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Connect SDK

Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

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  1. Connectsdk.com down!

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  2. LG Releases Connect SDK

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  3. Connect SDK Demo Video

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  4. Connect SDK Coming Soon!

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    • @Leonard King Hi, I just happended to re-visit this interesting post of yours back from August. It seems that the Samsung sound-bar power-down during idle/no-signal can be set to OFF mode. However, I am unsure if the problem as you described it, is that since the FW upgrade, even with an active sound signal, and eARC active, the Samsung Sound bar was STILL powering down unexpectedly when before it was not?  Anyway, here is the link to do that, and you could then enable eARC again, to get back the CEC power-control functionality etc. : link hidden, please login to view
    • This is a problem even on the commercial TVs  the whole point of a commercial TV is that it will hold a static advertisement for extended periods. just add a toggle button you fucking idiots.
    • Amen to the above.  It is bizarre for LG  to lag so far behind in this essential component of today's on-line entertainment.
    • Can you provide us voot on LGWEBOS LED
    • I don't think that our wish (yours and mine) is as realistic as we think. A television or a monitor is set to one input. Once, you had these "radio buttons" that live on in computer speak: always exactly one button down. If there is no signal on that input, then there is whatever noise.
    • Thanks, really helpful.  I'm off to educate myself a bit!
    • @td47 Thanks for the information. What I understand from your response is that WebOS2.0 usage needs a hardware upgradation for 2014  4KUltra LED TV models of LG.  However, I can see Netflix, Amazon Prime still in this model at WebOS1.4 (afro-ashley). So, what isthe reason that Disney+Hotstar is not coming in the LG content store for this model of TV? I raised a complained at the customer service on Saturday *19th Sep* and I was told that someone from LG service India will call me to hear my issue and may be visit my house. No one called in 48 hrs. We bought such an expensive TV to learn now that Android version of TV would have been ideal rather than Linux version based WebOS where support is not seen. No body will respond here was my guess and thanks at least you responded. Best, Ravi

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