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    You need to install the Amazon Prime App, you don't use a browser to watch Amazon Prime, at best it will only be in low res, Amazon will only stream in HD with the App. If you need to create an account, and other account keeping activities, you should do that with another device, either phone/tablet or PC/Mac.
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    Download the YouTube app from the LG App Store
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    I ended up buying this more traditional remote for WAF- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-Control-AKB75095308-Netflix-Buttons/dp/B077LCF27F It works with my C9 and it has the info button and no movie button The price varies- I brought it for £13.99
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    Nope, at this point LG seems to have abandoned the sets prior to 2017. I just picked up an nvidia shield pro for streaming and couldn't be happier.
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    @Will I guess you are thinking that because it is a "smart" device, and has an operating system and "apps" layered on top of that, it should behave a bit like a PC (or even a server)? That is not the case I am afraid (certainly not outside of manufacturing, and internal development tools, as far as I know). Exposing the OS and the file structure to outside influence, tools etc could do untold damage, break any inbuilt security layers, and might even make it unbootable. Therefore the underlying WebOS is not available for external Browser or Terminal Session login in the normal way. Even if you try to compare it with a modern Router, that you CAN log into, the UI there will always be very restrictive, and only a limited subset of the command set and file structure is available (even from SSH to do CLI stuff) for similar reasons. There IS a developer mode for authorised developers, but that is very controlled, and access is via a developer app, using an accredited account to log in on a development PC or laptop. The API's involved would (AFAIK) only communicate in a specific way, and do not expose any internal file structures, it is just there for deploying and testing apps, and session time is limited to 50 hours. The best you can do if you want to de-clutter your TV and remove the unwanted apps, it to see if your model supports the app deletion in the EDIT mode. Some apps might be "system" ones that might be "pinned" or bundled in, and might not have a remove option. Have a read of this Toms Guide below: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/lg-tv-settings-guide,review-5624-3.html
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    Sony has to develop an application for webos which they have not done yet.
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    I’ll tell you what whenever you get time go and try out the things you want from a smart tv on an android tv and samsung smart tv. None is capable of what you want. Android has chrome so it might be better at browsing but there are chances of memory overflow . You know it took an year more for Sony to get Dolby Vision working properly. I would trade away All the smart functionality for Dolby Vision if it had come to a choice. As far as OLED is concerned its not for everyone and one should consider usage before buying. LG Sony or Panasonic all are similarly susceptible to burn in. yes I also want my smart tv to be future proof but none is. So keep patience and think of your tv as a display and get additional hardware whether firestick or anything you like. Down the line everyone may have to get one.
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    IMO You have a wrong understanding of the capabilities of a smart tv. It is not meant to replace your laptop. Yes they do expect that consumers connect their laptop but not use the tv as a laptop. I am talking in general for any smart tv. The capabilities you are expecting ; even an external box would fail to provide. The closest you can get is an apple tv or an nvidia shield, still they can’t replace a laptop’s capabilites. Second to push the sales of the newer model they omit new features from older models and provide only on new ones.
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    Not everybody are Android fans and I find the apps in the LG Store are perfectly adequate for my needs. I am very happy with my LG, best set I have owned.
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    Well I love mine, so I guess your opinion is based on your expectations.
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    Well you should have done your homework on the television's OS before buying it since you are do displeased. Maybe you'll learn to do your due diligence next time before making such a large monetary investment.
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    No they can't. Skype NO LONGER SUPPORTS SMART TVs! I know your deaf, but can you READ???
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    Is not LG but Skype which dropped their support for smart TVs. You want to bitch and moan, contact Skype.
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