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Connect SDK

Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

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  1. Connectsdk.com down!

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  2. LG Releases Connect SDK

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  3. Connect SDK Demo Video

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  4. Connect SDK Coming Soon!

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    • Another option is to buy an Android TV Box. You can find plenty of them on Amazon for $50 or so..
    • It may not be the same problem, but I got the HOME menu at the base of the screen when accessing  any TV channel, found it is likely a new feature, go to general additional settings Home Screen display.....it’s something like that, it’s set to ON, just disable it and see if it fixes it......good luck
    • Shahid.net application is lost and I am not able to get it back on my TV. Tried to reset the TV. And changed the country location with no success. What can I do? 
    • 49lh600t lg tv not aap Disney hotstar plz provide this aap
    • Not aap hotstar available.
    • Cheers...hmm - i think itll go pretty well un-noticed....love it if they started making 3d tv's again!
    • @davexnet  I thought the OP (@colin lawson ) was asking how to tell what the actual broadcast signal was, before being upscaled and displayed, so sorry if I confused things. Certainly a 4K TV will, as you say, upscale to "fill the screen" pixels from the lower resolution source. But, on some sets, SD can look awful, unless at a distance away (say 9 to 10 feet). Given that some channels on Freeview/Sky/Foxtel are still only using SD (and even on "HD" channels, I think SOME older stuff still goes ou at SD) , have a read of this quote from : link hidden, please login to view "Perhaps the biggest problem with 4K is upscaling. Upscaling means taking something of a lower resolution (like 480p DVD) and stretching it out to fit on higher resolution display. All 4K TVs upscale, obviously. However, not all of them do it very well. Poorly upscaled content can look grainy and soft with jagged edge and loss of detail. Even older standard definition can look just plain bad no matter what 4K TV you buy." Other useful sources of pros/cons: link hidden, please login to view link hidden, please login to view
    • Actually this is happening to me as well.

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