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  1. Yes it is ! DON'T EVER BUY LG AGAIN ! I WON'T !!!
  2. Sorry, small correction to what I said... it's NOT WebOS 2.0 ! It's still WebOS 1.4.0-2320, which is definitely NOT WebOS 2.0, even if they applied part of the changes they did for WebOS 2.0 ! I'm totally pissed because now I cannot install Molotov, a french application for streaming TV which is also available on Apple TV 4... I HATE LG !!!
  3. I've got exactly the same model, and it has been applied a few weeks/months ago. You should contact the support.
  4. DS Video, Kodi, Qobuz and VLC for me please :-) !
  5. http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1743-webos-20-information/?p=3615
  6. Sounds very promising, BUT... yesterday I also get FINALLY an answer from someone on the developer's community forum (official LG Dev site) : "Unfortunately final decision about webOS1.0 to webOS2.0 update is not defined yet. Which functionality from webOS2.0 is necessary for you?" So wait & see... Saint-Thomas
  7. Well, still no 2.0 firmware update for the 55UC970V... :-(
  8. http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1743-webos-20-information/page-2#entry3128 I posted here another link, it seems that LG is still unclear whether they will or will not...
  9. 11 days have passed after I opened a ticket at the French Support... still no answer...
  10. All, just read those lines, and it seems it's still unclear to LG whether they'll provide such an update for all 2014 models, I already opened a ticket at their support in France, got no feedback yet, but I think you should all put the most pressure you can, else we can forget it... Here are the lines I mentioned : http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/existing-webos-tvs-might-not-be-webos-2-0-upgradable Cheers, S
  11. I really hope it's a joke/mistake, and LG should provide some official statement very soon to clarify... If they go in this direction, it will be my last LG device ever...
  12. I'm pissed off by reading these lines, I bought a very nice device mid november last year, and I didn't take the cheapest one, hoping I would get most of WebOS, but if I had knew that, I would have bought Samsung or Sony instead... Please LG, don't play stupid, my UC970V is strong enough to get that update, I'm pretty convinced !

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