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  1. you can display a message with this code: {"type":"request","id":1,"uri":"ssap://system.notifications/createToast","payload":{"message":"This is a message testing 123"}}
  2. I forked Pullover to display Pushover messages on the tv https://github.com/spambus/Pullover
  3. I forked the open source app Pullover wich is the desktop version of Pushover to display received Pushover messages also on LG TV's running WebOS. messages are displayed through websocket with: {"type":"request","id":1,"uri":"ssap://system.notifications/createToast","payload":{"message":"This is a message testing 123"}} on the TV. However, when you get a lot of messages, wich is the case with Pushover, if you use it for just about anything, after a couple of messages, it looks like older messages are somehow stored on the TV, and it shifts fast trough all previous messages before i

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