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  1. Hmm, it is indeed a bit strange.... but you can always make a wish 🙂
  2. The Plex App is called Plex and it is (al least on my TV) available in the App store. I just looked in the LG App Store on my TV and man, there are a lot of apps now. You have to select 'All' to find it. X-Play was the predecessor of the Plex App before this app was available on the LG TV.
  3. The network interface of the TV is only 100MB, enough for most movies but sometimes not enough for 4K content. You can more info on this elsewhere on this forum. My suggestion was to add Plex (or Emby or something else) as a server on a computer and add all the network drives you want to that computer. This could stream the content to your TV using the native Plex (of Emby) app. LG is not reading this forum. It is a User to User Support forum.
  4. You can disable transcoding in the native Plex app by setting video to 'original'. There is also an Emby player where transcoding can be disabled on the server but I do not have any experience with that.
  5. What I, and more people on this forum do, is use something like Plex. You can setup a Plex server on your computer very easy and let this server use NAS or other external drives. There is a native Plex App for the LG tv and this works much better than DNLA, using USB discs or drives. Only 3D doesn't work very well, but who is using that? 🙂
  6. Maybe the player only fetch the files when it starts. You could 'kill' the player by clicking the X above it and try to restart it. Maybe that helps.
  7. The native player is a bit primitive. The best way is to set up a simple server on your computer and a player on your TV. There are a few examples buy I use Plex. The LG App works great and setting up the server is not to difficult. Subtitles are much better supported. Good luck.
  8. You can't. Because of copyright reasons all recordings are encrypted and can only be played on the TV they are recorded (as far as I understand it).
  9. You can't. Because of copyright reasons all recordings are encrypted and can only be played on the TV they are recorded (as far as I understand it).
  10. I am not aware of any other native video player on the LG TV. There are a few things you can do: Invest in a ethernet cable and connect the TV to you local network / computer Convert the movie to a format the LG TV understand Buy a Android TV box that can play your movie and connect it to your TV. Good luck
  11. The native player is a bit primitive. You can better use a third party player like Servio, Plex or others. Self I use the Plex player on the TV and a Plex server on my computer. Works like a charm.
  12. The website don't recognise this browser so it shows a message to upgrade. The only thing you can do is ignore the message.
  13. I have a LG TV with magic remote and a set top box for the tv stations. What I did was two things: I configured the LG TV that I had a set top box. For this you had to vind the manufacturer of the set top box (which was difficult to find). No I can use the remote to control the set top box a bit. I can change channels with the scroll wheel and some other functions. It does its best but is not great. But I could also use the remote from the set top box to change the volume of the TV and turn on/off the TV. This solution is much better for me. Just like configuring the LG TV for an other device, maybe it is possible for the Logitech system to add an other remote.
  14. Why not use you LG as a non smart tv? Buy a chromecast/apple tv/fire stick or whatever you like and install all your apps on it.
  15. The problem is that your tv probably only has one receiver so it is not possible to record and watch at the same time. The only thing you can do is record while you are not watching for example when you are away.

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