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  1. I not even will waste my time and patience answering how you deserve. Stop talking shits and try to be more polite if you "don't know what the hell" other people are talking about. If you don't know something and yet still wants to show yourself as a big wise, just makes you the biggest dumb.
  2. It could run from an USB drive just like Plex alternative did before official release. Enviado de meu SM-G950F usando o Tapatalk
  3. Would be nice if was a native app. As a client isn't interesting due already exists Plex and SmartShare on WebOS. Congrats for your initiative, anyaway!
  4. Al least here my WebOS TV isn't shown as option to stream!
  5. It is incredible how nonsense is your answers! 😂😂
  6. If you don't know you can't say that exists and it is obvious that if it isn't shown for anyone means that its not available in the respective country!
  7. You forgot to say wich country!
  8. My 47LB6500 updated yesterday to 05.05.25 from 05.05.01 Enviado de meu SM-G935FD usando Tapatalk
  9. Some time ago, i just had to change dvb for atsc on the link to download brazilian version, but since two or three updates ago it is not working anymore... What happened?
  10. Firmwares atsc is not available anymore... Just dvb... Enviado de meu SM-G900MD usando Tapatalk
  11. I am looking for atsc version 5.00.60 for LB directly from su..lg.com server, but i couldn't find yet.Enviado de meu SM-G900FD usando Tapatalk
  12. I mean su.lge.com serverEnviado de meu SM-G900MD usando Tapatalk
  13. I was facing that on 5.10.02 (beta) so I upgraded to 5.00.55 and never had any issue again. Enviado de meu SM-G900MD usando Tapatalk
  14. If u can't answer being just a little polite, just keep your mouth shut up (just like your avatar or even sucking a big c0c% - apparently you like very much)... Or simply fu$# yourself... You are not everyone to say for everybody!
  15. Unfortunately javascript link download doesn't open. By the way, anybody still with 5.10.02 beta version? Would be worthy to 5.00.35 final from this?
  16. Although LG said since the begining that WebOS would recognize every device connected, i never got my Headphone Sol Republic Tracks Air connected in any firmware version. Waiting for that.
  17. Oh yeah... Because you are better than everyone else... Because you are god... Because this forum is yours... Oohhhh, just that not! Finishing this, fuck you like you love being a girl just the way showed at your avatar! I done with you bitch!
  18. Ok, your highness of crap... I am sure u know but just for saying, you sound like a shit that consider yourself better than everyone else, but you are just a big jerk... For those who has the same problem (TV doesn't recognize new update) i had, look the prefix dvb or atsc in the name of first update 5.10.01 http://su.lge.com/GlobalSWDownloadCdn.laf?IMG=/201508/starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-25.ashley.m14tv-2501-05.10.01-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk and change at the link of second update 5.10.02 with your right prefix http://su.lge.com/GlobalSWDownloadCdn.laf?IMG=/201508/starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-25.ashley.m14tv-2502-05.10.02-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk This solved my issue. TV wasn't recognizing the update because was the wrong file. I changed the name on the link and updated!
  19. Really that nobody gave it? Could you be more polite instead a big asshole!
  20. That is because you guys are downloading the wrong version. Look at 5.10.01 what is the prefix (atsc or dvb) replace at the download url and be happy. Enviado do meu S5 Duos usando o Tapatalk
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