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  1. Send me a PM. I can downgrade your firmware safely. Sorry I thought you had k3lp platform because I have 55UJ670V and I thought the 750 had the same platform.
  2. Last official version is 05.80.10 and last beta version is 05.80.20. Where did you get 5.80.15?! If you send me a PM I can make you downgrade the firmware or you can install the beta 5.90.03 which is older than these but has higher number and it works. Check my post with all firmware versions for UJ TVs.
  3. Yes. I can remotely downgrade any Tv to any firmware. I doubt though that your problem is related to the new firmware because nothing has changed in that department. Drop me a PM if you still need the downgrade.
  4. 5.90.10 does not seem to exist and LG seems to have forgotten about 5.90.* versions. I suggest you to force update to 5.80.10
  5. click on the arrow ext to the quote, go to the original post and see the compatibility list. Anyway this firmware works on any tv which has platform k3lp.
  6. Where did you hear about this? I can't find any trace of it.
  7. As I wrote, these firmwares (which work perfectly) are for platform K3L(P) so your tv has different ones. K3LP platform usually is in UJ models (and some others) Before saying "it doesn't work" recheck my post. You TV is not compatible with these firmwares I posted. 2. Applicable model list 43UJ651V-ZA 49UJ651V-ZA 55UJ651V-ZA 60UJ651V-ZA 65UJ651V-ZA 43UJ670V-ZD 49UJ670V-ZD 55UJ670V-ZD 65UJ670V-ZD 43UJ675V-ZC 49UJ675V-ZC 55UJ675V-ZC 65UJ675V-ZC 43UJ6517-ZA 49UJ6517-ZA 55UJ6517-ZA 60UJ6517-ZA 65UJ6517-ZA 43UJ6519-ZA 49UJ6519-ZA 55UJ6519-ZA 60UJ6519-ZA 65UJ6519-ZA 43UJ701V-ZC 49UJ701V-ZC 55UJ701V-ZC 65UJ701V-ZC 43UJ655V-ZC 49UJ655V-ZC 55UJ655V-ZC 65UJ655V-ZC 43UJ630V-ZA 49UJ630V-ZA 55UJ630V-ZA 60UJ630V-ZA 65UJ630V-ZA 43UJ634V-ZD 49UJ634V-ZD 55UJ634V-ZD 60UJ634V-ZD 65UJ634V-ZD 43UJ6307-ZA 49UJ6307-ZA 55UJ6307-ZA 60UJ6307-ZA 65UJ6307-ZA 43UJ6309-ZA 49UJ6309-ZA 55UJ6309-ZA 60UJ6309-ZA 65UJ6309-ZA 43UJ635V-ZF 49UJ635V-ZF 55UJ635V-ZF 43UJ631V-ZA 49UJ631V-ZA 43UJ639V-ZE 49UJ639V-ZE 43UJ620V-ZA 49UJ620V-ZA 55UJ620V-ZA 65UJ620V-ZA 70UJ675V-ZA 75UJ675V-ZA 75UJ651V-ZB 65UK6100PLB 65UK6100PLA 55UK6100PLA 55UK6100PLB
  8. Updated with latest K3LP platform firmware 5.90.01 (which also seems to be a good firmware.

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