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    Hilarious response. [emoji23]
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    @mohanad Ibrahim From what I can see so far, the cause is that the Vestel manufactured LED backlight strips turn blue after some time, and can then fail completely. These are what produces the white brightness behind the coloured pixel leds. These were supplied to MANY TV manufacturers for a time, so many brands and models may get this. If you are from the UK, you might be able to claim on the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (the item must be fit for purpose for 6 years). See: https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/445366/Why+does+everything+have+a+blue+tint for background. See this site for replacements, but be warned, the TV will need a very complex strip-down to get at the screen internal "guts" where these bars are that will need replacing (see the Youtube video - you will need some good expertise and care to do it). The parts are around £65, more for genuine LG, so could easily be £150 - £250 plus for an TV tech to do it. BARS: https://tvledbars.com/?s=43uj630v-ta&post_type=product TYPICAL HOW-TO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5Zyqowl6zg
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    Sorry to disappoint you but your tv won’t be receiving any updates. As for smart tv updates and blaming LG that it has stopped providing updates, its the same with every manufacturer. Even android tvs stop getting updates in 2-3 years. Its always better to buy an external device for this purpose. They last longer and can be upgraded when needed. Buy a firestick or an apple tv whichever suits you. There are many more options. Firestick is just 2000 INR. Does your android phone receive updates for more than 3 years? No, however expensive it may be. Its the same case here. I am not defending LG just providing the solution and wanting you to accept the reality.
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    Does anyone from LG see these posts? It's just staggering. Selling a bunch of TV models not fit for purpose!
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    I kept getting this error and resolved it by setting the location to UK although I'm not living there. I tried using smart DNS and VPN but I still got the error until I did the location change.
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    I want to add another post to this thread, but since I posted last, it appears that my new "answer" is being appended to the one I last wrote, which was from about four hours ago. Anyway, the TV suddenly started working right. I don't know why. I turned it on and got an alert that the system had been updated (I had previously enabled auto-update). Now apps are also installing. So, all is now as I expected it to be.
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    Sell it and buy Android TV.
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    It would be interesting to know if people actually do some research before buying a TV. If you know that you predominantly use Android based apps, why not buy an Android based TV? Alternatively get a small Android box and connect to your TV. Problem solved.
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    Android emulator on WebOS? Not sure there is any available at this stage but why not get an Android based TV instead? Problem solved.
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    Hello Everyone, I have 2014 LG 47LB750T tv and I am happy with the TVs performance. It has just updated to newer 05.05.25 firmware. New apps are getting added in the store. I have been following HotStar app in my phone from quite a long time. It has a very good list of shows and movies list. I was wondering if we can have HotStar app for our WebOS tv as well. Recently DittoTV app has too been added which is a boon for those who have frequent DTH cable connection problem. It directly streams live over the Internet and package is very economical. If LG Developers can also introduce HotStar app for our LG TV it will be a big boost to the platform as it is very popular in India. They also have their own Original series just like Netflix which are also very good. So requesting devs to kindly introduce HotStar app for our WebOS TVs. Thank You. Link to the HotStar website: http://www.hotstar.com/
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    The sales person in showroom pushed for LG saying it has better sound and picture richness. But obviously didn't reveal big shortcomings of non-android smart TV in today's ecosystem. This is useless as you are not having freedom to install apps of your choice from playstore. I can't even get Sonyliv. Horrible OS. Now I am trapped for years after buying this TV. Don't buy LG or other non-android TV unless you can affford to throw it in weeks. When will LG grow up?
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    @trphilip Hotstar is available only for webos 3.5+ tvs. I mailed hotstar team many times to support atleast 3.0 but they are not working on it. They say it is because of technical limitations on webos 3.0
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    @George Hofmeister voot is available on webos but if i remember correctly only for webos 4.5 + devices.
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    @Jayaram zee5 app is available on webos and iam using it. The app is available from webos 3.0. If you cant see the app in the app Store please check your webos version and the set location or you can contact zee5 team for the same if your tv is above 3.0 version and location is set to india
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    @AndreasW In the meantime, after researching @George Hofmeister excellent feedback, have you thought of using a laptop, and controlling the YT app from there, and using the Windows 10 "project screen" functionality? It won't be ideal, but hopefully more controllable and less buggy that on the TV directly. NOTE: I have had feedback that users need to update the Windows 10 OS to the latest feature Upgrade (that is 20H2 that some call the "October Update"), as it will make the Screen Mirroring (Project Screen) work better for more TV types. The name 20H2 means the update for "second half of 2020" as they went away from YYYYMM naming strings, as the release time-frame could not always be done in the month intended. If your device or country/area cannot get that update yet, update to the older "2004" May update and try the Project Screen,, Failing that, try using an HDMI cable connection, if your PC/Laptop device has an HDMI socket.
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    Hey @George Hofmeister, Thanks for this! I will definitely invest some time there! 🙂 If I find any solution I will let you guys know. Best Andreas
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    Hi all, I own a LG UH650T TV and have been trying to playback content with Sinhala Language/Font Subtitles support but unfortunately the WebOS doesn't seem to have the correct encoding settings/Sinhala font characters installed into the software for correct playback of the subtitles and therefore the subtitles do not show up on the TV at all. I would be very grateful if you are able to bring up this issue with WebOS Software Developer Teams to enable Sinhala Language Subtitles Support within the LG WebOS. Your co-operation and assistance regarding this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you and kind regards,
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    Just saw this post and yes my LG B7 manufactured in Nov. 2017 has the Disney+ app.
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    @leader6234 You can check your signal and cable with one of these (from $10 or so): https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Sat-TV-Signal-Finder-TV-Signal-Finders/67882/bn_7029675674?rt=nc&_sop=15
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    @123telford123 I think @George Hofmeister is asking if you have paired the speaker to the TV. Older sets cannot do this, the blutooth is used mainly for the Magic Remote. Please post the TV model, some later models may have more functionality with BlueTooth . Check your manual or TV specs.
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    A recent YouTube update on my LG smart 55 inch TV has disabled the slidebar on the YouTube app. I'm unable to forward or reverse a video, the video starts replaying from the beginning. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
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    Have 05.80.55 on my 65B7P, no problems encountered so far, the tv is set to auto firmware update so can’t tell from when it runs it. But The thing that irritates me about this oled tv is permanent image burning. I can see a cnn square ghost on different colors especially orange. I’ ll post a thread.
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    @Roadrunner99 There is always a risk using software the might not be well tested for a specific TV and country mix. Also, the HOTSTAR could have bugs of its own, when used on certain TV models. I would say it could be a 50/50 chance that the Hotstar app has bugs, and the firmware has bugs.
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    @kimbovk1984 Translated the above: " hello good [people], I have a television lg webos tv oled55b7v and the image and the colors do not look good. I need someone who can show me how to configure [it]". As no-one on this forum will be able to "see" the issue, or know what you current settings actually are, it would be almost impossible to know how to advise you on what to do. You need to call in a local TV technician, and let him take a look, and set things to how you want them.
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    @JuliusCaesar First, on the laptop, check that it is on the same WiFi band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) as the TV. Then on the laptop, go to ALL Settings (from the notifications bottom right), key in "media" without the quotes in the search box, and when you see "Media Streaming" select that. If it is off, click the "turn it on" banner, and set all discovered devices you want to "stream" (or cast) to to ALLOW in the tick-boxes (make sure that they are ALL turned on first of course)! Then try again. If you still have issues, ensure you are at the latest Feature Update on Windows 10 (that could be the April 2020 one, called "2004", or the new October one called "20H2". I hear that the later one is MUCH better than the "2004" one! Failing all of the above, you may have to resort to using "Smartshare" on the laptop (downloadable program) and TV, but I always found it very clunky and unreliable.
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    @David Ramplin I HAVE seen something similar posted on here, and it MIGHT be related to TV firmware or WebOS updates on certain models. This is only a Peer to Peer forum, and has NO control or voice, or feed DIRECTLY into LG. If this is a recent issue, and you think it is caused by a recent update, please report it to LG support in your country. The more user who report issue, the quicker the resolution (in theory anyway). 😊
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    The the past three (3) weeks Sling App looses my login credentials and/or lists and error message. I've had to uninstall and reinstall the Sling App multiple times on both of my LG OLED 55" & 65" tv's. I've contacted Sling and their customer services noted they are aware of this issue with LG and some Samsung TV's and have no updates on when it will be resolved. Anyone have the same issue? Greatly appreciated any suggestions on how to cure this issue., thx.
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    I'd have thought recoding the programme guide would not be a major job for the world's largest TV manufacturer. Anyway I got rid of my LG and bought a set from it's biggest competitor. Instantaneous programme guide. To be fair to LG it has a far better signal diagnostic. The competitor only shows "signal quality" whereas the LG diagnostic shows signal strength as well. It also shows a list of the TV channels on each Mux . Good signal diagnostics are essential for pointing your aerial, especially in weak signal locations. I also complained to Which, who consistently rates this TV as a best-buy. It has actually mentioned the slow programme guide for some sets, but it doesn't reduce the number of 'stars'. They said they would pass my complaint on to the reviewing team, but no change in recent ratings.
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    I see no one from LG has the couteousy to even bother to answer this issue . Won't be buying an LG TV again. Zero customer service. Plus, this forum is full of spam ads. The whole experience sucks. I have complained to Which magazine, the consumer guardians, so that they factor this poor customer experience in when they review LG TV's in future.
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    @Tony Levy Most of the "magic remotes" use 2 different technologies to support the buttons. Some use regular "IR" (Infra-Red) like standard remotes, while other buttons (like the HOME button, and the ballistic "red cursor") use Bluetooth (like a wireless PC Mouse). Test that your Bluetooth functionality is working on the TV side by pressing the Home button. If it works OK, and you can select your TV APPS with the left and right, then the Bluetooth side is working, and the issue is likely to be the remote itself, possibly the ballistic motion detector "chip" inside it. If the Home button does NOT work, check out how to Re-Pair the remote with the TV Bluetooth. Try this if pairing is the issue:
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    I am afraid ITV and My5 dont work on smartdns there is no work around for this the only otherway is via vpn as you have Nordvpn maybe you can use this to see ITV etc. Otherwise you would need a special vpn router useing ddwrt or tomato firmware maybe https://www.sabaitechnology.com/vpn-routers/ i use one works fine on openvpn from Nordvpn had one for many years now.
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    See my post, I consider the only way is to replace with a Samsung.
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    Told them its all over the Internet! Plenty of forums etc for you to see this issue on. I just find it astonishing that 2 years later and 2020 models still not got this sorted. It's just crazy.
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    Dear LG team How to get SONYLIV AND VOOT KIDS app in LG store to install in my LG webos TV
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    Hi @luis santos Thanks for the feedback, I am sure some forum users will take on board you valuable feedback and endeavour to give a crap.
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    You can have Mx player when it appears in the lg content store. That is how they do it.
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    I'm so disappointed and angry at myself that I didn't check it before purchasing C9 OLED... I wouldn't even thought that it can be such a big deal and problem... I don't get it why company such as LG doesn't care to create one more app to meet needs of such big community like Synology users... It seams that they don't want Webos to be competitive to Android platform at all... Shame on them...
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    We need DS Video app for Sinology NAS. samsung already has it.
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    No it will not play because on webOS, forced TV mode on it's OS prvents mxplayer from playing. This cannot be changed unless you jailbreak OS. I was planning to buy a new smart TV of a higher screen size and I have decided I will not buy LG or Samsung that have proprietary OS like webOS or Tizen. VU would be good idea and I will examine the OS of other brands too. No more buying TV's with proprietary OS. This is the 2nd time I am moving away from LG. Earlier I junked their Washing machine as their franchisee service centres are frauds and change even good parts. and the washing machine was tearing clothes.
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    My LG Tv model Webos UJ634V Webos version - 5.80.55 How to install Disney hotstar in my LG Tv. Still it’s not showing in content store .
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    I have the same problem. The content store has gone missing. Only premium store available with 5 apps in it. Using a 50LB650V-ZN.
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    What I have found is that lg is not fixing this issue they have known about for multiple yrs I see reference of this is as old as 2014. This has nothing to do with your network at all, I am a network engineer and this is an web os issue. First I scan the WiFi signal near the tv I find it is strong and there are multiple networks around however the tv doesn’t see any of them at all. second I turn off quick start, no change also the security setting is not a fix due to the fact the Web os has either shut off the WiFi board or lost it in code an can’t locate it again until reboot again this is lg issue not yours restart tv is a solution but not reasonable this would mean that I would have to reboot the tv multiple times an hour something I don’t have to do with anything else in my WiFi network with this regularity third I try to setup the network manually this proves just as bad as auto settings because the WiFi turns its self off and without rebooting the tv has no fix at all lg engineers obviously haven’t a clue as to how to fix this issue or are intentionally not looking into this issue now I have read of people having lg repair replace WiFi cards and mobs however this still doesn’t fix the issue. So I ask how is this related to my network when everything else on the WiFi network works as expected .....it isn’t you it’s lg failure lg stop blaming the consumer of your bad product and fix it i look forward to an update to your faulty WiFi software and hope it comes soon
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    Pdf reader for webos is necessary absolutely.
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