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    I read that by pressing UP button you get the settings options but in my case it is not working.
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    I bought two LG SMART tvs primarily to surf the net on our tv. I get this message on many (not all) websites: We'll stop supporting this browser soon. For best results please update your browser. This proves that LG misled me by calling their tv SMART when it is not SMART at all. I can't put another browser on these tvs and I can't update the browser so I can get on these websites. I thought false advertising was illegal.
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    At this stage it is not possible to install Kodi or gdrive on LG Smart TV. Option is to copy your 4k files onto a USB drive and connect it directly to your TV or to your router. I have tried both and it works pretty well.
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    Please don't post twice. Plus browser questions are a waste of time. LG not interested.
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    Hi @Everton Bazarim I am afraid that the answer is no you will not be able to install webOS on your TV. The 39LN5700-SA runs NetCast the predecessor to webOS and the hardware is not supported by webOS.
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    Hi people, Recently bought one 49LF6350 and one 43LF6350 and the two models have the same problem, whenever I try to open an application, informs me that I have to update (required update, you must update this app to launch it. the update may cause data to be stored deleted.), and when I try to update, it gives an error message (application has not Been instaled. try again). It happens to apps also store to at new install. what may be occurring? software version: 3:03:04 WebOS TV version: 2.0.2-3928 (behive-badlands) thanks.
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    Model: 2016 55-Inch OLED55B6P Smart OLED TV. Current Software Version: 05.30.60 Just wanted to share my experience relating to what started as a YouTube message that read “We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. For best experience please update your browser”. I don’t consider myself an LG TV expert, so my only motivation is that this might help someone. The bottom line is there is more than one way to access YouTube on your TV. First of all, let me be clear that I am referring to the basic YouTube platform, the one that features ads, which is what I use and care for. You also have YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red), a paid service that offers an ad-free YouTube experience, and thirdly, YouTube TV, which is another paid service that offers live streaming television to compete with the likes of Sling TV and Hulu with Live TV. For the longest time I watched basic YouTube through the TV’s Web Browser application and it is through this method that I got the “We’ll stop supporting this browser …” message. In trying to resolve this I checked for software updates by going to ‘General’ and ‘About this TV’ where I then selected ‘Check for Updates’ but the system response was ‘No updates found’. My take at this point is that unless LG eventually upgrades the Web Browser application, it looks like this method of accessing YouTube may eventually stop working. It might be a good idea to make sure the “Allow Automatic Updates” option is enabled or checked. A Second Way (and this how I fixed my situation): I went under ‘LG Content Store’ on the TV, searched for the basic YouTube application and installed it. At first it was a bit awkward to figure out how to navigate the app. but after about 20 minutes of playing with the different remote buttons, I was able to figure it out. As it turns out, this LG YouTube application seems to be more feature rich and is actually easier and more practical to use than by using the Web Browser. A Third Way: Some time ago I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick+ which also offers the ability to access YouTube. The only issue with this method is that I don’t believe you can use the TV remote to control it (at least I have not figured it out), and for this reason alone, I believe the LG YouTube application is the best solution.
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    I have the same issue. I can’t download aps which arent in LG conten store, i dont have movies section in LG content store because my country isn’t supported. Real shame TV
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    Latest webos update having lot of issues, please provide new update soon. Wifi and internet speed lags.
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    Its great to have hotstar on the tv and being able to use it without anu chromecast is great. But there is a major issue. Hotstar by default has chosen a language which is not comprehensible by me. Due to which even after subscribing for membership, i cannot watch majorit of shows. How Can I change the language in the app?
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    LG webOS TV UH8500 Software version: 05.30.60. As of last evening YouTube has this piece of information at the top of my home page: "We'll stop supporting this browser soon. For best results please update your browser" Now what am I supposed to do?
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    Am I the only one who thinks that LG is not paying attention to any of this?
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    The app is not good enough an alternitive since it doesnt allow to see the comments or participate in a chat for live broadcasts. Anoying, i have my oled tv only 6 months. This should be supported in the browser. LG fix it!
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    OLED65B7A software version 05.80.50 automatic updating on, no updates found. 90% of my viewing on this TV is YouTube. I hope LG does't go all Apple on us and expect us to buy another new TV to update our OS, as Apple wants you to do with their products.
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    Thanks ADM. That worked perfectly. Youtube didn't make it easy. In the LG content store there are TWO Youtube apps with identical icons. I had downloaded the pay one earlier and found it wasn't what I wanted. This time I followed your advice and downloaded the other one and it worked. LG really has dropped the ball on this issue which is going to affect thousands of people. They should upgrade the native browser in WebOS to fix this and not leave it to users to figure out a solution on their own. Thanks again ADM.
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    It shows that I should install Chrome or Firefox... but that app or download not available. Are we getting an update to Web Browser app?
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    I'm getting the same message. I tried updating the Web OS browser but it didn't fix the problem.
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    I have the exact same problem and question. Someone needs to answer this. An update is needed that either allows the user to update the Chrome browser or an updated browser needs to be be included in the next FW. Thx!
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