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  1. As LG do not (in general) produce the apps found on the webOS platform (in the same way that Google & Apple do not produce every single app for their own platforms) if you want an MX Player app they need to be approached and asked to produce one. Members of the community did this with Hotstar and eventually an app appeared.
  2. Hi @Stevce Cosevski Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade due to different architectures/hardware requirements.
  3. Hi @uragan1987 I am guessing that the last post was an attempt at sarcasm, very good right on the nail. Please remember to take in to account that as this is a user-to-user forum that there may not be anyone with an answer for your particular problem. As you know where the LG Developer site is I assume that you have joined it, and if you cannot find an answer there from the members there then I am going to go ahead and say that no one here is going to be able to help you.
  4. Hi, First I would try the following links: http://wiki.indie-it.com/wiki/Raspberry_Pi#Digital_Signage https://www.lg.com/global/business/webos http://webossignage.developer.lge.com/ https://www.lg.com/us/business/digital-signage/lg-wp400 https://lg.signagelive.com/ https://www.novisign.com/training/installing-webos-lg-player/ https://www.xibo.org.uk/xibo-for-webos https://embedsignage.com/devices/lg-webos/ This will cause unintentional offence, but why did you purchase sixty digital signs before checking out the resources you need to go with them?
  5. Hi @Everton Bazarim I am afraid that the answer is no you will not be able to install webOS on your TV. The 39LN5700-SA runs NetCast the predecessor to webOS and the hardware is not supported by webOS.
  6. Hi @David38 Ah, well that explains it then. Sales people at my local Curry's keep telling people that Freesat are shutting down, and that in the very near future the only way you will be able to watch TV is via an internet connection...
  7. Hi @Ar Samkit Desai The app will be available as soon as MXPLAYER produce it, if you would like to know a time frame you would need to contact them directly.
  8. Hi, You would need to check with Hotstar directly and ask them if the app is available for your model of TV. The software version does not give enough to go on unfortunately, a model number would help the forum members next time.
  9. Hi @David38 Ah the joys of sales people, the truth can become somewhat malleable!
  10. Hi @David38 Going by this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aokbrxoMHzk there do not appear to be any mounting brackets supplied. Also there are none listed as being supplied on the LG product page: https://www.lg.com/uk/speakers-sound-systems/lg-SJ2 So chances are the sales person was probably misinformed... Plenty of options available on the likes of Amazon depending on how you want to mount them: Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Bracket-Soundbar-Compatible-SPH5B-W-S54A1-D/dp/B07QDM15C2 Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-LG-NB4540-Soundbar-Brackets/dp/B00ZCJNQV4
  11. Hi @AmitG17 The app may not be available in your region and/or for your particular model of TV. You would need to contact Hotstar directly to find out as they produce the app and not LG. You should in the meantime be able to view through the browser. Original Content From: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/4860-problem/
  12. Hi @Dhanraj yadav The app may not be available in your region or for your particular model of TV. You would need to contact Hotstar directly to find out as they produce the app and not LG. You should in the meantime be able to view through the browser.
  13. Hi @Nitin Tiwari Take a look at the LG webOS Developers site, you are more likely to find a solution there: https://developer.lge.com/main/Intro.dev
  14. Hi @Sue Jackson If you are talking about files that you have recorded from live TV they are encrypted due to copyright laws that LG have to follow, so you will not be able to save them to play on a different platform.
  15. Hi @Pradeep Kumar Apps are not produced (in general) by LG themselves, in the same way that Google do not make every app in their ecosystem. Apps available on Android will not run on webOS as while they are both based on the underpinnings of Unix/Linux they are not the same beast. If you want apps from a particular content provider you would need to ask them to produce one for the webOS platform.

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