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  1. George Hofmeister

    user agreements

    A much covered subject on this forum: https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=user agreements
  2. George Hofmeister

    Record from app to external hard dick..

    To the best of my knowledge it is only possible to record from a TV source.
  3. Hi, Take a look at this thread on the forum, it may help: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2189-screen-share-with-windows-10/
  4. George Hofmeister

    Some transporders are not working

    Hi Kamil, As you are referring to Astra then surely it is Freesat not Freeview you are having issues with. Freesat is not something I have had dealings with but this Wikipedia page my throw some light on which satellites and their channels that are available to you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astra_(satellite)
  5. George Hofmeister

    Some transporders are not working

    Hi Trezor, I am going to assume that you are trying to retune Freeview channels. Freeview are constantly moving their channels around to accommodate the sale of particular broadcasting frequencies by the UK government. This leads to a whole bunch of issues which are annoying but unfortunately as an individual there is not a lot you can do about it. What you can do is check that your aerial is both an up-to-date model and is correctly orientated, as well as this you might consider purchasing a 4G filter which helps with some interference problems.
  6. George Hofmeister

    User agreements

    Please see the many other threads on the forum for the solution. https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=user agreements
  7. George Hofmeister

    LG WebOS as Alternative to Enigma 2?

    Hope this answers your questions more fully.
  8. No, you will just have to live with what you have and plug in your chosen device of choice in to it.
  9. The update for my TV took many, many, many months to upgrade OTA, what the criteria for it happening is beyond my range of knowledge. If you really want the upgrade all I can suggest that is do download it and install it yourself.
  10. George Hofmeister

    Google Play Store

    Where did you read this? I would imagine that if it happens then only the newest 2018 models would be up to the job.
  11. George Hofmeister

    LG User Agreement

    Hi, Common issue, please see the other threads on the matter: https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=user agreement
  12. George Hofmeister

    I can't stream videos

    I am going to guess that you are trying to stream via a web page. If that is the case the problem is probably that the site(s) rely on Adobe Flash, which is not supported by the webOS browser (or any other Smart TV platform, except Android TV). Sadly there is no way around this.
  13. George Hofmeister

    Prime Video app broken after 7/25/18 update

    What is the actual version number of the software please?
  14. George Hofmeister

    Low Memory in WebOS Smart TV

    The only people that have ruined the YouTube add is YouTube themselves as they write the app... Not being a programmer I am going to guess that the YouTube app is a Hosted (Server Hosted) app and not a Packaged app, which is why the interface seems to change more regularly than the installed package does. Perhaps this is the reason the app crashes so much, is there some issue with it fetching data from the YouTube servers and mishandling memory or memory leak?