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    We had the same issue. Unplug your tv and press the on/off button on the tv, hold it in for 10 seconds while the tv is unplugged. Then wait 20 seconds more and plug the tv back in and turn it back on. This solved the problem for us.
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    @Deepak Suresh Ya I gave up and got an android tv box much better. No more WebOS for me. Next tv will be anything without it.
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    AIRTEL TV is available on mobile; however TV is not smart enough if this APP is not available. please ADD this APP.
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    I just got the answer...the screensaver will always show that message. You need to go to the Gallery app on the Home screen, and choose it from there. Very simple, now that I know...
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    Dude...I’m trying to figure out the same thing on my LG OLED 77C8. I ended up here, in this forum, because I’m trying to find the answer.
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    Below are latest videos and link at the bottom to the webOS OSE Youtube Channel webOS OSE Session in OSCON webOS experts had presentations about webOS OSE in OSCON 2018. Welcome Beanbird Bot The Beanbird Bot running with webOS OSE! See what he can do and how. Congrats. You’ve found webOS OSE. Looking for an OS for your new smart device? Here’s webOS OSE that is open source, web app compatible, LG proven, and continuously evolving. Introducing webOS OSE webOS OSE is a web-centric open source software platform for smart devices. See all videos on webOS OSE Youtube Channel
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    There are no WebOS TV manufacturers here, only users.
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    Use a USB keyboard to type the text?
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    From internet: I had the same problem, My LG did not even recognize the .m2ts file. So I simply renamed the .m2ts to .mkv and to my surprise it woked! It should not have but it did and played the movie no problem ^^. Read more: Can m2ts play on lg led tv - How to play m2ts file in lg smart tv :: Ask Me Fast at http://www.askmefast.com/Can_m2ts_play_on_lg_led_tv-qna731135.html#q252097
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    I'm having a little problem since a few days ago, when I try to use the YouTube app it shows the start screen as always but then it don't show the videos and just grey words appear at the side as if it was the tittles and all the text in the app, I tried starting the app from my phone but it just play the sound but no video is showed. I already erased and reinstalled the app, and even disconnected the TV, I searched on Google but I can't find a way to make it work again Anyone knows why? Or how I can fix it? Here is a Photo of how it looks
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    The only solution is to buy a cheap android tv hdmi stick. If you compare prices is cheap to buy a cheap lg webos tv+HDMI android stick than others fully integrated android TV with 2-3GB of ram. Mostly cheap android tv came with 1GB or dual core processor, which is pretty slow, lg webos is pretty fast for the processor that the LG tv has. Also cheap android tv are not frequently updated based on my experience. If you plan to install "3rd party players" and you want 4K and HDR xiaomi tv box is about $50
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    Is HBO GO available on my new LG TV as an app?
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    I would imagine that complaining to YouTube would be your first and best bet as they produce the app.
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    Hi Ken, I sure that resetting your TV probably is not going to help, the problem is that the webOS browser does not play nicely with the embedded player used on the site. From what I can tell timelesstoday.tv uses JW Player (https://www.jwplayer.com) which is based around Javascript, which in turn it appears the webOS browser does not support, or pretty much any other plugin. That said other TV brands probably would not work either going by various bits and pieces I have read. Here is LG's information page on the browser: https://www.lg.com/uk/support/product-help/CT00008334-1435838149474-web-browser-specifications-operation Basically it is limited in what it can do, a conscious decision I expect by LG to save having to reinvent the wheel by programming for technologies that have really had their day. Of course if the timelesstoday.tv site embedded its audio and video files with HTML5 instead there would likely be no problem with playback. This is because the webOS browser (as of 2016, latest figures I could find) has the best Smart TV browser support for HTML5: http://html5test.com/results/other.html#television In summary, HTML5 good, everything else bad. JW Player $50 per month (https://www.jwplayer.com/pricing/), HTML5 free.
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    Hi George my self krishna from india. lg webos better than another os like android or tizen because both are os not secured but saurabh don't know. android not make sony, micromax, llyod android os is google os. and not safe if he using android phone he know very well.that he open or download any app from playstore or web page auto mode create a junk file in your file manager and this is not a file this a virus. so this is not safe for your tv.
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    Welcome to the forum, please note there is a search facility... https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=hotstar
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    Hey there, I have had a OLED55B6P for ten months and I love it but I have a problem all a sudden, just today it starts to show a black screen with fire works every minutes if I don't press a button on the remote. I have no eco mode on, no power save modes on, TV firmwire is up to date, and tried turning off on and on the tv. anyone know how to fix?
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    Hi Team, We dont have Airtel Tv and Hot star app available on lg web os. Availability of these app will make our tv actual smart. Thanks.
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    I prefer to watch my video content from Plex Server + XPLAY (LG doesn't support 4k over DLNA, another stupid limitation) instead of Blu-ray player. I don't have a powerful computer to do transcoding, so when I buy a 4k blu-ray I simply remux it to mkv and add it to the Plex library - my files are very big, 50-60 GB per movie. Some of them have bitrate peaks which exceed 100mbps. My Plex box (linux) is capable of streaming higher bitrates, the TV itself is able to process these bitrates but is limited by the speed of the network adapter. The same movie would play without stuttering from USB3.0 (or even 2.0) external disk, but would stutter occasionally (>100mbps) when streamed from Plex library (using the same USB3.0 disk). It would be very nice to have at least the option to install a gigabit dongle on the TV. I have already tried with Trendnet TU3-ETG but the TV won't recognize it. Maybe with a future firmware update it will be possible, who knows...
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    Hi, I'm not sure its the right place but at any case i will describe my issue here and maybe you will be able to help: Recently I bought a a TV and a sound bar, and i have some issue from the moment i get the TV. TV model - LG 55LB679Y with latest firmware version i have at my country (Israel) - 04.30.16 SoundBar - LG NB4540 the TV connected to sound bar by "wireless simplink" feature 'LG TV' and TV connected to My Wireless router. every 5 - 15 minutes, i have sound drops / Cutoff / stooped / Interruption, seem like the TV loose connection to sound-bar for few seconds or something similar, it's happen from any AV source im using HDMI, USB... and the local re-seller replace the sound-bar to a new one (same modal off course) and i didn't help. i have try to troubleshot the problem in the last few weeks - but didn't succeed to solve it, and also the support / costumer service didn't have solution for this. some steps i take when troubleshot this issue: * different wireless configuration on router - different channels, SSID, Security - issue still persist. * another wireless router - issue still persist. * working with optical cable to sound bar - just for testing - working ok, but i need the wireless feature working this the reason i bought sound bar and TV from the same manufacturer. * disconnect the TV from wireless network - looks like it's working ok, but didn't had chance to test it for long time. from my point of view looks like it's issue with wireless device on TV not able to to work in parallel with soundbar and wireless network for some reason, It could be caused bysoftware issue on WebOS or Hardware issue with this TV model. I really hope you be able to help me or throw some light on this case. Kind regards, Matan
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    This is very annoying. This firework screensaver comes on when you play the heart radio app or Deezer etc. They have features such as karaoke where you can read the words but the screensaver kicks in! You should be able to turn this off.
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    Flash is unlikely to ever be supported by LG, it is a terrible fast fading technology better to badger sites that use it to upgrade to more modern technology. As for more apps there is a link on this site that will take you to LG's suggestions page where you can ask for specific apps to be created.
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    Here we go... first tv adds and kodi blew up and spread like a wildfire. .... People dont understand to keep things quite.. Your doing more harm then good with this post Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I have stopped using the LG media viewer in favor of the Plex app. Initially I didn't use the Plex app because it wouldn't discover my media server and LG viewer would. It turned to be I wasn't signed into my Plex Media Software. Once I signed in it all worked perfect with the PLex client software. I used LG viewer because it found my media server regardless of whether I was signed in or not. The Plex app is Waaaay better than the built in LG viewer. It has no problem with any type of subtitle or multiple subtitles. If you still need to use the LG viewer use a program called mkvmerge to embed the SRT file into the MKV file. If there are multiple types of subtitle files in the MKV file make sure the SRT file comes before all the rest.
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    I am trialing LG WEBOS screens for signage but for security would like to disable wifi and only allow fixed connection. Is there something in Supersign C or the later versions to do this?
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