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    According to the developer site, the Web Engine powering the Apps and I assume the Web Browser on WebOS is built on version 53 of Chromium (for 2018-2019 models) or Chromium 68 (for 2020 models). Version 53 is from 2016, and 68 is from 2018. The current version is 85. The latest version of JavaScript used by modern websites (ES7) is only supported in version 68 and above, and there has been some evidence that although WebOS is using version 53 of Chromium the browser is not fully compatible with the previous JavaScript version (ES6). The result is that by keeping the WebOS browsers locked in older Chromium bases users will find more websites become unusable on our Smart TVs as old sites are upgraded to new versions and new sites come out. This is not an issue for Android based Smart TVs where users can install current web browsers of their choice. LG is supposed to be a leader in technology- I have been incredibly pleased with my LG phones and other appliances but am extremely disappointed with the proprietary WebOS browser on LG Smart TVs. IN 2020 it is unacceptable thar such a fundamental function of a smart device (web browsing) is so out of date.
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    @td47 I got it working! A new 4K Hdmi Premium cable did the trick. Its odd the other cable also states its 4K but it did not work. I am happy its going good now as I just received my SVS Atmos Height speakers today.
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    We recently got a new LG 43" TV for our bedroom (43UN7300AUD). There are no inputs for this TV as we only want to use it for streaming services (Netflix and Amazon). There is no Antenna hooked up to the TV either since we don't want to watch LiveTV on it (the only Antenna we have is hooked up in our family room to a FireTV Recast, not to a smartTV). When we turn on the TV it auto-tunes to channel 2-0. Since there is no antenna, this is just loud snow. Even when we go to the dashboard, it defaults to showing liveTV and hence more snow & noise. Even though the LG TV stations are enabled and working it will always tune to 2-0 when I turn the TV on. I've tried going through the menu and cannot find any setting to change this. I'd be happy removing or disabling "LiveTV" as an option and would love it to start with the dashboard with LiveTV not expanded/active. Even clicking on the amazon prime button takes time and we get several seconds of the snow before the smart features startup. With more and more people only using streaming services, I have to believe the TV supports our use case and should not try to ever use liveTV. Is there a setting I missed in the menu to stop it from always trying to go to liveTV when I turn the TV on? Or at the very least make it tune to an LG channel on start to avoid the snow? Update: of course, right after posting thisI did find that you can use the amazon prime button on the remote to turn the TV on. I still would like to fix the dashboard playing snow and would prefer to have the TV not try to use liveTV if I use the power button to turn the TV on. Thank you
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    It is a DNS sinkhole but its usefull to determine what domains the tv is trying to access. Better alternative would be using software like WireSharck or if you Router/Gateway having IP monitoring tools.
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    For those who get frequent WiFi connection drop-outs, I picked this bit of useful info from another forum. Note that this may well apply to many other LG models than the C9, as they often use common WiFi internal cards/modules: "Network/Ethernet/Wi-Fi Problem: C9 [or other models] will lose the wireless connection and you have to reconnect daily (but wired is stable); Conditions: TV is connected to a 5GHz router; Cause: (1) the router may be unstable on the 5GHz band [possibly too far from router]; (2) the router has the 5GHz band set on a higher channel - over 100; Resolution: (1) change the TV to the 2.4GHz band (2) set the channel [in the ROUTER advanced WiFi settings]!! for the 5GHz band below 100 (ex. 40-50) - [channel 36 is often OK]."
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    Excellent post, something LG might finally listen to due to its technical basis. If you agree please reply to the OP’s post because change in this topic is way overdue. LG WE WANT CHANGE!
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    It might be useful to use a Pi-Hole to determine what type of DNS queries the tv is doing.
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    If you are using freesat a lot of channels are not in hd but if watched through firestick stations are in hd so yes there is a difference nothing to do with the tv.
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    @td47 After the firmware update, only the 5Ghz network had a problem with using the hyphen. The 2Ghz network continued to function well even with a hyphen in the network name. I really believe that it is a bug in the firmware version, however, it is possible to continue using the device normally just by making this change to the SSID of the 5Ghz network. An easy problem to solve but difficult to discover .....
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    I managed to fix the problem. I discovered that the problem was the name of my wifi that contained special characters, I removed those characters and it worked. The wifi name changed from "Kameouse-A-5G" to "KamehouseA5G".
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    No its not possible. Since your WebOS is already outdated kind off, Its better to get an external device like fire tv stick or mi stick or airtel xstream box. You will have a host of options. Just get an external device, why take unnecessary stress when a 2000₹ device can solve all your problems. Its with all OS, support is discontinued sooner or later. Netflix recently stopped supporting a series of Samsung TVs and Sony as well.
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    Please provide Airtel Xstream App in LG WebOS Smart TV
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    @Gaogier No, the bit of extra internal storage on some models is (usually) for holding small amounts of live TV footage for pausing, or doing very small amounts of "Time Machine" recordings. The external USB storage connectors are for using either USB sticks, to play music files from, or display photos, or for connecting a camera. Most newer models have a USB3 socket, that most folks use for adding a self-powered 1TB Seagate or Western Digital (or similar) HDD hard-drive (via the supplied cable), and this can be used for the scheduling of "Time machine II" recordings. The OS Memory and APPS memory is only on the assigned internal memory (hardware chips) of the TV, and is NOT available for "expanding" in any way, so the apps are always internally allocated there. The size, format and quality of user added external memory is such a big variable, that the manufacturer could NEVER control (or allow) such a thing to be able to successfully use such a scheme. Many users are surprised by such limitations, as they are trying to compare them with PC architectures, but they are worlds apart in that respect. It is (and has to be) a closed eco-system of internal components, so as to work reliably, and seamlessly together. APPLE TV: Did you check the LG apps store on the 6300 TV? If it is not there, would not hold your breath waiting for the APP to appear on your 65UK6300, but you could call LG support and ask directly. This is only an LG forum, NOT owned or run by LG.
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    I have the same "Memory" problems, I run of Ethernet because the wifi is blanked out, I emptied the cashe and set for Private viewing, that seemed to work for a while but back to the same, having to switch off the app for the memory, also get the Network cable not connected, Network cable connected, that no one seems to have got fixed either! I have come to the conclusion LG are just crap! This is my second LG tv , the one I had a few years ago was lcd, it had a good picture, but took 20 minuets to start, 13 months after buying! The sound was crap, I had new speakers and a new motherboard fitted, I stopped at £220 and binned it, looks like this piece of junk will go the same way, expensive lesson, So NOT buy LG!
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    Hello ,I require Airtel xstream app for LG web os
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    Hi @Anvesh Jaggapatruni Yes it is a smart TV but it is not a fully fledged desktop operating system. It is designed to consume content on, not to be used as a day-to-day replacement for a computer.
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    I would like to have a torrent client app (utorrent or bit torrent) in my LG tv, and download files to an external hard disk connected to the tv.
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    No offence but its a tv and not a pc. Use your android phone if you want.
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    Hello friends, i think i found a way to downgrade 2017-2020 models tv (now its not possible by using current methods). The process is carried out through a computer using an RC232 cable. Can we overcome the obstacle to revert to old software using this method? Do you think this is possible? The link I provided is in Turkish, but you can translate it into English. https://www.muratsever.com/lg-tv-yanlis-firmware-cozumu/
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    Hi, i have the LG OLED55B6V. I think that's the right model name? anyhow, I have a pair of Bose qc35 wireless Bluetooth Headphones, which work fine with my LG TV. However, when I pair my Samsung true wireless Bluetooth Headphones, the sound is infinitesimally low, no matter how far I turn the volume up on both devices. Why?
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    I hope LG check this forum. Powerful Browser App like Google Chrome that is able to play videos of Amazon Prime, the default browser is like Kids play, taking ages to load. Able to control streaming quality in apps like Prime Video, Hotstar, NetFlix, Sunnxt etc., i do not understand how hard for any developer to put this feature in app, I think WebOS SDK expose this to developer to provide this feature. File Explorer that allow us to store data in TV Wifi file Transfer App like ShareIT(Android) More Apps(MX Player, Jio Tv, Jio Cinema, Airtel Xtreme, VLC Player etc.....)... i feel the most apps available in the content store are crap and useless Actually i did not do much research before purchasing UK6360PTE TV, I never expected this much difference from Android TV, i do not know how LG even thinking to compete with this WebOS , because people are getting intelligent and do research before purchase of a TV. they definitely find Android TVs more feature rich.
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    Când vom avea aplicația Eurosport Player ?
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    I think you have hit the problem. The wi-fi receiver on TV seems to be very 'deaf'.
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    Have struggled for more than a year to ensure smooth running of apps and reliable connectivity on my new LG 43" smart TV. Finally, the clouds have started to clear, for me at least, by applying the following solutions helped by others making sensible suggestions here and elsewhere online: 1. Use a TP Powerline kit to kid your TV into thinking it has an ethernet connection (i.e. if it doesn't already, an ethernet cable runs from the router directly into your TV's ethernet socket). This investment is little more than £25 and will give greatly increased internet speed and reliability. I am on Vodafone SuperFibre, so somewhere around 70 to 76. Powerline very easy to set up in around 5 minutes. It requires a traditional electric socket by the TV. For the price, you get two 3-pin plugs and two short ethernet cables. One socket needs to be by your TV, so that one ethernet cable can run from the first plug to the TV's ethernet socket. The second plug is put into another electric socket on the same ring in the same room. The second ethernet cable runs from the second plug directly into the router, and is paired with the first plug simply by pressing the button on it. Bob's your uncle if both Powerline plugs are showing 3 green lights. These plugs are never switched off. Your TV now assumes it has an ethernet connection and stops wasting memory trying to look for a wi-fi signal. 2. Disable permanently the TV's wi-fi connection by going into the general settings. My 670UV TV's internet settings indicate WIRED CONNECTION thanks to the Powerline kit, as I cannot locate the TV conveniently near the router in my living room in order to benefit from using an ethernet cable. In addition, I have grown convinced my TV's wi-fi reception is its biggest Achilles heel, as it has never worked from Day One. 3. Disable FAST START in the general settings so that TV performs a cold start (will cost an extra 2 seconds, I reckon) with empty memory every time it is switched on with the remote. It is a fallacy that this wastes any extra electricity, and seems to be an essential part of the solution suggested here. The apparent result of applying the above three steps: 1. No buffering and no stalling or crashing of any of the TV's apps, notably iPlayer, which has up till now been dreadful and pretty much unusable. Apps generally also load quickly and smoothly. 2. Seamless YouTube play including all 4K content which was crashing all the time after a few minutes' play. 3. Better and more stable ITV HUB and Channel 5 apps, which have also hitherto often frozen or crashed. These steps have given my TV a new lease of life, as I had often toyed with returning it to John Lewis on the grounds that it doesn't work. Now, a month into the TV's new regime, I have a TV properly performing as a SMART tv, and can keep what hair I have left after tearing so much out.
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    Go to Settings>Energy Saving>Tun off Screen
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    I had this self same problem, and I found the answer elsewhere. Go into settings and change the tv from Fast Start/Standby, and put it so as the TV actually turns OF when you hit the power button. This will clear the memory that is caching and using up the small amount of memory available. It might mean that you have to turn off the TV during use, but at least it solves your problem for now.
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    cheers for that did what you said and worked for me
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    Settings, All settings, Energy saving, Screen off.
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    Hello all, For those of you still suffering from the same problem, here's an interim solution after 90 minutes on the phone with LG's Level 2 support: - Disconnect your TV from both wired and wifi internet access options. - Activate a Hotspot for internet access (use your smartphone or any other hotspot device) - Use Settings>Network>wifi and select your Hotspot as your wireless internet connection. Confirm that you are connected to the internet. - From Settings>General>About this TV, select resetting your TV to factory settings - Follow the screen process until you get to the point that it asks about downloading the LG user agreement. Do that. It should work this time that you are connecting thru the Hotspot. - Now press "Home" on your remote and select an app (preferably one that you subscribe to like Netflix), you should not see the error about "Unable to download user agreement" any more. Hoorah! I suggested that they post this solution on this website! The agent was going to pass on this suggestion! Please post this on other threads about the same problem.
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