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    Please add the vrv ap https://vrv.co/ ,we have this on our samsung tv in the bedroom but would love to be able to use this on our new lgwebos tv as well
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    Add me to this list, I would love to have VRV added. VRV is the only app left on my Chromecast stick
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    I assume everyone has this problem that is using it the way we are. It should be a fixable firmware bug that LG can take care of with an update. Hopefully they will. I will contact You Tube TV. perhaps they can put pressure on LG.
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    I have the same problem with Youtube TV on my 2019 LG 65UM7300PUA. It happened on both WebOS 3.xx and WebOS 4.xx.
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    When will we get the SONYLIV app on WebOS ? Even the WebOS browser doesn't support playing SONYLIV content due to lack of Flash support. Strangely Chromecast also has issues.
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    Hello P K Prabhakar sir i was wondering if you are a developer and can make jiotv run on this lg webos then it is highly possible that users of lg webos will pay u directly for it if the companies are not willing to put the app on webos.. because not everyone will switch to other tv or buy android boxes or firesticks just to make an app run .. they will pay you for making it run on their tvs and will be more than happy for the same
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    Hi Team, We dont have Airtel Tv and Hot star app available on lg web os. Availability of these app will make our tv actual smart. Thanks.
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    Hi Asad, My question is very simple. Why will I waste my time? I went through the the link given by you and din't find any developers' welfare program. Means developer will waste a lot of time understanding the core functionalities of their owned SDK, develop application, submit to the LG and get a thumbs up, that's all? I am not that much insane. And this is probably the reason we find garbage in the LG content store except a few usable ones.
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    Hi Mr. Hofmeister, If you are from LG, I can bet to say nobody in this world would be so rude to their customers as you are. And if you are just a customer like me then I must say you do not have authority to reply by entering into someone else's shoes. I hope rest you can understand better and even more than what I have written. Thanks.
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    Can we get an update from LG WebOS team for an update about the availability of Jio TV like live tv app
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