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  1. George Hofmeister

    Losing Freeview channels on OLED55B7V

    Freeview are undergoing massive changes at the moment with constant changes to accommodate 4G services and the sell off of different bandwidths. I have had to re-tune Freeview nearly every week for about the last three months. While it may seem that after a retune there do not appear to be any differences in the channels it could be that they have been moved to a different broadcasting block. The following site is very good for news on what is happening with free-to-view services in the UK: https://ukfree.tv/
  2. George Hofmeister

    Please add the DirecTV Now app

    The problem is that LG do not (in general) create the apps for webOS, in the same way that Google and Apple do not write all the apps on their respective platforms. Contacting LG via the their official feedback page will help show them the desire for a DIRECTV NOW app. But the more important thing to do is contact DIRECTV NOW themselves. https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2550-lg-has-a-feedback-and-suggestions-form/ https://forums.att.com/t5/DIRECTV-NOW-Streaming/ct-p/DIRECTV_NOW https://forums.att.com/t5/DIRECTV-NOW-Installation/Looking-for-the-LG-WebOS-app/m-p/5575278 https://help.directvnow.com/hc/en-us/articles/210968526-Contact-customer-service- https://forums.att.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?advanced=false&allow_punctuation=false&filter=location&location=category%3ADIRECTV_NOW&q=lg+webos It should not be too hard for DIRECTV NOW to get onboard with a LG webOS app as they where writing for it back in 2010, although how well they did remains unclear: https://forums.att.com/t5/DIRECTV-Apps/WebOS-app-Authentication-Failure/m-p/4436901
  3. George Hofmeister


    No because webOS is not Android.
  4. George Hofmeister

    video call

    There is no app that I am aware of, Microsoft dropped Skype support Smart TVs some time ago and nothing has filled the void.
  5. George Hofmeister

    Sun nxt app is not getting loaded

    Is this an actual app or the web page?
  6. George Hofmeister

    India App not available

    The abundance of apps for another platform; be it Android or Tizen does not mean that webOS is a bad operating system. Yes it would be nice is LG was more visible in its workings with content providers to get us the users more of the content we want on our chosen platform. It is down to the individual to check that there are the apps they require are available before purchasing a specific brand, there is no point whining about it after the event. Use the official LG Feedback Form listed here on the forum to let them know you would like to see a particular app developed, but most importantly contact the content provider as they are ultimately the ones who are responsible for producing it. Go on social media and ask the content providers why they are not producing apps for the webOS platform, be proactive.
  7. I suggest going to the following link and provide feedback to Facebook asking them to produce an app for webOS, as I have just done. https://www.facebook.com/help/282790905462629 If enough people ask for an app then Facebook will eventually pull their collective fingers out and produce one.
  8. George Hofmeister


    Hola Kathlen, Por favor, eche un vistazo a la página web a continuación, no puedo garantizar que va a resolver su problema, pero es un buen lugar para comenzar. Por favor, háganos saber si resuelve su problema o no. https://www.lg.com/uk/support/solutions/tv/smart-tv/connecting-phone Disculpe cualquier error de idioma ya que estoy usando Google Translate
  9. George Hofmeister

    LG Smart TV Processor Specs?

    Oh and I found an official LG webpage on the Alpha 9, but again it only lists its capabilities and improvements over previous generation not actual hardware specifications: https://www.lg.com/uk/lgoled/processor.jsp#alpha9
  10. George Hofmeister

    LG Smart TV Processor Specs?

    The simple answer, I think, is no. There seems to be next to no information out in the wild. People do not, to my mind, purchase their televisions based on CPU speed or RAM specifications, they purchase on brand, cost, image quality, app support, price etc. When it comes to TVs knowing the CPU/SoC specifications is not necessarily going to facilitate comparison between brands. Most of the Smart TV manufacturers produce their own operating systems, and their hardware has different features sets so trying to compare them can be like comparing apples to oranges. Just because a manufacturer has a faster CPU does not mean the picture it produces or the runs apps it runs will be any better. Different operating systems, different overheads etc. A brief look at Samsung's TV range shows nothing about the CPU specifications either. Yes CPU, GPU and SoC specifications matter in phones because it is easier to compare, as excluding Apple's iOS from the equation, there is only one mobile phone platform used by multiple manufactures that of course being Google's Android. With one operating system but many different though fundamentally similar hardware platforms it is easier to compare. LG's 2018 OLED and high end LED ranges are going to get the new Alpha 9 SoC which according to Flat Panels HD article (first link below) is 50% more powerful than the previous generation of chip, but does not state specifically which previous generation of chip they are talking about, but it is probably the Alpha 7. There does not appear to be any mention of the Alpha 9's CPU speed, memory capacity, bus speeds etc given by LG, only what is intended to be capable of doing. There is no indication if the Alpha 9 range is based on MIPS technology that LG has used in the past or if they have switch to ARM or another platform. Other (but not necessarily all) models have the Alpha 7 previous used in the B8 series (see the Tech Radar link below), these TVs will I assume not support LG's ThinQ platform. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/focus.php?subaction=showfull&id=1516604333 https://www.techradar.com/news/lg-tv-catalog-2018-heres-every-lg-tv-coming-in-2018 https://www.quora.com/What-processor-does-the-LG-Smart-TV-have https://www.androidcentral.com/lg-tv-announcement-thinq-alpha-9-processor-ces https://spectrum.ieee.org/view-from-the-valley/consumer-electronics/audiovideo/ces-2018-look-to-the-processor-not-the-display-for-tv-picture-improvements https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/lg-2018-tv-oled-price-size-specs-premium/
  11. George Hofmeister


    You make a good argument for not producing the app for webOS, the flip side of that is that CBS is potentially missing out on 1/6th the market. If CBS have people capable of creating apps for Samsung & Vizio then a webOS app would be easily within their comfort range. At the end of the day it gives CBS another access to another revenue stream. Going by the many post of the forum it seems that the bulk of users purchase their TV first and then look for an app not the other way round.
  12. George Hofmeister

    Roku+ disconnects - no signal

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback, I noticed that when my Roku 3 updated recently that the YouTube app has become much slower to start. Sadly that is the thing about tech devices we all expect them to be inter-compatible but there are always issues.
  13. George Hofmeister


    If you specific TV has bluetooth then yes you can, any bluetooth compatible device should work.
  14. George Hofmeister

    webos support for older lg tv models

    Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade your TV to webOS.
  15. George Hofmeister

    Roku+ disconnects - no signal

    Is this a new device? Have you tried it on a different HDMI port? Are you able to test the Roku on a different TV?