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  1. Plex knows, for many movies, what kind of movie it is. It also has the ability to filter you movies on for example Year, Genre, Rating, Director, Actor, Country, Studio. If you filter on Genre you can select (in my case) on Actie, Action, Adventure, Animatie, Animation, Avonturen, Avontuur (that was only the A :-). So Plex collects al kind of information on the Movies which you can use to filter them. Or you can add information manually. On the Plex app on the LG TV I can not search by directory. I can do that on my computer (in the Plex program). There I have the option to browse by folder. If I really want to search for something I find it easier on the computer. Then, after I started the Plex program on my TV, I can start playing the movie on my TV from my computer.
  2. There is a native app for Plex that works great or you can use the build in DNLA player with servers like Serviio
  3. There are multiple post on this. I don't think there will be a flash player on the LG Smart TV's Apple stopped supporting Flash on iPhone and iPad before LG did. Even Adobe will stop supporting flash
  4. Sometimes you can group your channels in the STB, make a list of favorites.
  5. Sometimes you can group your channels in the STB, make a list of favorites.
  6. It looks like you have to be in the Main Menu -> Installation -> System Setting and than HD Resolution. But you could have an other STB.
  7. I don't have the app so I can not help you with that. But 'My Content' (in mine language 'My Programs' I think) can only be used for antenna signals. Just like you can not record programs (int Time Machine) if you don't have an antenna signal. It just doesn't work with a STB.
  8. 5. You should download an app from the store for that, but I don't know if that is available everywhere. 7. No, for me, you can not do that. If you install the STB correct you can access functions from it with the Magic Remote but, in my case, it is not as easy as with the remote from the STB. You can do a lot, but not everything. Most of the time I use the remote of the STB which I could program to work with the LG TV (volume, on/off). Only when I use apps from the LG TV I use the Magic Remote. If I only want to change a channel or the volume I use the remote close to me :-)
  9. Apple stopped supporting Flash on iPhone and iPad before LG did. Even Adobe will stop supporting flash What you should do is ask HBO to create an HBO GO app on LG smart tv's.
  10. The Plex app is not made by LG, I think you need to contact the people at Plex.
  11. Normale you change the channels with the remote control which comes with the STB. But, you can change the Magic remote which comes with the LG. In the connection manager you can tell the TV that a satellite receiver is connected. It will ask the type of receiver and now you should be able to control it with the magic remote. At least, it did it for me when I got a STB for IP TV. LG did a very good job with this feature.
  12. Maybe you can connect the microSD from the GoPro to a NAS, a DNLA server or put it in a raspberry pi and they do the conversion for you. Or you can connect the GoPro to one of those. I have noticed the LG Smart TV has a lot of features (media player, web browser, photo viewer) that looks great but are a bit rudimental. I used them, but after a while you find better solutions. It's not only LG, you see it on other systems. I have a photo camera that can play music on a tv when showing pictures 😀. Never used it. It is very simple to add features, it hard to make them useful.
  13. The FAT32 limit of 32GB was on Windows 2000. It can be formatted larger they say. Not that this changes the 4GB file size. It would be easier if PTP worked.
  14. You can read about exFAT on the site of Microsoft It is not free. Can't you format the microSD card to FAT32 and use that in your new GoPro? The only problem could be the 4Gb file limit.
  15. Sorry, my mistake. I didn't read your message properly. I noticed the LG TV plus app got updated some time ago and I can now watch pictures and movies from my phone. Maybe you can use the app to suggest to the developers to add this feature.