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  1. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    It's a bad idea posting model specific firmware in a generic thread anyway people need todo a little research before throwing beta firmware on there tv Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I will try this tonight never had a memory issues my self my model is ub950v I thinkSent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  3. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Suggest you take a look at this and be prepared for a lot of work http://blog.techflaws.org/2014/05/26/firmware-downgrade-for-lg-smart-tvs/ Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  4. Change you TV region to DE Germany and check for updates should give you a new build that might help once upgraded change back BTW its a software bug on the TV that lg Tech's in the uk at least don't seem to know about
  5. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    You did set it back to Sweden after ?
  6. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Sorry no my mistake that's ub850-980
  7. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    04.50.41 seems pretty sweet for me right now
  8. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

  9. uklad

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I just manually updated to 04.51.44 here in the UK big improvement on the speed in the menus
  10. Fantastic I believe 04.51.44 has been available since last week but only in Germany will check it out tonight
  11. All the info you need is here http://blog.techflaws.org/2014/05/26/firmware-downgrade-for-lg-smart-tvs/ be care full for my TV 65UB950V their is a step missing I had to modify the CheckSWManualUpdate.laf file with the <MODEL_NM> from the in_dump.txt This is the step i took to fix it 1. Downgrade software to 04.30.18 2. Used TV util magic remote updates ok 3. Upgrade to 04.36.32 <-- this step my not be needed 4. Upgrade back to 04.40.34 via webos Good luck
  12. New to this forum but i have been having the same issues since i got my 65UB950V I started having the Magic remote upgrade issues after the TV upgraded to 04.40.34 firmware that was automatically downloaded from LG servers this version was never available on the web site only 04.30.18 I have just downgraded the firmware to 04.30.18 and it fixed the issue the upgrading magic remote, it popped up for 3 seconds and i have not seen it again. I have noticed a new version 04.36.32 on LG website published on the 31/12/14 just installed this version and everything seems ok still Just going to try 04.40.34 again to see what happens