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    I would like to be able to access my network drives without using DLNA. It should look just like a USB drive.
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    Well, I have finally managed to increase the network throughput to at least 150 Mbps, which is fair enough for my initial problem - 4k video content with bitrates grater than 100 Mbps. My good old wireless router (DIR-600) had behaved very weird in the last weeks - the internet speed on my computer was very slow, only half the bandwidth I receive from my ISP. So I decided to buy a new dual band router (Archer-C5 V4) and now the computer receives full internet speed, and surprisingly the TV (only wifi N) connects to the 5 Ghz network at speeds > 100 Mbps. Now the move in case (American Made) plays very smooth without any stuttering - max bitrate measured with speedometer on the Plex linux box was 15 Mb/s, or ~ 120 Mbps. Another movie with peaks > 100 Mbps is Life of Pi, especially the scene with thousands of moving meerkats on the island.
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    [04.10.15] 1. To improve that the subtitle is not displayed when HbbTV app in on. (except US Model) 2. Change HDR luminance curve. (webOS4.0 O18 Model) the rest is here
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    reply from hotstar: Greetings from Hotstar. We understand our users need to view the content bouquet we offer on a big screen. You will be happy to know that LG is working with us for an app. But there have been some unforeseen delays. The app is now expected to be released in the early next year.
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    Adobe dropped Flash support for mobile and Smart TV platforms back in 2011, so you are not going to be able to enable it. Please see the many, many, many other threads on the matter: https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=flash
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    I checked yesterday and it started working. Looks like they have fixed it. Nitin
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    If you are visiting a website and getting this message it is because the site does not recognise the webOS browser and is miss-reporting it as being an out of date version of Chrome. Sadly the only thing you can do is inform the owners of the site that it does not work with webOS and hope that they fix the issue.
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    Would love to see an app or webOS update that has a chromecast built in - so we can chromecast to the TV without requiring the google cast hdmi dongle. would be especially useful since there aren't too many featured apps (hbo go, etc) and these apps support google cast. Any plans to do this?
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    I recently asked LG support to look into this for me, and though I don't have my hopes up for full 4.x on the 2016 and 2017 sets (be it a matter of performance, developer time, or lack of customer complaints), it would *really* be nice to at least get a teaser or two (like Assistant and Alexa support) backported to 3.3 and 3.5. LG could certainly earn some valuable loyalty points by falling in with the cool kids- the ones who roll out major system updates for years ;)
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    Hi, LG content store administrators! When will you give us Jio TV on WebOS. You have been left back by almost 2 years by other TV OS. At least compete with others in the present market. In the name of WebOS you are charging your customers heavily but you are not giving them even the minimum. Other TV manufactures e.g. MI, VU, Samsung, etc, are giving the world to their customers for a price as low as 60% of what you are charging. Still you have useless apps in your store which have no meaning at all for a TV and have left the stuffs that are inevitable in market. P K Prabhakar [email protected]
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    Hi Mr. Hofmeister, If you are from LG, I can bet to say nobody in this world would be so rude to their customers as you are. And if you are just a customer like me then I must say you do not have authority to reply by entering into someone else's shoes. I hope rest you can understand better and even more than what I have written. Thanks.
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    George,dont you think you are getting too many requests about hotstar.Instead of taking time and replying every body to contact service providers why don't you escalate this to LG. ACTION WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED THAN ADVICE
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    If the solution for this is to contact the content provider what is this forum about? Since you assumed a lot of stuff here about flash,apis,cgis etc let me take the privilege and correct you that flash is a builtin feature in browsers these days which means flash always exists. I am literally shocked at your response which suggests me to contact the content provider,if i need netflix i should talk to netflix. Need amazon then talk to amazon.you are giving us a very good job to keep contacting the service providers after buying lg tv. I am very curious to know if you contact all the providers if u need stuff in android or just post your request in android forum??
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    And you know what we cant even open hotstar desktop version on webos.Awesome job by Lg's webos
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    Shouldn't lg people be taking care of that??
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    The TV can happily support a Hotstar app, it just needs Hotstar to produce one for it.
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    According to LG Platform Finder, your TV has Netcast 3.0 platform. WebOS 1.0 was introduced in 2014, 2.0 in 2015, and so on.
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    I am happy to have standards apps like facebook and youtube. Having Slingplayer app for Webos TV would be a great addition. I have to connect a laptop via HDMI to watch Sling TV. If there was a Slingplayer app things will be a lot simpler. I hope LG would build Slingplayer app for webos. Thank you
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    This works: nirudha robertclaypool • 10 months ago In Windows 10 get the context menu for the desktop (right click or two finger tap on the desktop background) and select "Display Settings". You should see a "Connect to a wireless display" option in the window that pops up. When you click on this you should see any wireless display devices the computer detects and selecting one should show you the connect option.
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    When will the 4.0 update be available for my 2016-17 LG Smart TV? I just got Alexa and can't use it for the TV unless it has the 4.0 version. Model #70UH6350-UB.
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