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    There is a lot of confusion over the HBO GO app. There is an app available, but it is seems to be dependant on your geographical location and possibly the firmware version of your TV. Possibly contacting HBO direct to see if it should be available to you would be a good starting place.
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    This app will restart to save up memory, please help sort this issue
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    Had the same problem, LG support were useless only advising TV's are not like smart phones so customers who purchased them thinking the smart TV features would actually work were mistaken so there! Anyway after trying all the 'fixes' people suggested such as turning off Quick Start and other 'features' and finding this made no difference I saw another solution a member found. This member like me had both Ethernet and WiFi connections enabled and by turning off the WiFi everywhere it is enabled this fixed the YouTube restarting error. I tried this and it has worked for me as well, no more annoying YouTube restarting errors - so far! Now if I can just get this pile of doo doo TV to stop reformatting my recording hard drive I might have an OK set.
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    Or maybe try swapping out the hdmi cable being used. Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
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    I'd like to be able to control my AppleTV with my magic remote properly. The Magic remote does control certain features of the box, it doesn't actively support any Apple product in the drop down list of manufacturers. Surely it can't be that hard to adopt full support, can it? This isn't some 3rd world company we're talking about, it's Apple for goodness sake.
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    I noticed the standard build in apps from LG are a bit primitive. You can better look for apps that play music or use DLNA servers from you computer that can display the content much better. Examples are Serviio or Plex but there are more.
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    When you setup your tv don't say you have live channels. If you don't do this, it will not display the live tv any more. You have to choose settopbox and then select the sky box.
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    That pops up when a devices screen changes, which is connected to hdmi2. I am not to sure how to turn it off but it might be the dvr sending some sort of Audio or visual output. Turn off the dvr at the plug and it shouldn’t do that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We don't know until LG comes out with more information, which will probably be next week at CES.
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    HEY LG!! Update the HULU app already!!! I just bought a new LG Smart TV and the old HULU app sucks. Please respond with when you plan to update to the latest Hulu APP!
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    For anyone that has browsed the LG website, you may have noticed random links to LG's feedback form which is powered by CVENT. The direct link is below: http://www.cvent.com/d/hfqr24
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    I have bought OLED 4K TV, Model 55EG920V. I was so surprised, when found, that it have no analogue audio output at all! Even for headphones! Please, check it out, I can't believe to my eyes too! How does that is possible? I have an idea to use it with my professional stereo studio monitors, Behringer Truth B2031A, and it looks like it is unavailable to do with that TV. Ok, there is an option in TV's menu to connect wireless audio, using audio receiver, but BT on this TV wont see any of BT audio receivers!!! I have tested it with 5 different BT audio receivers, BT versions from 3.0 to 4.1 with APT-x, and pcm support, or without - LG TV wont seen any of them! But wireless audio option is available on TV's menu, and it turns into scan for BT audio devices, but wont see any of them, which is available for linkage. Old Samsung can see, connect and stream audio to all of them. Do you really think, it is good idea, to have no option at all for audio connection, or maybe I have to throw away my professional studio audio monitors, and replace it with LG wireless audio bar? Maybe this was your marketing idea? I'm not talking about an optical out - an only audio out on TV. I'm musician, with a lot of music instruments, and audio equipment, but I have never used optic to connect audio, since up to me, it is pure marketing toy, with no practical reason to use. If you transfer digital signal, it does no matter, which is the carrier, electric wire, radio, or optics. It only made to make customers think.., ohh.., optics.., cool! and make them pay all that wires and stuff. But for professional studio monitors, no one will use this fucking toy like optic. Finally in the line, analogue signal make loudspeaker to move, and it no matter, where DAC located, if the line is short, inside body of TV, or, later. All this optics, is funny stuff, content get to tv wirelessly, and this is ok, but then, audio must be carry on only by optics.. Up to me, you can play this marketing toys, but let an analogue output on TV exist! And BT audio too. So, I just have bought top model TV, this model is not a cheap one. But much less expensive models have an analogue audio out, - this is standad, and can work with BT audio receivers and as well, with BT devices like KBS and mouses with no issues, but 55EG920V, can not, why? And now, I coming to a masterpiece. About, a week I've been using my TV, and it have lost a BT linkage with MAGIC remote AN-MR600, over 5 times! With no reason. I just coming back to see my TV, and each time found, that connection with remote is lost. I have done a procedure to relink a remote, by pressing home+back for about 5 sec., and then pressing scroll down, to connect it again. After that, I got msg on the screen, "necessary to activate BT service" on TV. And thats all, I can nothing to do with it, except factory reset. There is no such option on TV's menu, to activate BT, and no BT settings at all. There is no even option to do an OS reboot! By the way, OS restart may help. Anyway, I have no more options to restart OS on TV, since no such option in menu, and due to your "talented" engineers have a fucking "great" idea to mount power cable inside a TV without a socket. And each time I get such "bugs", I'm in front of necessity to move my carpet, and then all my furniture, where TV located, and some more furniture, and remove my audio from it, with a lot of wires, and some more accessories, just to get to the fucking socket, to power off TV.. and since remote disconnects 5 times per week, do I have to do it each day? Is it alright? I have a strong temptation to smash that idiots's head, who have got an idea to mount power cable inside tv's body, without a socket. It makes me so angry each time, that it will be an option number one, when I will go to choose my next TV. Why did you do that crap with cable guys? I'm serious, why? And now, after I paid for that TV over 3K euro, I have: Remote AN-MR600 continuously have lost a linkage with TV, without any reason. Or, more probably, TV's BT service lost a linkage with remote. Options to fix: - factory reset, I will not do anymore (setup take a lot of my time). Another probable option is os reboot, but it is enought of me to move each time carpet and furniture, and a lot of stuff, to power off TV, and then install all back. Now, my remote doesn't work, and I have nothing to do with this TV. No option to connect any audio! No analogue audio output on this tv available, even for headphones. No BT devices, such as BT audio , BT mouse, KDD, available to be used with this tv! To my mind, it no need at all to have an obsolete SCART, and optical out, but it MUST be standard analogue audio out, at least for headphones. If you have no, you MUST let the BT audio stream devices to work with this TV! It is strange to have expensive TV, without an option to connect it to audio system. No option to reboot OS in menu. If it is possible to do, please, let me know, how to reboot OS, without cut a power off. No option to remove TV from its place, without a lot of moves in the room, for example, just to bring it to service, I have to spend hours on moving carpet and furniture, since power cable is mounted into tv's body, instead of just unplug it. Voice search, comparing to other less expensive tv, working really extremely bad. Horrible. It can't recognize nothing. I just can't use it, even it is set to English. It understand maybe 3%.. comparison to Sony, or Samsung, - all I said understood correctly. Not enough settings in TVs menu, settings such as BT setup, settings for voice search, restart OS, BT KBD & mouse settings, - there is no such settings at all. To back my AN-MR600 to life, I have to restore tv to factory settings, each time it lost a linkage, and spend an hours then, to setup and renew all apps, channels, accounts, settings, lang. preferences, connect wifi and pair youtube devices, and so on, which take my time. Do I have to do it with your tv 5 times per week? I'm using 4g internet from my mobile operator, since it is great speed over 100 mbps, and my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus, share internet over wifi, to all home devices. Mobile phone becoming a router. But in this mode, all LG Android apps, such as virtual remotes, don't work with TV, - is ask me to swith on wifi on my mob. phone. but in fact, wifi is on, in router mode, sharing internet.. All of it, make a lot of disadvantages for me, with this TV, some of them, I hope, you can fix with a firmware. To my mind, I'm 90% sure, it seems to be a software related problems. But I would like to have a fast solution for remote, and BT audio, BT mouse and kbd, and for voice search, and apps. And I have to be objective, and say to you a compliment as well, that OLED screen, is really something wonderful. The best screen ever! No one can do it yet. Thanks for that guys, but please, when you build your TV's, using this beautiful screens, sometimes, think about your customers. It would be nice. Still hoping to connect BT audio kbd and mouse to 55EG920V.., and still have no idea what to do with remote, and voice search and power cable.. P.S. One more reason why I write here, is I can't write to LG's support, using website,and simply write to support, to describe my problem. Direct emails unavailable, only webforms, and this option is unavailable for me on LG.COM website, since I'm redirected each time to local site on latvian Language. What is it? It turns me into Latvian language, which I can not understand! Why? I don't want it. Maybe LG will leave for user an option, to choose a language, user can understand, or at least, will leave an English language option? It seems, like you wouldn't respect you customers at all, by pushing to use unknown language, with no options. And for those, who have spend on your product over 3k euro, and standing infront of troubles, looking for a solution, it is looks not so nice, since you FORCED to speak unknown language, without an options. I would like to tell you, that for about 50% of Latvians, the common language is Russian, please, take that into account. My location, can't push me to speak a language I don't know. Why LG wont respect our language preferences? A lot of people speak Russian here. In Europe, there is more Russian speakers, then Latvian, Lithuanian, or Estonian speakers! And this is your customers making a choise every day. It would be nice, if you will respect your customers language too, or at least, will leave an option, to use English. Leave website on English, if you don't like Russian, but why you pushes me each time to see Latvian, which I can't understand? What is it? Regional settings is not a same as language preferences and settings, isn't it? I still can't use my TV, remote still doesn't works, and looking for support. If I can't get it, I have nothing to do, just return that TV to shop. Thank you.
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    I filmed some videos for LG to show troubles with this TS's software, which is FULL of bugs. They wont do nothing. No reaction. I'm waiting they will do something with it, since a date it was purchased. Nothing. They dont have a time to test it, and I understand, that my information was not passed to engineers. Crap, I'm tired with this TV. Holydays I was unable to see it.. I can share with you some videos, I've made for LG. Anyway, they didn't watched it, - I monitored stats on youtube. Since a date of purchase, this is a crappy bugfull bullshit, with beautiful screen, I don't know, what to do with it.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XPTaYkm1U4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1WZXcyAJM0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEasZZfOCAk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2cPF-74uTk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35mOH3b8vcw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESqe8w-90AA
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    Yes, my profile picture explains it all.
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