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  1. Received 05.00.70 this week for my 55UB950-ZB in the Netherlands. So far no problems
  2. :-) Could it be? http://www.cnet.com/news/lg-updates-2014-tvs-to-web-os-2-0/ :-) Yess it could..... :-) Something 's hapening :-) Something should.....
  3. I live in the Netherlands. Checked update yesterday but was not available. Checked again today and yes... Didn't check other changes yet but Magic Remote problem is solved :-)
  4. 55UB950V-ZB Received 04.51.44 today :-) 1.3.2-3844(afro-arches)
  5. Had no need to downgrade :-) I received an upgrade today, just loaded version 04.51.44 and problem is solved Magic remote works !!
  6. Hi Uklad Can you tell me how you downgrade? Best regards, Ruud
  7. As expected..... https://twitter.com/AVForums/status/550997668567461888
  8. Received an email from customer support. They will replace my magic remote. Hope this will solve the problem. I keep you informed.
  9. Hi I have the same problem with a 55UB950. That is, message "failed to update magic remote..." After this message the magic remote button's stop working until I restart the TV or pull out the batteries from the magic remote. I have tried to re-register the magic remote but the problem persists. Any solution?

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