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  1. Hello people, i would like to ask what happend to http://connectsdk.com/. Few days now the website is down and you cannot see any documentations or anything else regarding connectsdk develop. Anyone knows something? Thanks in advance.
  2. Leo


    Thank you Avenant Software, i will try it
  3. Hello there, T:\space\space\webOS>ares-setup-device --listfull [ { "name": "webOS_Emulator", "deviceinfo": { "ip": "", "port": "22", "user": "developer" }, "connection": "ssh", "details": { "privatekey": "webos_emul", "platform": "starfish", "files": "sftp", "description": "" } } ] Your Port should be 22 not 6622 you need to edit this and then you can connect and deploy.
  4. Hello all, http://developer.lge.com/webOSTV/design/webos-tv-system-ui/notifications/ After reading this and researched several times through the API, DOCs etc i want to be sure that you cannot create an application and generate notification messages to the user? I want to display something to the user with like "toast" message. Thanks in advance.

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