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  1. Hi Nick, I concur with PeterV both on DLNA & Plex. There is an interesting Pi distribution called DietPi that makes setting up Plex a breeze on the RPi: https://www.dietpi.com/
  2. I am sure that if Twitch feel there is a big enough demand for an app they will produce one, have you tried their developer forum?
  3. Ah yes after twenty years in the computer support industry myself it is amazing how many times the solutions of turning off/unplugging and turning back on again works.
  4. Hi PHS, You can start the conversation with the VPN software companies yourself, as this is a user-to-user forum you could let other people on the forum know how you get on and even post any contact details you acquire so other users can get involved. TVs that have or will have compatibility: https://www.apple.com/ios/home/accessories/#section-tv I would not hold your breath for compatibility to be released for anything that is already on the market or has been discontinued.
  5. Not all apps are available in all markets for all models of TV, please let the forum know where you are model of TV etc.
  6. Hi, You can find details of the latest version of the firmware for your device at https://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-55UH6030
  7. You will not be able to install the Chrome browser on a LG webOS TV as Google to not produce a version for the platform.
  8. Hi Maryann, All the instructions are electronic and are on the TV itself. If you family who purchased you the TV cannot help set it up then it would probably be best to find a local electronics company or even a travelling computer engineer who can visit and set it up for you.
  9. Right, here we go again. First. Nope there are no LG officials on this site, it is a user-to-user forum. Second. Like every other operating system out there the manufacturer of said system does not produce every single app for said platform, see Microsoft Apple etc for examples. So why do all LG TV owners expect LG to produce every single app for the platform?
  10. This may be of help to you:
  11. As .apk files are Android application package files you will not be able to install them as webOS is not Android.
  12. You could try the official LG feedback form which is detailed here: However I expect the reason for web pages reloading when selected is that they are removed from system memory when unselected in an effort to manage said memory. Other desktop browsers have had similar functions in the past to aid memory management.
  13. Glad to have been of help in some small way.
  14. Ah sarcasm, that will help your enquiries. Please remember that this is user-to-user forum, it is run for users by users and as such we may not have the answers your are looking for.

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