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  1. LG's TVs are Smart TVs, they are just not the Smart TV you have decided you want after purchasing it when you then develop buyer's remorse on discovering you have not done enough research on your purchase. The amount of people on the forum who complain that their LG TV is not an Android TV, or it does not have the app support they decided it should have to equal their Android/iDevice/x86 devices is stunning. Manufacturers who do not use Android TV do it to develop their own ecosystem that will earn them more income than using a competitor's OS, the sale of the hardware is in effect making them little or no money on the actual sale.
  2. Hi @Akhmad Hartadi As with @Mithun Kankal it is going to be dependent on whether your specific model of TV is supported as to the availability of apps.
  3. Hi @Mithun Kankal From memory Hotstar are only supporting TVs that run webOS 3.5 and upwards, they make the app so this decision is outside of LG's hands. A brief search around the forum should confirm this.
  4. Hi All, If you want an MX Player app for webOS I would suggest asking them via their Twitter feed why they have not produced on yet for the platform: https://mobile.twitter.com/MXPlayer
  5. Hi @Saik Possibly. SONY LIV are apparently creating an app, when it will actually appear is a another matter. For more information please read this thread: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/3797-sony-liv-app/
  6. The network card in LG TVs are 100mbps, as is the case with the vast majority of other Smart TVs.
  7. LG do not write the apps for the webOS platform, in the same way that Google and Apple do not create (beyond their own products) software for their respective platforms.
  8. LG do not write the apps for the webOS platform, in the same way that Google and Apple do not create (beyond their own products) software for their respective platforms.
  9. Hi @Anvesh Jaggapatruni Yes it is a smart TV but it is not a fully fledged desktop operating system. It is designed to consume content on, not to be used as a day-to-day replacement for a computer.
  10. Hi @Ashish Hiwale If Wynk produce an app for the webOS platform/your TV, then it would be in the store. If not then you would need to contact Wynk and ask them when/if they plan to produce one.
  11. Hi @Vignesh Karthi Sony LIV - https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/3797-sony-liv-app/ As with any OS platform it is down to the willingness of content providers to produce applications for said platform. For instance Google does not make every app (outside their own product range) found on the Android platform. Samsung's Tizen OS does not 'support' an application such as JIO, but rather JIO have programmed and produced an app for that platform. The simple reason that apps tend to appear on more Samsung than LG is down to pure economics, Samsung sell more TVs than LG thus a content provider is going to code for that first. Another reason may be that a content provider's platform does not play well with webOS, as was the case with HOTSTAR before they updated their platform to be able to support it. Simply if you want an app to appear on the LG webOS platform you first need to lobby the content provider to produce it, and secondly also express an interest to LG.
  12. Hi @odesanmi kolade Nothing, Android apps are not going to run on webOS. If you want a specific app that is not currently available in the store then you either need to write one yourself, but more likely you will need to lobby the people who provide the service you want to use to create one.
  13. Hi @odesanmi kolade Unfortunately it looks like you are trying to install Android applications on to the webOS platform, which is not going to work. While both OSs are *nix based their respective programming languages are completely different.
  14. Hi @Rohit SpyD I believe that HOTSTAR have only made their app compatible with LG TVs running webOS 3.5 and above.

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