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  1. That is insane. I can only guess how many new features and bug fixes they will release to the older <2015 models. Probably none. I don't know who is to blame, the architects who created a platform that will only last around 2 years, or the CEOs who want to maximize profit no matter what. As an engineer, I totally doubt that the existing hardware is not capable of running webos 2.0, so my guess is that it is the profit margins that is to blame. Well, now LG just lost one customer, since future proof high end electronics is very high up on my list of priorities whenever I buy this kind of stuff that is so totally software focused (I mean, how much better can the hardware be?). Here, Apple and Microsoft behave much better, by releasing new software (often free of charge) to their existing older hardware... So long, LG... So long Bean Bird, you are cool but your owners are nuts... /H
  2. Well, I hope they bring a tv that has a fully functional Bluetooth interface that works with any compatible ear-phones, keyboards etc. And second, I hope that tv has an integrated camera for easy use with Skype. All this talk about "Webos 2.0" doesn't mean much until we get a list of fixed bugs, added/enhanced features etc. I am glad to hear that they seem to have sorted out the performance issues, but what about everything else? /H
  3. http://lgwebosworkshop.com/competition Interesting... great to see some kind of focus from LG in regards to webOS. /H
  4. Isn't this the case when someone is speaking off camera, the subtitle is in italic. I have checked at least one movie here at home and that is definitely the case. A few years ago I developed a custom movie viewer for Windows Phone, and subtitling was one of the features I was working on, and even in that small viewer, we supported proper subtitle formatting, including bold and italic... I am baffled by the fact that webos can't get these things correct. /H
  5. In my opinion, all of "smartshare" is seriously broken, and should be rewritten... Anything would be better than the "dumbshare" of today. /H
  6. Well, what can I say.... it appears the TV can't handle italic formatting <i> tags. You should report this to LG support, but I don't have any hope of LG fixing this any time soon. They seem to have given up on webos alltogether. They LOVE To sell new tv sets, but fixing these kinds of "basic" issues with their software seems to be very far down on their list of priorities. I love the new thinking with webos, but I absolutely HATE having anything to do with LG. They really just doesn't seem to give a damn... /Henrik - who really want to throw an egg on the president of LG...
  7. Well, sorry to hear about your bad experiences with LG Bulgaria. You should be able to escalate it furthe rup the "food chain" to som sort of manager or marketing/sales/support manager or regional director. Maybe that will get things going? Regarding all your problems, some seem to be that the apps are not available, which is really strange, but LG seem to be very slow when it comes to distribute their services to other countries, here in Sweden we still wait for the TV spotlight feature, for one thing. And I must agree on your experiences with webos, but sadly LG doesn't seem to be doing anything at all but fixing minor bugs or stuff that has to do with enhancing/adding new features. Maybe they plan to throw out webos, they can't present a roadmap so it is impossible to know what plans they have. There are LOTS of things that need to be adressed with the current version of LG Webos, but wether or not LG plan to fix it, nobody knows. /H
  8. Shouldn't you be able to set up vcl as a streaming service and then the TV can connect to it as it would any other DLNA video source? It was a long time since I messed with VLC, but I do recall that it had some experimental streaming services... /S
  9. You should report this to LG, try calling their support. They will most likely ask you to do a factory reset, and/or contact your local dealer and have the set returned... /S
  10. I fail to see why a poor implementation of a smart tv platform can ever be the fault of the operating system? In this case, the developer team where given the task of implementing a smart tv platform using the web os operating system, and as far as I can see by reading the SDK and developer design guidelines, they have done a great job. The SDK seem pretty solid, the design guidelines are really good, so, from my point of view, all the tools are there. So who is it to blame here for the bad experiences that people are having? Why broken stuff never gets fixed, why the performance is still bad after this many months, why it takes forever for a 3rd party app to be reviewed? Well, the people holding the money, the product owers who decide what features to implement, what bugs to fix, how to communicate with the community etc etc. In this perspective, LG gets from me an F, whereas the initial "1.0 release" was really good. For me it really feels like someone at LG want webos to fail so the koreans can go back to the "icon walls" the asians seem to love (and the rest of the world seem to hate). The symptoms are plenty: * Poor communication with the superusers (e.g. us), just compare to the thriving community for the xbox one where they keep an open dialogue with the community. There is valuable input here. LG doesn't care or doesn't want to listen. Or else they woold have people monitor these boards. * Lots of features where only partially implemented (such as subtitles, guide loading, smartshare, BT, performance etc) most likely because there was not enough time when doing the initial release 1.0. You can only do so many things given the timeframe and budget. But the "normal" procedure when introducing your flagship operating system would be to pick up the pace after 1.0 release and get working with your long "to do" list and finish the implementation of the many subsystems that really need some TLC. LG has not bothered to do anything with the subtitles, the smartshare, the slow guide loading etc etc. They fix some minor stuff, nothing else. As compared to the XBox one which was also seriosly crippled when 1.0 was released.Now, Microsoft is hitting the afterburners, pumping our a feature pack EVERY MONTH with plenty of new features and bug fixes. LG is doing the exact opposite. So, to blame webos for a crappy OS is kind of like blame the paint tubes for an ugly painting. The blame is 100% LG management. I find it somewhat amazing that given all the positive feedback the media has given this smart+ platform, it seems very strange why they have cut the budget to what seems like "life support only maintenance". They should have multiple teams fixing bugs, developing new features + working on the next gen webos platform... Maybe that is what happens when a company that sells everything from fridges to cameras to whatever get something like this in their hands, it dies as a result from the atmosphere and lack of care. I see great potential in webos, they just need to get their act together, sort out the most annoying things (subtitles, media playback, awful smart(dumb)share, slow guide loading, performance etc). /Henrik - Software developer/architect with +15 years in the industry.