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  1. Dear Forum members, Sorry for a basic Q about KNX / Rasberry Pi / Arduino control of LG WebOS TV As part of a KNX automated home , when a security camera issues an alert, I need to have the WebOS TV pop up a security camera source (HDMI 2) over an over existing source (HDMI/Netflix). This happens with no human interaction. I would prefer a KNX device to do this, but don't know if one exists. If a KNX device does not exist, then I think I will need a Rasberry Pi to load WebOS and manage the logic to select the source. Does anyone know of a KNX device that will do this? If not, then are there existing products (not KNX) that might do what I need or do I need to build it from scratch? Any other comments welcome. Thank you for your help. Rich

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