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  1. Hello people, i would like to ask what happend to http://connectsdk.com/. Few days now the website is down and you cannot see any documentations or anything else regarding connectsdk develop. Anyone knows something? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you Avenant Software, i will try it
  3. Hello there, T:\space\space\webOS>ares-setup-device --listfull [ { "name": "webOS_Emulator", "deviceinfo": { "ip": "", "port": "22", "user": "developer" }, "connection": "ssh", "details": { "privatekey": "webos_emul", "platform": "starfish", "files": "sftp", "description": "" } } ] Your Port should be 22 not 6622 you need to edit this and then you can connect and deploy.
  4. Hello all, http://developer.lge.com/webOSTV/design/webos-tv-system-ui/notifications/ After reading this and researched several times through the API, DOCs etc i want to be sure that you cannot create an application and generate notification messages to the user? I want to display something to the user with like "toast" message. Thanks in advance.

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