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    Hi, I really hope that LG WebOS can add on the IFLIX apps ( http://iflix.com ) for a user in Asia (especially Malaysia) and the Middle East Country. I very sure it will boost up the LG tv market and sell. Thank you.
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    Hello Just wanted to know is there any chance to add SHAHID.NET VOD to our LG smart tv as Samsung did. It will be a great addition for us in north africa and middle east. Thank you.
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    I have noted that TV WebOS is very slow and when you start TV it taking long time to go to any menu. Is there any way to make it fast ? Is there any way that it will update program guide quickly ? Is it possble to change Change font size ? Does magic remote cofigurable ? Is it possible to change remote scroll wheel to sound insted of changing channel ? If you connect to any HDMI device it taking long time to switch back to normal TV mode some time it requied to switch off an switch on. This is dumb OS. I should have check before buying it. Please any one has answer to make it fast ? Is it is possible to change OS if I dont want to use WebOS ? New buyer please check before you jump to WebOS
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    Hi, HotStar is very popular application in india which allows you to watch tv shows/movies and lot more. I don't see its app available on LG Store. Any plan to launch Hotstar app for WebOS Store?? Thanks, Bhavesh
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    I have to say I was not happy to find out that none of the premium channels are supported. I have to disagree that LG doesn't have some influence on the apps. The fact is the software doesn't support flash. That's between LG and Adobe. Funny Netflix and Amazon Apps work just fine.. I really wish they would address this issue.
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    I feel so ripped off by LG and what pisses me off more is that CNET and other review sites didn't mention this.
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    This is crap!! If I had known I couldn't get HBO Go on my new LG Smart TV I would NEVER have bought it!!
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    had written to hotstar team for this and got below reply Currently, our Hotstar App is not compatible with Smart/Android TV. However, it is in the Development phase and will be made available soon. Once we upgrade our platform to HTML 5 it should be compatible with WebOS as well. As this may take a while, your patience is appreciated. In the meanwhile, you can watch videos on your Smart TV using a Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick Device.
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    Best solution I have found. Download a screen share app / Tv cast when you sync your phone to Tv and play a movie or tv show via the Tv share app on Tv it dose not crash. Works 100%
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    It appears the LG needs to update their app to support the latest version of Hulu (according to Hulu.) Until this done, there is only limited Hulu access available. When will LG update the Hulu app to support the latest Hulu lineup and features?
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    Startz play and shaihd.net applications not found in LG app store , those app exist in competitor tv ! possible add theme in near time ? regards
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    Nothing less than a Solution will be satisfactory to me. Spent premium price; expect premium picture AND at least synchronized sound. Let us hope that "Life's Good" and also get the sound good. (It is also my opinion that the so-called owners manual is less than Meager.)
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    I have the lip sync problem too and based on my search for an answer there are lots of people who have this problem. The one workaround I have found is turning off the Dolby sound output from my directv box and changing it to PCM. Of course this means I have no Dolby sound to go along with the beautiful picture, but at least the sound is not 5 seconds behind that picture. It sure would be nice if someone from LG would post something about this, if not a solution then at least an explanation of the problem.
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    This Message is for LG Developers, Hi Folk, pls. talk to Synology to develop DS Video for WebOS on LG TV's. I've three TV's and two LG Monitors at home, but I'll change to Samsung if nothing happens very soon.
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    I also agree for Iflix application for LG smart TV.I am from Myanmar.
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    This was my response from LG. What a bunch of BS! Hi Leon, Thank you so much for contacting LG Email Services. It is our pleasure to assist you with your inquiries or concerns about your LG devices. I understand that you are curious on why the HBO GO or Showtime Anytime application is still unavailable with the LG 55UJ6540 TV. With regards to your concern, please allow me to inform you that in order for LG to add an application to the list of application it can offer to our valued customers like you, LG and the developer of the application needs to reach an agreement that our units can carry the application and offer it to our customers. Now, such agreement is not yet existing and this is the reason why the application is still unavailable with the unit and the information if there are any updates for this is unavailable here on our end. I hope that you will understand. Please allow me to inform you that we strive to make our customers happy with the features of our products and that is the reason why we cherish the feedback and suggestions that we receive form our valued customers like you. Trough our internal ticketing system, we can create a ticket for your feedback about the HBO Go/Showtime Anytime applications and send it to our Software Development team. If you will ever be interested, please provide us your contact number so we can create an account for you here on our end that we can use to send the ticket for your feedback. Please let me also inform you that you that you may get in touch with the service provider to provide a feedback if they can create an app for the LG TVs because if the service providers detects that there is a high user request for an app to be created for LG TVs, they might create one. I hope that this information have been helpful to you. It has been a pleasure assisting you today! If you have any other questions or concerns, please don&#39t hesitate to contact us again via Email, Live Chat, or by calling the LGCustomer Service at 1-800-243-0000.
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    I Agreed...iFlix and LG brand also famous in Indonesia, tks
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    i think this is user to user forum only & LG supporters wont reply..
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    Howdy, Bought myself an LG 60UH770T-HT (in Australia) and love it. It's the first 'smart' TV I've seen where the OS doesn't make me want to make it un-smart, Android on TVs is just awful in my experience. Is running LG Software version 3.17.20 at present and Web OS 3.1.2-1217 (dreadlocks-denali). I'm really keen to find out if I can install 3rd party apps such as a replacement web browser for the very limited one that came installed with the TV etc.... Things I'd like to do / find out if I can do: Upgrade the inbuilt hard drive to a larger SSD. Install a better web browser (one that's updated, security patched, allows downloads etc...). See if I can enable any more advanced settings. Customise the interface layout. Train the smart remote to the IR codes for my QUAD Vena integrated amp.I contacted LG via twitter and they weren't at all helpful, essentially blew me off to talk over the phone then changed that to logging something with the Australian only website, they didn't even respond when I said that the QUAD was a UK brand and widely used all over the world, they made it pretty clear they didn't care. Twitter convo started here: https://twitter.com/s_mcleod/status/756353546245672961 Moved to a DM convo LG support blowing me off.pdf Contribute back any learning / information I find out to help others. Mirror my iPhone directly to the TV, I'm hoping there's an Airplay receiver app out there somewhere. Add Getflix, or a quick way to switch between DNS servers to the UI. And probably a lot more.
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    Ok, here's some help.......I've been trying to solve this problem since Christmas! First. there is NO password, it is negotioted between tv and computer and you cant' see it. It's also different each time. You need to follow my next instruction EXACTLY, unless you don't mind ponying up 50 bucks for a MS wireless adapter. (hope this ok to post part #...."p3q-00001"). If u prefer to frustrate yourself this method I invented will work 75% of the time.......disconnect tv from internet. Restart it, leave it on screenshare listen mode? take your pick, one is just as good as the other. Reboot computer, and disconnect that from internet temporarily. (router is not needed for screenshare at this point) Right click on desktop, left click on display settings, then left click connect to wireless display, when "lgwebostv" shows up left click on it. After connection is established computer screen will be frozen on tv..........but this is good b/c now the original connection has been made and a "lgwebostv" icon should have been made that you can see in settings>connected devices on your computer. If not, try again. On the tv, settings>network>wifi direct IS USELESS, don't wast your time but it may work if "accept" shows up just for the purpose of establishing this original handshake. Next, reboot tv first then computer, connected to internet, tv not connected. Now desktop>rt click>lt click disp settings>lt click conn to wireless display, then click on "lgwebostv". I noticed when the dots start spinning, and the cancel buttton on tv turns gray you will connect. If it stays red, it won't This feature is the most unreliable and vexing thing I have ever experienced. Like rubber handle on a toilet! LOL Lg software engineers really need to send a fix! Still want to try this? Be prepared to do this over and over till it works each time you need it. Good luck!
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    Can anyone help me where I can find official LG webos support? Local LG guys know zero about webos - they know only "it is simple" :)
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    I am just wondering why LG went with WebOS, when with android TV you are sure that there will be ongoing development and huge team of people working on it. I just hoppe that someone will make available to change OS on TV as you can change it on phone, and i would emidiatly switch to Android TV!
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    Yes, it is quite simple. - Go to future menu by pressing the last card from the main menu; - Find your app; - If you are using magic remote put the cursor over your app and an arrow will appear above the app; - Click on the arrow. The app will pop out from the line. From this point you can rearrange the apps or you can delete the apps by clicking the X from the top of the icon. Check out the picture:
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    Hi, I am new to WebOS and trying to setup my environment. I followed the same steps mentioned here: http://webostv.developer.lge.com/sdk/install-instructions/installing-sdk/ After completing these steps, I found four new applications installed in my system: webOS TV CLI, webOS TV IDE, Oracle VirtualBox, webOS TV Emulator v3.0.0. Now, when I am trying to run Emulator, nothing is happening. I am using macOS High Sierra. Can someone please help me out in this? ☹️
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    Got the same problem with my LG TV - very annoying - been given run around by LG even though they know its an issue Is there a solution to this before I take it further with trading standards etc?
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    Hi everyone! I used to mirroing my TV LG LH6000 with my Galaxy S5 with no problem and just in the first try, until I updated the webOS version to 3.20.40. After that, it's impossible. Every attempt ends with "can't connect. Try again". Anyone passed to the same issue? There's other method I can use to mirroing my cell to the tv? Thanks in advance!
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    Ok. To uninstall the app, long press the OK button and you'll see a "face" icon come up over the app. You can then click on the icon and it will uninstall the app. It sounds like it might have partially loaded and then got hung up. Uninstalling and reinstalling would be your best option at this point. Keep us posted.
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    If it is partially loaded, does it show up in the App Drawer when you hit the "Home" button?
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    I know the (country) location of my TV can be changed through the (hidden) service menu. I know how to access this menu. But where would I find a list of country codes? I specifically need the country code for The Netherlands. (As far as I know 3122 is for UK and 3124 for Italy). Any other codes would be welcome.
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    Yes, this problem has been ongoing for long time. You are lucky to get 40 minutes, I usually get a lot less (on Youtube). LG don't seem willing or able to solve it.
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    ^^^ I always use the DS Video app on my phone and just cast to the TV. Why would having the app on the TV make it any better? I find the response to apps on the phone and casting much quicker than comparable apps on my LG TV.
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    Hi guys, The STARZ PLAY LG webOS app is available on the LG Content Store since the 26th of December 2017 for webOS 2.X and 3.X devices (2015 onwards)
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    If you could create an application to access the google drive, it would be great. To allow show photos, videos, mp3 ... It is possible via web browser, but it is terribly slow!
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    We don't know until LG comes out with more information, which will probably be next week at CES.
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    Hi Peggy Glad you was able to get it going. I myself got my TV up to par as well. For some reason it was the Ethernet cable that caused the problem. I have WiFi as well hooked up to the TV so I thought I would try disconnecting the cable and it worked. I don't know why but it did. Downloaded all agreement's and re plugged in the Ethernet cable and all is well..
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    Check this http://www.lg.com/ca_en/support/product-help/CT20098013-20150269322984-others
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    I am using PLDT Fibr Under advance settings of your connection, change your DNS to Thanks to Sir Poi of LG Philippines Customer Service
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    Disappointed in Smart TV. Other than OTA TV through Tablo, most TV we watch is on Sling. On the Roku app we can use the Sling DVR. But on the LG TVOS app, we can not. I confirmed this with Sling and LG. Now when someone asks me about the TV I am tempted to suggest they get a UHD TV, but not bother with SMART. Am I wrong? Something to be done?
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    A long time ago I also had this problem (but I don't think it was with the LG tv). What I had to do was set the screen mode on 'game' or 'movie'. This way the tv doen't process the image and the delay is minimal. Hope this helps.
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    After struggling with this problem for almost a month I finally decided to send it back and get a different model. I got a 50" 4k HDR Samsung TV yesterday and it's such a massive improvement. Didn't have to do any sound sync adjustment, it just works with the Samsung sound bar as you'd expect. So easy. It' such a relief. I am over the moon with my Samsung. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing the same or similar problems to what I described, send it back and get a different TV, preferably not LG. LG have proven themselves entirely incompetent throughout this fiasco. It appears they simply don't care that an entire range/batch of TVs are faulty.
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    agree. pls add iflix dear lgwebos.
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    KarenIf you’re an active member of the webOS community these days, you’ll know we’re a small, tight-knit group of friendly folks. Our three subgroups tend to be mostly free-time developers, advanced users, and those that are hanging on to the form factor/mobile OS despite its limited services and with little regard for the do-it-all-for-you modern devices. The forums on webOS Nation continue to be the primary source for communication and provide the venue for meeting the occasional “newcomer” to our little slice of the web. This is the story of one such friend of webOS. Meet Karen… …a complete stranger swimming in the sea of internet anonymity like us all. I met Karen via twitter. @alan_morford Found you on WebOSNation. I'm using an original Pre as my primary, have a new Veer that I'd love to get up and running. Way above my paygrade. Can I hire you? Also, lifelong Cubs fan. If that helps — Karen T Madden (@karentmadden) November 13, 2017 To read her full backstory check out her first post on the forums but I’ll summarize: she had 3 Sprint Pres since 2009 which all died slow deaths physically, she bought a Veer with intent to switch to a GSM carrier but the setup steps were a bit daunting, so she reached out to the community for help. You may notice the time gap between her post and the tweet above. The Veer sat in the box for about a year and in the meantime she had been using a semi-crippled Sprint Pre and an unnamed Android device to get through her work and home life. She needed assistance with the Veer and I offered to help. But Karen’s story does not end with sending me the Veer nor is this a tale of getting a webOS user back up and running. What I learned from helping her was two-fold because while Karen is a specific person, she represents something bigger. Karen is “every man”…well, as it relates to the quiet masses of unnamed people out there still using webOS. There are more people still using webOS than we in the community realize. The forum may number in the 100s but there are likely 5-10x that still out there plugging away with that tacky keyboard and brittle slider. These folks will find us eventually on the forums. We must be ready and willing to assist. webOS is still impacting people’s lives in the original ways Palm strived to achieve. Connecting everything via synergy, fast task switching, and everything accessible via a “Just type” search among others. But this only encapsulates the “what” in webOS’ draw. I’ll let Karen tell you the “why” in the words she shared upon receiving the Veer back from me (emphasis added). “I’d been telling myself it’s ‘just a phone’ but…using it today, I know that webOS is so much more for me. I powered [the Veer] this morning and, I just don’t have words. It’s that July day back in 2009, all over again. Except…back then I was meeting a new friend, who, I thought, might help me live my life on my terms. The Pre was the first device I carried ubiquitously. Today, though, flipping through cards, running apps, it’s a long lost friend and partner, returning to my life. I hadn’t realized how it had been slipping away, one function at a time, with the Pre. You never know what you have until you’ve lost it. I can’t even express what this means to me. …I drive so hard in life, and depend on a few tools and people to enable my work. Years ago, when I was playing cello professionally, my daughter broke my cello, [I thought] permanently. It was in the shop for over a month, and while I had an exquisite loaner to use, it wasn’t the cello I had used every day for 25 years. Everything was just a tiny bit….off. Everything […] required extra thought, extra awareness. I finally got my cello back, restored. I didn’t have words then either. This feels exactly the same. Having a phone that is intuitive allows me to focus on the big stuff! I will put it succinctly: webOS is a superlative tool that allows me to focus on work and do great good. My contributions to this world would be diminished without it.” Well said, Karen. webOS itself was quite the contribution to the world. And our little community, however small, still makes a big impact not in the market but in the lives of its users. It’s awesome to give back to those that make our little community great especially during the season of giving. Thanks webOS Nation! #webOSforever Related posts: UPDATE: Special Investigations Unit asks webOS Users for Help in Murder Case LuneOS Is All About Users View the full article
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    Agree to have iflix app on LG smart TV
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    Hi LG, We are looking forward your webOs to support IFLIX. WE REALLY NEED IT. PLEASE LET US KNOW.
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    Agree with the request for iflix apps as well. It is like netflix for asia people, a must have.
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    Why does it say server error when loading user agreements internet is working fine please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am having the same issue with my Hulu app and I have the same tv. It is very annoying. Sometimes shutting the tv off and powering it up doesn't work either. I have to uninstall and reinstall for it to work. If anyone has a solution to this issue please share.
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    I still did not managed to solve the issue though found a workaround by switching to another wifi connnection. By connecting to another internet source, I managed to successfully install apps.
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