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  1. I think the HDMI sound output is digital over the cable to TV so the sound quality will depend on the TV end.
  2. Forget the AV cable. The sound is already transferred via HDMI - you need to change your audio output on your computer to HDMI. Right click on your volume icon the left click the Play Back devices and there you see the option to change to HDMI audio instead of speakers.
  3. Can you give me a link where it says Flash was available or ever likely to be available on this TV?These streams you are trying to illegally watch - have you approached the people who stream these to ask if they can stream in a format that you can watch on your TV - specifically bought to watch illegal streams? Good luck with all of that.
  4. Bad patter to quote your own posts - but Magic Remote and Sky HD now totally functional on firmware 5.10.02
  5. With the beta firmware 5.10.02 the Magic Remote is finally totally functional with Sky HD boxes. Well done LG!
  6. C'mon Osse5 - surely you can throw SOME light on your claims? You wouldn't want anyone to think you were simply trolling?
  7. Any joy with the link or part number? Loads of people looking forward to ordering this upgrade!
  8. Any joy with that link - or maybe a part number? You must have a part number if you ordered it and fitted it?
  9. Have you got a link to this interesting development ?
  10. No - sadly it doesn't. You need to go down the road of using third party software like Plex or the LG badged Smartshare to view your content on your TV. And viewing is all you will be doing - no deleting or moving files about. To be fair it is all mentioned in the user guide but like you I expected to plug in drive and view on TV.
  11. Your only option is to upgrade your TV by replacing it with a more recent model.
  12. You can't. They have been removed from the App Store because Facebook and Twitter have removed LG's permission to use them. You aren't missing anything - both were pretty horrible to use on a TV

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