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    Hello Just wanted to know is there any chance to add SHAHID.NET VOD to our LG smart tv as Samsung did. It will be a great addition for us in north africa and middle east. Thank you.
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    Hello Everyone, I have 2014 LG 47LB750T tv and I am happy with the TVs performance. It has just updated to newer 05.05.25 firmware. New apps are getting added in the store. I have been following HotStar app in my phone from quite a long time. It has a very good list of shows and movies list. I was wondering if we can have HotStar app for our WebOS tv as well. Recently DittoTV app has too been added which is a boon for those who have frequent DTH cable connection problem. It directly streams live over the Internet and package is very economical. If LG Developers can also introduce HotStar app for our LG TV it will be a big boost to the platform as it is very popular in India. They also have their own Original series just like Netflix which are also very good. So requesting devs to kindly introduce HotStar app for our WebOS TVs. Thank You. Link to the HotStar website: http://www.hotstar.com/
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    I too am having same issues with intermittent dropping off of the sound volume. I am using a new LG OLED 55B6V TV with Orbitsound A70 soundbar. Both (top of range?) items newly purchased. Connecting using recommended optical cable. The sound seems to drops randomly for a few seconds and then recovers to the correct volume level. Orbitsound support tell me the issue is with the LG TV? Not sure where the issue is but it would appreciate LG helping to resolve with the Soundbar suppliers.
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    I add my voice to azizout, we need SHAHID app to be added to LG webos like Samsung, it will be a great addition for our region in north Africa and the gulf. The contact with SHAHID should be done from LG not from the users. I hope LG don't disappoint us beside they will sell more TVs if this app exist. Thank you ...
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    I think having a steam streaming app would be awesome, being able to plug your controller into the tv and use steam in home streaming without having to use a pc would make webos the best tv os ever.
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    had written to hotstar team for this and got below reply Currently, our Hotstar App is not compatible with Smart/Android TV. However, it is in the Development phase and will be made available soon. Once we upgrade our platform to HTML 5 it should be compatible with WebOS as well. As this may take a while, your patience is appreciated. In the meanwhile, you can watch videos on your Smart TV using a Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick Device.
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    You can simply uncheck the option (Quick start+) and the problem should be solved. 😉😉
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    Hi Andy, I have the same problem on my 65UH8507. I've called the service center in my country, Romania. So , follow these steps: 1. Uninstall the apps you do not use 2. Uninstall the app you use frequently. Mine was Netflix. 3.Turn off and unplug the TV set and wait for 5-10 minutes. 4. Plug the TV set. Turn on 5. Reinstall the app you use frequently. It worked for me. I hope this will works for you either. Regards,
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    We need shahid app for LG webos please
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    1) Play your movie 2) Hit Pause. 3) In the Pause menu click on the little arrow on the right hand side. 4) Click on the button that says 'Sub' 5) Click on Internal or External 6) There is the hidden menu 7) On the left is button Sub On/Off.
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    Today, I were prompted to upgrade YouTube. After upgrade, YouTube doesn't play any video. Any idea? At the next day, it is running properly again.
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    Hi all, I have several LG webOS UH656T installed at my office. As part of complying to LEED certification, we mainly use it as the primary projection device, migrating from DLP Projectors previously. Everything works fine except the screensaver feature; is there way I could turn it off or change it with a custom wallpaper? if we can't, is there to work around it by displaying other type of images via an app perhaps? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, We need this app for our tv! @LG TEAM When wil be this app available? Please Thanks very much.
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    It's really a shame that LG TV can't have a DS Video app. I think that my LG 55c6v is almost perfect in my home chain, but it miss DS Video app to be really perfect.
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    Hi, HotStar is very popular application in india which allows you to watch tv shows/movies and lot more. I don't see its app available on LG Store. Any plan to launch Hotstar app for WebOS Store?? Thanks, Bhavesh
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    Thanks for the update! I hope to see webos app at earliest!!
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    Lg smart tv webos 2017 model please help...
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    If it is possible how do i change the colour of the magic remote pointer? I have manage to find the speed & size of the pointer but no where does it allow it to change colour. Thanks
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    I would like to know the four buttons of the remote and still haven't used them . I pressed every one of them but nothing happened. If only we have the option to configure these hot buttons for the settings or configurations we like For eg. Red color : would only turn screen off not the audio playback. Green color: change aspect ratio of playing video (Smart share). Yellow color: 3D settings Blue color : Favorites Channel.
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    Unfortunately the Uncheck Quick Start only worked for a short while. No other fixes found that work. Returning this TV. Sad, all my previous LG units have worked fine.
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    Hi you all and I wish you an happy new Year! Have you got any news about MS Sliverlight Plugin or a SKY APP for services like SKYgo - or SKY Online? Tanks you all!
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    Below is the small wishlist of apps required for India 1. Skype 2. Jio TV 3. Jio Cinema 4. IPTV 5. Hotstar 6. TVFPlay 7. ALTBalaji 8. JioMusic
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    My biggest mistake it's buying this stupid TV specially this webos crap if someone ask me for a recommendation I'll tell him to buy any regular tv then add to it these devices like Chromecast or tv box use your tv with Android system instead of web shit! Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk
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    Hello, I have LG webOS TV OLED55C6P software version 04.30.15 After working perfectly for the previous eight months, As of this past Monday, Twitch streams will no longer load on the webOS browser. (no problem streaming them on any other device in my home) I have tried resetting the TV to original settings and rebooting modem/router to no avail. Please help.
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    when are you guys going to provide support for hotstar?? this is a must have app in India and is very popular, there is no use to buy a smartTV if there is so much issue in the availability of a video content App.
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    Below is a video just posted of an HP Touchpad tablet running the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop.
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    Check out this topic and see if it helps.
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    I have had my 55" 4k tv for just over a year now and am finding that it plays less and less MP4 files. I believe it may be because they are h265 files. Is it really hard to update the TV. If I had known that it will not play recent files I would have considered buying a different TV. It also seems to have a problem playing some MKV files as well.
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    There is no real solution unless LG chooses to fix the problem. In the meantime you'll need to use SRT subtitles and if you have multiple tracks make sure the SRT file is ordered before the other subtitle tracks.
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    I have a new Sony TV and new LG Soundbar. I have the intermittent cut outs with my soundbar as well. I am using an optical cable so I do not think its a connectivity issue. Not sure what else to do.
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    Down... It is not possible to recover files stored in TV memory. You also can not obtain files recorded on HDD, as they are encrypted and can be played on TV only.
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