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new tv, having problems straight away



I recently bought an 50LB650V-ZN and as they have been out for a while i assumed it woukd need updating straight away.

ive connected it to the internet and when i click check for update i get the message 'Unable to check for updates'


i also bought a magic remote and after about 5 minutes of using it a pop up will appear saying 'failed to update magic remote' then the magic remote will turn off and stop working until i remove the batteries and put them back in again.


ive asked at the shop where i bought it and they say the TV should need updating straight away as its been available for about 8 months and that the magic remote doesnt actually update, only the software on the tv will update to support the magic remote.


ive tried to download the software update from the lg website but cant get the files to unzip so my tv doesnt recognise the files.


anyone come accross this problem before or know how to fix it? any help would be appreciated


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I have the same problem with a 55UB950.

That is, message "failed to update magic remote..."

After this message the magic remote button's stop working until I restart the TV or pull out the batteries from the magic remote.

I have tried to re-register the magic remote but the problem persists.

Any solution?

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ive just noticed on mine that the software version on my tv is 04.33.22 and the latest software on the LG website is 04.32.20 but the TV has not been updated from when i got it out of the box.

i dont understand how my brand nw tv straight out of the box has a higher software version than the latest software update on the website. Surely a brand new TV would need updating when i first get it out of the box.


anyone know what software version my TV should be on when i get it out of the box and what the latest software version is?

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New to this forum but i have been having the same issues since i got my 65UB950V 


I started having the Magic remote upgrade issues after the TV upgraded to 04.40.34 firmware that was automatically downloaded from LG servers this version was never available on the web site only 04.30.18


I have just downgraded the firmware to 04.30.18 and it fixed the issue the upgrading magic remote, it popped up for 3 seconds and i have not seen it again.


I have noticed a new version 04.36.32 on LG website published on the 31/12/14 just installed this version and everything seems ok still 


Just going to try 04.40.34 again to see what happens

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All the info you need is here


link hidden, please login to view


be care full for my TV 65UB950V their is a step missing I had to modify the CheckSWManualUpdate.laf file with the <MODEL_NM> from the in_dump.txt


This is the step i took to fix it


1. Downgrade software to 04.30.18

2. Used TV util magic remote updates ok

3. Upgrade to 04.36.32 <-- this step my not be needed

4. Upgrade back to 04.40.34 via webos


Good luck

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Hi I have just recently bought a LG 42LB 630V and with this I bought the Magic Remote as part of the deal from my retailer so after setting up within 5mins I get a pop up stating failed to update magic remote do you wish to continue yes or no then my remote won't function until I remove the battery's . I have been in contact with LG about this first they said unpair the remote and pair again so I did this and still same problem so I emailed LG again and the replie I got was to send my Remote back for Testing or exchange it with your retailer. So iv exchanged it for another but still same problem . I did have a second email from LG saying I need to buy there wifi/Bluetooth dongle for this remote to work correctly then I think why well the tv has built in wifi so why do I want a additional wifi dongle ? The current software I'm running is 04.33.22 can anyone help or has any ideas please . Thanks

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