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    Spent another 45 minutes on with Lg rep. Finally reset. Steps are: 1) Power off TV. 2) Unplug the TV. 3)Hold the power button for 10’seconds. 4)Plug in the Tv. 5) Power on the Tv. 6) Access the Safety option via the cog (Cog-(or home button)-Advanced options-Safety 7) Select the Reset PIN Code option. 8)Enter Pin Code. Any numbers will work. 9) After the Pin Mismatch error message, press the Channel Up, Channel Up, Channel Down, Channel Up. 10) The Master Pin Code box should appear. Enter your master code ( It may be 0313, 0325, 0323, 0000, 1234,7777 depending on your Tv model. It is best to call LG to determine the correct code) 11) Change your PIN code.( Preferably to 0000 because who wants to go thru this ever again???!!!???) Hope this helps.
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    George I have no idea where you get all your apps on your LG smart TV the only apps I get for streaming are Netflix and Utube all others are foreign languages and are useless to me! My previous LG I got Dailymotion but this new LG has nothing like that! This is also a new LG! I know it is not my computer or main streaming device but if i want to stream i should be able too! Enough said! No excuses! LG is not updating me with the apps they have provided to you or many others!
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    Hi everyone, I wish LG would consider updating their Codecs list or at least give us a way of installing this codecs in our TV manually. i know my TV is capable of playing a lot of stuff but i'm always stuck with "not supported" for most of the media i have. One of the most wished stuff i'd love to see is Added support for H.264 10bit (still very popular and used a lot) as well as Opus codecs (its a Free codec and its getting a lot use recently especially with H.265 MKV videos) Like i said, please add this codecs and more or at least give us a way of doing it ourselves. i know there might be legal issues and some codecs are payed, so just let us install it ourselves instead. Thanks.
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    1. Format usb flash with fat32 2. Create folder LG_DTV on usb flash 3. Copy .epk file to this folder 4. Safely eject usb 5. Connect usb flash to TV 6. Confirm usb update and wait 5-10 minutes 7. After sucessfuly update popup notification show on tv screen now you can restart tv(turn off/on) 8. Reset to factory settings after start for best performance 9. Enjoy in new firmware
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    You are wasting your time even trying to use an LG "smart" TV for streaming anything. It does actually say that you can stream in the TV's information, however this is a lie, LG have intentionally capped the memory on their TV's, they will be people who insist that the browser is not for streaming content, but just for checking your email and looking at Facebook, that's nonsense, again I will point to the fact that it states in the TV information that you can stream. Also if this is the case, why does other brands not have the same problem? The problem is that LG so called "Smart" TV's don't have enough on board memory, unlike say, an android TV that have up to 16 Gigs of memory and will let you load streaming apps such as Kodi. I have read on this very site, that many many people have the same problem and they have had this problem for years now. I myself have this problem, that if I try to watch a movie online or even through the Youtube app, you will constantly get the error message that the app needs to close to free up more memory. This in my opinion makes LG "Smart" TV's not fit for purpose and I deeply regret buying this expensive brick. People have complained to LG about this problem and LG have admitted that they do this, because they would break their term of agreement with this service providers, if they allowed people to stream content outside of these expensive pay to view apps. Ohh and by the way, good look trying to get LG to do anything about it, they don't give a shit about you.
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    All people problem not. Able to sign user agreement no serious solution
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    The web browser is only designed for light browsing (there is a link somewhere on the forum to the official LG statement) and not for streaming media. BT needs to be cajoled in to producing a compatible app for webOS.
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    @Chaoskcw - thank you so much for your "helpful" reply. The original post does not say whether he is watching live TV, streaming, or what. If you pause the screen, the screen saver is designed to come on. If it's coming on during a show that hasn't been paused, it's a problem with the TV and he needs to call LG for help. People do much more with their Smart TVs than just "watch TV". If you think my post was "of no use and very naive", all your post was designed to do was give me a hard time. Mine was to try to help the person with the problem, even if it didn't turn out to be the correct solution. So you tell me, which post was of more value on this forum? If you want to troll people on-line and make yourself feel better, you should try another forum.
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    I'm not sure if this is real but saw this article published where they claim they have webos 5.0 on their LG TV. See below. Note : You can’t directly go from WebOS 3.5 to WebOS 5.3 . My experience after using LG LH 604 T Full HD Version review after using it for 4 months. What did we checked before switching or buying this Television ? The picture quality, price, Miracast to mirror my laptop screen and ability to stream 1080p video without any problem. Is there a non FHD version ? Yes and the price is lower and all the specs same as that of FHD version. Every thing in short after my 4 months of experience. Pros Super sharp display (FHD, IPS Panel) and viewing angles Cheaper than other bands Dust won’t settle on your screen, but on other parts dust may settle if you are living a dusty region WebOS frequently updated with patches Eye comfort mode Good sound quality Supports almost all video and audio formats like MKV, AVI, DiviX, AAC etc Inbuilt apps for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and some country specific apps Support for Miracast or screen sharing or Inter WiDi. Note WiDi is used only in old laptops models Screen can be turned off, when playing only music. Remote with pointer mouse, so you can type songs or movie names quickly in YouTube, Netflix etc on the on screen keyboard. Also when you connect or mirror your laptop screen to this TV, remote pointer can be used as mouse and there is scroller on the remote. But only double click supported, no right nor left clicks Subtitles in the video is supported 2 Years LG warranty (Note this is country specific, so do ask your seller about this) Very less power consumption, screen consumes 4% of power, speakers consumes (20 Watt) 3% of total power input Cons TV lags Sound mode can’t be changed quickly like picture mode No support for wireless headphones Web browser closes after we viewed around 15 1080p YouTube videos, it says out of memory and during restart of the browser the crashed web page is shown for us to continue playing videos In built YouTube app settings has no option to set resolution of video to play only 1080p videos Universal remote costs around $75 if you need to buy a new one, note : till now there are no probs with my universal which I clubbed with my set top box (CISCO one) and all functions are supported During Miracast laptop mouse lags and still now I don’t know how to solve this issue. Documents like docx,PDF can’t be opened from flash drive or hard drive, but from Miracast its possible. Does it support USB mode of android mobiles ? My Sony Xperia USB mode supported but my lenovo USB mode not supported and this is weird! Final Thought For this price and with this much features loaded, we say its a good go one. If you need any info or clarify any doubts about this model, just drop a comment and I will answer that for you in a working day. Source article: https://www.techwibe.com/lg-full-hd-tv-webos/
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    how do install Flash player into the chrome browser so it can play online video through browser?
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    Why the web browser cannot be updated? It does take me to google chrome page, asks to select os version you need the upgrade . But whatever you
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    Hi, Currently to my knowledge there is no VPN app for webOS. If you mode/router supports VPN you could direct the service through that instead.
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    It's not webOS, it's your TV that sucks. I am perfectly happy with my 55UJ670V... cheap, fast, 4 seconds to boot from standby, 20 to fully boot. 10 to boot in quick start mode. channel zapping is fast. I see no problem whatsoever. I am just curious to see webOS 4.0 on this tv since I am still at 3.7.0 (firmware version 4.70.65)
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    Please give us the option to remove Live TV from the Launcher and Home Menu, "Today" from the Home menu, and to auto-launch the last running app (like if you were watching Hulu when you turned off the TV. I don't have cable and all of these features are just a nuisance to me. Turning on my tv with the "No signal" or "Scrambled" message because I don't have any live channels is also annoying and looks very unpolished for a $5k TV... Thanks!
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    I'm having the same issue. Youtube stopped support for a lot of older devices. See here. Even my TV is not listed there but the post mentions that Youtube is updating the app for newer devices. An app update should fix the issue, hopefully. The videos play fine with the built in browser though.
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    I have fixed the issue by doing an instop reset. all is working fine now.
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    I’m having the same problem.
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    Hi, Probably better to ask this question over at the official LG Developer website: http://webostv.developer.lge.com
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    thanks for info. waiting for that update....
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    According to this page Hulu produces the app. My TV says the latest version was released last month. It seems to be that Hulu isn’t the greatest about the features they advertise being in their mobile apps. For example look at the ads for their olympics coverage where they say you can customize it to what you want to stay up to date with… This feature is missing from not only webOS, but their iOS app as well.
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    I started from here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us?ref_=dm_cpweb_contactcs&initialIssue=digital-order
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    You cannot install Flash on webOS, it is never going to happen especially as Adobe are scrapping it in a couple of year time. Plus the browser is unique to webOS and is not Chrome, but yes it does use I believe use WebKit so theoretically you might be able to hack Google Pepper Flash to work. Encourage content providers to move to a modern technology such as HTML5.
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    I'd like to be able to control my AppleTV with my magic remote properly. The Magic remote does control certain features of the box, it doesn't actively support any Apple product in the drop down list of manufacturers. Surely it can't be that hard to adopt full support, can it? This isn't some 3rd world company we're talking about, it's Apple for goodness sake.
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    Hi sphinxrb, I agree that LG should be doing a lot more to get content providers on-board, even if LG developed the apps and the providers paid them to do it. At least if that sort of set up was in place when LG updated webOS they would (in theory) know what to update in the apps themselves. On the Adobe Flash front however I am sorry but it is such a prehistoric piece of software that is hugely complicated to programme for and is riddled with bugs. HTML5 has usurped Flash's position in the market place, it is just that people are wedded to it and cannot seem to move on to a product that is less problematic, is simpler to produce content for and has less overheads both on the front and backends.
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    Yes this is very annoying and happens a lot for us as well. I wonder if it's really a memory issue or something else. Don't these rings get tested before release?
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    There is a lot of confusion over the HBO GO app. There is an app available, but it is seems to be dependant on your geographical location and possibly the firmware version of your TV. Possibly contacting HBO direct to see if it should be available to you would be a good starting place.
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    That’s just the software version that their TV is on, not the webOS version. To view the webOS version you click the TV Information button that sits right below the check for updates button.
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    I noticed the standard build in apps from LG are a bit primitive. You can better look for apps that play music or use DLNA servers from you computer that can display the content much better. Examples are Serviio or Plex but there are more.
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    When you setup your tv don't say you have live channels. If you don't do this, it will not display the live tv any more. You have to choose settopbox and then select the sky box.
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    Just got off the phone to lg support. I was told the web browser shuts down when attempting to stream video ON PURPOSE! Furthermore, once you stream anything from the internet, the cache fills up, does not clear, and prevents the installed apps from functioning properly. I was told that the OS is a web browser NOT a web streaming service and if they allow customers access to stream video they will be in breach of their contractual agreement to the companies who have apps on the TV. This clearly doesn't happen on tablets or phones, so their logic for creating a sub par product is utter bollocks. I specifically asked the salesman if I could stream video from the internet and was told absolutely yes. When I pointed this out to Lg customer service they re-iterated that a web browser does not confer the ability to stream video. This is misleading the customer, and effectively censoring and filtering internet content. This must stop!
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    I got a new C7 but no Direct TV Now App. It been a whole year since the launch and is a major channel app for Smart TV like Web OS to release. Why does LG want to force their owners to use a third party streaming box like Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Roku? "LG should go big or go home!" meaning LG's Web OS should have all the main apps in their inventory and not have their customers to go outside LG to buy another third party streaming device in order to be complete their viewing interests.
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    Yes. I hate getting the static screen with the static sound every time I turn on the TV!
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    Please add iflix app in webos.
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    I agree, it is useless for me generally clutters up the entire UI.
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    Yes, want Hotstar as well as Voot App on WebOS Platform.
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    Even I would like to see Hotstar app in Web OS store for India. Its one of the must have app these days.
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    No,the memory issue is happening to everyone who has a Lg TV running the WebOS, it is caused by an unprofessional programming that leads to a memory leakage, as you can compare to their old OS Netcast, you could watch everithing on the web browser and it even had flash player, lg is going backwards because their new OS the WebOS, so called the fastest TV OS by LG is a shit for me, i bought lg TV because i wanted to watch movies in the web browser but it doesn't do what it's pourpose is, if you only want to watch youtube and use facebook, you can buy a BluRay player wich supports it, don't buy a LG smart TV.
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    It's not 4.2 GB, it's wrong information, the size is 1GB, you can know this by lg customer support or by going to lg store in the tv and trying to install a app, it will show you the memory below the instalation status.
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    George you must work for LG!!!! I know many people with Smart TVs and not problems! I am finished with LG!
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    I went out on boxing day pick up a new TV in the sales and ended up with an LG 43UJ634V from Currys that was knocked down to £349. The image on the screen is impressive and I love watching 4k content using the built in YouTube App. Unfortunately I keep getting the error "this app will restart to free up more memory" , mostly when using the YouTube app but sometimes using Netflix and other times simply when browsing the menus. I've deleted pretty much every other app aside from Netflix, YouTube, Iplayer and 4od but still the problem keeps cropping up. I'm considering returning the TV over this issue if I can't find a solution, it pretty much defeats the purpose of a "smart" TV if I can't even use the supplied apps without them crashing. I made sure that other apps are closed from the "recent" screen and that the firmware has been updated to the latest version, is there anything else I can try?
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    If you want the whole story, read this: https://www.avforums.com/threads/lg-43uj630v-audio-output-delay-gets-worse-the-longer-tv-is-on-arc-digital-optical.2138124/ Otherwise, here's the relatively short and sweet version: I bought an LG 43UJ630V and a Samsung HW-K450 2 weeks ago. When connected to the soundbar (either digital optical or HDMI ARC), they are in sync. When left on for around 2 hours though, I'll start noticing the lips are not correctly syncing up with the words. By the 3-4 hour mark being left on, it's atrocious. I expect to have to have to set the av sync initially, but changing it every hour as it slowly drifts out of sync - this is clearly a technical fault. When I plug the soundbar directly into my Sky box (set-top box) there are no issues of drifting audio sync. Changing settings, updating firmware, using different wires, nothing makes a jot of difference unfortunately. I determined the problem was with the processing of the digital output audio signal in the TV's internals. I returned my TV for a replacement, and bought a new sound bar to go with it - an LG SH4D 2.1 - figuring that the samsung soundbar may have been incompatible. Yesterday I set it all up, but found after 3-4 hours of being left on, the audio was wildly out of sync again. https://youtu.be/hmH5jsu20AQ In this example I set the audio so it would output via digital output and internal speakers. The latency between the 2 is so bad you can't even call it echo. This demonstrates how badly out of sync the soundbar output gets compared to the internal speaker. Remember - this is my second 43UJ630V and a different soundbar, and yet the problem returned in exactly the same way. After recording that video I tried connecting my Samsung soundbar instead and it was exactly the same. There is clearly a fault with this model or the entire UJ630V range. I hope it can be fixed in a firmware update. Ignoring momentarily the fault, and the countless hours and stress this has caused - I rather like this model. I'd prefer to fix it instead of sending it back for a refund. I don't understand why I cannot find anyone else reporting the same problems. When I spoke to LG a week ago describing the problem, they told me a fault like this hadn't been reported before... But I've proven beyond a doubt that the problem is there, and probably afflicts a great number of people. I've emailed LG but I'm sure they'll just fob me off again. I plan to give them a ring later, but again, I'm not sure what good this will do. I've diagnosed the problem, and I cannot be the only one experiencing this problem. It is probably addressable in a firmware update if I can bring it LG's attention. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    PDF reader would be great , also power point viewer
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