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    Hello Everyone, I have 2014 LG 47LB750T tv and I am happy with the TVs performance. It has just updated to newer 05.05.25 firmware. New apps are getting added in the store. I have been following HotStar app in my phone from quite a long time. It has a very good list of shows and movies list. I was wondering if we can have HotStar app for our WebOS tv as well. Recently DittoTV app has too been added which is a boon for those who have frequent DTH cable connection problem. It directly streams live over the Internet and package is very economical. If LG Developers can also introduce HotStar app for our LG TV it will be a big boost to the platform as it is very popular in India. They also have their own Original series just like Netflix which are also very good. So requesting devs to kindly introduce HotStar app for our WebOS TVs. Thank You. Link to the HotStar website: http://www.hotstar.com/
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    Hello just wanted to let you know that there is alot of people that wishes to see the xbmc media player for WebOs. This will make LG smart tv sooooo much more attractive.
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    Hi, I really hope that LG WebOS can add on the IFLIX apps ( http://iflix.com ) for a user in Asia (especially Malaysia) and the Middle East Country. I very sure it will boost up the LG tv market and sell. Thank you.
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    Please give us the option to remove Live TV from the Launcher and Home Menu, "Today" from the Home menu, and to auto-launch the last running app (like if you were watching Hulu when you turned off the TV. I don't have cable and all of these features are just a nuisance to me. Turning on my tv with the "No signal" or "Scrambled" message because I don't have any live channels is also annoying and looks very unpolished for a $5k TV... Thanks!
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    Hello Just wanted to know is there any chance to add SHAHID.NET VOD to our LG smart tv as Samsung did. It will be a great addition for us in north africa and middle east. Thank you.
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    We need DS Video app for Sinology NAS. samsung already has it.
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    Please add the HBO Go, and Now apps.
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    Hi, HotStar is very popular application in india which allows you to watch tv shows/movies and lot more. I don't see its app available on LG Store. Any plan to launch Hotstar app for WebOS Store?? Thanks, Bhavesh
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    I bought a new webos lg tv. I like the style, integration and simplicity of it. Only I miss one feature that I would expect on a new smart TV and that is a picture-in-picture (pip) feature. I understand that's a new platform for tv and some features are still new or in development. I hope this feature would be on an future update. Could we make a request on the development team of LG?
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    I have noted that TV WebOS is very slow and when you start TV it taking long time to go to any menu. Is there any way to make it fast ? Is there any way that it will update program guide quickly ? Is it possble to change Change font size ? Does magic remote cofigurable ? Is it possible to change remote scroll wheel to sound insted of changing channel ? If you connect to any HDMI device it taking long time to switch back to normal TV mode some time it requied to switch off an switch on. This is dumb OS. I should have check before buying it. Please any one has answer to make it fast ? Is it is possible to change OS if I dont want to use WebOS ? New buyer please check before you jump to WebOS
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    It would be amazing to be able to use the Philips HUE and synchronize the lights with the video and audio of the LG TV. Thanks
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    Would love to see an app or webOS update that has a chromecast built in - so we can chromecast to the TV without requiring the google cast hdmi dongle. would be especially useful since there aren't too many featured apps (hbo go, etc) and these apps support google cast. Any plans to do this?
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    Hi, LG content store administrators! When will you give us Jio TV on WebOS. You have been left back by almost 2 years by other TV OS. At least compete with others in the present market. In the name of WebOS you are charging your customers heavily but you are not giving them even the minimum. Other TV manufactures e.g. MI, VU, Samsung, etc, are giving the world to their customers for a price as low as 60% of what you are charging. Still you have useless apps in your store which have no meaning at all for a TV and have left the stuffs that are inevitable in market. P K Prabhakar [email protected]
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    Lg WebOS hasn't got Flash because i have talked with LG and they say that ADOBE doesn't want to provide them Flash, then i asked why Netcast has flash, they sayed that in that moment ADOBE provided them and as you can see netcast has flash 10 and can't be updated, and the actual version is Flash 15, they sayed that if i talk personaly to adobe, they could help me, so if we all send a mail to adobe, may be they can provide flash on behalf of clients, so friends, one email can change the way of your TV, so please help me and also send emails to adobe. Hope it helped, 1 like also helps me.
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    Please add KODI media center to LG WebOS. The media player app included in webOS is very laim. Very week. I would like to have KODI wich is one of the best apps for playing media. It allows librarys, movie infos, etc. It would be great to have KODI included in webOS. I don't think it would very hard since KODI is already available for Linux and Android. So...
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    It is very critical to use a VPN or a web proxy to access certain web sites. I believe that any modern OS may support these. I hope WebOS will support one of them (at least) soon. What do you think?
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    Bought a new 65" Smart TV, all the preoaded apps You Tube, Netflix etc are restarting after couple of minutes with "this app will now restart to free up more memory" message.
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    LGDTVUPDATER 1. Download LgDTVUpDater [ MEGA | MediaFire ] Updated 19 OCT 2015 2. Unrar and put LgDTVUpDater folder in C:\ 3. Open C:\LgDTVUpDater\dns\AcrylicHosts.txt 4. Change with your local IP address 5. Save and exit 6. Go back to C:\LgDTVUpDater folder 7. Run startDNS.bat and don´t close it 8. Run startHTTP.bat and don´t close it 9. Go to TV Menu > Network Settings > Ethernet/WiFi > Edit > Uncheck Set Automatically > Change DNS IP to your local IP address > Connect 10. Go to General > About This TV > Check For Updates 11. Accept downgrade to the first firmware TV 12. Restart TV 13. Back to TV Menu > Network Settings > Ethernet/WiFi > Edit > Check Set Automatically 14. Go to General > About This TV > Check For Updates and follow TV instructions OR download available Software_File dedicated for your TV, unrar and put *.epk file in LG_DTV folder at USB stick 15. Mount USB stick to USB port at your TV then accept upgrade when message prompt on the screen 16. Restart TV and follow TV instructions For best performances go to TV Menu > General > Reset to Initial Settings Voila! NSU EMU BY SMX If your attempt to downgrade your TV with LgDTVUpDater for some reason was not successful, you can try to use tool prepared by SMX. Everything you need - NSU Emu by SMX and how to use it - you can found here.
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    YES. PLEASE ADD THIS! I can currently do "free" or non-DRM content using Hue Sync from a PC but it would be a HUGE feature to add this natively to WebOS. Application needs to send information about the displayed colors on a given area of the screen to the Hue Bridge over WiFi link. Hue Bridge would then tell the Hue Lights how and when to change color values. As there is no way to output video from the TV, the content providers should not have any DRM concerns. This would be the absolute cleanest solution and at least in the US market and would funnel so many buyers towards LG units. Summary of wish: Feature to be added to the "all settings" menu somewhere under display Selection enables the TV to run Hue Sync software TV then connects to the Hue Bridge on customer premises Whatever content is displayed on the TV screen from whatever source (streaming, cable box, etc.) is analyzed by Hue Sync software for color/placement information TV sends color and screen area information in real time to Hue Bridge Hue Bridge tells Hue Lights the appropriate color adjustments to make Check it out in action:
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    AIRTEL TV is available on mobile; however TV is not smart enough if this APP is not available. please ADD this APP.
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    Hi Mr. Hofmeister, If you are from LG, I can bet to say nobody in this world would be so rude to their customers as you are. And if you are just a customer like me then I must say you do not have authority to reply by entering into someone else's shoes. I hope rest you can understand better and even more than what I have written. Thanks.
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    Hi guys, i recently bought the Lg 42LB650V and yesterday it automatically updated, and i have a problem, when i am using a app for log time, like watching video on youtube, after a while it say's me something like "Out of Memory, app closed". Please help me what can i do. It displayed this error before the update but never in the youtube app, only when browsing. and i have another problem, when i am watching a video on the web browser, after 10-15 minutes, it displays the same out of memory error, and i watched the same video on my friend's lg smart tv that hasn't got webOs, has got the old Lg smart tv OS, cinema 3d , and i watched the complete video without any error, and did lot of other stuff and didn't got the out of memory error. I bought this LG thinking that it's a new model so it will not have problems, if i can watch in the old TV, why not in the new TV. Please help me, i am very worried because i will have to change the TV because of the same error that i got in my Sony Smart TV that i returned to the store. HEEEEELP Please.
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    Hello, I've recently purchased an LG Smart TV and I'm loving it and webOS in general. One question I have though is that when using the internet browser, many sites do not recognize the browser user agent for the smart TV so you end up seeing errors like "You need flash player", etc. Is there any possibility, inside the web browser to force a user agent string change (to something like iPad for example) so that these tablet/mobile friendly sites are also able to load well and play content within the TVs in built browser without asking for adobe's flash? I would be happy to help having something like this implemented as I'm sure many TV users will love this now that all of the most popular TV stations have catch up and on demand content on their websites. Thanks!
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    Best solution I have found. Download a screen share app / Tv cast when you sync your phone to Tv and play a movie or tv show via the Tv share app on Tv it dose not crash. Works 100%
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    Can anyone tell me why i cant update flash player?? I bought this TV mainly for movie/football streaming and i cant even update Flash to watch
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    I have to say I was not happy to find out that none of the premium channels are supported. I have to disagree that LG doesn't have some influence on the apps. The fact is the software doesn't support flash. That's between LG and Adobe. Funny Netflix and Amazon Apps work just fine.. I really wish they would address this issue.
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    OMFG, I cant beleive that I did it again .. NO FLASH Enabled Browser. Back in 2011 I bought 55 inch 3d led TV and suprise no flash player support for web browser. Just bought another LG TV 49LF6300 and guess what NO FLASH SUPPORT STILL ...!!!!! For god sake LG get with the program.. Hello Flash only one of the webs largest technologies on most website etc etc. I tried to return the TV to the retailer for refund but No Luck. My house is full of LG Product. I will no longer by LG Products if this is the standard of there technology. It is not hard to get an app made that supports flash browser for there web-os on these tv's PEOPLE POWER if everybody lodges a complaint and stops buying LG perhaps they might PULL their fingers out and do something about it. Very Unhappy customer here .
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    wheres the flash player! or at least a new browser app like Firefox Chrome or Opera for WebOS TOO SLOW LG GUYS!! TOO SLOW WHAT R U WAITING 4? a global complaint on a big profile hardware review site?
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    I just bought and setup a LG 43UF7600. I installed the latest WebOS 2.0 and HBO Go on-demand TV service is still NOT listed in the Premium Content menu. Where can I find and install this app?
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    Guys, please refrain from attacking each other in a topic on this site. You are welcome to PM each other and/or take it offline. Thank you.
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    Please add a simple channel list like on the TVs without webOS (literally a step backwards). Many channels I watch don't have any correct EPG information so the guide and the live menu are senseless. I would like to show up up to 10 channels or more in a list, not three at a time like in the live menu. As a Smart TV is also a TV, this should be a matter of course.
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    Hi, please add DS Video for Synology NAS on LG Store. There are many LG smart TV users who wants to play the media content from the NAS and the experience without this application it's very unsatisfying.
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    I add my voice to azizout, we need SHAHID app to be added to LG webos like Samsung, it will be a great addition for our region in north Africa and the gulf. The contact with SHAHID should be done from LG not from the users. I hope LG don't disappoint us beside they will sell more TVs if this app exist. Thank you ...
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    Are you kidding me? 2.0 not compatible 2014 Tv backwards?? Or this is a joke or this will be the dead for WebOS on Tv. And 3.0 will not be compatible with 2015 tv's, 4.0 not compatible with 2016, etc, etc....who will want to buy an LG branded TV?? Please think about it! For all who bougth a 2014 LG tv, there will be updates on 1.x versions?
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    please all support me with my problem because as i think all webos is nothing without flash player support i bought my tv today and i am thinking of sending it back please do you think that they will solve this majour majour trouble
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    Hello everyone, I just heard that LG will not update to webOS 2.0 2014 TV! It's just unacceptable, some of us paid a full salary for a nice Christmas present poisoned! Maybe we could get together around the world to show our discontent? We could start a petition? New Campaign | CommunityRun what about you? Sorry for my bad English, i use google translator because I am French.
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    I don't think that it will be available because the web browser sucks. If they make the firefox web browser available, than there will be more chances to have the adblock. They can make a firefox web browser because it is open source. I don't like the Lg web browser because if you watch a 30 minutes video, after 10 minutes it says, "out of memory, app closed" and my friends Lg Smart tv without webOS and i can watch unlimited videos on the web browser and it never closes. Hope it helped, enjoy what you have and be patient.
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    DS Video for Synology NAS or XBMC (Better tan Plex).
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    Agreed, i alredy posted my disapoitment, I was fulled by the tv presentation about LGwebOS, it is actualy worse than any OS i have ever seen on TV as far the performance - the idea it selff is OK. switching chanels takes 3-5 sec opening seings somtimes takes up to 10 sec. you can only chose external or tv speakers not simuntaniasly and many more other things. I would gladly install google TV if there will be posibility or - even previuse LG smart tv OS
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    After using the system for a couple of weeks, the tv desperately needs a Plex application. Using SmartShare to communicate with the plex server is a bad experience. Everything appears messy and tv series do not appear.
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    I'd like a fast accessible shortcut to turn off the screen, eg. when pressing settings, a button on the screen. Or even better, the possibility to configure the speaker off button on the remote to turn off the screen instead. It should work independently of the energy saving feature, so that energy saving is not set to off when the screen is turned on again. The existing procedure to turn off screen is to complex press settings, press all settings, press energy saving, press off..... and when the screen is turned on again, the energy saving is set to off, and not to the previous value (eg. auto). OLED65C7V-Z
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    Does anyone have information about Steam Link app fo LG Web OS?
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    Hi, We need this app for our tv! @LG TEAM When wil be this app available? Please Thanks very much.
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    Hi Andy, I have the same problem on my 65UH8507. I've called the service center in my country, Romania. So , follow these steps: 1. Uninstall the apps you do not use 2. Uninstall the app you use frequently. Mine was Netflix. 3.Turn off and unplug the TV set and wait for 5-10 minutes. 4. Plug the TV set. Turn on 5. Reinstall the app you use frequently. It worked for me. I hope this will works for you either. Regards,
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    Please include an ad block for the LG Web OS smart TV, it's annoying watching streaming videos with an ad that appears every 30 seconds less or more. Next time I will include a picture of it. Please take care of my consideration. Thank you in advance.
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    Here is webOS channel sort/editor. This is a small intuitive software for easy edit and sort your tv, cable or satellite channels. Download here: https://github.com/PredatH0r/ChanSort/releases
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    as it turned, it is only a matter of memory, so an error in the project , the fact that webos 2.0 can not be mounted completely on the TV series lb , as though out of the memory occur on webos 1.0 maybe it's time that we all We protest with the manufacturer , requesting the replacement of the motherboard because it does not meet in full as shown in the sales specifications . The out of memory to fully explain the hardware failure to manage what they posted . If they were cars that do not work the brakes would have to recall the products they marketed and to remedy all these drawbacks that the production in 2014 of webos brings us users who have purchased these products . the memory of the second level has been increased from 256 to 512 Mb in new products named LF . the rest is all uguale. change only the motherboard . it is a shame they have placed on the market for products that are not able to handle as specified on their advertising , they used us as guinea pigs to test their products , then you do not even deign to remedy , just change the motherboard , but they are careful not to do so would leave all ' air all their profits , will boycott all their products and shut them down , I have a tv that to change channels takes 30 seconds let alone if you have to change platforms , from terrestrial to satellite , it takes a lifetime . do not say that os 2.0 is a ' else , because the problems that there are in os 1.0 are due to lack of memory (which traparentesi not allow us to upgrade our TV os 2.0 ) then a basic design fault , the their stinginess falls on us , but it would have cost them or we already have a memory of the second level of 512Mb departing , seen from experience on their PC that memory ram is never enough ?
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    Hi LG, your Web OS is really well built, but there are a few essential features lacking. Such as: - Folder filtering in the SmartShare App (We all need this ASAP, the navigation is a nightmare!). - Audio stream selection within video files in the SmartShare App. - A PLEX App the collaborates nicely with the PLEX Client. - Faster start up times. From when you power on the TV to being able to quickly access the home menu and change the Volume, channel, etc. If you have to just offer an option to put the TV into a low power state/sleep (for as long as the user wishes) so you can resume quick menu navigation almost straight away. (and unlike Sony don't make it so after a few hours of the TV being asleep it fully powers down. (THIS IS NOT USEFULL, and is the reason I took my Sony TV back to JB HI-FI And bought yours). You could call this feature "PowerAct", or "instant on" it would make 'Life Good' and easier - Auto backlight brightness? I have the Australian LB 6500 and I can't seem to find a Auto-Backlight/dimming feature anywhere, and seeing as I use it in my room, when the lights are off I want it to dim so I don't go blind. I don't know if you've implemented a Ambient light sensor or not, but for $1,800 I would think you should have. - If you would Like anymore Feedback/Suggestions, Feature requests or ideas from me then just PM me or write on this thread Thank you LG, and thank you for being one of the very few 'Innovative' companies around today.
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    Synology Apps!! - Video Station http://www.synology.com
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