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Connect SDK

Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

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  1. LG Releases Connect SDK

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  2. Connectsdk.com down!

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  3. Connect SDK Demo Video

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  4. Connect SDK Coming Soon!

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    • Apparently this is a known issue; there's another, three year old thread on the subject where folks report getting through to LG support as recently as a month ago and being offered a free service call to fix the issue.  We have the same problem, so I'm debating if it's worth the fight with LG or if we should just suck it up and buy a new TV (since this one is out of warranty and more than a couple years old).
    • So a month later...has the fix stuck? We have the same problem and I'm debating between fighting LG about it or just buying a new TV.  Was yours under warranty still and that's why they covered it or are they covering it for everyone?
    • I have 05.80.55 Model: OLED65B7A-U
    • Hi guys, is there a way to turn off the pop up recommendations on the latest updates when you hover over apps? My kids use the TV often and sometimes inappropriate thumbnails appear and I would rather have it off. Thanks.
    • Guys I just bought a new LG TV with the updated WebOS interface where you get those recommendations come up as you hover over apps. I am struggling to find a way to add HDMI sources to the home menu, I now have to press the device selector button, I've had the 49UH770V for several years and it had a slightly older firmware but I could easily add my Sky and PS4 etc to the home menu. Can you not do this anymore?
    • Guys, I had this problem on my LG 49UH770V. It was always hard wired to my router, never tested wireless. I constantly had the LAN disconnected and reconnected problem. This however stopped happening when I upgraded my old Ethernet cables (connected to my TV, Sky Q and PS4) to these:  link hidden, please login to view This is the link, although the title has changed so I'm not sure if they are the exact same ones.   link hidden, please login to view Hope this helps.
    • Hii can someone help me please. My wifi is not connecting on  my LG webos TV LJ5500 smart tv. I cannot even screen share either. Neither with miracast or wifi direct. .any suggestions pls
    • Hello Georges, I contacted the support in Jordan, They recommended to buy a smart box as a work around for to solve this porblem. why not to install a new version of netflix using USB. Is there any updated version on the net.  
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