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    Hi guys, i recently bought the Lg 42LB650V and yesterday it automatically updated, and i have a problem, when i am using a app for log time, like watching video on youtube, after a while it say's me something like "Out of Memory, app closed". Please help me what can i do. It displayed this error before the update but never in the youtube app, only when browsing. and i have another problem, when i am watching a video on the web browser, after 10-15 minutes, it displays the same out of memory error, and i watched the same video on my friend's lg smart tv that hasn't got webOs, has got the old Lg smart tv OS, cinema 3d , and i watched the complete video without any error, and did lot of other stuff and didn't got the out of memory error. I bought this LG thinking that it's a new model so it will not have problems, if i can watch in the old TV, why not in the new TV. Please help me, i am very worried because i will have to change the TV because of the same error that i got in my Sony Smart TV that i returned to the store. HEEEEELP Please.
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    Here is webOS channel sort/editor. This is a small intuitive software for easy edit and sort your tv, cable or satellite channels. Download here: https://github.com/PredatH0r/ChanSort/releases
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    No it isn't simple guys. These icons are just shortcuts to installed applications. Removing them does not uninstall applications from TV. To remove installed applications, you must reset TV to factory settings - very stupid, but true.
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    Bought a new 65" Smart TV, all the preoaded apps You Tube, Netflix etc are restarting after couple of minutes with "this app will now restart to free up more memory" message.
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    Will not have? please update. Please fix, amazon prime plzz
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    Hello Guys, I tried it without any problem which the TV accepted the new firmware upgrade.
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    Update - and a resolution. I reset the TV to initial state. During the new setup I again chose Denmark as location. The result was depressing - still no keyboard. I then reset the TV again, and this time choose UK as location. Now I got the keyboard. Afterwards I set location back to Denmark, and voila, keyboard is working with Location = Denmark. Note, that Danish is a support keyboard language, and can be added under General. - Michael
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    Hi Andy, I have the same problem on my 65UH8507. I've called the service center in my country, Romania. So , follow these steps: 1. Uninstall the apps you do not use 2. Uninstall the app you use frequently. Mine was Netflix. 3.Turn off and unplug the TV set and wait for 5-10 minutes. 4. Plug the TV set. Turn on 5. Reinstall the app you use frequently. It worked for me. I hope this will works for you either. Regards,
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    UPDATING YOUR FIRMWARE The firmware that powers your LG Ultra HD 4K Smart TV with webOS should be updated from time to time to enhance your experience and improve its operation. Thankfully, this can be done easily and quickly, right at home. Watch this quick video to learn more. Or follow the easy steps below to get started. HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO UPDATE MY FIRMWARE? Firmware updates don't happen frequently, so you should be fine checking for updates every other month. HOW DO I CHECK FOR, AND DOWNLOAD, AVAILABLE FIRMWARE UPDATES? Before you do anything, make sure you have an Ethernet cord connected directly from your router to your television. Wireless Internet connections are not reliable enough for firmware updates. Use this diagram if you need help getting set up: ONCE YOUR TV HAS A WIRED CONNECTION, DO THE FOLLOWING: Press the MENU Click SYSTEM SETTINGS Then ABOUT Then SYSTEM UPDATES You'll be advised that your system is currently up to date or requested to select CHECK NOW for the latest update. If a new version is available, it downloads automatically. FIRMWARE UPDATES WILL ALSO UPDATE LG ULTRA HD 4K SMART TV AND LG APPS AT THE SAME TIME.
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    Hi guys, I have received my LG TV with webOS 3.0 today. I am looking to install a few Apps available on Google Play, however, it seems Google Play is not installed on the webOS software pre-installed. I can only find Google Play Movies and TV, which does not allow me to install 3rd party Apps. Is there a way to install Google Play app and 3rd party apps ? Many thanks
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    No, It doesn't work. So, don't say it's quite easy. I'm *very* disappointed with my LG TV. The Web OS is rubbish.
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    Ditto TuneIn for WebOs 3. It's available for Samsung Smart TVs why not LG?
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    Next good option which should be add for WebOs 2.0 is Sorting Channel alphabetic in manager channel and also option export channel to file on USB memory in format xxx.TTL Now i can not find how i can export channel list to file TTL in my model LG 49UF7787. All way which i found not working for me.
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    Lg tv WebOS,Is their a way to make youtube videos default to HD if available ...
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    I bought the LG 65UF770V which was delivered last weekend and I knew that this will not have a Skype app. I contacted the LG customer services and their reply was that Microsoft discontinued the support for Skype on LG. So this is something LG has to sort out with Microsoft I guess. It's not that LG is incapable of making a app where as they have done a fantastic job with the webOS 2.0. I love the other apps such as Netflix, Amzon and youtube. I hope and wish that LG will create a Skype app too. Microsoft should support more on this. Looks like they are after more money..
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    Yes, I mentioned that in my post; "Display Video Info" will display the video resolution you are viewing and the codec. You stated that it will never play 4K. I can testify that it does, in fact, play 4k YouTube videos. Proof: http://screencast.com/t/xtFcUUdcrcGH I apologize for the angle; I took a picture of my TV screen with my mobile phone. I truly regret that you are having trouble, but perhaps I can help... In a different post I mentioned an LG glitch which prevented me from getting UHD on the Amazon app. It was the same reason I didn't get UHD/4k from Youtube as well, in the beginning. Here is what I did to remedy the issue: To fix: 1. Make sure you are on the latest WebOS firmware. 2. Uninstall the affected premium app(s.) 3. ReInstall the affected premium app(s.) 4. Re-Launch your affected app(s.) If you are still having the issue and are 100% certain that insufficient bandwidth or speed is the cause, then I can offer you no further suggestions for Amazon. One thing to note for Youtube 4k videos...the bit rates for VP9 seem to vary drastically. You may discover some video content labeled 4K that was not optimally* encoded in vp9. If this is the case you will either: A. Get the 1080p or 720p version of the video, or B. Get severe stuttering and freezing on the 4K version. It is sad, really.. some of those ones I encountered that had the stuttering and freezing were quite beautiful. *That results in a framerate and resolution the LG will handle well.
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    Yes, it is quite simple. - Go to future menu by pressing the last card from the main menu; - Find your app; - If you are using magic remote put the cursor over your app and an arrow will appear above the app; - Click on the arrow. The app will pop out from the line. From this point you can rearrange the apps or you can delete the apps by clicking the X from the top of the icon. Check out the picture:
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    webOS TV SDK V1.2.0 Download Installer Download the proper installer. With the installer, you can choose whether to install with network installer or SDK package. Available packages: Windows 32-bit Installer_win32.zip (8.13M) Windows 64-bit Installer_win64.zip (7.52M) MacOS 64-bit Installer_maxosx.zip (7.38M) Linux 32-bit Installer_linux32.zip (7.94M) Linux 64-bit Installer_linux64.zip (7.59M) SDK Package Download the proper SDK package. To use network installer, you don't need to download the SDK package. Available packages: Windows 32-bit webOS_SDK_win32.zip (1462.29M) Windows 64-bit webOS_SDK_win64.zip (1466.67M) MacOS 64-bit webOS_SDK_mac64.zip (1451.31M) Linux 32-bit webOS_SDK_linux32.zip (1463.35M) Linux 64-bit webOS_SDK_linux64.zip (1462.28M) Please visit the LG site for complete download instructions. See the Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions.
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