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  1. Here in the Netherland I have never seen a Dutch keyboard but the do exist. But back to your problem. On my LG (47LB670V) in the 5th menu from the top (General setting) I can choose the language, but also the keyboard languages. Is that not what you are looking for?
  2. If I google for Polish keyboard layout I get QWERTZ (wiki). Maybe nobody uses it (like the Dutch keyboard) but it could be the official keyboard layout. As far as I know most people use the US-International. Maybe you can change the keyboard layout without changing the language.
  3. Did you even watch the youtube movie?
  4. PeterV

    Android TV OS to replace LG WebOS

    Google for 'android tv box'. You can connect it with any TV to make it an android TV. Dirt cheap and if it's not up to the task any more just buy a new one in a few years time.
  5. PeterV

    Google Play Store

    I googled it but this was news from 2015. It didn't materialized.
  6. Indeed, it looks like you can only record signals which uses the antenna input (analog, DVB-T or DVB-C)
  7. PeterV

    Lg OLED65E7P Remote

    I have noticed this to on my LG TV. If I may guess it is because the network interface is powered down while the TV is in standby, that way you can not turn it on using the network (what the app is doing).
  8. It could be that the remote control for your box is using the same command as the LG TV?
  9. PeterV

    IP Camera streaming support?

    Maybe this link can help you.
  10. PeterV

    Unresponsive Lg App Store

    Maybe you can try a wired connection to internet to see if that works.
  11. You will have a hard time finding any TV without some smart functions but that should not be a problem. Just buy the TV with the best screen for the best price and don't use any of the smart functions. You can even do that now
  12. PeterV

    Low Memory in WebOS Smart TV

    There are no WebOS TV manufacturers here, only users.
  13. We here have iPhones and iPads but cannot cast to the LG tv direct. The MiraCast LG is using is not supported by Apple. You have to use things like Apple TV or indeed a Chromecast.
  14. PeterV

    HBO GO App

    Use a USB keyboard to type the text?
  15. Maybe you can turn off automatic updating.