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    I hope Lg bring spectrum to webos , 💌
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    Hi @Dan Baldauf Unfortunately if the powers at the Spectrum TV do not decide to release an app for the webOS platform there is nothing that LG can do about it. My suggestion is to pester the Spectrum TV via social media to see if you can elicit a response.
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    Like others, I had to buy a Roku to watch Spectrum TV on my brand new 65 inch Nano. I use the Roku remote most of the time now. Would love to just use the Magic remote and get the full benefit of my TV investment with the service I watch the most. Adding the NFL Sunday Ticket app would be nice as well!!!
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    Hi! I am having an LG UH850V TV that supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. However, while playing Dolby Vision movies, the screen appears green but the audio is clear. How do I fix this.
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    @Michelle van Asperen Please post your LG TV type, and WebOS and firmware level. It might be that the YouTube app update is not compatible with all LG models and WebOS versions, and LG might need to tweak it for your TV. Have you reported this to your LG support site in your country (this is only a peer-to-peer enthusiasts forum, and is NOT owned or run by LG)?
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    I have a C8 and 2TB hard disk works just fine without any partition. I also connected a 10tb wd my book (powered) with 3x3tb partitions and it worked fine without any lags as well. Hard Disk support is not an issue, it is the power it draws. Just in case yours doesn’t work , get a powered usb hub and connect the HDD to to the tv via the hub. It will definitely work. playback support - well it will play anything you throw at it including dolby vision remuxes. Audio wise mine passes thru upto DTS-HD MA. Since CX has eARC it should be pass thu atmos and dtsX if the media player does play the respective audio track.
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    Ik heb een lg smart tv en zet altijd een radio channel aan als ik geen tv kijk. Dan krijg je na een paar momenten dat vuurwerk screensaver te zien. Ik zou best bv een foto of zo'n mooie screensaver met een aquarium willen zien ipv dat vervelende vuurwerk. I s dat mogelijk? En als dat kan hoe?
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    LG TV feature requests 1-disable floating pointer 2- name hard drives 3-be able to delete empty folders, not just video files 4-make pixel refresh automatically on cumulative hours 5-pixel refresh page confusing needs redescribing. 6-allow more padding time for recordings, up to 1 hr user defined 7-allow custom recordings to be given a name to help remember what they are 8-allow saving of TV settings to a file on a usb pen or HDD.....several named files would be good, then family could chose their favourite settings and load the file from a usb pen / hard drive. Plus could have settings that are in test, in case doesn’t work out 9+a text file to describe firmware update content is 10- would like a feature request section on LG website for ideas and allow voting, you would then have an easy access to ideas & their popularity 11-Allow setting of recordings manual or through E.P.G. To have ALL options available I.e. Pad time recurring recoding etc. Without having to exit and go back to Edit mode to change the other settings.
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    @Jayprakash Patel This forum is just an enthusiasts pere to peer forum, it it NOT owned or run by LG. If it is NOT in the store, you cannot install it. I suspect this app will only be released in certain countries, and might only appear in the LG Store for later model LG TV's, as it may need minimum WebOS version and hardware facilities restrictions. Check on the MX developer twitter or facebook feed.
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    In LG TV OLED55C9 we are not able to get Sonyliv app... we cant download or we cant use this app ... sony was not able to develop the app for lg webos from last 2018 year they have been telling very soon and later they told by 1st quarter of 2020 it will be ready but still not ready...
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    Change to android
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    When are we finally getting the option to turn off the ridiculous "fireworks" screensaver? I didn't spend thousands on a new TV to watch this screen every 2 minutes, and especially not when I am playing Spotify songs and can't see what songs are up next or even follow lyrics! It's one thing to build features to prevent build-in, but another if they make using the TV properly a problem. Give us the ability to choose for ourselves if we want this protection or not, and don't force our hands please.
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    Bought 65" LG was very disappointed i had to purchase Roku device to stream My spectrum TV. Will we be seeing a Spectrum APP in the near future?
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    I don't know how much LG monitors the posts here, but I'd recommend searching for Spectrum and giving a "thumbs-up" to every post that asks them to add an app! And holy cow Victoria, that is quite the profile pic! I'm not sure how to give that a thumbs-up!!!
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    For anyone that has browsed the LG website, you may have noticed random links to LG's feedback form which is powered by CVENT. The direct link is below: http://www.cvent.com/d/hfqr24
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    I'm aware that it's a TC that displays whatever signal I feed it. That's how I'm using it. No free to air. No real app use. The only "issue" I'm having currently is that Dolby Atmos passthrough doesn't work with the Disney Channel app for an LG sound bar. By "seamless" what I mean is that the TV gets out of the way of the signal I'm feeding it. I'd like to use it like a dumb monitor for the Apple TV/DVD Player/Whatever unless I want some smartness. So get rid of the "no input" message that comes up while the Apple TV is connecting to the TV, let me hide the Web OS logo, just recognise that I'm using it for input only and don't want any other intrusions, until I ask for them. In one word: Elegance. Does that make sense?
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    If anyone wants anymore apps its better to get an external device like fire tv stick or apple tv or airtel xstream box/ tata sky binge etc.. they are available for a slow as 2200.
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    Hi Sbzz, That is fine, and based on this, LG shall expect less sales as people will move to Android. Another Nokia story! Fair enough. I will do my best to advise anyone NOT to buy a TV with Webos, to avoid spelling his money down the drain.
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    Hi Please add mx player on web os platform. Its a great app and comfortable woth all the titles.
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    The UFC have moved to ESPN as their provider. Much of their content is exclusively available on the ESPN/ESPN+ app. It is not available on cable TV or other "live" streaming services. Please provide an ESPN/ESPN+ app. The UFC is very popular. Thanks, Rob
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    Just bought 70’ and 82’ LG smart TVs and adding Spectrum app would make the smart TV a better product. Hopefully LG adds Spectrum app to WebOS...
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    Hey Guys, So I noticed the same problem and found an ideal workaround. I used the browser feature built in the webos tv and navigated to espn and logged in. I was then able to watch my espn + content. Yes the website takes some time to load but the video content once your playing it and go to full screen showed 0% lag. Keep in mind I'm using an ethernet connection on the tv and have a 100 mbps connection. The quality was very good as well, 4k. I added a picture.
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    Hello since upgrading my LGOLED55C9PLA firmware to 05.00.03 every time I open a TV channel, I get the HOME menu bar at the bottom of the screen, not sure if a bug, or a bad idea, it has no disable option, feel I would like to roll back to the previous firmware, is this safe ? Is there an easy procedure ? Where do I get the previous firmware file from ? thanks
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    hi, i have a uk6300 webos tv. i baught it becase it said google assistant is available.but what i tried to add voice commands i found that aoogle assistnt, alexa and home dashboard is mising and cant find in the LG store..and it has limited amount of service countries to select. i am in sri lanka and google assistant works in my phone.plas help me to install google assistant and home dashboard on my TV.
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    Hi Everyone!! I own an LG Smart TV and I am trying to create an LG account by using the option 'Accounts" under the settings. When I try to register, I show an error message " Unable to retrieve LG service country information". I am in Oman and the LG service country is selected as Oman. Regards Nishanth
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