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  1. Hi, As LG do not produce apps for the webOS platform it would be better to approach CBS and ask them if/when they will be providing support for LG users.
  2. I am pretty sure the answer is going to be no, you will not be able to get Disney+ on webOS 2. Disney are having a hard enough time programming for webOS 3> and like other content providers (eg Hotstar) will probably choose not to support earlier platforms.
  3. Can I suggest you make your concerns about the lack to these two apps to the relevant content provider as LG do not produce the apps.
  4. You would have to check out the support page for your TV, take a look here: https://www.lg.com/us/support/product/lg-55UF6450.AUS There is a software update dated 06/14/2019 which is software version 03.15.86 (which is different to the webOS version), whether it updates to webOS 3 is unlikely. But, if is a newer software version than you are currently running it is work checking out. You will need to confirm that you have the correct region and matching model number before you proceed.
  5. Hi @Kaye Gordon This is a common issue I am afraid with the YouTube app and there does not look to be a specific fix or definitive cause, take a look at a couple of things below: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/3239-this-app-will-now-restart-to-free-up-more-memory/#comment-9051 https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=This app will now restart to free up more memory
  6. Some details please on which TV you have, firmware version etc and whether it has had any updates recently please.
  7. Hi, You might find more help here: https://developer.lge.com/main/Intro.dev
  8. Hi Ankit, Hopefully other forum members will follow your example and nudge Sony along.
  9. Hi Ankit, Yes I would, but I'm not a programmer and I do not work for either Sony or LG. You may have missed that this is a user-to-user forum so not many people here have a vested interest in actually producing apps. Producing apps for a platform is easier done by the content providers themselves, in this case Sony, as they will have the knowledge of how their own backend services are set up to allow an external app to access them. Really you need to complain to Sony Liv about the lack of an app.
  10. I am not sure why you would need an SDK from Sony to build an app for the webOS platform. SDKs are usually produced by the platform manufacturer (in this case LG) so that people can build applications for said platform.
  11. Well as soon as Synology get round to making one you will be golden.
  12. The solution has been for many people to connect the TV to a smartphone via its hotspot and load the user agreement that way. Once done you can connect back to your regular network and your apps should work.
  13. Most definitely. Time to upgrade from NetCast to webOS.
  14. If you take a look around the forum you will find several other posts on the subject of a Disney+ app. It is coming, but this is a user-to-user forum and as such has no control over how long it takes for Disney & LG to roll out the app globally.

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