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webOS 2.0 Information

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LG announced today that webOS 2.0 is coming to their smart TV lineup, to be showcased at CES 2015 in Las Vegas next month. As of now, the reported features will be:


  • Faster boot/load time
  • 4K support for streaming videos from sources like Amazon and Netflix
  • Quick user settings
  • New ribbon
  • Better YouTube integration


Other than that, we'll have to wait and see. Please post if you have news and features to share.

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That is insane. I can only guess how many new features and bug fixes they will release to the older <2015 models. Probably none. I don't know who is to blame, the architects who created a platform that will only last around 2 years, or the CEOs who want to maximize profit no matter what. As an engineer, I totally doubt that the existing hardware is not capable of running webos 2.0, so my guess is that it is the profit margins that is to blame. Well, now LG just lost one customer, since future proof high end electronics is very high up on my list of priorities whenever I buy this kind of stuff that is so totally software focused (I mean, how much better can the hardware be?). Here, Apple and Microsoft behave much better, by releasing new software (often free of charge) to their existing older hardware...


So long, LG... So long Bean Bird, you are cool but your owners are nuts...



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Hello everyone,

I just heard that LG will not update to webOS 2.0 2014 TV! It's just unacceptable, some of us paid a full salary for a nice Christmas present poisoned!
Maybe we could get together around the world to show our discontent? We could start a petition?

link hidden, please login to view

what about you?

Sorry for my bad English, i use google translator because I am French.

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Very disapointing.... Watched the live stream and hoped to have some beans in my ears as they said that webOS 2.0 will only be compatible with those new models from 2015...

Purchased an 60LB650V two weeks ago, webOS 1.0 is just anoying....

LG Germany told me that there further will be no support for the 2014ers.... (see attachment - just in german language)

Best regards,


Posted Image

Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk

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This is an absolute joke from LG! They have some cheek not making WebOS 2.0 available for 2014 TVs! Are they trying to lose every customer they had by implementing this measure. I will be call LG SUPPORT immediately to voice my discontent and frustration after spending nearly €1500 on their hardware to hear this news. Complete and utter joke LG Should have went with Samsung :(

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Sjaak van Boven, I hope you are right.

My UB850T is just few weeks old. No reason it can't run webOS 2.0 since it is already running webOS 1.x.

furthermore base on press release it doesn't seem major upgrade that require new hardware.


LG’s webOS 2.0 takes simplicity and convenience to a new level even while managing an expanding array of content options, so consumers can chose easily from a long list of new features. For example, the initial boot time when the TV is turned on has been reduced by up to 60 percent. Users will also enjoy a 70 percent improvement in loading when switching from the Smart TV Home Screen to YouTube, making accessing content significantly smoother and faster.


Also new in 2015 with webOS 2.0 is “My Channels,” an app that allows users to customize their favorite live TV or set-top box channels on the Launcher Bar for greater convenience. Quick Settings lets viewers adjust their TV without interrupting the program they’re watching and Input Picker allows connected devices to be recognized instantly for immediate use.

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Are you kidding me?


2.0 not compatible 2014 Tv backwards?? Or this is a joke or this will be the dead for WebOS on Tv.


And 3.0 will not be compatible with 2015 tv's, 4.0 not compatible with 2016, etc, etc....who will want to buy an LG branded TV?? Please think about it!


For all who bougth a 2014 LG tv, there will be updates on 1.x versions?

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