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  1. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/MmaA7pilL2 2 x Disc Golf Drills for backhand

  2. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/IlwrPpHL1P Cómo hacer TACOS AL PASTOR | Vicky Receta Facil

  3. @CapitalOne @CapitalOne360NY Did you literally break the bank? Online 360 is broke and so are your call centers. Cu… https://t.co/J48awlB0DD

  4. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/a936k8i9RS Body Language: The Key to Your Subconscious | Ann Washburn |

  5. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/ljbDe6wU8f How to avoid death By PowerPoint | David JP Phillips |

  6. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/ElJQvdct7r Windows Performance Deep Dive Troubleshooting

  7. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/NOhkpg1ElZ Will Schusterick Driving Clinic By Infinite Discs

  8. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/DkOxBWNoHJ Disc Golf Tips -- driving!!

  9. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/nxWwH1Ihx4 Disc Golf Nerd Tips for beginners: Are you throwing the right disc?

  10. No idea if @deutschetelekom entertains the idea, but isn't it time to appoint @JohnLegere as DT CEO? Verizon/Vodafone would melt, globally.

  11. I just received my 65# B6 OLED and was excited to experience WebOS 3.0. The reality, however, is disappointing. The App Store is as limited as under 2.0. LG could not win significant partners since 2014. We are still stuck with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.e and Plex. Plex, however, needs a content server and as such provides only a half-baked solution. The Music apps like Pandora and Spotify are not of very much value - who wants to run their TV just to listen to music. DLNA support and network stored movie management options are essentially the same as in 2.0. The UI still wastes critical estate for blown up title lines, and doesn't allow to manage shares in an intuitive manner and still cannot pick up individual network shares. The rendering of the previews takes forever and even after hours of TV runtime can't produce a complete list. The square shaped preview is outdated compared to other solutions and the overall performance beyond content selection is rather sluggish. What is really aggravating that most reviewers completely ignore the shortcomings and praise it for a "great UI" (well maybe for the home screen). SmartTV Remote lost all its advantages compared to the 2014 model. Unintuitive and unappealing the remote looks like any other cheap universal remote. Gee, in Europe and Asia customers at least get a more stylish design compared to the ugly brick in North America. Bottom line, LG buyers need to consider the additional cost for options like AppleTV or Kodi Box to overcome the limitations along with a better remote (e.g. Logitech Elite) which adds another 300-400$. For a 3K TV a big disappointment. Would love to hear other buyers impressions.
  12. @articlemodern take a look please https://t.co/5UbwzNS5W2

  13. THis upgrade path (or the lack of) assures this will be my last LG product. - glad i found this as i was considering a LG phone. This took care of it.
  14. Have to concur with everyone here. If there is a QA process at all for apps its inconsistent or they sleep through the test Some of the applications are so basic that the Roku apps look like from another galaxy Screen size and font scalability in the OS are nonexistent The Facebook app looks like a 5-year old stitched it together (no offense to young talents though ) WebBrowser can't produce any download speeds above 7MBit which makes it pointless for streaming Basic features like cookie management with password retention are missing (who wants to log back into an application every time they open the browser?). NetFlix app opens on 4K content with solid magenta background showing the movie in the top right corner for around 10 seconds before it scales to full screen size Color calibration is pointless. Looks impressive from the capabilities but thats about it. Any setting combination results either an overly vivid or dull experience. Technical documentation is a joke. Does the TOSLINK path through all the Dolby / DTS standards LG claims to support? Deep Color setting can only be triggered globally and not per HDMI port which is a PITA Miracast latency is out of this word and the list could go on forever ... LG, what were you thinking and why in the world did it have to be another 'embedded OS'. Take note how great Windows 8 embedded powers the XBOX One!
  15. #Windows10 licensing clarified by @Microsoft. "non-genuine" installations will be upgraded but remain "non-genuine" http://t.co/qtXXsE0cMa

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