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    Lg WebOS hasn't got Flash because i have talked with LG and they say that ADOBE doesn't want to provide them Flash, then i asked why Netcast has flash, they sayed that in that moment ADOBE provided them and as you can see netcast has flash 10 and can't be updated, and the actual version is Flash 15, they sayed that if i talk personaly to adobe, they could help me, so if we all send a mail to adobe, may be they can provide flash on behalf of clients, so friends, one email can change the way of your TV, so please help me and also send emails to adobe. Hope it helped, 1 like also helps me.
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    Hi, I really hope that LG WebOS can add on the IFLIX apps ( http://iflix.com ) for a user in Asia (especially Malaysia) and the Middle East Country. I very sure it will boost up the LG tv market and sell. Thank you.
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    No, you can't use USB bluetooth dongle (I tried, went through 3 pieces, all the 'unknown device is connected'). TV already have bluetooth module, but webos doesn't want to see not LG devices, only 'lg tone' bluetooth headset and lg bluetooth soundbar. I'm sure - it's only software limit, perhaps especially... I think, if you write about 'bluetooth support' in tv device - you MUST support A2DP, otherwise what's the point in bluetooth in TV??? +1 for A2DP in WebOS WishList - I think it is the most desired feature that can be very easy to implement! (i am programmer)
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    hotstar is very popular app in india & would love if you would add it to webos apps! would like to know if its ever going to happen...
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    Please give us the option to remove Live TV from the Launcher and Home Menu, "Today" from the Home menu, and to auto-launch the last running app (like if you were watching Hulu when you turned off the TV. I don't have cable and all of these features are just a nuisance to me. Turning on my tv with the "No signal" or "Scrambled" message because I don't have any live channels is also annoying and looks very unpolished for a $5k TV... Thanks!
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    Hi, I recently bought a new LG Smart TV: 65UF6450 At first, all the "smart" functions worked just fine. I was able to use my Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Video and install new apps from the LG Content Store. Starting on the 1st of January 2016 I noticed that I cannot even start the LG Content Store page anymore for some reason. As a result I cannot install any new apps, I cannot update the existing ones (and some of them, like Google Video would not even start before they are updated). Each time I try to open the LG Content Store or to update an app, the TV hangs for a while, and then I see a black screen displaying the following message: https://us.lgrecommends.lgappstv.com/discovery_2015/commonLang.jsp?language=en_US file not found. I also noticed that if I go into Quick Settings/Advanced/General/Account Management(Sign In) it takes a while and then I see the following message: The network is unstable But my network is just fine and Netflix, Amazon Video are working just fine. So, it looks very much as an issue on LG side. I think it may be related to the LG Cloud services being discontinued, but I'm not sure. I tried to call the LG support, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Waiting 20 minutes for any kind of help and then giving up. Questions: 1. Does anyone experience the same issues with their LG smart tvs recently? 2. What is the reason for these issues? 3. Is there any official statement from LG conforming this issues and providing some information about when they are going to fix it? 4. Are there any temporary workarounds? I.e. are there any ways to install new apps and update the existing ones in the meantime? Thanks!
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    Or we can raise the point so it can be available in the store. It is part of the basics for TV show App WebOS v04.30.40 TV UH610A
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    I bought 65ef9500 LG tv in September 2015 and set up TV apps fine at the time. I was only using Netflix and Amazon apps. Apps worked fine until a few days ago. Recently my wife opened a hulu account so on 12/30/2015 I tried to use hulu app on the LG tv. I tried to open hulu app on LG tv and the tv told me that the hulu app needs to be updated. I clicked update, got a screen with the following message: "https://us.lgrecommends.lgappstv.com/discovery_2015/commonLang.jsp?language=en_USfile not found ." I tried to figure out what's wrong, web browser was working fine but update did not work and I noticed that I could not connect to lg content store. Later the error message changed to "Network error(2)" and once I saw "network error(1)." I called LG and spent an hour and a half on the phone troubleshooting: changing counties and changing network settings, DNS server and stuff like that. Nothing helped, same error. Then the representative told me to "reset to initial settings." This did not help either but now even Netflix and Amazon apps stopped working. So here is a tip based on my experience: If you call LG about lg content store "network error (2)" and LG rep tells you to reset to initial settings, do realize that after you reset, even the apps that work will stop working. (Meaning: tell them no unless none of your apps are working already). Now that I googled this topic, I see that even in 2014 LG tv owners had same issues with LG content store and same error "network error (2)." For some users these errors stay all the time and for some they seem to come and go on their own over time. This means that LG did not do much about this problem for over a year. Eventually LG representative told me that we tried everything we could over the phone and something is wrong with my TV (not LG content store) and a local third party company will contact me to set up an appointment and make repairs. A local repair company ("Precision" -something) called and said they are really booked and the earliest they can come is January 13th and they will probably replace the main board and wifi module or something like that. So now (since 12/30/2015) I am waiting for January 13th. Not sure what to tell you. It is 2016 out there, I cannot believe that LG (or any company of that size) would be so careless with their quality control. I want things to just work. I do not want to spend time on the phone or make appointments for fixing my TV. This was my only LG purchase in many years. I will try not to buy anything made by LG in the future until their quality clearly improves. Currently, as a workaround, I use other devices to stream content for the TV over hdmi cables. So the TV is now just a display for HDMI inputs - all "smart" apps are in paralyses. I will post an update after Jan 13th, 2016 about how repairs helped (or not) my tv connect to the lg content store.
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    I have an LG 65UF8500. I am hard of hearing and need to use CC when watching TV. All of the apps I usually use (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube) have no problems with the captioning; except Hulu. Captioning on Hulu Plus is spotty. Sometimes it's there and then it's gone again. I have two other (older) TVs of different brands streaming Hulu via AppleTV. I never have any problems with either of those sets, which leads me to believe that the problem exists with your WebOS. So when can I expect this problem to be resolved? Vsing
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    Where can I watch hbo go on my t.v.? I can't even use the internet to sign in!!
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    Hi Im trying to get my friends smart iptv app to work on his tv, he bought his tv in 2011. i have loaded the smart iptv app with the relevant sources but when i come to view the channels it says it is connecting but never does, i have set up his tv settings in the iptv app the same as mine but having no joy, does any member know if i should change some settings as his tv is a bit older than mine.regards John
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    I agree, it is useless for me generally clutters up the entire UI.
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    Hi, When will Plex App Support Plex Cloud features? It needs SSL support, as far as I understand, to support the possibility to use Plex Cloud instance as a server.
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    Hi, When will Plex app available in the store support Plex Cloud solution? Needs https/SSL support as it seems... Or is there any alternative for that?
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    1. Hotstar 2. Voot 3. JioTV 4. SonyLIV All-most all popular video streaming apps.
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    You do understand that we are not LG and this website is only a user to user support forum for lg webos and legacy webos products? I do agree that LG should contact HBO.
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    Hi, I'm not sure its the right place but at any case i will describe my issue here and maybe you will be able to help: Recently I bought a a TV and a sound bar, and i have some issue from the moment i get the TV. TV model - LG 55LB679Y with latest firmware version i have at my country (Israel) - 04.30.16 SoundBar - LG NB4540 the TV connected to sound bar by "wireless simplink" feature 'LG TV' and TV connected to My Wireless router. every 5 - 15 minutes, i have sound drops / Cutoff / stooped / Interruption, seem like the TV loose connection to sound-bar for few seconds or something similar, it's happen from any AV source im using HDMI, USB... and the local re-seller replace the sound-bar to a new one (same modal off course) and i didn't help. i have try to troubleshot the problem in the last few weeks - but didn't succeed to solve it, and also the support / costumer service didn't have solution for this. some steps i take when troubleshot this issue: * different wireless configuration on router - different channels, SSID, Security - issue still persist. * another wireless router - issue still persist. * working with optical cable to sound bar - just for testing - working ok, but i need the wireless feature working this the reason i bought sound bar and TV from the same manufacturer. * disconnect the TV from wireless network - looks like it's working ok, but didn't had chance to test it for long time. from my point of view looks like it's issue with wireless device on TV not able to to work in parallel with soundbar and wireless network for some reason, It could be caused bysoftware issue on WebOS or Hardware issue with this TV model. I really hope you be able to help me or throw some light on this case. Kind regards, Matan
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    The official position from LG support is that this is controlled by the app developer and they would have to build the app and submit for webOS. The request would need to be directed at the developer of the app, similar to how app developers submit their apps to iOS and Android. Contacting HBO support and they push back towards LG as having to build the app which is not usually how it goes. The app developer would download the OS SDK and build their app. If LG doesn't pre-install the app, it needs to be submitted to the app store. So in a nutshell, if you want an app, contact the app developer/company to build it. However, I'm sure there are many others who are asking for this and it wouldn't hurt to contact HBO https://help.hbogo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    I shopped all around for TVs and purchased LG because I respected the brand. Not anymore. This is pretty piss poor on LG's part, in my opinion. I see the release in December of 2014 that says it is added to their WebOS. . . "The HBO Go comes standard on the Premium Content menu, which is part of the WebOS interface used on the most recent LG TVs" -- However this is not the case. Hey LG -- When are you going to fix this? All of your customers are here waiting on your response to this topic. Thank you.
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    Does YouTube TV app work on LG WebOs TV? It doesn't appear to be listed as an app that can be installed. If not, can it be downloaded? Thanks. Tom
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    Hi, "better" video player with DLNA support and also with good MKV video support... What can even read internal subtitles not just only sub, srt files. Thanks, /P
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    Im trying to watch netflix on my smart tv but, it keeps telling me i need to load and agree to user agreements but, it won't let me agree to the terms. What do i do?
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    Hello, I have 2 surveillance cameras at home, I can view them on my PC but I can't use them with my SmartTV WebOS 3.0. There are many Android apps that work very well. I think many LG customers along with me will be thankful if an app will be developed for this purposes. Thank you.
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    We submitted a request with no answer. Here is the US request form: https://help.hbogo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Maybe if they get enough requests....
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    I would imagine the issue is trying to get Google or Adobe to provide flash support at a fair price and LG is too cheap to get in to a contract. Had a similar issue a few years ago with a really nice alternative to ROKU which linked any tv to the internet. The problem was their flash was version 10 which was outdated and was still working on a contract for authorization for 11 which made the device useless. I took it back. I'm thinking LG tried to get around it with the Smart Share app between a laptop or smart phone and the tv. But I agree. At this point, there's no excuse for not having flash capability in a web tv. I paid for NFL gamepass and would like to be able to access it through my webOS tv. After all, isn't that why we bought a web f***king television? I think it's time for somebody to get off their profit margin and provide the product they're selling.
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    I am having the same problem. I'm disappointed to see no updates for the Hulu app. This is the problem with "Smart" devices: once you've bought the device, there's no incentive for the company to properly maintain the software! Instead, they've taken away features (3d content, for example) and the software deteriorates over time as updates get deployed without full testing.
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    Hi Duduu I'll try. Press the home button that brings up the large icons at the bottom of the screen. Move to the right untill the end of the screen where you see the white icon with 3 /// on it. Move one more to the right. The icons are now smaller. Go to the icon of the app you want to delete. Notice the "arrow on top only it. Click the up button on your remote twice. You should now see a little icon looking like a face. Press ok and the app will delete. Another trick: Notice the as soon as you see the little arrow pointing upwards above the icon /app you can also move the app let and right. Press down and slot it into the row off app icons you want it. This works nice if you want to move your apps to a place on the screen you want them and it makes more sense to you. I hope I explained this in a way you can understand!
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    I called them two days ago and they told me the store was down. Obviously they aren't in a very big hurry to get it fixed.
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    I gave up. I exchanged it for a Sony. Fortunately I bought the LG from John Lewis in the UK and they allowed me to exchange it after 2 months.
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    LG webos TVs are crap, slow sluggish, and with the newest update i cant see my plex server... total bullshit. The technology they use - webos have already failed 2 times under palm and hp, this is the third time that is failing. Although the system might be good in theory and the interface is somehow fancy, there is not nearly enough information on how to solve a specific problem that you might have plus you only have access to very basic stuff. The browser doesn't have flash support nor html5, so you basically cant watch any video in the browser, you can only read stuff. The lack of support for flash is somehow understandable but html5?! super dumb decisions are being made at LG. Good luck finding detailed specs for the Lg TVs online, for the ram, internal memory, the processors etc, since the performance of the TVs nowdays depends on that.. or find out how the models are lined up. The community sucks balls, there is no one to help you if you are stuck with something. Not to mention LG support is terrible. If you think about buying one dont, either wait for android tvs or buy non smart Tv with fast menus and get hdmi android box and attach it to the tv, much better solution. Most of the manufacturers are not sure what they are doing with the smart TVs, it's still transitional period and is just a big mess. Edit: I have 2 samsung and 2 LG TVs of same generation and price range... The samsungs are by far superior TVs.
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