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    Are you a webOS developer who is interested in developing apps on LG webOS? Start a discussion with other developers in this forum.

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    HP Open Sourced webOS to the world. webOS OSE is a project that was lead by HP and now LG. webOS OSE Developer Discussions.

  3. LuneOS - Mobile Operating System

    LuneOS is a mobile operating system derived from Open webOS and maintained by the webOS Ports team.

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    Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

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    Legacy webOS for mobile device discussions including default features and applications. Legacy webOS applications and version by HP and Palm.


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    • Why is PBS Passport not offered on LG TVs?  I note that Samsung offers it as does TVs running Roku operating system and others.  Why not LG? If this is something that PBS Passport needs to initiate, please advise as I am a subscriber.   I appreciate your kind and prompt reply. Charles Munson Omaha NE
    • i can't confirm. some tv are the same but have little changes like the wifi module etc. if you use that code, you can enable pvr probably but there are a lot of chance that he will disable wifi so please, read the original code. fortunately yout tv is like mine (mine have same model number) and is fully supported by my calculator. open Github and search for "ToolOPT6" and you will calculate by yourself In my experience you can enable "Support ATV DVR", "DVR Ready" and set "Sound Mode" to Dolby Atmos without any issue. N.B. The code "541838600" is not for UP75 Series but it still a vadid code. If you put on the tv, you will disable "Digital eye", lost WiFi and Bluetooth functionality and disconnect all smart remote. Please don't do that
    • Have you ever been frustrated trying to find the best location for your TV in your living room? Should it be on this side of the wall or the other? In heavily populated cities like Seoul, South Korea, where many live in apartments, it’s very often the case that a TV is placed on a media console in front of a living room wall to free up more space. This, however, can be an eyesore to those who want to decorate their room differently or just simply dislike having a black screen and cable clutter all open to view. These were some of the annoyances and inconveniences LG aimed to address with its Lifestyle Screens.  LG OLED Objet Collection TVs seek to blur the line between state-of-the-art home appliances and designer furnishings. They boast a modern, minimalist design language that focuses on elevating and blending in effortlessly to any indoor environment. As suggested by the word objet – a decorative object meant to be exhibited or open to view – the collection seeks to provide a compelling way for customers to express their unique tastes and personality.   In line with this concept, the LG OLED Objet Collection Posé was designed as a TV resembling a high-end furniture piece or art object, complementing the décor in any part of a room. The TV’s gently curved edges and muted, calming beige fabric finish is soft to the look and touch, adding a stylish charm to the room, wherever it is placed. It blends in particularly well with similar colored rugs, creating a cozy atmosphere. It wasn’t long before the aesthetically-pleasing design began to garner the attention of the people who were searching for ways to better meld the TV into their living room design.  Aesthetics, however, was not the sole focus in the development of Posé. The design process is actually said to have begun with trying to make a practical TV that can answer some of the difficulties that came with installing a TV. Then came the long and arduous deliberation into how the product should fit in the room – the most challenging job of making it blend in with the surroundings.  The result was a successful fusion of art, design and practicality. The LG OLED Objet Collection Posé offers a solution to the common challenges faced when integrating a TV into a living room, providing homeowners with a visually pleasing and functional option. With its elegant aesthetics and thoughtful features, Posé redefines the concept of a TV, transforming it into a statement piece that enhances the overall ambiance of any room.  # # #  link hidden, please login to view
    • Zdravím, moje TV LG 65SM8050 2 roky stará během provozu náhle zvýšila zvuk, poté šel asi 5 vteřin jen obraz. Ten taky zhasnul a dál nic, nesvítí ani červená led. Takže vůbec nic. Je to konec? Mám do ní investovat? Co by to mohlo být? Díky za rady Rosťa D.
    • Hi, I have the option to right click and pick the subtitles on my Mac when watching movies in the VLC Player, but I can’t do this on the LG OLED, though. I already renamed the subtitle file to be the exact same as the video file and I did have the SRT file in the same folder where the movie is. However, when I connect the hard drive to the TV, the subtitle still doesn't appear. The format of my hardrive is NTFS. Can anyone please offer some advice?
    • Also a friend of mine would like to activate dvr... His model is 55UP75006LF also you have this tv? I haven't had time to check the original code on the service menu yet.. Can you confirm me if the dvr unlock code is the same - - >541838600 ?  
    • Hi, I don't know how but after reseting the TV for the 4th time, it finally worked... Thanks anyway !
    • Photo Credit: CBS Media Ventures / The Drew Barrymore Show Finding the time and means to make daily living easier can be a significant challenge. The pace and pressures of our modern world make it difficult to think outside of our well-worn routines. Fortunately, LG, recently recognized as America’s most reliable line of home appliances,1 can help bring convenience and comfort to everyday life. In the fourth and current season of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the globally popular American talk show hosted by actress and producer Drew Barrymore, the company is showcasing its latest lifestyle innovations and sharing some sage tips and helpful hacks for simplifying life at home. Photo Credit: CBS Media Ventures / The Drew Barrymore Show Fans of the show will now be familiar with LG’s cutting-edge kitchen and laundry solutions, which have been featured in several segments with Barrymore and her guests demonstrating clever ways to reduce the time and effort spent on household chores. Photo Credit: CBS Media Ventures The first link hidden, please login to view of the show, originally aired on October 24 2023, featured a range of LG kitchen appliances, including the , Together with lifestyle guru Danny Seo, known as , Drew explored her show’s newly remodeled kitchen, showed off her famous sense of humor and cooked up some delectable dishes making full use of LG’s innovative appliances. Photo Credit: CBS Media Ventures/The Drew Barrymore Show During the segment, Danny demonstrated his recipes for ‘Massaged Brussels Sprouts’ and ‘Creamed Corn Sheet Pan Tart,’ sharing his secrets on the art of healthy cooking while using the latest LG kitchen solutions to prepare his inspired culinary creations. With its SmoothTouch glass panel, LG’s cooktop provides precise heat management and effortless touch control. Photo Credit: CBS Media Ventures/The Drew Barrymore Show Also seen in the episode was LG’s Counter-Depth MAX refrigerator, which keeps ingredients fresh and cool and boasts the largest capacity of any counter-depth type French Door model,2 and the versatile smart double wall oven. As demonstrated by the entertaining duo of Drew and Danny, the oven’s LG InstaView panel lets users check on the progress of their meal simply by knocking twice on the door, thus keeping the heat inside and the cooking temperature stable. The partnership between LG and the Drew Barrymore Show is a gift for those seeking greater simplicity in their lives, offering up wisdom and innovation from a company that embraces optimism and the belief that “Life’s Good.” In the first segment, she had nothing but love for LG and its smart, stylish and reliable appliances. She thanked LG for being one of the first major corporate brands to partner with her show since its inception. Stay tuned to the Drew Barrymore Show throughout the season to discover more tips, tricks and hacks for an easier life, proudly brought to you by LG, America’s most reliable line of home appliances.1 # # # 1 According to a 2023 leading consumer testing organization. 2 TLG Counter-depth MAX refrigerator offers a capacity of 25.5-cubic feet, despite a nine percent reduction in depth compared to a conventional French-Door model. Its interior space provides 25 percent more room for storing food and drinks than LG’s previous counter-depth models, based on an internal study utilizing average cans to quantify available storage space, conducted in March 2022 (comparing LG models LRFVC2406S and LRFOC2606S).
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