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  1. Sony LIV has finally confirmed that the app is under development and will be released soon. Very clearly.
  2. If you don’t mind can you share the AVR model and tv model you have ? I assume you see DD+ on your AVR right?
  3. This is a user forum and LG doesn’t respond here. Its upto SonyLIV to provide the app, who are delaying it. If you want to do something, reach sony liv on twitter. Its better to buy a firestick for more options on apps. If you want to go buy an android tv , go ahead LG isn’t reading this and they don’t care.
  4. If you want to so many apps you should get the airtel xstream box or fire tv stick. Even then there is no tv in India that can show live tv channels over the internet for free legally. I am sure if you can spend a lakh rupees on the tv you sure can buy a firestick or airtel xstream box. You will have a host of apps on them. Apps on mobile are not available as same on tv . Be it LG / Samsung or Sony. Even the airtel xstream and jio set top boxes don’t have the same airtel xstream app and jio tv app as in the mobile respectively. Both don’t provide live tv channels.
  5. Yes, they do that. Whenever a mainstream app is released its always there on my tv automatically, never had to install one.
  6. The app is available for mobiles only. Xstream app won’t be coming for any smart tv. Its better you get an Xstream box. Its only Rs.2249 and you can have the android tv experience as well. Even then you won’t be able to watch live tv channels via internet, as even the airtel xstream box with xstream app doesn’t have that feature.
  7. This software version AFAIK. WebOs version should 4.xx or 3.xx. Look more.
  8. Look for the WebOS version you have under TV Information.
  9. Delete the app. Restart the tv. wait for atleast 3 mins. Reinstall and login again. if still doesn’t work mail to [email protected] , make sure to attach the screenshot.
  10. It won’t be available ever. It was made clear by LG. Only 2019 models get airplay support. Yours is a 2018. Get an apple tv if you want the tv+ streaming and airplay.
  11. A lot of people are facing different sort of problems with Disney Plus. Same tv models different problems. Same Is happening for other devices as well. Give it altleast 15 days to stabilise.
  12. Yes. Which version of WebOS do you have? Or which tv? Look for it in the content store!
  13. Voot was released last month for supported televisions . No clue on Sony LIV. Sony is not providing any concrete answers even if the app is under development.
  14. Airtel TV app is not coming to WebOS. Neither it is/ would be available on any other smart tv’s. Same goes for Jio TV. Even Airtel’s new smart set top box Airtel Xstream doesn’t have it.
  15. Why don’t you to tweet @disneyplus and ask them about the app, do they have plans or maybe its already under development?

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