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  1. I run OSMC on it, iptv, OpenVPN, Transmission, Couchpotato, Sickberd, socksproxy..+ more streaming addons on kodi Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  2. I can confirm that..after few days disable simple link no more errors... First place this didn't work out.. I'm really using this feature on my rpi... btw this is not the first time lg has issues with CEC Previous versions had performance issues with simplelink. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  3. More information about what "IN_START" does and how to do it, where can I find ?
  4. Hi there, I do have a lg-47lb650v and got this update 05.00.04 biggest mistake of my life when I press the update button. I get the same out of memory error like you guys every few min and btw I'm not using any app ..just HDMI1 where my raspberry pi is connected and still getting the error and the input is restarting! I have seen this error some time ago(with the older versions too) when watching movies over UPNP or by using some apps, that was the time when I said "ok, I'll not use the smart part of this TV again!", just using it as simple monitor for my rpi (with OSMC, perfect!) and
  5. I got this update since some weeks on my 47LB650V, but didn't realize the better performance, cause I'm using as well a raspberry pi, so not too much the smart part of the tv. I re enabled simplink and now I declare my self as a happy customer, works like a charm, tv is very responsive. I recommend going for this update.
  6. Hi, It seams my LG 47LB650V got updated this days to version 04.45.04, cause I had it on automatic update.(Stupid me) But anyhow I got lucky cause everything works fine till now. So no issue here with the latest update.
  7. Right, beside this also have support for samba and allot more... Or maybe you can buy a raspberry pi 2 and get OSMC or OpenElec on it as I'm doing. I get lot more functionality and performance compared to LG apps and overall OS performance. To bad, I really regret I got a LG, next one will not be for sure LG..
  8. I think Kodi on LG webos will create a better smart media center experience that LG made with their OS. This would really give a high boost to LG webos TV's. I think would have also an impact on sales as well I would push this one if possible
  9. Hi guys, I know that this is an old topic, but it seems that my question is fitting here. My goal is to watch sopcast streams via my PC. Every time I open a sopcast stream on my PC can be accessed in the network by "any" player via the following URL: http://192.168.xx.xx:8902 How can I open a stream URL on my LG 47LB650V? Thanks in advance.
  10. Our only hope is XDA guys maybe someone is willing to put some development efforts into webos. If not xbmc is a good idea on a Rpi or on a fire tv.. way better compare to our days "smart TVs"..

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