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  1. Thanks for this, I had to search a bit for the service remote and luckily I had my old LG phone with IR blaster so I installed an app called "Anymote" and I could go into the EZ_ADJUST and IN_START and then in the Area Option I found 4963. Now this is a number which is out of your listed table. Researched a bit and confirmed that my WebOS is 5.00 version so your table was of no use. Then I found a lonely post somewhere on the internet stating that the code for India is 4816. So I took a risk and tried that and it worked. I had no clue and had no table for WebOS 5.00 like you have for WebOS 3.5
  2. When clicked on LG Service Country the options available are all for middle east and African countries but no India in it.
  3. I shifted to India from UAE with my 55SM9000PVA LG TV. Since it is a TV for the middle east, I can not change the region to India. Therefore I can not log in to my LG account and have apps from the LG content store of India. Ok, so I thought I should be able to use my account in UAE and use the apps which I used in UAE. Now these apps say the IP address is not from the region, so can't run those apps. So I am stuck up with an expensive smart TV without smartness. No service center, neither LG India have any answers to it. I hate using set top boxes please help.

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