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  1. new tv, having problems straight away

    Sorted it now, apparently the John Lewis 49JL9000 is the equivalent to the LG 42LB650V, which gives a firmware version of 04.45.04 Updated by USB and all seems well... So far
  2. new tv, having problems straight away

    How do a force an update?? Tried loading the file on to a USB stick, but it didn't autorun. I have a old LG TV in my bed and managed to do that using the expert mode, but not too sure if this works on the new smart TVs.. Also, don't really know the right LG model for the John Lewis set, if anyone can help on that front.
  3. new tv, having problems straight away

    I've got the same problem on the John Lewis TV, but the German work around doesn't seem to be working for me. Can you tell me what version you updated to, mine is running 04.40.28 out of the box but I'm getting fed up with the magic remote failing to update. Even thinking about returning the set!