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  1. Hi @Coppertop Undertake another retune, at the end of the cycle you should be informed that you have overlapping regions. Selection the correct options should hopefully cure the problem. I am guessing that you are in the UK and have Freeview.
  2. Hi @Nippon Raval Sorry, good point. Then my advice would be to install the Plex app on the TV which should cure the issue. The app interface is better (IMO) than the DLNA.
  3. The specifications of the C7 list it as having both Atmos & Vision, so I would guess that the limitations are down to Disney's app not the TV. https://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-OLED55C7P-oled-4k-tv
  4. Hi @bobbywins22 Sorry not to have replied sooner, been away from the forum for a while. It appears that you are on the latest software for your model, you may need to check that the user agreement has been completed, and if it has you might then need to resort to trying a system reset.
  5. Hi @Ian Mikutel You could try contacting LG via this link: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2550-lg-has-a-feedback-and-suggestions-form/
  6. You all need to contact Jio and ask them when they will provide an app for the webOS platform, LG do not produce the apps.
  7. Yes, contact those content providers and persuade them to produce apps for the webOS platform.
  8. Hi @A.R Rinan No, LG staff do not reply to questions on this forum. That is because it is a user-to-user forum, member help others when they have some insight to a particular query. If you have an answer that no-one can help you with you would be better off using the link below: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2550-lg-has-a-feedback-and-suggestions-form/
  9. Hi @monicaspriya You would need to make this request to HOTSTAR themselves as LG have no input in to the production of their app and what regions it is available in.
  10. Hi @Israel It is going to be an issue with the app itself I am afraid, contacting Movistar would be your best course of action
  11. Hi @CpRivers As @AshClink has suggested Plex is a good solution for media streaming, I would also recommend the app for webOS as it does a better job (IMO) than DLNA. Best option is to run Plex Server from a Linux server base, if you are not heavily in to IT there are some simple solutions that can be run from a Raspberry Pi.
  12. Hi @Scott Hamm You would need to submit them directly to LG, see this thread: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2550-lg-has-a-feedback-and-suggestions-form/
  13. If you are having problems with subtitles while viewing with Plex then you would be better off on their forum as the apps (server & client) do all the work (encoding/decoding etc) not webOS itself.
  14. Hi @bassel75 The error message you are receiving is because the website does not recognize the webOS browser. While based on WebKit as is Chrome browser it is not the same as Google's offering. There is no way around this problem on the TV itself, the only way to fix it is to contact the owners of the website and make them aware that there are more browsers out there than Chrome and ask them to make their sites compatible.
  15. It does not make sense, at least to me, that the delay would be an LG issue, it is not as if the video stream data/service is held by them. I am guessing that the reason is that the video data is not recorded in a format compatible with the webOS platform, and needs converting before distribution.

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