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  1. The problem is that your tv probably only has one receiver so it is not possible to record and watch at the same time. The only thing you can do is record while you are not watching for example when you are away.
  2. This works only: if you receive the serie using the antenna; use a usb drive and not a flash drive
  3. Because this is not the first time somebody suggested that LG should make an app because everybody want the 'hotstar app', the 'steam app', 'sony life' app, the 'hulu app' the 'hbo app', etc. etc. etc. So George explains time and time again that:1: LG can not make the apps because only hotstar, steam, sony etc has the knowledge to make the apps and 2: this is not a LG forum, it is a lg USER forum. And it is hot here with record breaking temperatures, so maybe not enough energy
  4. As a last resort you could try wireshark and try to see what is happening.
  5. That is a possibility but I would never use it. As a radio amateur I know these things can cause a lot of interference because they inject HF signals into your power lines. If it is your own house invest a zaterdag to make a LAN network to all your rooms. YMMV
  6. I should use LAN on both devices. On wifi you always can get problems with neighbours of you microwaves.
  7. Plex has a Transcoder. Maybe you can use that to get the bitrates down. I use the native PLEX app. I don't know if that makes any difference.
  8. Strange, I have played movies from a USB stick in the TV with subtitles without problems. Also from an attached harddisk. Maybe it works differently when using a shared disc. The LG dev team is not on this forum. This is a user to user forum (like it says on the top of the page).
  9. I think what you need is a router with wifi that connects to your communal WiFi network. This way you can create your own local network that can not be accessed from the outside. I don't know if you can do this with any kind of WiFi router so you have to find the right one for your needs. Good luck, Peter
  10. My internet up/downloadspeed is 100Mbit but all the computer and the LG TV are connected by wired network (100 Mbit or 1Gbit (don't really know)). Normaly I stream 720p movies (because of the discspace) but it works without problems with a 1280p movie file. The filetypes you can stream can be found on the Plex website.
  11. Maybe something got corrupted on your hard drive. Or you put a file on it that is confusing your LG TV.
  12. This is not a forum from LG, Like it said on the top of the page, it is a forum of WebOS users on TV. There are no LG employees here. If you need to switch to Android TV buy a Android TV box. You can buy them under 50 Euro's. Problem solved. Other solution is to use a player like Plex and the Plex app on the TV, also a solution.
  13. That would be a waist of energy, powering a screen to listen to audio. You could better have an audioset playing audio books.
  14. What I needed to do is watch the very first screen when rebooting the set-top box. That was in my case the manufacturer. Everything after that is software from you provider. Hope it helps.
  15. You could use an other Media Server, for example Plex. It has a native app on the LG TV. Maybe that will work better.

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