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  1. My internet up/downloadspeed is 100Mbit but all the computer and the LG TV are connected by wired network (100 Mbit or 1Gbit (don't really know)). Normaly I stream 720p movies (because of the discspace) but it works without problems with a 1280p movie file. The filetypes you can stream can be found on the Plex website.
  2. Maybe something got corrupted on your hard drive. Or you put a file on it that is confusing your LG TV.
  3. This is not a forum from LG, Like it said on the top of the page, it is a forum of WebOS users on TV. There are no LG employees here. If you need to switch to Android TV buy a Android TV box. You can buy them under 50 Euro's. Problem solved. Other solution is to use a player like Plex and the Plex app on the TV, also a solution.
  4. That would be a waist of energy, powering a screen to listen to audio. You could better have an audioset playing audio books.
  5. What I needed to do is watch the very first screen when rebooting the set-top box. That was in my case the manufacturer. Everything after that is software from you provider. Hope it helps.
  6. You could use an other Media Server, for example Plex. It has a native app on the LG TV. Maybe that will work better.
  7. Your problem is "vertical video syndrome" and I have not seen a TV that can do what you ask. If I read on internet it about this they say Portrait mode video is not video. So what can you do: Use a video editing program to rotate your video. It seems Plex is capable of handeling Portrait mode video. There is a native app for the LG tv for Plex Mount your TV on a wall and rotated it if needed. But in general, don't make Portrait video if you every want to see it on a TV.
  8. I would try a cable to get a better connection. There is no problem using that on a 1 Gig service. I don't think the TV has a 1 Gb ethernet port so it automatic changes to 100 Mbits. I just tried fast.com on my LG tv, iIt's on a 100 Mbit connection and I get 15 Mbit/s.
  9. First, there are no people working for LG here. This is a user to user forum as it says on the top of the page. But maybe it is possible to configure the Logitech system to work with the LG Remote.
  10. Normally, to get the cursor you have to shake the magic remote.
  11. Maybe the player cannot handle the Sinhala language. You could try to use something else. What I do is use a Plex server on my computer and use the Plex app on the LG TV. This works great. Good luck.
  12. I can recommend Plex. There is a native LG app for the plex player and there are plex servers for all kind of systems.
  13. If you are using a HDMI cable like this: then you have to select the correct HDMI input on your LG TV. Now you will see your computerscreen on the LG TV. Your computer will determine what you see on the TV.
  14. You can better post this request on the LG website. This is a user to user forum with no LG employees. You can see this at the top of the page:
  15. Wait, you connect the PC via HDMI to the TV? Then your PC is creating the video and the subtitles, you should change it there.

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