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    I had the same problem with Netflix restarting but I realized the problem started after I downloaded the YouTube app from the store so I deleted the YouTube app and it has soled the problem of my Netflix restarting I hope this may help anyone
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    Hello, I've recently purchased an LG Smart TV and I'm loving it and webOS in general. One question I have though is that when using the internet browser, many sites do not recognize the browser user agent for the smart TV so you end up seeing errors like "You need flash player", etc. Is there any possibility, inside the web browser to force a user agent string change (to something like iPad for example) so that these tablet/mobile friendly sites are also able to load well and play content within the TVs in built browser without asking for adobe's flash? I would be happy to help having something like this implemented as I'm sure many TV users will love this now that all of the most popular TV stations have catch up and on demand content on their websites. Thanks!
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    Try uninstalling the app, then reinstall it, sign in , everything should be ok
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