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  1. Maybe you can buy a cheap Chromecast to get a HDMI signal (and maybe better YouTube), or, you can use a Raspberry Pi.
  2. PeterV

    USB Recording, Freeview Plus.

    Try a cheap USB harddrive
  3. In Device Connector I selected 'decoder'. After this I also changed the functions of the Magic Remote. Now I select 'Input' I can see the live TV is still selectable, but al the options are grey. Also in 'setup' I can not select channels any more. Of course I don't remember exactly what I have done 2 years ago, or maybe they have changed the options in newer version of WebOS. The only thing I can think of is reseting the TV and while going to the options select you don't have an antenna.
  4. First I had live tv using an antenna. Now I have a set-top box. In the connection manager menu (I think) I told the system I had a set-top box on HDMI-2 and now the TV always starts on HDMI-2.
  5. PeterV

    How to pair Prysm settop box

    I have a set-top box for my LG tv but most of the time I use the remove from the set-top. It took me some time to get the Magic Remote from LG to work with the set-top box but I don't use it much. What I had to do is in the connection menu select a set-top box and than select the correct box. That was the hard part because I use a t-mobile set-top box but had to select the manufacture from the box instead of the telecom provider. Hope it helps.
  6. PeterV

    apps doesn't work plss help

    Maybe the timezone is not correct. You can correct the time if you have the wrong timezone but maybe for a secure connection that is not enough.
  7. PeterV

    TV turns on during night bug

    I didn't know the reminder also works when you turn off the TV. Good to know, this is a useful feature.
  8. PeterV

    Accessing music files correctly

    After some time I also moved to Plex. I found that using the native Plex app for LG TV made the interface much prettier. I have never used a NAS with Plex or Serviio so I can not help there.
  9. PeterV

    Change default source

    Ah, that is not what I meant. Does the 'set-top box' symbol in the 'connected device' menu has a symbol on it that it is configured? Don't think that using a USB hub will help.
  10. PeterV

    Change default source

    That could be a translation problem. Mine is in Dutch so YMMV. Does your set-top box have a symbol that it is connected to your TV (a small remote symbol)? Do you have a magic remote? What happens if you press the direct-tv button (looks like a small tv)?
  11. PeterV

    Change default source

    In my tv I think I used 'connect-device' and selected a decoder box. Do you have a decoder box in your connect-device part?
  12. PeterV

    Accessing music files correctly

    Problem is, I use it on a Mac and can not really help you here. Maybe you can find your answer here on the serviio.org website. Can not imagine that you can not acces a NAS with it. Or here in a youtube tutorial
  13. PeterV

    Accessing music files correctly

    I have never done this on my home computer (mac) but on my work I mapped remote discs to a network drive. Then you easily access is.
  14. PeterV

    Update took hours

    I am on fiber (100 Mbit/s) but an update normally takes 15 - 30 minutes. Do you use wifi? Try wired internet.
  15. PeterV

    Magic remote

    Google is your friend