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  1. George Hofmeister

    Screen Share with Windows 10

    Thanks for the info Alan, it may help others with similar issues.
  2. George Hofmeister

    65 in smart tv flashing for no reason

    Can you give a little more detail to your problem please?
  3. George Hofmeister

    Screen Share with Windows 10

    Can you let us know what setting you altered please?
  4. George Hofmeister

    Need hotstar

    Sorry Ravi, I in no way suspect that just because I contacted Hotstar that they suddenly decided that they would produce an app for webOS TV users. Say an app does not appear from Hotstar and I contact them again only to get the reply that they did not feel there was actually enough demand for the platform. What I would like is feedback from other forum users showing that they have contacted content providers and that they are in turn getting some sort of feedback, be it positive and negative. I have done the same thing for BBC America, a content provider I will never user but who I wanted to show that there was a desire for an app. If I am the only one contacting content providers they are not really going to latch on to the fact there is a demand out there are they.
  5. George Hofmeister

    Need hotstar

    But have you contacted Hotstar yourself?
  6. George Hofmeister

    Need hotstar

    Hi All, I hope you have all been contacting Hotstar to voice your request for a webOS app, below is the reply I received to my email I have detailed earlier in this thread: Hi Gavin, Greetings from Hotstar. We understand our users need to view the content bouquet we offer on the big screen. We have recently released an app for Android Smart TV. Also, you would be glad to know that we are working on an App for LG WebOS which should be available soon. Your continued support and patience is highly appreciated. Have a good time! Thanks, Kruti Hotstar Team. ---- So Hotstar are working on a webOS app, but please contact them as weight of numbers will be what gets things progressed quicker.
  7. George Hofmeister

    green patch

    Speaking only for the UK if you have proved something that you can prove had a manufacturing defect and you paid by credit card then that can give you an avenue to seek a refund. Of course your mileage may vary in your country.
  8. George Hofmeister


    If you can find the model number of your TV users would be able to tell you exactly which operating system it has. I am going to take a guess that being a 2012 model it is running NetCast which is LG's previous iteration of Smart TV and not covered by this forum.
  9. George Hofmeister

    I can´t download Fox App

    If the app is not in the content store then it is more than likely either not available in your locale or has not yet been created for webOS.
  10. George Hofmeister

    Need hotstar

    Unfortunately I cannot test this fully as Hotstar is not available in my region, for me the home page loads but as I cannot log in I am unable to see what does or does not not work. The home page at least does not appear to rely on Flash according to https://seositecheckup.com but who knows what is used after logging in. A possibility for things not working are that the Hotstar website has not had support for the webOS browser written in to it, basic things such as adding support for its browser ID string may not have been implemented. If you can give further explanation of what is going wrong would be appreciated by the forum.
  11. George Hofmeister

    Need hotstar

    So just a little more on the subject, I have sent this email to Hotstar: Dear Hotstar Support I am a member of the LG webOS User to User Support Forum, where we have many users asking why a Hotstar has not yet produced an app for the platform. I am hoping that you could provide some on whether you are aware of LG's webOS platform and if so what plans if any are in place for producing support for it. Any feedback you could provide would be appreciated so I can pass it back to forum members. Your name here https://www.lgwebos.com ----- Feel free to copy and paste the message above (changing the name to your own of course), and if I do get any feedback I will let you know but the more people who contact Hotstar the more likely that they will engage with us, LG and webOS.
  12. George Hofmeister

    Need hotstar

    Hi Ravi, Yes action would be much more appreciated than advice, so please let me know what feedback have you had from contacting both Hotstar & LG? I like yourself and all the other members of this forum are just then end user/consumer, I cannot get LG or Hotstar to create an app, nor can I create one myself. If you want a Hotstar app then you need to take action yourself, by start a writing campaign to both Hotstar and LG. Here is an official contact link for LG on the forum which you can use to voice a request for an app: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2550-lg-has-a-feedback-and-suggestions-form/ Hotstar can be contacted via [email protected] The more users that take the action of contacting both LG and Hotstar the more the likelihood that an app will be produced. Just complaining about the fact there is not one will not get one created, take action contact LG and Hotstar. When you do contact them mention you belong to the forum, send them links to individual threads to show there is the desire for an app and if you get any feedback post it here preferably with contact email addresses so other users can contact them as well. Hotstar is not some fly-by-night little company with no ability to produce apps for Smart TV platforms, they have iOS and Android apps so writing for webOS should be well within their capabilities. May be they just do not realize that there is a demand. Also see if Hotstar has Facebook, Twitter etc and post your request there as well.
  13. George Hofmeister

    How Do I Customise the Screensaver?

    Yes, you are quite correct a blank screen would not cause screen burn, because by definition blank would mean no display, no pixels in the on position. But why would you want to display a completely blank screen? If you mean that you have a screen displaying a fixed image then yes there would be depending on the screen technology there is a potential for screen burn. Cheers!
  14. George Hofmeister

    How Do I Customise the Screensaver?

    LG don't want users to be able to turn off the screen saver. They look at it from the corporate point of view is that long term dis-use of a screen saver could lead to screen burn in, which could lead to law suits from disgruntled users.
  15. George Hofmeister

    Airtel Tv App and HotStar

    In the same way that there may be apps on webOS that are not available on Samsung Tizen just because something exists for one ecosystem does not mean that it will occur for all of them. The best way to get webOS support is to continually push the content providers at the links provided. Yes you can contact LG as well and they may, if you are lucky, liaise with the content providers to help them to produce an app for webOS, but LG themselves cannot necessarily produce an app without help from the content providers themselves.