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    I had same problem. I can record onto USB but not use live playback. Emailed LG. They said for live playback you need an external hard drive. Bought the cheapest one I could find and Live Playback now works fine
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    Has anyone been able to run Screen Share from a Windows 10 PC? Mine will not connect to the LG TV.
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    Hi, Deezer actually produce the app for webOS and they have a great community of their own, with plenty of feedback from in-house staff in regards to problems on Smart TVs (because apparently other platforms have issue too): https://en.deezercommunity.com/search?q=lg+webos+tv
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    Please add the Spectrum TV app from Spectrum cable.
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    Just recently I bought a new LG55UJ634 with webOS3.5. The remote control has an Amazon button, but when clicking on it, no Amazon Music is available... So I kindly request to add Amazon Music to the app store. I have an Amazon stick and wanted to use my new TV without this (accustic problems,etc.). Hope for your support. Best, Gesendet von meinem A0001 mit Tapatalk
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    Please add the HBO Go, and Now apps.
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    Add Yahsat Satellite in Middle East Product like UH770V 😡😡😡
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    I tried many as we have lots of choice at work without buying them, no jump drives worked, even SAMSUNG T1 256GB. Only spinning disks or SSD mounted in a 2.5" case.
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    Hey Guys, @Raheem, what is your TV model? @Fabio, here we are talking about DOWNGRADE. Right place for firmware versions discusion is WebOS TV Firmware version topic. Thank you. BTW Answer to your question you have above.
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