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  1. In case you didn't know what OCF stands for, it's Open Connectivity Foundation and devices certified by this group are the only ones that will appear in the dashboard. You can check them out here at: https://openconnectivity.org/certified-products
  2. @Chaoskcw - thank you so much for your "helpful" reply. The original post does not say whether he is watching live TV, streaming, or what. If you pause the screen, the screen saver is designed to come on. If it's coming on during a show that hasn't been paused, it's a problem with the TV and he needs to call LG for help. People do much more with their Smart TVs than just "watch TV". If you think my post was "of no use and very naive", all your post was designed to do was give me a hard time. Mine was to try to help the person with the problem, even if it didn't turn out to be the correct solution. So you tell me, which post was of more value on this forum? If you want to troll people on-line and make yourself feel better, you should try another forum.
  3. As of now, I have not heard of any plans to have an HBO Nordic app on webOS. Does it by chance work using the web browser in the TV?
  4. Since webOS is a proprietary OS, there would have to be a version of Kodi built specifically for it, but there isn't. The only way to use Kodi would be to have an external box (such as SkyStream, etc.) connected to an HDMI port. I use Kodi this way and it works well.
  5. Ok. To uninstall the app, long press the OK button and you'll see a "face" icon come up over the app. You can then click on the icon and it will uninstall the app. It sounds like it might have partially loaded and then got hung up. Uninstalling and reinstalling would be your best option at this point. Keep us posted.
  6. This is a feature built into the TV to prevent image retention and burn-in. It is designed to come on after a "static" image is detected on the screen after about a minute. No way to disable it, nor should you want to. As to why it showed up all of a sudden, it may have been deployed in an update.

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