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webOS Developer forums. if you are a webOS developer and need a specific forum for your development needs, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page. 


  1. LG webOS Developer Forum

    Are you a webOS developer who is interested in developing apps on LG webOS? Start a discussion with other developers in this forum.

  2. webOS OSE - Open Source Edition

    HP Open Sourced webOS to the world. webOS OSE is a project that was lead by HP and now LG. webOS OSE Developer Discussions.

  3. LuneOS - Mobile Operating System

    LuneOS is a mobile operating system derived from Open webOS and maintained by the webOS Ports team.

  4. Connect SDK

    Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

  5. Legacy webOS

    Legacy webOS for mobile device discussions including default features and applications. Legacy webOS applications and version by HP and Palm.


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    • searching a specific channel from a long list would be easier if a search box is added that will list available channels as you type sorting channels alphabetically doesn't do what it says. Regards.  
    • Is this only available in the USA? It isn't in my LG Content store in the UK.
    • Normal voot is working. but Voot select cannot be logged in
    • I mainly use the file browser to access an external HD which houses a ton of videos (movies/tv shows/etc.) While the built in file manager generates/loads a thumbnail of each video I would like to use my own thumbnail art. Please allow the user to associate a .jpg/.png to each video as well as folder.  Under /Movies is hundreds of video files with generated thumbnails that make finding videos difficult.  eg: /Movies/Serial_Mom_1080.avi /Movies/Serial_Mom_1080.jpg (user generated album art) /TV shows/Altered Carbon/cover.jpg or anything.jpg /TV shows/Six Feet Under/cover.jpg or anything.jpg   I have lots of folders (especially TV shows) with different seasons in them, being able to associate a thumbnail with each folder would make life that much easier. My prior PVP (Micca) was over 10 years old technology that was able to do all of this. I also had a Boxee Box (again >10 year tech) that went a step further and would fetch album art from whatever database (think it was IMDB) load synopsis/cast/reviews etc.   
    • Customer : yes hi I have problem my tv set is not connecting too wifi ?    Lg TV customer representative: I'm so sorry too hear that .let's try this ,stand on your head now clap 10 times. then  you want power off your tv set wait one minute .now turn it back on .you should have wifi now ? 
    • webOS is modern time Rabbit ears for your tv set.
    • That's LG  webOS 3.5 tv.. sets have great picture but smart TV feature is worst than  my DVD player trying have smart apps integrated .I've gone thru 4 updates its backwards it keeps on getting slower and choppy picture when any app is running worst interface ever.LG is only interested in selling bait tv sets to catch new customers .they have no business even trying to promote 8k tv sets ? this is my last LG I'm purchasing .same goes for Samsung they won't fix the their tv sets not connecting too wifi you can only do LAN if  you figure that milestone of exhausted fails connecting to your WiFi you find out you have choppy outdated apps good Lord where's my shotgun ??

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