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  1. They certainly did say that they would upgrade to WebOs 2.0, but it was all smoke and mirrors my friends. They have not and will not update any 2014 TV's to WebOs 2.0. Especially since WebOs 3.0 is on its way with all the new 2016 models.
  2. I binged on NARCOS all weekend and did not have an out of memory error while using the Netflix app. I also have version .20, not .15. WebOS is by far the best TV operating system there is, but LG is bad at ensuring their updates work and don't break other, important, aspect such as watching TV without needing to reboot it. LOL. Idiots.
  3. I don't think .15 was ever released in the USA. I updated to .20 and I checked for the .15 update every day. The options are still accessible on the left hand side, you just click the advanced options on the right side. The options will then appear on the left.
  4. 5.00.20 came out in the USA yesterday. I downloaded and installed but have not confirmed it fixes the out of memory error. I will do so later today. If it fixes it, I am never updating my TV again. LG has god awful support and just overall horrible Q&A when it comes to updates for any of their products. I can't wait until Apple makes a solid TV so I can be done with the subpar support from these foreign companies.
  5. No update here in the USA either. I called LG tech support last week about this issue. The rep told me they would discuss this with the engineering team and they would call me back the next day.. I really just laughed at her knowing that was never going to happen. Guess what, I was right, still waiting for the call.
  6. I'm in the US and will check when I get home. I hope you are right my friend! And YES, turning off auto update for sure !! Thanks for the post.
  7. Mine actually worked fine until software version 5 came out. No I can watch about 1 episode on Netflix before the app crashes and tells me its out of memory. I then have to turn the TV off and restart the app i was using. I called support and they verified its a problem and told me an engineer would call me back today. I had to reboot my TV 6 times this past Saturday. I started binge watching the Blacklist on Netflix. This is a pathetic issue that LG is not patching considering its been around for a few years now.
  8. He is correct, this issue has been around for quite some time now. They have no clue or if they do, they just dont have the resources to resolve it. I kept mine due to LG's 3D technology, passive vs active. LG uses passive 3D where you can use the glasses that dont require batteries.
  9. I have heard from others that LG has confirmed their SIMPLINK technology doesn't play well with Pioneer receivers.
  10. I have the same challenge. It's directly related to Simplink being on. I also have a Pioneer receiver. LG's updates across the board are horrendous. But let's be honest here guys, they are not an American company. They don't have American support or values, customer service wise. I do like their products but have come to accept the fact that their support is godawful. Apple would never allow this to happen.
  11. A little? The dude makes it seem like that's 'the" fix and he's OK with it. Let's face it guys. You are not getting web OS 2.0, You are not getting any other updates to improve the crap performance that currently exists. This is what you have to deal with when you purchase LG products. I hate to say this, but they are a foreign company and the support models outside of the United States just plain suck.
  12. You can also use HDMI ARC. Sound from the TV's apps, like Netflix and Spotify will play through your receiver's speakers. Your receiver must support ARC. You turn this on in the TV's settings. Enable SIMPLINK and then change the TV's audio settings to use ARC. Warning though, I have the 65UB9500 with WebOS. Enabling ARC slows Webos down after its been enabled for awhile. It makes the TV's WebOS unusable. I would do the Optical cable, if possible.

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