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    Chatting with LG rep - He said: "The LG servers are currently down for maintenance, LG is currently working on fixing this and should be back up soon". That was a scripted BS answer - who takes down servers for routine maintenance on New Years Day. I dug a little deeper and he confirmed the servers "crashed and LG is trying to fix" I also asked him to pass upstream that a proactive effort from LG to the Community on the status would have helped a lot of people not waste their day trying to fix something that they couldn't.
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    No problem - I'll post here when I get more info. Hopefully, they will get this resolved quickly
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    Please give us the option to remove Live TV from the Launcher and Home Menu, "Today" from the Home menu, and to auto-launch the last running app (like if you were watching Hulu when you turned off the TV. I don't have cable and all of these features are just a nuisance to me. Turning on my tv with the "No signal" or "Scrambled" message because I don't have any live channels is also annoying and looks very unpolished for a $5k TV... Thanks!
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    Thanks Tommy, after spending 2k on new things i was going to hit the bottle grrrrr.... try again tomorrow, Happy New year
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    I have a LG led webos tv model: LF6500 (43 inches). I am not able to further update the firmware. Its last update is : 4.00.30 version. Now i am looking forward to install Hotstar app from lg content store to watch game of thrones in india. Please provide the hotstar app on lg content store.
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    Hi, according to the notes that accompanied the latest software update the Manhattan T3-R can receive them. I was looking for a new Freeview box so thanks for mentioning this one as I hadn't heard of it. Software notes (Source: https://manhattan-tv.com/support/manhattan-t3#software-update): v1.24 Software Update Released 15/11/19 If your T3 is connected to the internet and left in standby, it will update automatically overnight, unless you have disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu. Please see below for more information about updating, including how to update by USB. Improved The TV Guide has been optimised for faster navigation and presentation of programme information and icons. Responsiveness of menus with content carousels (e.g. Featured) to very fast key presses Persistent channel lists: After selecting a list in the TV Guide (e.g. Favourites or HD Channels), as long as the channel being viewed is on that list when you re-enter the TV Guide, the list will continue to be selected. Changing to a channel not on the list or pressing Standby will reset the list back to All Channels. When using interactive services that use legacy MHEG-IC technology (e.g. Planet Knowledge, Sports Network, Vision TV, etc) and video is playing back you can now use all Manhattan menus (e.g. TV Guide, Home, etc). Channel change speed when changing between HD channels with the P-UP / P-DOWN buttons. SD video processing for more detailed video.
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    There’s no way that can happen as we are not owned or operated by LG. We are a user to user support forum for LG webOS and other webOS devices. If you are looking for official LG support, please contact them directly.
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    Yes, send to be a growing problem but oddly enough the topic keeps disappearing from this forum . I have been in contact with YouTube TV help support since sometime in November I think it was providing additional info, system logs, etc at their request. I message every week or so and lately now I only get back a form reply about quote "we are working on it and will let you know when we have more information" I strongly suggest you and anyone that may read this message before it disappears and has the problem contact LG and YouTube TV support and voice your concerns
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    Is there an option somewhere to turn the USB ports to always be powered on? I two LG TVs and have a Chrome Cast and a Fire TV plugged in that I would like to remain on even when the TV is off. Looked around the menus and could not find. Thanks
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    I have installed smartshare on my PC. When I connect to it with my LG TV Smartshare, all I see are the movie names. Does smartshare support movie info such as from IMDB or any other site and if so, how do I get it to access the info?
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    The video references WebOS v3. Many new TVs are still on WebOS v2 which does not provide those features. I note video comments to the effect that users cannot do as implied in the video and disable the antenna.
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    I would like to be able to access my network drives without using DLNA. It should look just like a USB drive.
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    LG announced today that an Apple TV app is coming for 2018, 2019, and 2020 webOS tvs.
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    @PeterV Thank you and it works on Plex.
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    Bought my new LG Smart TV over the weekend and spent 3 unnecessary hours trying to agree to the user agreement policies in order to use the TV! Went through every suggestion going, including changing the DNS server which was scary, and turning the thing off and on and many other avenues to no avail. The next morning, my new TV asked me to agree to the update the software which I did and hey presto a box came up stating that the terms were updated and I can review the new version of the agreement by clicking "Review" on the box. I did and it gave me a selection of things I could tick and untick. And now I have my TV up and running. So my advice is to not change your DNS server, not to call out and expert and waste your money and just wait 24 hours for a software update. I was so close to returning the TV but pleased I slept on it as it pretty much sorted itself out.
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    Similar problem for me, when I try to sign into youtube through the browser not the app. I can browse and watch videos fine but when I try to sign into my account get the same message. I need to sign in to remove the ads
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    you need to update the firmware or it is solved by my model 49uh668v alone???
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    All working and fixed! Cheers LG
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    It's working now. Thank you all and I wish you a Happy New year. Enjoy
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    Yay! It’s now working!!!!
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    We've shared this topic on Twitter and Facebook. Please share so users are helped and aware of the issue. Hopefully LG gets this corrected ASAP.
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    There cannot be a sw bug that needs 24 hours to fix. If the servers have backup servers and sw is properly tested, then there should be no 24 hour outage. Of course, in the case of a denial of service attack.
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    So thankful for this forum! I also called LG almost 8 hours ago after I reset one of my new LG tvs to troubleshoot issues with YouTube TV. The OLED TV worked fine but the 4K 55” kept restarting programs. After resetting the TV 3 more times & trying hotspot just to make sure it wasn’t my modem, I finally gave up and called LG. I was on hold for more than 30 min when I got the same BS answer that they were doing maintenance on their servers. When I asked why my other TV was still working, they were unable to answer. Hmmm. I asked if they would call me back when problem was resolved and was told NO. Very disappointed & concerned that it has not been fixed yet. 1st time buyer of LG TVs and may be the last if it does take 24 hours to fix!
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    Hi all, Apparently it is an issue related to the LG Services server being under maintenance , and it is expected to be resolved within the next 24 hours. All this based on this thread, https://lgcommunity.us.com/discussion/2002/unable-to-load-user-agreements. Best Regards, Sui
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    Yep, so it seems, i uninstalled netflix app today, went to try and installed again and got the server error when trying to download user agreements, before everything was fine, let's wait...
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    I updated using lg tv app. Successful update still doesnt fix anything
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    Facing the same issue with my new LGOLED55C9... Can't even download the user agreement. @Tommy Joyner Thank you so much for the info.
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    Thanks Tommy .... Thought I had brought a duff one ..... Been driving me mad
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    Thanks for that from the LG rep...That’s very annoying that the LG website wasn’t updated because I wouldn’t have just spent the last 2 hours driving myself mad and wanting to return the TV,,
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    Same here, tried all the "solutions" on the forums with no luck... EDIT: @Tommy Joyner thanks for the update. PS: I also tried several LG services countries (on location menu) and none worked. All LG webOS servers on Europe crashed?
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    Same here guys, just finished putting on the wall and doing all the start up things including Sonos soundbar.... all good but know user agreement appeared so tried updating, says there is new update but wont download, same as the user agreement. Tried DNS to also mobile hotspot and still no joy
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    why can't I upload my own pictures to the samples folder for them to be used as the 'no signal' pictures? this is bonkers wasted 3 hours trying to work out how to a) get the tv to show up as a samba share on my network and b) copy photos to the tv for them to be used as the pictures for no signal (various boxes - my Apple TV and sky box take a few secs to boot up and I'd love a random selection of my OWN photos during this time) - this is such a simple thing I can't believe you restrict me from doing it bonkers its this kind of thing that makes you want to hack a tv
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    How can I copy and paste text, for example from the URL bar in the browser??? How come a very basic feature like this be missed?????????????????!!!!!! I started to hate this OS Bad decision to buy it instead of android TV. LG is not putting any effort to catch up with the very basic features!!!!!
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    Hi xanda, Im not sure if you left the partial quotd out? I can't see how one of the previous posters lost his channels after an update....unless it was not a 2019 set. As I stated on Facebook, they should have a disclaimer on the box, or inform the sales outlet that these sets are not capable of receiving the channels, giving the customer a choice to buy it or not. After all, the only reason I bought a new tv for a different room, was so I could watch these channels. The UM74/UM70/UM76 models are ones I know of, that do not have the capability to receive these channels.
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    We agree - it almost certainly is a firmware issue. For anyone else following this thread: Please do check out the Facebook post and give the oxygen of 'likes' if you're able to. Thanks.
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    Well I'm not so sure if LG are really aware of the cause as an earlier poster lost channel 265 after a software update which leads me to believe it is a software and not something that needs 'New parts' as stated in neversaydie's email he recieved from them. I think this issue is to do with programming of the OS and conflicts. My red button shows carousel failure due to OS often. I have spoken to freeview and the service is running fine and dandy on my 2018 set which runs HBBTV. I will check out that post on Facebook.
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    I can't display shahid plus movies as a message appear that the browser not support
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    This is the second time this has happened to me. I received a notification in WebOS that an update to Netflix was required. I attempted to update, after which I received an error "Application has not been installed. Try again". I repeat the process with the same result. This is on my my LG-E9 (2019). Netflix now no longer functions and continues to prompt to update app. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still get error. I would really appreciate some actual help from customer support if possible this time. Any help? I'd rather not perform a damn factory reset again! Regards, David
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    We too have this issue. None of the suggestions regarding inline attenuation, software updates or resetting will have any bearing here because it is a drop-off with the LG platform (and a major one at that). As far as those who are considering trying for a refund, there are essentially two options:- If the set was ordered online then exercise your 30 day right to reject. If past this point then there is scope for arguing it's either unfit for purpose, not of merchantable quality or, as-is perhaps more likely, reasonably expecting the set be used with such services i.e. the set is meant to work with Freeview[HD] services . There is more than one way to skin this cat... 😵See: Consumer rights with Martin Lewis The problem won't get fixed until LG, and perhaps Freeview et al get their heads together. To get their attention please up-vote this Facebook post on LG's official page: LG Official Facebook page - Invalid service on WebOS TV Hope this helps. 👍
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    We need steam link app. We could use hardware steam link, but now, when it is discontinued by Valve, this app could be the way. Please respond, thanks!
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    Does it work with other language subtitles ?
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    Why don't you use an external power adaptet? For example, the one that comes with Chromecast.
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    Why in 2019 is this still not possible, this is my biggest grip with LG tv's Allow me to remove it from the input options! Allow me to hide Live TV, who uses an antenna ANYMORE?!?!?!? I think I may reconsider LG for my next TV if this can not be resolved, how do you sell 70" 4k TV's that can't disable the antenna option?
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    Pick up your magic remote. Shake it until you get a pointer on the tv screen. Press the little scroll wheel button down. This should display the input source in the upper left corner such as "HDMI1". Then motion with the remote until the pointer is over that "HDMI1" and press the little scroll wheel again. That should show the information about that source.
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    Simply because we don’t like those pictures. Cheers!
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    I may have accidentally discovered a partial solution to this. I changed the input to HDMI 1 when I connected a Roku. After I disconnected the Roku, I left the input on HDMI. Now when I turn on the TV, it says no signal detected and scrolls thru some beautiful wallpapers with no annoying hissing. Give it a try.
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    But he is talking abort streaming local content, it is not unlikely to be much higher bandwidth: look at the blue ray standard: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra_HD_Blu-ray I LOVE my OLED and WebOS, but I do agree a 100Mbps connection is outdated on a 4K high end TV.
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    Watching Dracula on the BBC , all very dark scenes went almost “abstract”, like watching Top of the Pops during the 1970’s. Is this what is called “picture noise”? TV is a brand new LG65”C9PLA. How can I eliminate this as it makes watching almost impossible?
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