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    I called LG customer service and they wanted me to do a total reset on the tv. I was afraid it would wipe out my calibration that was done by a professional calibrator , so I didn’t try it. There has had to be some solution.
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    Hi, I've tried to find the answer online but can't seem to find it. Just got my LG 65SM8200PLA tv and updated it once to version 3.60. This was easy and worked but it won't update to any versions newer than this. I read some people have firmware version 4.00 / 5.00. My TV says its the 2019 model...
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    U should include voot app and hotstar in LG webos tvs
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    After months of frustration and days of googling (is that a word?) I found this post and tried my luck. I am so happy to confirm this adapter also works on the 2018 models (in my case OLED65C8). I even took the time to create an account to say thanks. So... THANKS!!! After plugging in the device it takes some time for the tv to install (I think), after a while I (un)plugged the lan cable again, then the lights started flickering. Still the apps (youtube) say no connection, I had to reboot the tv first. As mentioned by others above, the TV shows no connection for LAN and Wifi, but it all works flawlessly I downloaded the speedtest app, I get a more then reasonable 250Mbit up/down (I have 1GB up/down fiber connection). So I should be able to play all available 4K videos. As for LAN content: I use the onboard LG Videoplayer, it plays almost everything without transcoding over DLNA. I am able to play all my 4k HDR files right from my synology with Media Server App installed. Also with Universal Media Server on my HTPC (with some .conf changes) everything plays perfect, incl. subtitles. Right now I am not at home, but later today I will try and play some of these reference files: http://jell.yfish.us/
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    Maybe you have to restore your TV back to factory i know it a hassle but i worked for me. i had to do this just to get the remote updated again. hope this helps
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    Sir , Add jio tv application on the webos so that many people can take a benefit of it And please we have permit that we can use some application from Google play store in our Smart TV or change the webos to Android so that a huge application would use by the customer
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    Hi there, so far, the inbuilt media player was able to play a lot I threw at it, but it, but some videos just won't play. They are playing on every other platform and other videos with the same codecs involved also play, but there seem to be things (maybe a higher compression, bigger container data or something like this) that throws off the in-built player, so it just says "couldn't recognize media, want to continue with the next video?" So I was looking for another media player on the LG app store but other than a few IPTV players and client-side streaming players (like Plex), I couldn't find any app that I could try playing those videos with (from an external hard drive which is plugged into the TV, that is). Basically, I'm looking for a VLC-like app that supports 4k and HDR. Alternatively, there doesn't seem to be a way to update the in-built player, right? I assume it's included in the general TV update. Given that I'm up-to-date with this one, I assume this means that I can't to anything there. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!
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    PeterV thank you so much for your help ....i will try this hope it works
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    Maybe the player cannot handle the Sinhala language. You could try to use something else. What I do is use a Plex server on my computer and use the Plex app on the LG TV. This works great. Good luck.
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    I´m hoping this is an app that will be on webOS asap? Would be great ad to LG.
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