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webOS Developer forums. if you are a webOS developer and need a specific forum for your development needs, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page. 


  1. LG webOS Developer Forum

    Are you a webOS developer who is interested in developing apps on LG webOS? Start a discussion with other developers in this forum.

  2. webOS OSE - Open Source Edition

    HP Open Sourced webOS to the world. webOS OSE is a project that was lead by HP and now LG. webOS OSE Developer Discussions.

  3. LuneOS - Mobile Operating System

    LuneOS is a mobile operating system derived from Open webOS and maintained by the webOS Ports team.

  4. Connect SDK

    Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

  5. Legacy webOS

    Legacy webOS for mobile device discussions including default features and applications. Legacy webOS applications and version by HP and Palm.


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    • Ik heb een lg smart tv en zet altijd een radio channel aan als ik geen tv kijk. Dan krijg je na een paar momenten dat vuurwerk screensaver te zien.  Ik zou best bv een foto of zo'n mooie screensaver met een aquarium willen zien ipv dat vervelende vuurwerk. I s dat mogelijk? En als dat kan hoe?
    • Can we download airtel xstream app in my lg tv
    • LG TV feature requests 1-disable floating pointer  2- name hard drives 3-be able to delete empty folders, not just video files 4-make pixel refresh automatically on cumulative hours 5-pixel refresh page confusing needs redescribing. 6-allow more padding time for recordings, up to 1 hr user defined 7-allow custom recordings to be given a name to help remember what they are 8-allow saving of TV settings to a file on a usb pen or HDD.....several named files would be good, then family could chose their favourite settings and load the file from a usb pen / hard drive. Plus could have settings that are in test, in case doesn’t work out 9+a text file to describe firmware update content is 10- would like a feature request section on LG website for ideas and allow voting, you would then have an easy access to ideas & their popularity  11-Allow setting of recordings manual or through E.P.G. To have ALL options available I.e. Pad time recurring recoding etc. Without having to exit and go back to Edit mode to change the other settings.
    • @PhylipR please keep it civil on these forums.  The comments below are unnecessary.    
    • @Francesco Rossi The problem with HDD over 2TB, is that they need a prition style of GPT rather than MBR, so a utility will be needed to set them upfor reading/writing on a smart TV. Have a read of this: link hidden, please login to view Sorry I don't know about the DTS question (possbilty not).
    • Mike wanker wanker wanker. Leave it to others to confirm or deny because you have some unseen agenda. I have an SK8000PLB and was getting the same annoying messages as everyone else and the fix is there, and it does work as I have completely stopped the messages, my TV is clear. Perhaps I don't know how to do these boards properly but I am smart enough to perform a simple fix on my TV, something you seem unwilling to believe, so lets leave it to all the others who have the same problem. And I will be back to shove your hat up your arrogant ass!  And as for multiple messages appearing on screen the only ones ever to appear on mine are about app updates or the constant one about Wired Connection.  You are an absolute liar to say the messages continue to appear because I have proved they do not and I will ask LG to confirm and post here when they reply. In the meantime tosser let others try and tell us their results. Don't bother posting to me again as you are a self absorbed narcissistic moron who just trolls to provoke arguments, and then try and take the high ground as if you are an expert which you certainly are not. Get lost creep. ,  
    • You seem to be unnecessarily abusive . Note you haven't figured out how to even make forum posts without replying to yourself and messing up quotations.  Please  pay attention to the multiple classes of system messages appearing at the top of the screen. I have designed user interfaces for consumer devices such as these, and I can tell you that the message styles are distinctly different.  Please also attach a video of yourself eating your hat, as connect/disconnect messages do appear after following your "guaranteed"solution.     
    • Elaborate? Lad do you need a nanny? Set TV into store mode okay? re-open settings as normal and go to "general" then scroll right down to the bottom where you will see a setting that says "Store mode settings" and lo and behold even Stevie Wonder will see the setting to turn off notifications. Lad I am in my 70's and even I had little trouble figuring it out. As I said in my original post I guarantee this is the solution. I see no more annoying Wired Network or any other messages since discovering the solution. After you uncheck the notifications box just switch back to Home Mode and that is it result. It makes no difference that the option to switch notifications on or off is in Store Mode settings as the settings work on the "whole" TV.   

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