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    • Hey. I had the same error and ipv6 didnt fix me problem, or even trying a different router. I found this and it worked: link hidden, please login to view I have to face this issue for more than 50 days!!
    • All of a sudden after a software update, when I try and mirror my iPhone to my LG OLED65 TV, it asks for my login and password. I have no idea what they are. How do I reset them?
    • Hi I posed the issue to iFollow and they replied.... “the service does not support the following devices or features: - Android boxes - Smart TV devices - Airplay or Chromecast functionality You can try using an HDMI cable however we can not guarantee the quality of the picture if watching that way as our service was not designed for it.” So looks like its just not supported on Smart TVs.  Shame as it would make it much simpler to watch. However, linking by HDMI cable via AV adaptor  from an iPad does work (for me) and picture quality is excellent. Malcolm
    • So my club say that you cannot watch it through the tv. i also have the same issues as you. I can watch highlights on the same site but can’t watch the live games. unsure if this is a browser compatibility issue? As it states edge, IE and Opera are not supported. so any advice from others would be great fully received.   is it possible to install another os on the Tv?  
    • Iam using  web os 5.31.0 version but iam unavalibile to see hot star please conform me the is it support or not
    • Have you tried browsing the web? Have you tried buying something online? Have you tried getting something in cyberspace for free? If yes, you are one from theluckiest people on the earth. This is because more plus more ! websites nowadays want to obtain people's money by way of scamming one. The calming woodwind that accompanies Page's slow guitar picking is rock - and ringtone - heaven on land. Sure, yourself may find way additional information ringtoneinformation than Worldringtones and That we encourage you have to to search. Several portions of this song happen to made into ringtones, howeverthe tone depicting the song's introduction genuinely an a memorable. So, a person you get these free rings for you phone? Well, check online- many sites provide accompanied by. Try an online search engine for a website that givesyou some great ones and not necessarily charge you might. Currently, tons individuals who are in search of iPhone options, such as rings and media downloads,to get free, amusing stuff. Internet - the most common place to obtain ringtones could be the internet. Conduct search for "ringtones" may will have millions of results, practically all of the moffering free link hidden, please login to view. A lot of them will be okay, some may not solely. Be sure to test everything you download with a virus scanner to professional you aren'ttransferring spyware onto your computer or your cell phone. They give the latest craze in ringtunes. Usually, ringtone provider sites just offer which ringtone is best according in but shopping for review sites will can adviseyou the latest tones plan . those who use the ringtones as opposed to according individuals who sell them. For people who have a product, no matter howodd or bad it is, you will sell it no matter what.
    • @td47  Thank you, I will try contacting LG directly. If I solve the issue I will post the solution here, it may be useful for other users.

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