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webOS Developer forums. if you are a webOS developer and need a specific forum for your development needs, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page. 


  1. LG webOS Developer Forum

    Are you a webOS developer who is interested in developing apps on LG webOS? Start a discussion with other developers in this forum.

  2. webOS OSE - Open Source Edition

    HP Open Sourced webOS to the world. webOS OSE is a project that was lead by HP and now LG. webOS OSE Developer Discussions.

  3. LuneOS - Mobile Operating System

    LuneOS is a mobile operating system derived from Open webOS and maintained by the webOS Ports team.

  4. Connect SDK

    Connecting mobile devices to webOS TVs. Discussion about access and building on the software development kit for webOS TVs.

  5. Legacy webOS

    Legacy webOS for mobile device discussions including default features and applications. Legacy webOS applications and version by HP and Palm.


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    • Hi team, Now a days most of the TV works on Internet. In india we have Jio , Airtel where we can not install it on WEB Os. the same TV apps are available on Android  TV. LG has to come with some solution  for this kind of requirement . I have  smart TV but we dont have the some general app to install on it .  Please work this and try to find the Solutions.
    • Is there a plan this app in LG OS?
    • when i try to install the app to the emulator it works fine but when i try to install the same app on the signage tv (webos) i get an error ares install failed,, can anyone here help me out, i can install the app to the tv in other way like exporting the app then installing it on the signage tv using remote option or using usb..kindly do help.. using the webos IDE it fails error:: 24/01/20 4:00:37 pm : [Package] Creating package com.lg.app.signage_1.4.0_all.ipk in /var/www/html/iEvince/client/OutputIPK/client_Signage_TV 24/01/20 4:00:37 pm : [Package] Success 24/01/20 4:00:37 pm : [Install] Installing package /var/www/html/iEvince/client/OutputIPK/client_Signage_TV/com.lg.app.signage_1.4.0_all.ipk 24/01/20 4:00:39 pm: [Install] ares-install ERR! ares-install: install failed 
    • I bought LG C9 but there are jio apps missing atleast Jio Cinima app required to watch all movies. But From LG support they don’t have info about it, I called one of the executive of LG.  Jio Cinima app is required like prime and netflix because it is updating all new movies too. Please tell us how much time you need to develop and release the Jio cinima app in LG content Store so that daily I won’t open the content store app and I don’t search for Jio cinima  
    • The CBS Access app doesn't work on my C9 OLED. I installed it correctly but none of the shows will actually stream...just error codes. What's the ETA on an updated app that ACTUALLY WORKS????
    • I have created a app using webOS ide now i want to share my app to someone else to test . so what i have done is i have created .ipk file my app . now i dont know how can i install this .ipk file to other WebOS Tv  but without using webOS Ide or WebOS CLI thanks in advance
    • You can try the “Big Sat” brand, remote type 3. It will give you limited control of the fetch TV. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Hi y'all I want to automatically launch the web browser on TV startup. i.e. when a user powers on the TV, TV will powerup and web browser will start. Has anyone been able to do this?   Thanks!

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