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  1. LG is screwing a lot with the WebOS but... Forget about Flash. Flash is dying and it's not true that it's present on 90% of Internet Webpages anymore. Most present Flash nowadays it's in Ads form. And most video players (on the desktop) that still uses flash, have the HTML5 Video option and it's there that we should focus. If WebOS and his browser alone are slow and painfull to use, now imagine it they allow us to use Flash. The TV would simply crash, because Flash is very angry in CPU and RAM, that's why most mobile phones today doesn't even have Flash installed anymore.
  2. rmz

    [Missing Features] LG 650V

    Adding more Missing Features after learning more about LG WebOS. * Favorite button should open the favorite channels in a list and not jumping from channel to channel. It doesn't even make any sense! It kills the "ease to use". * Favorites should allow us to mix DTV channels, no matter the source (Antenna ; Satellite ... ) * Easy and fast way to change between Antenna and Satellite and even add a "All in One Place" option. Jumping from Antenna to Satellite it's a wast of time and kills the user experience. * When using a computer mouse, they should add a function for the middle or right button with the same function of the "SMART" (home button) on the remote. That will allow us to use RF Mouses without the need of having the remote for just this simple function. * Sound Output really needs to allow us chose multiple outputs instead of just one. I would like to use the TV speakers and HomeCinema (Optic) at the same time just like on older LG TVs. * When searching for Satellites, it would help having a sound with different tones to to match the signal percentage. * Allow us to DELETE channels. Hide them only makes everything a big mess, specially because when I try to move alot channels at the same time the WEbOS crashes (The low memory problem)
  3. I am sorry but thats a silly question. Off course we can boycott. Not buying any LG products and inform new buyers to not do it because of reasons like this.
  4. I know, but what I think it's better is making some reddit topic to raise awareness for new buyers and then in the same topic share this topic for those interested in following this information, probably only LG customers who feel betraited like me. Not only you'll raise a much better awarness about this as also it's a good way to promote your forum. Since reddit it's public and followed by most brands, it's probably that LG will make some move. Now sharing this forum only on facebook and twitter the probabilities will be lower.
  5. I bought my LG TV 1 month ago and i am very dissaponted. WebOs it's slow, lack a lot of basic features... I don't want any workaround, I want a official support for my 650v Smart TV... So just an idea, since LG will ignore us here almost for sure, why not making this even more public? Using a website like Reddit and share this information for new consumers? A Bad advertisement will make LG change their mind almost for sure. So can anyone here with a English better than mine make a topic on Reddit and share it here, explaining everything for us to share in our social networks and boost this shame to everyone?
  6. Îf LG can't handle basic features on a TV with WebOS i think that a phone it's far from reality. And if they do it, they will fail. From my perspective and experience, LG is not taking this OS very seriously...
  7. Hi all, if that's true I'll join the LG boycott. It's simply not acceptable. Just bought a 650V a week ago and I am really dissapointed on how this systems looks like a Alpha Stage Software. For LG, a few months old TV it's not worth to update..? Seriously... WTF...?
  8. Hi, I bought a 47 inch 650V TV a week ago and I noticed that this SmarTV has a huge potential but still lacks very basic features. So I hope that I don't regret buying this TV if a update don't gives us some really great improvements. * First of all, WebOS it's slow. It really needs a huge performance improvement. Im not a BETA tester. If the system it's not ready, they should have hold it for a while and hire some inside beta testers. * Youtube app doesn't play videos in HD. Compared to my AppleTV, the difference it's huge. This is a 1080p SmartTV and there's not a single option on Youtube to play everything in 1080p or at least, 720p. * Audio Output only gives us a option to select one instead of a multiple sound output. Sometimes I use a Digital Out Surround Systems, and in my old LG TV, I could use the TV Speakers and this digital audio at the same time and only mute the TV. It's the fastest way to use both. In this new smartv, I have go to the audio settings to choose the audio output everytime. For a slow system, it's a really painful solution. * This TV has Bluetooth built in, and there's not a single option to pair a Keyboard, Mouse or a Audio Device. It's locked to LGs proprietary Bluetooth devices. It's inaceptable since Bluetooth technology is standard and to use a Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse/A2DP sound I have to get a pack that cames with a USB Bluetooth dongle. So all my BT keyboards and mouses that doesn't have that USB dongle can't be used. * I own a LG G2 Smartphone and I cannot simple use the LG SmartShare. It's slow and crashes all the time, so sharing my videos and photos to TV it's simple mission impossible. The same goes for Wi-fi Direct. It simply doesn't work. And the same goes for the LG TV Remote App. It's very slow when we try to use the "mouse pointer". * It's not possible to resize .srt subtitles and tags like <i> and <b> are not recognized by the TV. So not only I can't have Italic and Bold text, but those tags are also added to the subtitles like normal text... And I notice this with just one week of usage, so obviously there's a lot more things to improve but this features are simple to use on my AppleTV and my LG can't handle them very well. I bought this TV and paid the extra money to get a good SmarTV compared to the 5700 model, with the intention to get rid off the Apple TV... but at this moment I just can't...