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  1. George Hofmeister

    Install the correct firmware on my TV

    Hi Gregorio, You may wish to take a look at this thread that is all about down-grading your TV's firmware:
  2. George Hofmeister

    Steam Link app, please!

    You would be better off asking where Steam Link for webOS is on the Steam forum as they are the ones who produce the software. If they can make it for multiple platform including competitors' TVs then they should be capable of porting it to webOS. https://steamcommunity.com/app/353380/discussions/0/1692669912400498996/
  3. George Hofmeister

    Add Fox+ in the LG Content Store/ webOS

    As with Android & iOS LG are not the ones, by and large, the people who actually create the apps for the webOS platform. So unfortunately it is going to be down to Fox+ to produce the app.
  4. George Hofmeister

    Does LF6300 series hase Bluetooth audio output

    Apparently it does not have Bluetooth: https://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-43LF6300-smart-led-tv See the specs and questions.
  5. George Hofmeister

    ZEE5 app unable to play any content

    All I can suggest is to drop Zee5 a message to see if they can help: https://www.zee5.com/contactus
  6. George Hofmeister

    Update Chrome

    Glad I could be of some help.
  7. As the owner of a 2016 LG TV I will quite happily sign the petition if you can show me proof that the previous generations of TVs will actually be capable of doing the job. Just saying it can be added via a firmware update does not make it true that the hardware can actually do the job.
  8. George Hofmeister

    Feature Requests - Who uses Live TV anymore?

    But it is not really a complaint is it. What you mean is that it is a feature you would like that is not currently available on the TV. If of course this was the defining feature of a TV why did you not investigate first and purchase a brand that offers such a quality? Just because it is 2019 does not guarantee any product will have what you want baked in to it, doing research before you buy something would be my advise. Hope you find that advise more helpful. When you find a manufacture that does have this feature please let the forum know for those who may be interested. Also it is a television... You know to watch TV on otherwise with no tuners it would be a monitor...
  9. George Hofmeister

    Zee5 app

    You are going to have to badger Zee5 as they are the ones responsible for producing the app.
  10. George Hofmeister

    LG Content Store will not open - Nothing happens

    Has the Content Store worked in the past or is this a brand new set?
  11. George Hofmeister

    ES File Explorer

    Hi, In order of your queries: ES File Explore is not missing from the LG Content Store, it is just that ES Global have not yet produced (to the best of my knowledge) a webOS (non-Android) version for the platform. Jio TV is not missing from the LG Content Store, it is just that ES Global have not yet produced (to the best of my knowledge) version for the platform. Third party installation is possible if you 'hack' the system (plenty of information available on other sites), but you still will not be able to install Android or Linux apps on it unless you re-write and re-compile the apps for webOS. You will be able to install Jio TV as soon as they produce it for the webOS platform.
  12. George Hofmeister

    Update Chrome

    Ignore the option of trying to download, basically the website is trying to read the browser identification string, failing and then offering you the nearest equivalent it has available. The reason you are being told Chrome is not up to date is that the LG webOS browser is based on WebKit which is Apple's basis for its Safari browser and is used (or soon to be used, I'm looking at you Microsoft Edge) by pretty much every other major browser out there apart from Mozilla's Firefox. Yes webOS is 'nix under the hood, but this does not mean that you can just install a Linux app on the system, it would have to be written and compiled especially for the platform.
  13. George Hofmeister

    Feature Requests - Who uses Live TV anymore?

    Well if you're in the UK I'll come and take it off your hands, because yes I do on happen to watch live TV. Bit of a first world problem...
  14. George Hofmeister

    WebOS browser adobe flash

    Would one care to elucidate?