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    Hi, I really hope that LG WebOS can add on the IFLIX apps ( http://iflix.com ) for a user in Asia (especially Malaysia) and the Middle East Country. I very sure it will boost up the LG tv market and sell. Thank you.
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    wheres the flash player! or at least a new browser app like Firefox Chrome or Opera for WebOS TOO SLOW LG GUYS!! TOO SLOW WHAT R U WAITING 4? a global complaint on a big profile hardware review site?
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    Does YouTube TV app work on LG WebOs TV? It doesn't appear to be listed as an app that can be installed. If not, can it be downloaded? Thanks. Tom
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    I have to say I was not happy to find out that none of the premium channels are supported. I have to disagree that LG doesn't have some influence on the apps. The fact is the software doesn't support flash. That's between LG and Adobe. Funny Netflix and Amazon Apps work just fine.. I really wish they would address this issue.
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    Hi, We need this app for our tv! @LG TEAM When wil be this app available? Please Thanks very much.
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    It's really a shame that LG TV can't have a DS Video app. I think that my LG 55c6v is almost perfect in my home chain, but it miss DS Video app to be really perfect.
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    Hi, I recently bought a new LG Smart TV: 65UF6450 At first, all the "smart" functions worked just fine. I was able to use my Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Video and install new apps from the LG Content Store. Starting on the 1st of January 2016 I noticed that I cannot even start the LG Content Store page anymore for some reason. As a result I cannot install any new apps, I cannot update the existing ones (and some of them, like Google Video would not even start before they are updated). Each time I try to open the LG Content Store or to update an app, the TV hangs for a while, and then I see a black screen displaying the following message: https://us.lgrecommends.lgappstv.com/discovery_2015/commonLang.jsp?language=en_US file not found. I also noticed that if I go into Quick Settings/Advanced/General/Account Management(Sign In) it takes a while and then I see the following message: The network is unstable But my network is just fine and Netflix, Amazon Video are working just fine. So, it looks very much as an issue on LG side. I think it may be related to the LG Cloud services being discontinued, but I'm not sure. I tried to call the LG support, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Waiting 20 minutes for any kind of help and then giving up. Questions: 1. Does anyone experience the same issues with their LG smart tvs recently? 2. What is the reason for these issues? 3. Is there any official statement from LG conforming this issues and providing some information about when they are going to fix it? 4. Are there any temporary workarounds? I.e. are there any ways to install new apps and update the existing ones in the meantime? Thanks!
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    Bought a new 65" Smart TV, all the preoaded apps You Tube, Netflix etc are restarting after couple of minutes with "this app will now restart to free up more memory" message.
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    This is crap!! If I had known I couldn't get HBO Go on my new LG Smart TV I would NEVER have bought it!!
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    I have noted that TV WebOS is very slow and when you start TV it taking long time to go to any menu. Is there any way to make it fast ? Is there any way that it will update program guide quickly ? Is it possble to change Change font size ? Does magic remote cofigurable ? Is it possible to change remote scroll wheel to sound insted of changing channel ? If you connect to any HDMI device it taking long time to switch back to normal TV mode some time it requied to switch off an switch on. This is dumb OS. I should have check before buying it. Please any one has answer to make it fast ? Is it is possible to change OS if I dont want to use WebOS ? New buyer please check before you jump to WebOS
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    You can simply uncheck the option (Quick start+) and the problem should be solved. 😉😉
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    Please, add DS Video support.
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    DS Video is highly desired for my new OLED C7. LG's smart share works, but DS video is better.
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    Need all Syno classics apps on LG WebOS. Why this is not already done?
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    Hi, Can I install the update in post 2 above on my TV? I'm currently on Software Version 05.00.55 and webOS TV Version 1.4.0-2515 (afro-ashley) Thanks
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    Agreed, i alredy posted my disapoitment, I was fulled by the tv presentation about LGwebOS, it is actualy worse than any OS i have ever seen on TV as far the performance - the idea it selff is OK. switching chanels takes 3-5 sec opening seings somtimes takes up to 10 sec. you can only chose external or tv speakers not simuntaniasly and many more other things. I would gladly install google TV if there will be posibility or - even previuse LG smart tv OS
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    Yesterday, I connected my 2 TB external HDD formatted as exFAT to my 55" webOS TV to realise that it was not reading - turns out that the TV does not support exFAT.
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    Is HBO GO available on my new LG TV as an app?
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    Cant stream anymore..need apps or can watching using web browser as usual plz
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    Now days terrarium tv is troubling in my phone. So i am searching for any app with the same features terrarium tv apk have, Suggest me some good apk streaming app
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    Does anyone have information about Steam Link app fo LG Web OS?
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    I just bought a 49" LG UHD 4k tv w/ Web Os. I have look all over(Internet, your site) for HBOGo app. You say it's on TV purchased after 2015. Well my tv is a 2017. I've checked updates, again no app. What is going on.
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    The problem is the piss poor amount of memory thats fitted to these TV's, they are really not fit for purpose, I suggest you open the window before throwing it out
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    you can't fix it. The problem is the piss poor amount of memory thats fitted to these TV's, they are really not fit for purpose
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    Yes DS Video for LG tv pls
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    doesn't work, still crashing, I want an app update from LG, I just made an account to complain about its SO Annoying!
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    What is the area code for Middle East countries, Currently it is 4816 listing only some Asian countries, is there any reference list for all countries ?
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    Are they any plans to get the DirecTV Now app on webos?
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    As of now Exfat is not supported,
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    I would like to be able to send a browser URL to the TV from my desktop computer to look at some time in the future.
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    Is steam game streaming link comming to Lg any time soon? They are beta testing it with Samsung smart tv since August. I have a lot of games there. It would be very cool
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    Hello, I 've recently found out that Samsung smart tv is beta testing steam streaming service for steam games. Is something like that would be on webos? I would really like that.
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    Hello there, I am struggling at the moment with our brand new smart tv which we took brand new and never opened with us when we shifted from Dubai to New Zealand. I can't get to the content store to download netflix, I only see Premium with 4 options (amazon, al jazeera and 2 orhers). I tried changing the location on the settings but I can only chose from the Middle East and Africa and when I try I get no change whatsoever to the options on premium. This is highly frustrating as we moved to a new house and were hoping to watch tv straight away, specially with kids. Any help would be truly appreciated.
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    I ran into this same problem. For me, the problem was I had a dual band router and my laptop was on the 5Ghz wireless network while my LG TV was on the 2.5Ghz wireless network. Once I put them both on the same band, everything worked.
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    I write many times to LG and he told me that now not write app for Synology DS Video.
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    HiCan you help me?! I am from Azerbaijan.I have LG Tv 43LF631V.And in my Tv don't work Lg content store.I didn't enter any apps.I try to reset my tv from the settings menu.But don't change any.I know to enter service menu (EZ adjust) whit a smartphone.But I don't know codes( area, country, tools)in the service menu.If you know codes, send me, please
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    I have 3 LG TVs due to the supperior IPS panel technology but app store is far from recommended. I'm waiting for the synology video app "DS Video" for a couple of years, I see a lot of people asking for this app and no feedback about a future release. I'm re-thinking about buying LG tv in the future. LG, it's in your best interest to listen to LG TV owners app suggestions. Samsung have this app for ages.
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    I spent a lot of money on my 55eg920v but I feel that LG has just abandoned me now that webos 3 is out. I will not buy LG again. Where is the itv hub? I use smartshare with my synology but the app is hardly feature rich and really is as basic as it could be and is a joke in 2017 Does LG really think that I should replace a TV that cost nearly £3k Yes, life is good, but no thanks to LG
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    Hello all, For those of you still suffering from the same problem, here's an interim solution after 90 minutes on the phone with LG's Level 2 support: - Disconnect your TV from both wired and wifi internet access options. - Activate a Hotspot for internet access (use your smartphone or any other hotspot device) - Use Settings>Network>wifi and select your Hotspot as your wireless internet connection. Confirm that you are connected to the internet. - From Settings>General>About this TV, select resetting your TV to factory settings - Follow the screen process until you get to the point that it asks about downloading the LG user agreement. Do that. It should work this time that you are connecting thru the Hotspot. - Now press "Home" on your remote and select an app (preferably one that you subscribe to like Netflix), you should not see the error about "Unable to download user agreement" any more. Hoorah! I suggested that they post this solution on this website! The agent was going to pass on this suggestion! Please post this on other threads about the same problem.
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    why I can not watch shahid.net on my lg smart tv any solution
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    ALEX, Why can't we get the app? Why must we go through Amazon?
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    I'm having the same issue with version 04.30.70, LGwebostv uh6035 is the model information that i got off the tv. For me, it was crashing out when i had an Apple TV connected to the HDMI 1 (i had to resort to watching netflix via the apple tv since when i used the built in app on the tv, it would crash) But now, even when an app isn't used, and it's just on HDMI1 it crashed with the same error. I called support and they suggested that i do a reset. i did that and i then tried using it again, and so far i haven't had any issues. The apps take a while to launch, but that's about it. I'm going to keep an eye on it, and call "advanced technical support" if it still doesn't work. This is SO annoying.
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    I purchased the LG 43LF6300 Smart Tv and here are the experience that I had. It is very, very laggy. Everything lags, from the simplest menus to the opening of apps, to the loading of content. LG Content Store works 1 time out of ...50. Virtually nothing gets installed or updated When I contacted the LG support via chat they were unaware of the issue with the LG Content Store and told me that it's my router's problem (which it isn't) I have and "old" 2013 Samsung Smart Tv, it's lighting faster in everything. LG and it's webOS is a disappointment. I was misguided by reviews on the Internet. Don't buy LG. Go for Samsung, it's support line was good, polite and punctual. Samsung TVs also have the Remote Access feature where the technician can operate and troubleshoot the tv remotely.
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    Only if I'd read this before getting the TV This out of memory error is pathetic. Shame LG.
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    Updated today by USB at 3.23.34 - Romania - 47LB730v
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