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    Today I updated my c8 firmware to 05.10.35 Now arabic subtitle splits letter by letter CodePage is Arabic Before update everything was OK
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    I sent mail to LG support and they answered me Dear Friend Thank you for writing to LG Electronics Middle-East. Please let us express our sincere apologies for the situation you faced and thank you for taking time to contact us Regarding your complaint kindly we would like to inform you that we already escalated to the concerned department and they will take an action regarding this complaint. We are committed to provide you with the level of service you expect from LG. We value you as a customer and appreciate any additional feedback you may have in the future. Best Regards, Customer Service Department [You can also reach us on WhatsApp No +971 54 3939 054]
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    DisneyPlus contacted me through Twitter and stated it will launch on LG WebOS software versions 3+ everywhere 11/12.
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    I have the same problem, hope they roll out an update that fixes it
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    CBS has forced people to get their CBS All Access streaming service to see certain programming for those that do not have cable. Please provide a CBS All Access app. Thanks, Rob
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    Hello Team , It is really very sad that SONY LIV and JIO CINEMAS apps are not available in LG WEB OS after spending thousands of money . When are you going to bring these two apps available on LG WEB OS Waiting for you response .
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    hi, Friends, i have finally fixed the HDMI ARC issue. Apparently some people also had the same issue and couldnt figure out whats wrong. After reading through AVSForums, I finally understood that LG had a bug in HDMI operation as well.. The problem happens when your TV is already sending sound through HDMI ARC to a AVR and you try to connect additional sources like dth or blueray player to additional HDMI ports of TV and AVR. Once you add additional sources, you might try to use LG's device connector setting to control the device and this is where HDMI ARC stops working. Solution: disconnect all hdmi ports of TV and AVR. Full reset TV and AVR. Only Connect HDMI ARC port of TV with HDMI ARC OUT of AVR. Enable ARC feature on both TV and AVR. Open LG TV internal app, and check if sound is coming properly to AVR. Now you Connect All additional sources to other HDMI ports of TV and nothing should be connected to AVR. You may use LG device connector setting to configure the magic remote to control them. MY current setup of TV: HDMI 1: Airtel DTH. HDMI 2: ARC connected to Denon AVR 1500H. HDMI 3: ACT Television(Using this to play hotstar premium content as LG inbuilt APP is not playing it) Good news: LG magic remote can control all 3 devices seamlessly and thats a great ease for customers. I shall appreciate LG for this.
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    I don't think that is compelling enough to add deprecated technology onto the WebOS platform (including the security issues of Flash)
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    When will we get the SONYLIV app on WebOS ? Even the WebOS browser doesn't support playing SONYLIV content due to lack of Flash support. Strangely Chromecast also has issues.
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    Just as a reminder... It's a TV. Not a PC. You probably already have a phone emulating one Better focus on getting the key features of the device right. And those are picture and sound.
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    Its great to have hotstar on the tv and being able to use it without anu chromecast is great. But there is a major issue. Hotstar by default has chosen a language which is not comprehensible by me. Due to which even after subscribing for membership, i cannot watch majorit of shows. How Can I change the language in the app?
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    Hmm same problem here with the UM7400. Apparantly it is because your ariel signal is far too strong and this will cause interference with the tv, therefore stopping some services/channels/HD channels. LG tv's need between 70-85 signal strength. I was also told it was freeview at fault. However, my older LG tv (last year's model) runs absolutely fine on vision tv, planet knowledge, channel 261 etc.
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    Yeah. I think our Disney Plus APP doesnt recognize what our TVs and AVRs can do. my 55uk6500aua still isnt getting 4k content but the xbox can. Has to be an APP problem. My S8 cant get 4k either
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    an update is coming to fix these issues; 29/11/19 as i was told
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    Hi, I'm experiencing some strange changes in how my AppleTV 4K behave after updating the LG [WEBOS] to 05.10.35. I own an OLED65C8PLA LG SoundBar SL10YG When I start an App, it takes much longer time to get it up and to run. When I close the app, the screen turns black and can blink ones or twice and then finally I see the ”Home screen.” Sometimes the screen stays black and I need to restart the AppleTV 4K Device. This behaviour has never occurred before. PS. I have restarted all devices that are connected to the TV. I will write updates later if I detect anything new or if I find a solution to the problem.
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    From all the stated information, webos 3.0 + is supported for disney plus. My updated webos is webos 3.3.4 dreadlocks.. While I can download the disney plus app.. an get the OVERALL menu to appear. The second we attempt to get ' MOVIES ' to play or something like the Mandalorian All we get is the blue background screen. When using a episodic show, we get a black screen with EP 1 Season 1 (name of it here) .. The AUDIO plays, an on the extreme EDGE of the tv.. you can see the flicking images. If you pull up a TV menu, it will flash to the FULL SCREEN of whatever your streaming, then promply disappear. Going back results in same black screen with micostreaming on the edges.. Anyone else having this issue? Disney plus is utter worthless an suggest ' you just use your firestick '.. Which works fine on the same TV (same on streaming via phone) Kinda dont want to do that, when clearly its suppost to be supported.. Any help would be lovely. Played with every setting under the sun, still no dice tv is LG webos uh6150
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    FWIW, after a subsequent contact with LG Customer Service, providing a serial number and asking for any available history related to this serial, I was able to learn the following. My TV was identified as a store demo assigned to one of the larger retail chains. I guess the take away from all of this is: 1. The "Total Power On Time" is a very useful metric to investigate 2. Some retailers do shady things HTH
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    Since yesterday the app supports Dolby Vision, I noticed, so now we do indeed have 4K quality directly on the LG TV
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    Anyone else suffer panel failure on LG 43UJ630V 43 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV (2017 Model) This set is barely two years old and the screen has 'bloomed' showing large patches of purple/blue at various parts of the screen. LG customer service didn't want to know about taking it in for repair let alone a refund. Worst quality ever and utter disgrace the cheap components fail just outside the pathetic two year guarantee. The OS restart error seems to have finally been fixed now but as the build quality and picture quality - even when new - is terrible I would advise against buying from this company in future.
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    More good news today...yipeee!! https://whatsondisneyplus.com/disney-coming-to-amazon-samsung-lg-tv-devices-at-launch/
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    Hi George, Thanks for highlighting, i have written to SONY as well for same. Hope they take this seriously and action. i would urge others too to drop them a mail regarding this request Dear sony Team, This is a request to develop an application for LG Webos Smart TV. Many users who have subscribed for sony liv would be benefitted with this and you should also be in forefront with other smart TV app providers like Hotstar and Zee5. Please do think of building one and i am sure you will increase you subscription base with this. Regards Ankit Sent from my iPhone
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    Could you plz send an email to support? I sent an email but the answer I received was almost irrelevant. Maybe I try again. Plz you do as well.
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    I use Emby server. It is free and works a treat!
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    LG Smart TV - my auto-updates is on, and the firmware is on latest update (04.05.85). Since this update in June 2019 I can't access my Showmax app and the web-browser says that it needs to update. The browser gives the option to update Chrome, but LG TV doesn't support this update. How can I manually update apps and the browser? What else can I try?
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    Hi @Adam Broda, The ROKU was only a suggestion, so the Nvidia TV would of course be a better option for you. I agree with you about the quality of LG screens, my sister & brother-in-law have a 47" that predates webOS and the picture is still marvellous.
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    Hi, Sadly you are not going to be able to upgrade the TV, a device such as a ROKU would be your best bet if you don't want to go to the expense of replacing the TV.
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    I am getting error while playing video Since sony liv app is not available on lg smart tv , i am trying to play sony liv websites in web browser . I am getting below flash player error
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    Replacement of the wifi module was dit me the solution.
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    Sorry for the delay. Was rather busy with other things. See screenshots as requested. With Disney+ app in background. Just received a FW update by the way.
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    I tired it via apk but it doesn't work maybe it will start working once its launched officially in the us market
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    There have been several threads about this over the past few months. The solutions ended up only being temporary fixes for me, I ended up purchasing a ROKU and it’s working well, and depending on how old your TV is, ROKU has access to more apps and channels.
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    Need app to provide playback for Amazon Music. Amazon just announced they provide ultra HD high-res audio (24-bit/96kHz) but there is no way to play it on my new LG OLED65C9PUA WebOS TV...
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    It is down to content providers to produce an app for the platform as LG would not have access to APIs, server settings etc. Of course you can contact LG directly using the suggesting form link elsewhere on the forum to voice your desire for a Disney app.
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    Hi Team, We dont have Airtel Tv and Hot star app available on lg web os. Availability of these app will make our tv actual smart. Thanks.
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    I use my LG set to watch Netflix and Amazon in DD 5.1 sound sound just fine. Disney+ is only giving me DD stereo. What gives? I'm looking but can't find the setting. I get DolbyVision but as far as sound, only getting stereo. I output to my receiver over ARC. How do I get surround?
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