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  1. Apple's HLS doesn't work on LG WebOS TV emulator 2.0

    Logs are located under Logs folder according with installation (see simulator shortcut), but even from a log file I don't get why it is not able to play HLS
  2. Apple's HLS doesn't work on LG WebOS TV emulator 2.0

    Following the first link for video bandwidth #EXTM3U #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:5230924 #EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE:NO #EXT-X-VERSION:2 #EXT-X-KEY:METHOD=AES-128,URI="http:/ddd/hls-key/k.bin",IV=0X722d0490d992251e99f94b7dd83fb60c #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:8 #EXTINF:8, ../../../../hls-live/streams/livepkgr/events/_1323_/1323/1323-20Num5230924.ts #EXTINF:8, ../../../../hls-live/streams/livepkgr/events/_1323_/1323/1323-20Num5230925.ts #EXTINF:8, And audio only stream has similar structure: #EXTM3U #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:5230948 #EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE:NO #EXT-X-VERSION:2 #EXT-X-KEY:METHOD=AES-128,URI="http:/ddd/phls/3m/hls-key/k.bin",IV=0X722d0490d992251e99f94b7dd83fb60c #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:8 #EXTINF:8, ../../../../hls-live/streams/livepkgr/events/_1002_/1002/1002-20Num5230948.ts #EXTINF:8, But for some reasons I am not able to play LIVE stream on the simulator ((
  3. Apple's HLS doesn't work on LG WebOS TV emulator 2.0

    OK accoring with FAQ it is possible to play HLS, see please Also it is said that CODECS should have one value for audio-only streams. In my case the file(playlist) is: #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1002,BANDWIDTH=220000,CODECS="mp4a.40.5, avc1.42e01e" ### -- 2 values not audio only stream http://XXX/1430390875/S-/25732/55324/1430390606.808/0/1002-20.m3u8 #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1002,BANDWIDTH=370000,CODECS="mp4a.40.5, avc1.42e01e" http:///XXX/1430390875/S-/25732/55324/1430390606.808/0/1002-30.m3u8 #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1002,BANDWIDTH=700000,CODECS="mp4a.40.5, avc1.42e01e" http:///XXX/1430390875/S-/25732/55324/1430390606.808/0/1002-40.m3u8 #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1002,BANDWIDTH=64000,CODECS="mp4a.40.5" ###- audio only stream with one value http://1/XXX/1430390875/S-/25732/55324/1430390606.808/0/1002-20.m3u8?audio-only=true&audio-codec=aac So it should work, branches with 2 CODECS are not audio only streams, the last line displays audio only stream with one CODEC. Why it doesn't work?
  4. Hello, I am able to playback VOD content on WebOS TV emulator 2.0 using my iOS app. However, when I am trying to playback LIVE stream, I don't observe changes on the emulator. I am using Connect SDK for iOS. I read that mime type should be "video/hls" - but it didn't help to me. Also, I saw that it's possible to playback HLS using web app on real TV. How to play LIVE stream on the emulator using Connect SDK ? Where can I get Emulators' logs to understand what is happening? Thx