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  1. LG webOS Developer Forum

    Are you a webOS developer who is interested in developing apps on LG webOS? Start a discussion with other developers in this forum.

  2. webOS OSE - Open Source Edition

    HP Open Sourced webOS to the world. webOS OSE is a project that was lead by HP and now LG. webOS OSE Developer Discussions.

  3. LuneOS - Mobile Operating System

    LuneOS is a mobile operating system derived from Open webOS and maintained by the webOS Ports team.

  4. Connect SDK

    Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

  5. Legacy webOS

    Legacy webOS for mobile device discussions including default features and applications. Legacy webOS applications and version by HP and Palm.


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    • I fixed it. I gave to the specialists to replace an "HP" IC. I know this is ridiculous, but it seems that is the only solution. 
    • Well you are lucky. I tried setting ATV to DV and rebooted with no luck.
    • Following a recent update my TV keeps powering off (going into standby) and then takes several minutes to turn back on. I've been through all the troubleshooting steps including a full reset, unplugging all cables etc. I ordinarily have 3 devices connected to the TV - a Sony Amp (sky, pc, firestick), a nintendo switch and a PS5. The latter two using eARC for audio.   It has been set up this way since January with no changes or any issues at all. Recently a software update was pushed out and the issue first started within minutes afterwards and has since it has been a nightmare.  The TV will often go into standby after a few minutes use and will not turn back on.  Even properly pulling the power makes no difference.  The device will go to turn on and then click back into standby with the red light lit.  There has since been another update which I thought may be a fix for the issue but wasn't. I did find that pulling all the HDMI cables and turning it back on seemed to help it turn on but recently that hasn't been helping either.  The only "fix" is to wait about ten minutes where it will then usually turn on. IF the device stays on for more than 10 minutes it largely seems to then stay on without issue. I have tried doing various things like disabling CEC control incase something was sending a bad HDMI signal but that hasn't helped and obviously causes issues for the eARC devices.   Any ideas of anything to try, whether itmight be a s/w issue or is just a hardware failure? Thanks 
    • I have a couple of LG OLEDs in shared spaces, with external speakers, one via optical and the other via analog jack (confusingly named headphones). Whenever bluetooth headphones are used and then disconnected, the TV reverts to "internal" terrible audio. For non-technical people this is permanent. Do I have to train everyone to select the device from the long list or can I set a default?  
    • I’ve definitely got it set to Dolby Vision in the settings on Atv 4k (2021 box). And showing in the LG c9 picture settings as Dolby vision too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Hi, Is there an app or a way to enhanced safety mode that I can prevent children from using TV after midnight? Thanks for help.
    • For the folks that have a TV & AVR with both supporting eARC, connecting to the TV continues to provide lossless audio pass through to the AVR and of course DV. I’m currently watching Nobody via Plex, which the audio is Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos. My Denon X3600H is playing it without any issues. Edit: I'm using the NVIDIA Shield 2019 Pro.

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