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  1. I've just been testing playing 4k UHD Blu-Ray rips from my DLNA server to the DLNA client built into my OLED 55 B6T. The playback keeps stuttering because the bitrate can exceed 100Mbit, and the Ethernet connection on the TV is only 100Mbit. I know the problem isn't with the DLNA server because I can stream the same rips from the server to my PC, which has a gigabit NIC, and get no stuttering. Do later model LG sets have gigabit connections? I had a look on the LG website, but the specs for the sets just say they have a LAN connection without specifying the speed.
  2. Pihole blocks YT ads on my network. You need some more blocklists. This is what I'm using: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts https://s3.amazonaws.com/lists.disconnect.me/simple_tracking.txt https://s3.amazonaws.com/lists.disconnect.me/simple_ad.txt https://s3.amazonaws.com/lists.disconnect.me/simple_malvertising.txt https://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/files/justdomains http://sysctl.org/cameleon/hosts https://www.malwaredomainlist.com/hostslist/hosts.txt https://v.firebog.net/hosts/Airelle-hrsk.txt https://v.firebog.net/hosts/Shalla-mal.txt h
  3. Run Pihole as the DNS for your network, and it will block ads, trackers, malware, etc for all devices on your network without needing adblockers on any of them. I run mine on a headless Raspberry Pi. Some quite good setup instructions here: https://blog.cryptoaustralia.org.au/instructions-for-setting-up-pi-hole/; the Pihole website here: https://pi-hole.net/.
  4. I'm using Serviio on a Raspberry Pi as my DLNA server. If I rip a DVD/Blu-Ray movie with MakeMKV, retaining the chapters from the disc, I can use VLC as the DLNA client on my PC to play the rip from Serviio on the Pi, and I can access the chapters in the ripped file, jumping forwards and backwards from chapter to chapter. However, if I use the DLNA client in my LG OLED55B6T to play the same rip, the chapters can't be accessed - trying to do so jumps to the next/previous rip in the folder on the server. Has anyone managed to get chapters working with the DLNA client on an LG TV? p.s.

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