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    You can link your ultraviolet account to Vudu and view there.
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    Webos is slowing down considerably than before.. Please fix this problem.. Apps are taking more time to load
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    This Roku stick used to work on the LG, but stopped. I've tried it on all of the different 65C7p HDMI ports. I've tried another Roku Ultra and gotten the same issue. I've tried both the stick & Ultra on an older LG OLED and they seem to work. I 'think' I've narrowed it down to the latest FW on either the Roku(s) and/or the C7p.
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    Auto Low Latency Mode - this auto activates game mode, very handy to have on a dual use games console. ALLM only engages game mode preset when a game runs, otherwise it defaults to user select preset better suited for video. Currently supported by Xbox. Picture Mode Settings->Black Level has no Auto setting - it would be handy to have this instead of having to manually set it. For example the standard PS4 requires the black level in High mode for it to work with HDR, a PC would also use High not Low mode. Picture Mode Settings->Colour Gamut in the game mode preset forces wide colour gamut in SDR mode, this is wrong it should be set to Auto by default. The 2017/2018 OLED's support 120Hz output hidden under PC preset, please consider adding [email protected] and [email protected] support to the game mode preset. These are currently supported by Xbox. All of the above are do-able with no hardware changes needed, please consider them and the added value it brings to being an LG TV owner. One other feature which probably wont wouldn't work is Freesync, but if that could be software patched into existing models that would be a great selling point but it seems unlikely.
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    Just curious but have you tried disconnecting/reconnecting you wifi in the TV's settings? I have a different model but recently I had something similar and redoing my wifi connection fixed it.
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    It's 2016 now. IPv6 has been around since 1997. Some countries are close to 50% deployment of IPv6. Even my home printer supports IPv6. The Linux kernel, on which webOS is based has been supporting a stable IPv6 implementation since the 2.6 kernel series. This was certainly my main disappointment when I bought a LG Smart TV.
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    It is very critical to use a VPN or a web proxy to access certain web sites. I believe that any modern OS may support these. I hope WebOS will support one of them (at least) soon. What do you think?
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    I would like to be able to access my network drives without using DLNA. It should look just like a USB drive.
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    why can i get amazon prime film videos on my lg smart tv but not amazon prime music
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    I just bought a lg b7 oled and have a problem. I dont subscribe to cable so I wont ever be using it on this tv. Every time I start the tv it loads the OS and the cable-less static comes on the screen and BLASTS through the speakers. The tiles for netflix, hulu, etc are at the bottom so I choose one of those. How do I stop the tv from defaulting to turning on the "tv" that clearly doesnt exist? Ive tried deleting the tile for live tv, and even moving it to the far right side but still every time I turn n the tv - static with the menu on the bottom.
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    Highly disappointed after bought LG smart tv. Very limited apps available in lg content store. One of the popular app Hotstar couldn’t find in store. is any possibilities to support or update on the same?
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    Settings → All Settings → Programme → Programme Tuning and Settings → Programme List Update → Off This issue happens because your TV is trying to search for updates within the TV's channel listings. This was something that was implemented with the latest software versions because the governing body who look after the channels wanted the TV to scan for updates...
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    I FINALLY found a fix for this. Well, really a workaround, but it solved the problem for me. I went into parental settings and set a passcode lock on the live tv and component inputs. Now, my tv starts up perfectly on whatever HDMI input I last used.
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    Not an expert but... I believe the port on the laptop is a Display Port which was intended to replace VGA and/or DVI connectors. https://www.electronicshub.org/types-of-computer-ports/ If there are no other compatible ports on the computer or TV then may need some kind of converter of some type. Check consumer electronics place or Amazon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had the same problem with Netflix restarting but I realized the problem started after I downloaded the YouTube app from the store so I deleted the YouTube app and it has soled the problem of my Netflix restarting I hope this may help anyone
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    I am guessing that you are trying to install Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome from the Play Store (or similar). It is not possible to install Android APKs as webOS is not Android.
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    I may have accidentally discovered a partial solution to this. I changed the input to HDMI 1 when I connected a Roku. After I disconnected the Roku, I left the input on HDMI. Now when I turn on the TV, it says no signal detected and scrolls thru some beautiful wallpapers with no annoying hissing. Give it a try.
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    Hello, I've recently purchased an LG Smart TV and I'm loving it and webOS in general. One question I have though is that when using the internet browser, many sites do not recognize the browser user agent for the smart TV so you end up seeing errors like "You need flash player", etc. Is there any possibility, inside the web browser to force a user agent string change (to something like iPad for example) so that these tablet/mobile friendly sites are also able to load well and play content within the TVs in built browser without asking for adobe's flash? I would be happy to help having something like this implemented as I'm sure many TV users will love this now that all of the most popular TV stations have catch up and on demand content on their websites. Thanks!
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    When will LG add Google home compatibility? Ifttt would also be beneficial.
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    AIRTEL TV is available on mobile; however TV is not smart enough if this APP is not available. please ADD this APP.
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    Try uninstalling the app, then reinstall it, sign in , everything should be ok
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    See here : https://hdsatelit.blogspot.ro/2014/03/aplicatia-simple-smart-iptv-ss-iptv.html 1.Download SS IPTV from link (from original post) 2.Extract (using RAR).Result folder named "lgapps" 3.Insert USB in you computer and format FAT 32. 4.Copy "lgapps" in "root" of USB. 5.Insert USB in you LG TV. Power on TV,go to USB and run (click OK on icon-single icon appear )
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    Indian App like Sonyliv ,Hotstar,Voot & Many More App not available for indian customer in lg content store Why? WebOS is not good for india but other brand Samsang,Sony,Panasonic Mitv Content sotre available more & more india app for indian customer so other brand is better than lg webos tv i want replce my lg smart tv to other brand how plz tell me
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