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  1. It would seem like but Don’t think am defending LG. A Quick google search reveals what apps are available or not. If you visited the showroom you would have seen that these apps were not available. a 3,000₹ device can solve your problem and you are all blaming the tv. WebOS is the finest tv OS. Its has limited apps but its miles better than laggy android and even samsung tizen. I have all 3. Have you seen the SonyLIV app on samsung its very poorly made.
  2. This is a user forum , LG doesn’t care whats written here. Moreover its upto Sony LIV to make the app which they have been delaying and I don’t think they are actually making it. if you want go to twitter and tweet to @sonyliv and ask how much more time for the app.
  3. If anyone wants anymore apps its better to get an external device like fire tv stick or apple tv or airtel xstream box/ tata sky binge etc.. they are available for a slow as 2200.
  4. There is no Sony LIV app for LG Smart TVs. Sony has been saying its under development for years now. I don’t think they are making it at all.
  5. Unless its a hardware fault ; disconnecting the mi box & restarting tv by turning off the power supply , your tv should be back to normal. You can also reset from settings if it doesn’t help.
  6. I’ll tell you what whenever you get time go and try out the things you want from a smart tv on an android tv and samsung smart tv. None is capable of what you want. Android has chrome so it might be better at browsing but there are chances of memory overflow . You know it took an year more for Sony to get Dolby Vision working properly. I would trade away All the smart functionality for Dolby Vision if it had come to a choice. As far as OLED is concerned its not for everyone and one should consider usage before buying. LG Sony or Panasonic all are similarly susceptible to burn in. yes I also want my smart tv to be future proof but none is. So keep patience and think of your tv as a display and get additional hardware whether firestick or anything you like. Down the line everyone may have to get one.
  7. IMO You have a wrong understanding of the capabilities of a smart tv. It is not meant to replace your laptop. Yes they do expect that consumers connect their laptop but not use the tv as a laptop. I am talking in general for any smart tv. The capabilities you are expecting ; even an external box would fail to provide. The closest you can get is an apple tv or an nvidia shield, still they can’t replace a laptop’s capabilites. Second to push the sales of the newer model they omit new features from older models and provide only on new ones.
  8. WebOS rocks ; android is slow , lags and buggy . The only advantage of android is the wide range of apps. If you want so many apps just buy a firetv stick . Its way better than any android tv.
  9. Why do you want to disable HDR? Xstream box functions in HDR mode only with HDR TVs. Although the non HDR content(tv channels) will display as non HDR (SDR) and HDR content ( from netflix and prime) as HDR. TV will always indicate it is receiving an HDR signal for all content.
  10. I am 99.99% sure your tv won’t be updated to WebOS 3.5 . You might receive other regular updates at max. I would strongly recommend you to buy an external device like fire tv stick 4k/ roku/nvdia shield or an apple tv according to your budget. They are quite future proof. You would get a host of app options which even the latest webOS can’t provide.
  11. Hotstar is supported by webOS 3.5 and above. See the version of WebOS in your tv settings. That might be the reason its not showing.
  12. Press the Magic remote’s Mic button and say “Turn off the Screen”. It turns off the screen.
  13. You can’t. UK7500 is a 2018 model AFAIK so it doesn’t support airplay. The screen mirroring/sharing feature for apple devices is called Airplay. It was introduced in LG tvs from 2019. The 2019 onward series models come with Airplay 2 support. For instance 65UM7300 etc.. UK7500 won’t be getting Airplay support ever. It will do get the apple tv app by end of year. The only solution is getting an apple tv for Airplay 2 support.
  14. These apps are already available for the supported tvs. If you don’t have it yet there are almost no chances that you would get them. Hotstar is supported in tvs with webOS 3.5 and above. update your tv software and see if it helps. P.S this is a user forum and LG doesn’t read the requests made here.
  15. Go ot settings and then TV Information. See the WebOS version. You should have WebOS 3.5 or above to get the app. If you haven’t got the app by now its very unlikely that you’ll get it. Since you have a 2016 model tv its better to invest in a fire tv stick or airtel xstream box. They will go a long way in supporting apps.

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