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  1. No, sorry. But just wait for CES and you will know for sure. There was also a hint in the press release, that "if you have one of the new ones...", you will have all the new features.
  2. No, of course it won't be compatible. How will LG sell new TVs then? It was confirmed by LG representative, anyway.
  3. Henrik, you're totally right. I am Smart TV app developer and the experience with LG is absolutely horrible (comparing to Samsung). At the moment, they can't even test the submitted 3rd party apps, because they are testing 2015 webOS TVs and they don't have resources to do QA on the submitted apps until the middle of november. Just go to seller.lgappstv.com and you'll see the message. They also recently cut their QA staff, although the amount of apps only increased. Even before this "delay", you could easily wait up to 1 month for your app to get tested, so imagine how many troubles
  4. OK, sorry, but the idea is that it will take forever from 4.30.09 to 4.99.99, because 4.30.xx (minor) increment takes a couple of months.
  5. stoney05, you should really call LG service, so they change your motherboard, because you are never going to be able to update again, I don't we will ever hit 4.00.00.. we have 3.xx.xx now.. Or you can try http://webos-forums.ru/topic3157.html?sid=e9dc0f3b1cea8edf9cc30ab2b87b88dd
  6. Being LG Apps developer, I must disappoint you, but there will be no improvement in the nearest future. They have lack of staff and are very slow to even test the submitted apps, not to mention the development of OS itself. Their interest is only to sell millions of TVs.
  7. The same thing on LB670V.. webOS flop.
  8. There was a firmware update yesterday for LB670 models.. now the LG Store is working (No more Coming soon..), but it's really far from perfect..
  9. Just got my hands on LG 42LB670V webOS TV here in Lithuania. All I want to say now is that it's very laggy, glitchy, slow and not very user friendly. Basic Live TV menu is very non-user-friendly, it is much more straightforward on 2012-2014 Netcast TVs. Multitasking is pretty strange, although it works. LG Apps Store doesn't work now, although my Netcast app worked out of the box, so it's probably simulated somehow. My advice - don't rush into buying it now, try it in the store first, you can get disappointed.
  10. But it's not the SDK we are waiting for..
  11. Thanks! Keep updating us on the global roll out too.
  12. News from Seller lounge: Dear Sellers, Thank you for using LG Smart TV Seller Lounge. LG Electronics is currently under system operation to launch applications on WebOS TV, the new product of 2014. We ask for your understanding as the Application List may appear differently than before while the system operation is being proceeded. It will return to original list as soon as the procedure is done. We will do our best to complete the operation promptly to reduce any inconvenience you may experience. Seller Lounge will continue to strive to provide you with better Smart Services. Thank y
  13. The apps will be more or less compatible, because it's just Javascript+HTML.. as it's now.
  14. Similarly incapable of running WebOS, yes

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