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LG webOS Firmware Update

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The firmware that powers your LG Ultra HD 4K Smart TV with webOS should be updated from time to time to enhance your experience and improve its operation. Thankfully, this can be done easily and quickly, right at home.

Watch this quick video to learn more. Or follow the easy steps below to get started.




Firmware updates don't happen frequently, so you should be fine checking for updates every other month.


Before you do anything, make sure you have an Ethernet cord connected directly from your router to your television. Wireless Internet connections are not reliable enough for firmware updates.

Use this diagram if you need help getting set up:



  • Press the MENU
  • Then ABOUT
  • You'll be advised that your system is currently up to date or requested to select CHECK NOW for the latest update. If a new version is available, it downloads automatically.


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I bought the LG 50UH5500 Smart WebOS TV few months back and it was working fine and I was happy with it. We dont have cable at home and mainly use apps like amazon prime or youtube on our tv - in other words rely on internet connection for using the TV. We have centurylink as internet provider and supposed to get 40 Mbps connection - however a lot of the time the internet speed is poor to be frank. So I had switched from using wifi on my tv and instead plugged ethernet cable onto the TV and all was working fine until two days back when suddenly none of the apps like youtube would open up- no error codes or anything just wouldnt open up.

Attempt to check for automatic software update would also not work.Attempt to reset to initial factory settings also would not work. Spoke to customer service , manually downloaded,unzipped the latest software onto usb drive and then plugged in the tv which would not give me an option to install the exe file in the usb drive.

1) Finally frustrated- pulled the powercable of the TV and the internet modem from the socket and replugged them in. Then apps finally started to launch back !!

Spoke to customer service why manual update wouldnt work and they helped resolve it. These are the takeaways:

1) Delete everything in the usb drive. After unzip/extracting the exe file, create a new folder with name 'LG_DTV' and put the exe file in that Then plug it in to TV and then TV finally gave me an option to install it.

2) Dont connect both ethernet and wifi to TV as it could cause internal conflicts within the TV.

3) Ensure you have a fast reliable internet-perhaps I will upgrade my 40MBPS connection to something better. This can also cause some apps to not work.


Posting it here since LG customer service is not available during weekends and I was stuck with this problem for the weekend. Sharing so others wont have to go through the same problem.

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LG47LY960H the web OS can be updated or not ?

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