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WebOS 2.0 upgrade availability


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I want WebOS 2.0 update available to my existing ULTRA HD TV running WebOS 1.x (e.g. UB850T).


I can't accept this news.

However, LG has confirmed to ZDNet that owners of the 2014 webOS TV models will not be able to upgrade to webOS 2.0.

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I got my TV which was some of last 2014 releases at the end of the year.... wtf is this?


The current webOS looks like some experimental prealpha release. If LG will not bring updates to it I'll never buy any LG product ever again, me and my other 10k followers... Even worst I might go with bad advertising for this stupid LG move...

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MediaTek is making sure that the latest chip offers support for Android, WebOS (used by LG),

while providing room for Panasonic to tweak it for their upcoming TVs based on Amazon's FireTV OS,

according to CK Peng, marketing director for MediaTek's home entertainment business unit.

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hopefully it is not one time off experiment but commitment from LG and provides the 2.0 update to the

existing TV running WebOS 1.x.

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Hi all, if that's true I'll join the LG boycott. It's simply not acceptable. Just bought a 650V a week ago and I am really dissapointed on how this systems looks like a Alpha Stage Software.

For LG, a few months old TV it's not worth to update..? Seriously... WTF...?

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protest against so called smart tv

protest against apps

protest against LG's decision against general practice of upgrading past 1/2 years model to latest ver OS. as happens in mobile. phones, tab & other electronic devices

any more points required?

You didn't say protest - you said boycott. What exactly are you going to boycott?

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Wikipedia says:

A boycott is an act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social or political reasons. Sometimes, it can be a form of consumer activism.

@Jimbo1876 now clear?

Really? The things you learn on here. Though I have never relied on Wikipedia as a source of reference before.

So this LG TV you have bought - are you going to return it as part of this "boycott"? Or are you simply going to refuse to buy another LG TV when this one burns out - which might be never?

Good luck with your consumer activism against LG. Let us know how you get on with protesting against the company you were "persuaded" to buy a TV from.

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The report says that the TV series LB630 above will be updated WebOS 2.0 on the border of June / July. But be careful! There will probably upgrade to the full version 2.0, but a partial update, so instead let's call "a bit like WebOS 2.0 Lite". However, your operating system is also said to significantly accelerate and part should come your TV as well as new, resp. modified user interface:   :) 


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Hi everyone,

I have LG 49UB850 with OS V 1.xx, so simply No upgrade to OS 2.xx No more LG products, let them know this very well.


I believe is coming soon ....

I have installed on my 42LB650V and everything is working properly. All menus works much faster and smoother than in all previous versions. Finally, after many earlier updates, webOS in my LG became useful. Do not install 4.65.50 or older, it does not make sense. 05.10.01 is the one for which we waited for so long. Just install it and have fun with your LG. ;)




Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk

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