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  1. you can display a message with this code: {"type":"request","id":1,"uri":"ssap://system.notifications/createToast","payload":{"message":"This is a message testing 123"}}
  2. I forked Pullover to display Pushover messages on the tv https://github.com/spambus/Pullover
  3. I forked the open source app Pullover wich is the desktop version of Pushover to display received Pushover messages also on LG TV's running WebOS. messages are displayed through websocket with: {"type":"request","id":1,"uri":"ssap://system.notifications/createToast","payload":{"message":"This is a message testing 123"}} on the TV. However, when you get a lot of messages, wich is the case with Pushover, if you use it for just about anything, after a couple of messages, it looks like older messages are somehow stored on the TV, and it shifts fast trough all previous messages before it displays the new message. So my question is, is there some command to flush the messages, before displaying a new message, or is the described phenomenon a bug in WebOS?

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