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  1. And they can surely do that by providing an option in the settings, even hidden away deeply under the scary "advanced" settings, to turn off the screensaver. The idiots of the world won't be able to find the setting, and the responsible adults will be able to use their TV in a way that works for them. Win win!
  2. The current setting is definitely horrible and not working correctly. Screensaver should *NOT* come on when I have apps running like Spotify or Netflix. Like Dave, I don't want to have to keep pushing buttons to follow along with what songs are playing and what lyrics the songs have. I get that it is burn in protection, but I paid good money for this TV and I prefer for it to work the way I want it to and disable any "protective" features if I don't want them, rather than be forced to stare at a black screen with a few dots pretending to be "fireworks".
  3. Yes that's wonderful, because I want to stare at a black screen with fireworks instead of song lyrics when I use Spotify. Great job LG. We obviously can't be trusted to handle your $5k televisions with care, so we must be protected from ourselves. Seriously contemplating to return the TV on account of it not being fit for purpose.
  4. It would still be preferable if the message wouldn't show up and ruin the screensaver, as I don't want to program my TV.
  5. This has also been irritating me to no end. I don't use analogue TV, only apps like Netflix and Spotify. I enjoy watching the paintings when no app is running, but it is ruined by the "Not programmed" message on top of it. Please let us choose to not have the TV be programmed.
  6. When are we finally getting the option to turn off the ridiculous "fireworks" screensaver? I didn't spend thousands on a new TV to watch this screen every 2 minutes, and especially not when I am playing Spotify songs and can't see what songs are up next or even follow lyrics! It's one thing to build features to prevent build-in, but another if they make using the TV properly a problem. Give us the ability to choose for ourselves if we want this protection or not, and don't force our hands please.

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