Sucks

    If you have 2 neurons, yes. Pressing the center button on magic remote and then select record does not seem so difficult even to monkeys.
  9. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    You have to rename the downloaded file to the full name in the URL (starfish.....)
  10. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    why do you need it? the zip just contains the EPK... so copy the EPK to pendrive and flash...
  11. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I updated the post with the last 2 versions... The real version of a firmware is the one after 573... 4.70.95 and 4.80.95 have both 57322.
  12. Hi there. I am a security expert. I am finding a lot of vulnerabilities on all LG tv products and I am contacting them to solve the issues.
  13. Zibri

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    post updated with 2 new firmwares. Anyway everything is slower and I suggest version 4.70.04 or 4.70.55...