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  1. like Jimbo said, but it is "not done" that a TV system only works in standard mode, and is slow as soon you install a app.
  2. I deinstalled all not LG Apps, and since then my tv works normaly again. Is it a problem with the sdk1.0? In combination with a andoidbox the TV does now all things I espected from the WebOs.
  3. read on some german forum LG will update some models to Webos 2.0 not all, and it will take 1 or 2 montht
  4. WebOS starts to slow, i cannot change channels before webos is fully loaded. Advice, boot in steps, first thing needed is to zapp between channels. Make WebOS not so fancy, we like looks but working is more important than looks. TVguide is to slow, and remote does not behave like example 2010 models. Simplink works but makes system slow. Make layers in the boot proccess, keep it simple. we dont have to have a complete interactive design, it just has to work. Firmware 04.51.44
  5. Please post bugs in this forum, from version 4,50.01, also please if bug is solved close your issue.
  6. Manual upgrade is just having a USB stick, making a folder LG-DTV and put the epk file in there, than restart your TV and it will give a message new firmware found.
  7. I've good hope, the UB850 maybe still produced in 2015, it has 1GB mem, and new proccessor, so mayby we will be rewarded.
  8. Glad to hear the 55UB850V is supported, can't wait. its probleby just a memory / Proccesor Isue that they can not support older TV's
  9. Just recieved 04.36.24 solves a problem with dutch Ziggo VOD. Still having issues with SIMPLINK, reported the problem to LG. LG 55EB850V / LG Home Theater 945 / RasberryPI ( xbmc)

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