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  1. Synology Apps needed

    I would recommend Plex Media Server for the back-end if your Synology NAS is capable of running it, which available from their Packages or direct from Plex. There is a Plex webOS client available for the front-end. Currently, to my knowledge, there is no way to just browse to a file share (if that is how you have things set up) and just play a file from it. You could also look at using DLNA which both devices should support.
  2. Web browser

  3. Request to add the IFLIX Apps

    Did they have anything like a dedicated support page or just a contact link? Whichever it was could you share it with the forum so that others can badger iflix as well.
  4. Request to add the IFLIX Apps

    Have you contacted iflix to voice your desire for a webOS app?
  5. Web browser

    Hi, A user here who does not use his LG webOS TV's web browser for streaming content; as I'm happily streaming media through the dedicated apps, and is really happy with his SMART TV brick. To say that other SMART TV platforms do not have the same issues in untrue, the first result from a Google search throws up this post: If you start looking round forums for Samsung you will find many of the same issues with Tizen as there are with webOS. When you talk about expensive pay-to-view apps there are other free-to-view options in the store, it may be that there are not the ones you want but this is down to content providers not producing the app. The YouTube app is a constant source of discussion on the forum, but strangely (for me at least) BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video, ITV Player, Channel 4, Five, PLEX all seem to have no issues at all managing the memory available to them. I myself, like I am guessing many others, purchased my LG webOS device with the expectation that it was going to be first and foremost a television and secondly it would provide dedicated apps for streaming content. What I did not expect it to be was a full blown replacement for my desktop computer or a huge wall hung mobile like device. Would I like to see LG engage with webOS TV users in a better way, well yes of course. Do LG do well managing a customer's expectations vs reality, sometime.
  6. Turn off home menu on start

    Err but no webOS
  7. Memory YouTube app

    Others on the forum recommend disabling Quick Start in the settings to get around this issue, I have tried it myself so your mileage may vary.
  8. webos web browser

    What site(s) are you trying to visit? See the following post: The webOS does display HTML5 pages, so if you can tell us the ones you cannot see that would help.
  9. User agreement signatures

    Thank you Yoda.
  10. Play Hotstar on WebosTV

    See this post: Basically Flash is unsupported on webOS, and never will be due to it being out-dated, insecure and coming to end of life, I am not aware of any SMART TV that does support it.
  11. Web browser

    The web browser is only designed for light browsing (there is a link somewhere on the forum to the official LG statement) and not for streaming media. BT needs to be cajoled in to producing a compatible app for webOS.
  12. Startup LG TV full screen in WebOS for Digital Signage

    Currently no there is not.
  13. Reading PDF files

  14. The is a difference between the software version and the firmware version of webOS. You want to find your firmware version to tell you exactly which webOS you are running. My TV has software version 05.30.20 and firmware 3.3.3-4202 (dreadlocks-dharug), meaning I am running not webOS 5 but webOS 3.x.x
  15. TV WebOS Sucks

    This is a feature many people have asked for, one that the boffins at LG obviously did not think of. It is possible that the feature will have made its way in to webOS 4, but it is anyone's guess if your current TV will be one of those that will be compatible with the upgrade.