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  1. Go to the LG content store and search. Then install it again. Instead of logging in directly to the tv login to the zee5 app on you phone and go to its settings > authenticate. You will see a code on the tv- enter that and click in authenticate/activate device then click on continue on the tv screen. Should work.
  2. Yeah,most receivers are receiving the eARC update, but as far as tv’s are concerned LG is leading the HDMI 2.1/eARC bandwagon. Other brands are still not offering full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 . Logically speaking HDMI 2.0 18gbps ARC should be upgraded to eARC via firmware update as 18gbps is more than enough to carry lossless atmos. But I guess there is more to it than meets the eye. ARC still carries lossy atmos from Netflix.
  3. No, not possible via any means. eARC is supported on models manufactured 2019 onwards.
  4. Not yet. According to the WebOS version it should have been available by now but I guess its a combination of model nos & WebOS version. A lot of older models inspite of having the required WebOS version haven’t received it. Contact hotstar at [email protected]ar.com or [email protected] . You can also tweet @hotsartweets
  5. I don’t think LG would be answering that. According to the WebOS version it should have been available by now but I guess its a combination of model nos & WebOS version. A lot of older models inspite of having the required WebOS version haven’t received it. Contact hotstar at [email protected] or [email protected] . You can also tweet @hotsartweets
  6. 100mbps is sufficient for most 4k files. Makes sure you have direct play enabled on the plex client. I stream 80gb HEVC HDR movies over wifi ac and they play seamlessly. Direct play is the key. I have two 4K tv’s and none of them are hardwired. 1080p should be a cakewalk. have you performed speedtest on the tv? If it is also close to 100mbps then you don’t need to worry. also check status on the plex server when movie is playing. Is it showing transcoding?
  7. Probably your sound output is not set right. Go to settings and change audio output to auto. It might be set to PCM or something else. if still doesn’t work after changing to auto, restart the tv and soundbar fro mains. still not, then press the “AD” button on the magic remote while HDMI 2/3 whichever is ARC is selected as source. You’ll get a menu with power button. Click that and the soundbar will power off. Then after 2 mins do the same to power on again. These should work definitely.
  8. You need to remove the optical cable and connect an HDMI cable from the tv’s HDMI ( ARC) port to the soundbar’s ARC port. After doing that turn on LG Simplink in the settings. Then you will be able to control the soundbar from the magic remote. You can also add the device using device connector -> add device. Simplink is basically HDMI CEC that allows control of connected HDMI devices. Optical cable is just an audio output cable and cannot be used to control the other device. Get a decent HDMI cable.
  9. The app should be available for your WebOS version.You should search for the app in the LG Content Store.If you find it click on it and click on install. If you don’t find it, then write to [email protected] and ask them.
  10. I agree, but we don’t live in a perfect world. WebOS is one of the fastest and best OS across the big 3. I am not defending LG(it would sure seem like it) but if you are desperate for some apps, you might as well buy a firestick that costs a fraction, and you will get more apps than you can even think of. Infact I used a firestick before I got the hotstar app for WebOS. hotstar is basically owned by fox and also has content from HBO and Showtime plus the Star network. Just a practical solution for the situation at hand.
  11. No offence but you should have installed the apps on the tv before taking the subscription. Not all apps are available on LG webOS and its upto the streaming service to provide the app.
  12. Mine works perfectly. Using it on two tv’s now. No problem playing premium content. The only mild issue is missing subtitles with the big bang theory. Not much of a concern now. I haven’t faced video stuttering till date. Wish they add dolby 5.1 soon.
  13. Sadly I can’t help. It might be they haven’t released it for your model yet. You can write a mail to [email protected] or [email protected] along with these details and they would tell you if they have released the app for your tv. If you don’t mind you can factory reset your tv and try , might work, hit or miss.
  14. Yeah, I have been using it on my 2018 4K tv since its launch on March 22,2019. The app has some bugs but not a deal breaker. Bugs like sometimes it fails to start due to server time mismatch and you have to click on retry once and it starts just fine, the other is no subtitles in the big bang theory. Rest all is good, picture quality is superb , much better than the firestick that I was using earlier. Interface is basically the same. make sure you are on the latest webOS version. Below 3.5 is not compatible as of now. EDIT - This has happened the first time yesterday night ,the app has stopped playing anything at all. Server Error. Unable to generate security certificate. A lot of people have been facing problems, but i was lucky enough to get away with just an app restart but not today. Hotstar is the worst.
  15. If your soundbar has and HDMI ARC port use that to connect to the tv, also turn on HDMI CEC / LG Simplink in settings.

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